Who Should Attend Business Conferences?

Nearly all of our business conferences attendees are self-employed business owners who are seeking to learn the specific steps that they must take in order to create both financial and time freedom with their businesses. You should attend one of the 2-Day interactive Thrivetime Show business conferences if you are sick and tired of “mindset” trainings and want practical trainings that show you specifically how to grow your business. If you are wandering around this great planet looking for your purpose, your vision and how to align your goals with who you are as a person then you should attend a Tony Robbins conference and not ours. Tony and his team do a great job at motivating people and inspiring people, however we are focused on teaching people who are already motivated and inspired the specific action steps that they and you must take in order to turn your dreams into reality, grow your business, reclaim your time, and hit your financial goals.

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A Business Conference for Existing Real Business Owners

At one of our more recent business conferences, the owners of a massive regional big box gym were in the same room with a man who runs the largest new home building business in Oklahoma. These people were discussing how to find the best employees, how to optimize their existing websites, and how to get their existing companies to the next level. They successful people were not found discussing the purpose for their lives, what businesses they should start and how to overcome their inner doubts. These are the types of people that absolutely love our business conferences, real business owners looking for the proven path or specific steps that they need to take to grow their real businesses. 

People Who Are Used to Waking Up Before 6:30 AM

Our workshops are designed for people like you who have already gone out and invested in themselves and who have chosen to wake up previous to 6:30 AM for years in a row because you are familiar with the demands of running a real business. If you are the owner of a real business or the leader of a real organization you will find yourself loving our conferences because they were made for you by actual business owners! However, if you are looking to discover your purpose and are aggressively searching for keys to unlock your passion or reignite your purpose then you should not attend our 2-day business conferences.



Real Life Examples and Case Studies of Success Stories

At the Thrivetime Show conferences you will be given countless examples and case-studies of real clients and people just like you who have implemented and who are implementing the proven systems, processes and strategies that we teach. Be sure to bring a pen and pad as you enter into our business conferences because both Clay and Dr. Zoellner grew up with limited financial means and have gone on to achieve success and they actually teach you how they did it by sharing step-by-step the things you need to do. Neither one of them ever try and shamelessly upsell you or to convince you to buy some magic “make millions quick” program. Frankly put, they do not need to reach any more financial goals, both Clay and Z and doing this because they believe in YOU and REALLY want you tosucceed.

Designed for Business Owners Who Are Not Content with Feeling Stuck

When you first start a business, everything is exciting and scary at the same time. The ideas are all new and the idea that you are going to “go out and take over the world” is flooding through your mind as your attempt to seize all of the opportunities in front of you. However, over time after you have been betrayed by your first key employee, have been sued by a customer, and have fought fights with non-performing vendors that initial excitement will soon be replaced with a stoic acceptance that starting and growing a business was harder than you thought it would be, yet you know that success is possible. You know it’s possible because you have met people like you that are not smarter than you who have achieved massive success. While it can be frustrating watching those around you to achieve massive success while you feel stuck, not knowing what next steps you should take, don’t give up!  This is what we created the conference for, for people like you that work hard every day and grind. For the entrepreneurs that will not quit no matter what. For those that have the drive and just need to find the right path. We have the path and want to help you along every step of the way. Thomas Edison once wrote, “Vision without execution is hallucination” and that our workshops are designed for people like YOU who are already sufficiently motivated, but who are looking to learn what steps they need to take in order to turn their businesses into the cash producing machines they first started them to be.

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Should You Bring People with You to the Conference?

We do not advise inviting people to the business conferences that are not already sold out entrepreneurs. Don’t bring people with you that are wrong about how to grow a business (most people). Think about this for a second, according to the most recent census data, we have 329 million Americans living in our country. Each year, 9.1% of Americans identify themselves as self -employed (according to the United States Small Business Administration) however, 90% of startups faith according to Forbes. Why? Most people fail because they either don’t know what to do or simply choose not to implement the proven action steps that they know will produce fruit in their lives and in their business. Thus, we would encourage you not to invite people to the conferences that do not share the same mindset of other, real entrepreneurs.


9.1% of Americans Start a Business = 30.2 Million Small Businesses https://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/advocacy/2018-Small-Business-Profiles-US.pdf 

90% of Startups Fail: https://www.forbes.com/sites/neilpatel/2015/01/16/90-of-startups-will-fail-heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-10/#48f77bbc6679

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For conference / customer service related questions and help text 918-851-0102

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Get More Info About Buying Tickets

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