Business Coach and Top-Selling Insurance Agent Shares How to Scale Through Duplication

Business Coach and Top-Selling Insurance Agent Shares How to Scale Through Duplication

Scaling a business requires a great amount of preparation and planning. Bryan Smith, a business coach and top-selling insurance agent, shares how he has been able to duplicate himself throughout his agency in his training on, Team Member Cloning. Smith has experienced great success putting into practice the principles shared in his training. Thrive15 is a business coaching platform for people to learn how to grow their businesses.

Smith, in his training, gets in to the details of what it means to duplicate oneself throughout their company. Smith, as a business coach, explains that mentorship is the biggest key to growing a scalable business and creating a team that carries the same values as its owner or manager. In Smith’s experience, investing in one’s employees is one of the most important pieces to scaling a business. As he explains in his video course, “I think that your people are going to treat your clients as well as you treat them.” Smith goes on to say that when a business owner invests in their employees, the employees are going to invest in your business and in ways that were never thought of because they have bought into the business’s vision.

One of the methods that Smith uses to help his employees buy into his business is through recognizing each employee. Smith explains that by recognizing the effort an employee puts in or doing things they are not required to do helps build rapport, or trust, between the mentoring business owner or manager and the employee. Smith warns against breaking the employee’s trust and states that consistency is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship and getting employees to buy in.

Over Bryan Smith’s four-year career in the insurance business, as an agent for State Farm, he has quickly become one of the top insurance agents in the United States. Smith’s rapid success has garnered several honors for his customer service including being named as a “Best of the Best Award” winner by Oklahoma Magazine from 2011-2014. Business Coach Teaches Value-Based Selling

Sales in the insurance industry is an essential part of business, but the methods one uses to complete the sale and retain customers is a different business altogether. business coach and top-selling insurance agent Bryan Smith shares in his training entitled Fact-Based Selling Vs Value-Based Selling, the difference between fact-based selling and value-based selling.

In his training, Smith explains that fact-based selling, although a quicker route to a sale, is not a complete strategy for gaining customers and their business long-term. Smith believes in using fact-based and value-based selling to close deals and generate long-term customer relationships. Smith explains value-based selling as going beyond the facts of the business and the product and finding ways that the product or service can change the customer’s life or provide value to their life.

Smith goes on to explain that most salespeople use fact-based selling exclusively. His observation is that fact-based selling is easier. In the training Smith uses Apple as an example of a strictly fact-based selling model. Some of the upsides to using fact-based selling exclusively are less time spent with the customer and it requires less time to train new employees to sell the product or service. However, as Smith points out, the payment schedule for companies who sell strictly on a fact-based model is severely different from that of a value-based selling company.

Bryan Smith has become one of the top insurance agents in the United States during his career with State Farm. Within four years of starting his business in 2010, Smith has become one of the top-selling insurance agents within his company and has earned several awards for his customer service including being honored as a “Best of the Best Award” winner by Oklahoma Magazine in consecutive years spanning 2011-2014.

Former Disney World VP Shares How to Create Magic in Business in Business Coach Training

ormer Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World® Resort, Lee Cockerell, is an expert in creating magical experiences for customers. During his 10 year career at Disney World, Cockerell managed over 40,000 cast members whose responsibility was to create unforgettable experiences for all of the guests in their 20 resort hotels, theme parks, water parks, entertainment village, and other resort locations.

Cockerell, who has partnered with web-based educational platform as a business coach, shares his secret to creating reliable and over-the-top experiences on the site. His training, Making the Magic Happen, is based on his bestselling book, Creating the Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney. In his video training, Cockerell details what makes Disney so magical. One of the top factors, according to Cockerell, was hiring the right people for the job, people with great attitudes and passion. Another way that Cockerell was able to create exceptional experiences consistently was through the R.A.V.E system. R.A.V.E. is an acronym for Respect, Appreciate, and Value Everyone, the foundational values for Disney. According to Cockerell, all decisions cast members made during their daily tasks related to one of those values.

Cockerell has spent over 30 years in the hospitality and entertainment industry and is an expert at creating magical experiences. In 1990, Cockerell joined Disney when he helped launch the Disneyland Paris Project. Cockerell has carried his success at Disney into a successful speaking career where he has had the privilege to be the featured speaker for top companies such as Wal-Mart, Luxottica, and Walt Disney World®.

December 14th, 2017


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