Preston Smiles


Preston Smiles is a social media superstar and best-selling author that is signed to Simon and Schuster, but who was once placed in special ed class. He saw several of his friends get shot and one of them actually killed before he decided to ask his parents to send him away where he eventually found himself living in Pittsburgh. He was invited to live with a family friend in one of the wealthiest public school systems in the country and was the only black man in the entire school district. Preston Smiles considers himself to be a motivational messenger and he is on a mission to empower and educate billions of people all over the world to the truth that “love is all there is.”

Preston Smiles - Podcasts

  • Author and Social Media Influencer Preston Smiles Shares Success is Sequential, Not Simultaneous

    Preston Smiles, best-selling author, and social media superstar shares his childhood story and how he struggled with dyslexia, his thoughts on how to deal with haters, and his book Love Louder 33 Ways to Amplify Your Life.

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