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Business Coach: Happiness Is YOUR Choice

Business Coach Clay And RobinsonThis transcript features both business coach legends Clay Clark (Founder of and Tim Redmond (Business Growth Coach) as they discuss happiness as your choice from, one of the top business schools in PA.

Tim: I think about those things and I begin to speak out those things. I just get jacked up and I say, “Okay, give me a mountain. I’m going to conquer it. Give me a wall. I’m going to climb it. Give me a barrier. I’m going to bust through it. I’m ready to rock and roll with this.”

Clay: If you’re watching this right now and you’re going, “Gosh, I don’t know how to motivate myself,” some of the things I would encourage you just to think about here is, one is, see. What things do you have to see? I surround myself with success quotes from famous business coach entrepreneurs because I am encountering nine to 10, it seems like, maybe 15 or 20 negative statements for every one positive one. There’s everyone talking about-

Tim:                That’s the world.

Clay:                -how the economy is bad, your family is bad, your relationships are bad. I try to surround myself with positive visuals. The thing is, I try to make sure that whatever I hear, I’m very guarded about what I’m hearing, and if I hear something that’s negative, TV, commentary … I know it sounds harsh and you don’t have to agree with me, it’s okay, but negative people, I just don’t return their calls or even really acknowledge their existence. I just don’t. I just have only positive people. It’s who I hear.

Then the other thing, where I’m reading, making sure I read positive things. It’s like a garden. I’m just trying to keep those weeds out. I think it’s big that we all just look at our garden and say, “What are the weeds in here that’s choking off our motivation and our-”

Tim:                It’s an ongoing business coach battle.

Clay:                Battle.

Tim:                Here’s something. I like to do a series of trainings on this thing called the emotional state, because it means everything. It’s how you feel about yourself and the world around you. Understand just the nuts and bolts of this, that whoever has the most dominant state, dominates. Meaning, if you have this negativity around you and you have not built yourself up where you’re stronger on the inside than the strength of that negativity, that negativity will swamp you every time. It happens.

It’s a number of studies that have been done here. I’ve actually tested this with manic-depressed people. I’ve tested it with confused, down-in-the-dump people. I have tested this to see how it works because life is all about testing to see what works. I’m telling you, the person with the most dominant state dominates.

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I’ve seen you in the middle of stuff hitting the fan, where you’ve shared this, “Stop all being so concerned about me. We’ve got a meeting to run. We got things to happen.” I’ve seen your state in these board meetings we’ve had on Thrive and making this the best thing for these business-people. I’ve seen your state just dominate and shift from a negative “what are we going to do” and “we’re kind of trapped” into “what can we do and what are doing right now. Get off our butts.”

Clay:                This is a huge one here.

Tim:                It’s very important.

Clay:                I have interviewed countless millionaires. I’ve probably interviewed maybe 100 millionaires in my lifetime. I’ve interviewed them, asked them questions, “How did you do it?” That’s just what I’m into. A commonly shared thing that I have found is that these people act before they feel. Matt, who is off-camera, but why don’t we get him? He’s off in the dark hiding. There’s Matt.

Matt and I, we’ve made a list of venture capital people because I’ve been able to build a million-dollar business but I don’t have a hundred million dollars sitting around. There’s a big difference between building a million-dollar business and then having a hundred million dollars to spend. Matt and I, we’ve made a list of probably 150 some odd venture capital funds, countless millionaires. We reach out to them. We share this idea with them.

Then, someone’s like, “I don’t believe in online education.” Okay. “We’re not interested.” Okay. “We don’t work with anybody who isn’t already turning a profit. We won’t work with you until you have a celebrity endorser.” Emotionally I just put it all over here and it’s like I’m stupid.

I’ll talk to my wife and she’s like, “How many have we talked to?” I said, “I think we’ve got about 400 rejections in some capacity now, but I think we’re on the verge.” We’re digging a hole-

Tim:                Thomas Edison, “I’m going to find this light bulb, 10,000 failures or not. I’m figuring it out. I’m getting that much closer.”

Clay:                This is, at the end of it, how I’m tricking myself right now. I’m saying that if we dig deep enough into th earth, we will eventually find a piece of gold. I’ve heard it’s there. We’re getting out the augers. We’re digging. We’ve got explosives. Then, David Robinson, there he is.

Tim:                Yeah, he’s in the door.

Clay:                All of a sudden, David Robinson. Hall of Famer is on the business coach

Tim:                Even then-

Clay:                Here he is. We’re done.

Tim:                Even Ben Clay, he didn’t come dancing in and says, “I love you. I want you.” You closed him after the 18th “no”. We covered that. This is how the world works. “They didn’t want me.” Well, of course they didn’t want you. You’ve got to get more coordinated and more attractive so they do want you and you’ve got to just go through the “no”.


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