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Business Coach: How To Engage Employees

In this transcript, Clay Clark who is a business coach (U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year for the State of the Oklahoma) and Tim Redmond (International Speaker) discuss the importance of engaging your employees on, the business coaching and sales training program.

Tim:    In order for you to build a business coach company that lasts, a company that is able to withstand the competition and all the environment and the economic challenges here you’ve got to have people that will go to hell and back with you and for you. When you begin to connect with them one on one, you, it’s not like you control them, you just connect with their heart and they’re ready to go to hell and back with you and for you on that, and that’s what’s needed a lot of times to get this. There is so much complaining about people’s disengaged employees and we’re not taking time to connect with them.

Clay:    Forbes magazine, we have a stat, it’s unbelievable, I read it just this morning actually, 70 percent of the people in one of their surveys said they’re not engaged in their job. Seven out of ten don’t like their job. Bad people or bad business coach leadership? I’m going to say bad leadership, because I’ve seen leaders who’ve taken people without moms, without dads, who grew up in abused situations, who’ve grown up amongst a rough bunch, they’ve taken like the, kind of like the leftover employees and made great things happen.

Tim:    Right.

Clay:    An example of that with the Seattle Seahawks, 2000, was it 13, 2014 champions there. I read an article that like a third of …

Tim:    Annihilation, it wasn’t even hardly a game.

Clay:    I read like a third of their players, I don’t remember the actual number, but like a third of their players were basically outcasts from other teams or weren’t drafted. Unbelievable. Again, you can take, you don’t need the most talented people to win, you need great business coach leadership to win.

Tim:    Right. Pete Carroll, the coach there is really more than a coach, he’s a developer of leaders and that whole process is just so essential, to be able to connect with the people you work with.

Clay:    Maxim 17 from our home office here off the coast of Des Moines, motivation becomes easy when others know you have their best interests at heart.

Tim:    Right. It’s really related to the previous maxim here. You know, when we built Task, this tax [inaudible 00:02:11] corporation, I made it my heart here to say, listen, when you come on board with us, we’re going to pour into you life and soul. We’re going to make you a better employee, but we care about you as a person. I remember, it was to a point of tears, I remember after going through a leadership training session, somebody that was a veteran person, a really good employee, came and said listen Tim, I’ve gone through your leadership training five times. Five times sitting through those 16 sessions.

Clay:    She says, I want you to know something, that it’s not just making me a better employee, I’ll let you know here that I was on the verge of divorce and we used one of your concepts that you talked about and I began to apply it to my marriage. By this time she’s crying and I’m crying, so applying this stuff saved my marriage. How loyal do you think that person was? How much do you think that person showed up with all their heart to help get their job done?

Clay:    I think so much we take work over here and relationships over here and I can tell you, the best business owners I’ve ever been around, the best leaders, they have found a way where it’s like, family and work merge almost, and so they treat their employees like family and they start to say we. We’re going to do this, as a team we did that. That’s a big challenge, because it’s, when you work really hard as an owner, don’t get me wrong, anybody watching this, if you’re an owner, I know you’re part of that five AM club. I know you’re working 70 hours a week. You can learn sales training on

I know you’re stressed out and if you’re not careful, you want to say I, I did this, I did that, but you really want build that we culture and I think that happens, like you said here, when others know you have their best interests at heart, people get motivated.


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