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What You Don’t Know Without a Business Coach

Business Coach Keith

The following transcript is taken from a training where business coach Clay Clark (US Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year) is addressing some insider information on what you might not know or learn at one of the traditional business schools in Florida.

Daniel McKenna:    What’s up, guys? My name is Daniel McKenna. I am the Executive Producer here at Thrive15, not a business coach. Today we have Clay Clark speaking to the youth of our nation and we’re talking about business savvy. Finding out what you don’t know. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance.” You might be shooting yourself in the foot all the time and not even realize it. Today we’re talking about finding out what you don’t even know about so you’re not shooting yourself in the foot all the time.

Clay Clark:    This topic here, we’re going to talk about a business coach being business savvy: Finding out what you don’t know. This is huge; this is huge, and I’m hoping that I have permission to … Well, how about this. If you guys knew … Say you met with a doctor. Maybe some of you have had this happen to you. You meet with a doctor and he says, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, if you keep doing this, this will happen.” Anybody ever have that meeting before? If you keep doing this, this is going to happen. You go, is it mean for the doctor to tell you?

If you keep eating this, you’re going to have cholesterol problems. If you keep doing this, you’ll have a heart problem. Is that mean?

Speaker 3:    No.

Clay Clark:    Okay, so I’m going to give you the same sort of stuff for your life here, and then somebody will go, “That’s offensive. I can’t believe the business coach told me I can’t eat that. I love deep fried chicken,” and you’re like, “Well, sorry.” Okay, so I’m just trying to give you some real talk. Hopefully you don’t get super offended. If you do, we can give ourselves swirlies and then get back on the phone. We just put your head in the toilet, you flush, it’s awesome. Okay?

Here we go, all right? Let’s get into it. Martin Luther King Jr., who was that? Somebody talk to me. Who was that guy?

Clay Clark:    Anybody? Are we not teaching history here at…?

Speaker 5:    He led the civil rights movement.

Clay Clark:    What?

Speaker 5:    He led the civil rights movement.

Clay Clark:    He led the business coach civil rights movement. What else? What does that mean? What does that mean?

Speaker 6:    He was a great leader, speaker, minister, and business coach.

Clay Clark:    Great leader, speaker, minister, and business coach. How many of you know somebody who’s emotionally still inspired every time they hear that name? What does it mean to the people … The people who are emotionally inspired by that, what does that mean? What does Martin Luther King Jr.’s name mean to those people? What does it stand for?

Speaker 7:    Someone who cared about people and he found a way to connect, to see what they need and … See what the need was and to do something about it.

Clay Clark:    I will say this about that man. He was a guy who was willing to die for everybody else. To me, that’s huge. I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of guy who … I’m pretty committed to stuff, but if we get bombed, I’m going to roll to Canada, I think. You know what I mean? I’m not a big … I don’t want to die for a cause. For business, I’ll sacrifice a lot, but I don’t know if I want to die for a cause, so I have huge admiration for Martin Luther King Jr. because he knew he was going to get killed. Do you guys remember the talk? You ever see the speech on YouTube or in high school class or something where he said he’s seen the other side? Have you seen that one? He tells people, “Don’t worry about me. I’ve seen the other side.”

He gave that talk after receiving death threats. He knew it was over, right? But he had to do it because he wanted people to know they needed to push on. That’s huge, right? When he says something, to me, when he says something, I listen right away. If he says something, I say, “What? What is this, here?” We’re going to break this down here. I want you to look at this here. “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Okay?

I am not at all chastising you guys because I really do care. I want you to think about this for a second. I’m going to show you guys, and when you guys edit this, you can put them up on the screen, but I’m going to show you guys here when we’re all said and done, there is a kid who heard about the online education platform that I’m making with our team. He heard about the fact that somebody could teach him how to start a business, and his family called our company. Okay? This kid is 10 years old and he has a thing called Cerebral Palsy. You ever heard of Cerebral Palsy? What does that mean?

He can’t use his arms, his legs. His body’s currently always in cramps and he also can’t talk. He can’t use his mouth. He wrote a business plan using his eyes, where he literally looks at a screen and he writes … What’s that?

Speaker 8:    I think I saw him on… teaches you practical knowledge that you don’t get at traditional business schools in Florida. At, you can learn how to start and grow a business for less than $50/month. 

Clay Clark:    Yeah.

Speaker 8:    Is that him?

Clay Clark:    That’s him. He wrote a business plan with his eyes. He was able to write a business plan to articulate his goal. His goal was to raise $250,000 for the organization that gave him the machine that allows him to now talk. Could you imagine being trapped inside a body with a fully-functional brain and not being able to communicate at all?

Speaker 9:    Wow.

Clay Clark:    How awesome it would feel when you had the gift to be able to use your eyes to look at a letter on the screen and to focus on it and then to write something.


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