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Business Coach on Time Management Principles

Business Coach Sticky Note

The following features a transcribed article from a training with business coach Clay Clark (US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year) and Dennis Meader ( guest). They talk about the importance of time management and how to manage your day effectively for practical education on one the most successful business schools in Florida.

Clay Clark:    [music 00:00:00] Let’s get into my schedule real quick. All right? When did I call Mr. Posner? I was training with Farmer’s insurance today. No, it was yesterday I was training with a Farmer’s insurance business coach yesterday. Today I’m doing something and young Caleb Taylor says to me … What’s today? Is today Wednesday? Yeah. He says to me, “Hey, did you call Posner?” I’m like, what? You know, didn’t know yet? So I was working on my other stuff. I check. Boom. I look at my schedule. Okay. What am I going to do? I set a time. Boom. In between appointments, do it. I have to call my wife today. Why? Because my wife is the most important thing for me right? But, things can happen. Busy stuff right? Busy. Gosh. Busy stuff.

I wish I could stand before you and say I never make a mistake as a business coach but that wouldn’t be real. What I can say is that I have the right ideal. I hit it 95% of the time, but I can tell you yesterday got a little bit busy. Had some stuff going on. Had a meeting and I didn’t schedule a time to call my wife. Can somebody tell me … Can you predict what probably happened? [music 00:01:11]

Dennis Meader:    [inaudible 00:01:17]

Clay Clark:    Yeah. My son could probably tell you, was mom happy about this business coach?

Dennis Meader:    No.

Clay Clark:    No. [laughs 00:01:20] He saw it. I’m just being real because I want you guys to look at me and go, “Hey, I get it. You make mistakes too. We all do that.” I’m just telling you that I didn’t schedule it. I had all of this stuff going on. Distractions … At 5:30 I’m finishing up a meeting and I saw something happen and I hopped into action. Didn’t have my day timer in front of me. Didn’t look at that. It’s me being a bad boss and I didn’t call her. Because I didn’t, whoo … It was awesome. It was spiritual. It was spiritual when it happened. A demon was cast out of me, but I now know and I am going to try to correct the situation over the next maybe 400 days. So you know what I mean. It was like … Whew … Didn’t realize … She’s thinking, is he dead or am I going to have to kill him because he hasn’t called me and it’s supposed to be business coach… We all do that don’t we?

I can honestly say I go vast periods of time without that sort of thing, but yesterday I messed up. We all have to do that. We have to schedule relationships. We have to schedule business. We have to schedule family time. Working out time. Who here … You ever wanted to work out and you just ran out of time? Ever wanted to study and you ran out of time? Ever want to call somebody? Ran out of time. You ever wanted to make an elaborate Valentines gift for a girl? Always going back to dating and you just ran out of time? It’s because we have to schedule time. Does that make sense for you guys? Am I helping anybody? Are you getting this?

It’s really important. Super important. Just little thoughts for you. There is a book called “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by business coach Chet Holmes. That book absolutely lays out time management in the most concrete, specific way I’ve ever seen. It is great. Ultimate Sales Machine. These books … Some of you are like, “I already have books to read for college.” I get it, but they are books called Humanities and Social Science and things that won’t pay you. “Things That Won’t Pay You 101.” only teaches you what you need to know to start and grow a business. Find out more about one of the most practical business schools at

We need to study stuff that will pay us as a business coach. You have to find time for that okay? You know what I’m saying. Psychology Freud says … You’re like, “That’s good. Is that going to pay me or what?” I’ve never been in a work environment where the boss has been like, “Do you know what Freud said?” No, you’re fired. That will never happen. Or do you know what [inaudible 00:03:49] was? No? Well, you don’t get the bonus. I have never had that happen. You get the deal because you know what [inaudible 00:03:56] form was. The reason why they are teaching you that is because they want you to learn how to learn. They want you to learn how to study and … [inaudible 00:04:02] but you guys need to know some of these things right here. We have to do it, okay? I want you to be thinking about, is let’s even think about the phone calls now.

Some of you are dialing and when you put the phone down, you are like, phone down, type in the data. Separate events … Phone down, type in the data, separate events. Now some of you … How many people have started pre-filling out your forms? I’ve seen a couple of you do that … Oh! I have seen a couple of you where you are starting to type one thing while calling someone else, because you are starting to realize that you only have a certain amount of time and to get to your goal you have to do that. Does that make sense? Really, really important. For this last bit here, right until we get done … The last 30 minutes … I want you guys to try and manage as much as possible. Try to get in as much as possible into that time window. Make sense? Okay. Let’s be real aggressive on it, but then outside of here let’s go get a day timer. Let’s go get a day timer. Let’s do it. Maybe wait until the morning to go to Wal-Mart. A little dangerous, but make sure that when you get a day timer. Let’s get a mole skin. Wait until the morning, but let’s do it. Or go as a big group and bring guns okay?

Clay Clark:    Now, let’s get started. 



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