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Business Coach: Designing Your Destiny

Business Coach Egg Big NestIn this transcript, Clay Clark (US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and Business Coach) discusses with Caleb Taylor ( Correspondent) investing principles on, one of the best customer service training programs!

Caleb Taylor:    Point number 3. This is the choice to be rich. The choice to be rich. What would you say to encourage somebody who is watching this, who might feel maybe even a little bit bad, maybe a little guilty for having a big goal, big dreams? This belief that they can become successful and become rich, what do you say to that person?

Clay:    I would say, if you look here at this list, it starts with the belief again. If you believe in prosperity, if you believe in success, and you believe that you have an opportunity to do something big and you believe that everybody has an opportunity to do something big, if that’s your core belief then you won’t let people make you feel bad for earning money. Try a business coach to advance your business.

Caleb Taylor:    Because it’s other people that influence that thing.

Clay:    Let’s get real for a second. I bought a Hummer. Why? Because I like it. It’s big, it’s massive, it’s wide. has the top business coach.

Caleb Taylor:    What about the environment, Clay?

Clay:    The thing is, is that I don’t necessarily share the beliefs to a lot of people. I don’t care what the majority of people think. In fact, that the majority of people think something is a general rule, I don’t agree. When I bought it, I remember a lady who came up to me and she’s like, “I literally was having breakfast with my kids.” She’s standing behind and she’s like, “Oh my gosh, who would drive that car? That thing is so irresponsible. Look how big it is.” She’s going on and on. I’ve gotten to a point now, where I not only care, but it brings me joy. I don’t care. It brings me joy to know that my car is so awesome that it drives her crazy.

    It doesn’t worry me, but I used to worry. I used to run around with the approval. Seeking that approval of everybody. I remember when we decided to have 5 kids, people would call and, “Are you sure you want to have 5 kids?” I remember when people talked about- My wife and I schedule our work schedule. We had family members over and were like, “Your husband works everyday at this time?” I remember when I started wearing my blue suits and red ties. People are like, “What are you doing?” Like, “I just don’t care.”

    What you have to do is if you’re going to decide to be rich, you have to understand that’s not normal. You’re a freak. You’re a freak of the week. I mean that because we only meet 100 people in a week. Only 3 percent of people are wealthy. I’m talking about like this is your- You’re in that rare air, man. You have be eccentric. You have to be different. People are going to harass you, mock you, ridiculed at you, they don’t understand your ways and means and your rules. Ultimately, if you treat the people you want to be treated and you stay true to your principles, ultimately, you’ll win in the end there.

Caleb Taylor:    Regardless of what you choose, security, comfort or prosperity, the choice is yours. That’s what we’re saying. That’s what this episode is about. There’s no excuses about, “I grew up like this.”, “I had this terrible thing happened to me.”, “This is as far as I can go.” That’s ridiculous.

Clay:    To not choose is also to lose. If you don’t like, don’t become rich by default. If you decide not to, if you’re like, “I just can’t decide if I want to be secure or comfortable, I’m just going to kind of a rich. I just don’t know.” You’re going to end up just being secure. One step above prison. Now if you’re like, “Jeez I don’t know. I don’t know what I want to do.” You’re not going to just, by default, become wealthy. Try a business coach on customer service training is taught by mentors, millionaires, and entrepreneurial success stories! Check out your free trial today!

    Being wealthy requires to go upstream or reverse of the current. You have to do things that are different. In order to do that, you’re going to have to save, you’re going to have to be intentional to how you live, you’re going to have to [inaudible 00:03:41] yourself with the right kind of people. Again, if you do want to become wealthy, you have to change your core belief. You have to decide right now. I want to become successful. You have to choose to invest the time to study successful people. You have to then just study and study and study success to the point where it changes how you think. Then you actually have to act on it.

    You have to be crazy enough to actually go out and invest and start a business. Then if you do it consistently, you will see those results. That’s how it works.

Caleb Taylor:    Boom! I love it. Clay, I mean this when I say it. Thank you for taking the time. Now I know you care so much about these viewers, about us and your goals to mentor millions. Thank you for sharing the wealth of knowledge that you have with us. I love it.

Clay:    I appreciate you. You’re not on the show just because you’re a beautiful man, but if we did put people on the show just based on their beauty, you would be on the show. Do you know an expert business coach to help?

Caleb Taylor:    Thank you.


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