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Dr. Zoellner

ThriveTime Show CEO /
Optometrist / Entrepreneur /
Venture Capitalist

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Clay Clark

Clay Clark

Founder of ThriveTime Show /
U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year

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Business Coach: Fire Or Inspire Now

Business Coach 1493In this transcript, Caleb Taylor (Thrive15 Correspondent) talks with Clay Clark (Top Business Coach and US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year) about firing those you cannot inspire and customer service training on Thrive15.com!

Caleb Taylor:    Can you tell me about this then, you’re talking about these people that are successful leaders, owners, they have to do lists, right?

Clay Clark:    Yeah, they make a to do list every single day, because what you schedule will get done. Only what you schedule will get done. Every single day I make a to do list. Do you know a business coach?

Caleb Taylor:    That has to go on some kind of calendar?

Clay Clark:    You have to have a day planner, you have to have a scheduler and you have to have a to do list. If you do not have a to do list, and you do not have a day planner, you will fail and it will be your fault. Check out a business coach on Thrive15.com.

Caleb Taylor:    Perfect. Details matter, you’ve got to focus on them.

Clay Clark:    You got to do it.

Caleb Taylor:    This is the bonus one.

Clay Clark:    This business coach knows this is a bonus.

Caleb Taylor:    Number twelve.

Clay Clark:    Here we go.

Caleb Taylor:    Fire those who you cannot inspire, just you got to do it.

Clay Clark:    Oh man.

Caleb Taylor:    Now Clay, we’ve seen and we’ve talked about it a little bit, people don’t like kicking those people off the bus. They don’t like doing what’s uncomfortable, because they’re pleasers, they care, but this is important, right?

Thrive15.com is the best resource for entrepreneurs looking to learn management skills and customer service training. Learn from world-class mentors, a business coach and millionaires how to start or grow a business!

Clay Clark:    Well, it’s hard, because like everybody’s somebody’s mom, everybody’s somebody’s daughter, everybody’s somebody’s dad, son and you never want to fire somebody, right? Unless you’re a sick freak, you don’t want to just fire somebody and make it where their kids are financially challenged, right? You don’t want to put anybody’s kids in a bad situation. Everybody knows somebody who’s got, my dad’s dealing with cancer. I bet you if you’re watching this, you know somebody struggling with cancer or who’s battling illness.

You never want to fire somebody battling illness or who’s dealing with a personal situation, but find me a human that’s not somebody’s dad, mother, son, daughter, so we’re all humans. The issue is, you’ve got to get past that part. You have to say, I’m not choosing to fire you, you’re choosing to fire you. I’ve laid out my expectations and you’re choosing to lose your job if you choose not to do this.

Caleb Taylor:    Well, Vince Lombardi actually had a quote that kind of supports that, a little notable quotable.

Clay Clark:    Vince Lombardi, NFL coaching great.

Caleb Taylor:    He said, if you aren’t fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm. I mean, he just lays it out there for you. It’s one of your easy energy. You choose if you’re going to keep working there or not.

Clay Clark:    I’m just a big guy like you, you have to be viral with your company, and Elon Musk, who started Tesla Motors, Space X, Pay Pal, if you get a chance to watch anything he’s ever written or watch anything he’s ever recorded on video or anything he’s ever said or written, he’s all about like if you’re not a top performer, to work for him, it’s like working for an elite military organization.

Caleb Taylor:    Right.

Clay Clark:    If you’re working for him, it’s like you’re working in special forces.

Caleb Taylor:    And he prides himself on that.

Clay Clark:    Yeah, so if you’re not going to deliver, you got to get out of here.

Caleb Taylor:    Right.

Clay Clark:    That’s how it is.

Caleb Taylor:    The reason we made this a separate point, we’ve touched on it but this is huge. So many businesses you’ve talked about cannot begin thriving at that next level because of the people that they have in their business on their bus. Tell me this, when do you know for sure that it’s time for that person to leave?

Clay Clark:    Well, if you’re candid and you tell people where they stand on that A, B and C area, on those four E’s, energy, energize, execute and edge. If people know where they stand on those four E’s, A, B, or C rating then what you do is, they shouldn’t be surprised. I like to tell people three times, hey I need you to do this. Hey I need you to do this. Hey, we’ve talked about this twice now, if you do it again it kind of tells me you don’t care, so let’s go ahead and make that change or we’re going to have to make that permanent change. Try a business coach training on thrive15.com.

Caleb Taylor:    Nobody’s caught off guard by this.

Clay Clark:    Yeah.

Caleb Taylor:    So what are the exact words you use, if we have to get to that point, what do we say?

Clay Clark:    I’m kind of ridiculous, so I might say something different, but what I would say would be this, Caleb, we’ve talked, you know where you stand. I think I gave you a C rating on your last performance review.

Caleb Taylor:    That hurt.

Clay Clark:    For time management I gave you a C. For sales, I gave you a C. For your overall energy, I gave you a C, your edge, I gave you a C. Your energize, I gave you a C and your execute, I gave you a C. So in my mind, there’s probably something out there on the planet that you’re better suited for, and I don’t know what that is, but I want to help you find that new job, so if you’ll go ahead and take the next eight hours of your job, I’ll keep paying you and I want you to pursue those next eight hours to find another job. You have exactly one week to find that job, because if not, I’m not going to pay you next week and you won’t have a job, but if you’ll find a job, I’ll be happy to help you bridge that gap. We need to help you find something you can be successful at.

Caleb Taylor:    Those are the words you’d say?

Clay Clark:    Yeah.

Caleb Taylor:    That makes sense. Well, we’ve gone through the step by step, the bonus, the twelve principals that you need to apply to have the winning team. We talked about casting the vision, the importance of details. We laid it all out there and now, tell me if I’m wrong, it’s just a matter of choosing to follow it and doing it, right?

Clay Clark:    Yeah, and I think this is one of these episodes that you could watch this a lot. You might want to watch this over and over until you really get it down there. I would encourage you to use the Thrive ap and to schedule the creation of these certain tasks. I mean, you’re going to have to, there’s a lot of specific things you have to do and I would go ahead and use your Thrive ap to schedule a time to do it. Because if you don’t schedule it, it’s not going to happen. You really need to appoint a time to do these things, because there’s a lot of specific tasks that need to be done to turn these big goals of yours into the small action steps needed to have big success.

Caleb Taylor:    That’s what you’ve got to do, is Thrive.

Clay Clark:    Yeah.

Caleb Taylor:    Loving it. Thank you.

Clay Clark:    Hey, thank you.


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