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How To Be Dominant As A Business Coach

In this transcript, Clay Clark who is a business coach (U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner) and Tim Redmond (International Speaker) discuss the importance of having a dominant emotional state on, the business sales training program.

Clay:    Just a quick business coach disclaimer, I know that Al Gore is in your top ten list of people and I will say that the parental advisory sticker that Tipper helped come up with, you know, his beautiful wife, that’s on the stickers, that says parental advisory, that has stopped every child in America from listening to dirty music, so I think we need to just move on with that.

Tim:    Very good you business coach master.

Clay:    So on to point 21. The most dominating state dominates, is that, are we talking about Texas or business coach items?

Tim:    Yeah, yeah, well, so we’re talking about our emotional state. What is our emotional state? When we talk about emotional state, it’s how we feel about ourselves and the world around us, or what we think is true about ourselves and the world around us. There was a number of studies that were done where they would have people come into a room and the doctor’s office says wait out here, no communication, we want to make sure you don’t communicate with other people. They brought this really depressed person in the room and they, his emotional state was really depressed.

They brought three other people into the room, that had a neutral state. Fifteen minutes, no communication, what happened, the depressed person was still depressed. What happened to the people in the neutral state, they found that they started feeling down and life and their problems seemed bigger and they started slipping down that slippery slope of depression there, even though there’s no communication going on.

Clay:    I’d call this the political discussion. I know we talked about Al Gore. Let’s look at this bi-partisan. Let’s go bi-partisan for just a second. I know people that are [cross talk 00:01:38]

Tim:    Bi-partisan, not bipolar?

Clay:    Yeah. I know people that are irate about Republican policies, irate about Democratic policies.

Tim:    Yeah, we’re not

Clay:    No matter what business coach room you’re in, they can irritate everyone with new information. Did you hear about what the Republicans just did? Did you hear about what the Democrats just did? They will upset, they’ll get everyone worked up into this state of like, we got to go to the White House. But we’re not going to go to the White House, we’re not going to fix anything and so we just kind of get it worked up. I’ve seen it work in a lot of different emotional states. I’ve seen people go into a room and make everyone sad.

Tim:    Here’s where it really comes in, you know in a number of these studies here, they really concluded to say the person with the strongest or the most dominant state, they’re the ones that shift the environment their way. This is very important with you as an entrepreneur, because you’re going to have some blue Mondays. You’re going to have some down Tuesdays. You’re going to have some things that life seems to be playing the opposite. Everything you do, it seems like it’s just the opposite result.

You can have your whole team down in the dumps, your whole team may be one other person and they come in with a bad mood and they’re down and they’re depressed and you’re either the leader or the follower. With your state, you can literally shift, I mean how many times have you walked into a room and everybody seems to be down and depressed, but you come in there and you’re ready to take on the world and just within no time, people that were quiet and to themselves, they’re now talking, there’s laughter going on. Your state shifted the room.

This is very important for you and your business, to keep people in a very positive, powerful state, because that’s where they can create and solve problems.

Clay:    I used to all the time with a new business, I remember Garrett worked for me, and I used to just get mad about every fourth day, because you know, a customer wouldn’t pay their bill or I would, something bad would happen or competition would say something about me, whatever the business problem was at the time and he’d be like, Clay, how you doing man? I’m like, I wouldn’t even respond. He’d say, what’s going on? I’m like, we have got a competitor that said this horrible thing about us to a potential customer. I can’t believe that. Why would they do that?

I would just be so mad, I would stay mad for like, until noon and I would just look over and I’d notice he’s all quiet and he wouldn’t talk much all day. The next day he’d come in, he’s like hey man, is that going to get worked out, are we going to be okay? I’m like, what do you mean? He’s like, well I’m so concerned, you know man, are we going to be all right? He thought that our business coach company was going to go under because of this bad situation and I didn’t realize I was affecting his state. I just think what you’re saying is powerful. There are sales training videos to watch on

I think we all need to do a gut check if we’re watching this and ask ourselves, are we projecting and are we being the most dominant state? Are we being the most dominant and positive state?

Tim:    Either you’re leading or following. It’s either working for you, to build your business coach business or it’s working against you to destroy your business, so that’s where you really, going inward before you go outward comes back to that point where your leadership is going to cause your business to rise.


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