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How To Change Lives as Business Coach

In this transcript, Clay Clark (U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner and super business coach) and Tim Redmond (Scaled a business from two employees to $120 million of profit) discuss changing lives on, the business sales training program.

Clay:    If you business coach guys get a chance to Google the Carver academy in San Antonio, our partner on Thrive David Robinson, I met this guy and I was at a high expectation and I met him and just like with yourself I had a certain idea of what the person was, but when I met him it went up.

Tim:    It went even higher.

Clay:    It went even higher. I had a high business coach expectation but it was even better than advertised. David has taken intercity kids in San Antonio the the world gave up on. Kids that can’t afford school, they don’t have money for tuition.

He took 11 million dollars of his own money, built the world class Carver academy for these kids. He’s told them, “God has called you to great success.” He has a plan for you and if you look that up, if you look, if you just do your research on this.

Tim:    It is amazing, it is amazing Clay.

Clay:    How they’ve changed the lives of these people and I’ve seen you do it with people, I’ve seen you coach a client and you’d speak into their life. You say, “Hey, I know your business is going to be successful.

You have what it takes, you can do it.” I think right now if you’re watching this, I think one of the crimes that you might be doing, you might be saying it to other people which is the worst thing that you can do. I also will say, you let it me say it to yourself.

Tim:    You might be saying it to yourself.

Clay:    What if I am saying it to myself right now, business coach Tim what do I do?

Tim:    The person you listen to the most is you and psychologist have shown that we’re talking to ourselves and or sometimes the self talk, this subconscious level of communication. About 1,500 or 1,800 words a minute. All right, so we’re talking to our-self and most of this internal business coach communication is negative.

We’re making a case against ourselves, we’re doing that underestimating and we literally have faith in that lower level and we begin to walk in that self fulfilling prophecy. I’m just saying, as you look at your staff, as you look at …

Think about the people that influence you, now I want you to think about it, maybe a coach, it maybe a teacher, it maybe your mom or dad, maybe an older brother or sister, one of the heroes in your life. What did they do, chances are the reason they touched your heart is because they saw your greatness, they didn’t underestimate you. They said, “Wow, let me uncover the greatness that you already have.”

That makes you come alive, that why that person became a hero. You’re a hero to the people you work with and you know it’s okay for you to be your own hero, for you to begin to not make a case against yourself, but make case for yourself to begin to see what you can do if you begin to dream and take little steps towards that. provides sales training for entrepreneurs and employees.

Clay:    I could take days, I know you could take days just on that point, but I want to point out to you guys, just on this wall alone with Walt Disney. A high school dropout with Richard Branson there, Richard Branson the dyslexic founder of Virgin Records, Albert Einstein.

Check this out, look at this quote, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” That’s what I’m talking about you just, we cannot underestimate people because they’re not good at one thing.

This is really important, we just want to take a lecture time to underscore that. Now, on point number 26 here, keep your employees number one and they will keep your customers number one.

Tim:    We have to think about this, how do people learn? People learn primarily by watching. I mean think about it here, it says, if I gave you a three hour lecture on how calculus works. Now, you maybe a math major and I’ve got a couple of my sons are really good in math and they would understand it and no problem.

For most of you it says listen, if I can show you how it works or many times when I’m talking about how to handle, how to manage conflict, I’ll do a role play with a client. I’ll do the wrong thing and then I’ll start laughing and I’ll say, “Well that’s what you’ll have a tendency to do.”

Let me begin to show you a business coach pattern to follow where you can see the right way to handle it. What we’re doing here is we’re showing them a pattern of respect that you really believe in. You’re going to project whatever you think about your employee. You’re going to project that whether you like it or not, smile or no smile.

If you think they’re louses, if you think they’re peons, if you think they’re this necessary evil, they’re going to feel that from you whether you like it or not. You’re going to project that adversity.

If you believe they’re the best, you believe that you’ve got champions working for you, that you are blessed by God to have these people to nurture them in growth, they’re going to follow your patterns and begin to treat their customers the same way, your business is going to grow.


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