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Business Coach: How To Make Guarantees

Business Coach Chain Kink BigIn this next transcript, Lee Cockerell (bestselling author and managed Walt Disney World Resort) discusses with Clay Clark (Business Coach and US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year) about customer service training and making service guarantees on!

Clay:    Let me ask you this here, when you’d said, in your book, you said, “Don’t make promises, make guarantees.” What’s does that concept mean to you? Do you need a business coach?

Lee:    You ever heard the saying, “promises, promises,” but that means people are not going to do what they say they are going to do? Explicit guarantees, our grocery store here, it’s right on there, it says, “Our guarantee, if you find any product you don’t like, you get home and you don’t like it, you can return it, guaranteed, no questions asked, full refund or more merchandise.” I bring peaches back and some stores you go, the guy will say, “Why you bringing this back?”and I’ll say, “Because they’re too ripe.” Now some stores will, “These are not too ripe, sir. These are just perfect.” At Publix, no problem, so there’s no questions. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Clay:    Right, so they made that guarantee and then they’re just …

Lee:    Every time you check out, they ask one question.

Clay:    Okay says the business coach.

Lee:    “Did you find everything you were looking for?”

Clay:    That’s it.

Lee:    My wife didn’t one day. They didn’t have the right graham cracker crust for her key lime pies.

Clay:    Oh, come on says the business coach.

Lee:    Didn’t have the right brand. One hour later, a guy showed up to the door with both of them.

Clay:    Really.

Lee:    Chick-fil-A, a lady didn’t get her fries, called and raised hell with them and they said, “Thank you,” and got her address … showed up with a bag of fries at her house.

Clay:    I know, in particular, I know with Chick-fil-A, just as an example of this kind of dedication, and I know that FedEx, I’ve heard this story too, but for Chick-fil-A, all the time people forget their wallet. They go to check out, it’s embarrassing, their kids are with them in line and they, “Oh, gosh, I forgot my wallet,” and at Chick-fil-A, they have given the latitude to the front line people just to take care of it and I know personally …

Lee:    I’ve heard that.

Clay:    … a couple people that have said they forgot their wallet and did they comp the meal and they are loyal to Chick-fil-A now. They’ll always come back because …

Lee:    They can go back and pay anyway.

Clay:    I know at FedEx, there was a story about a girl who had a wedding dress that she ordered and she had a hard time getting it from A to B, and so, because of some flight delays, somebody, a FedEx employee took the wedding dress in his car, in her car maybe, but the employee drove the wedding dress from the distribution center all the way to the wedding location so the dress could get there on time because of that guarantee. I think those are the things people remember though. Check out to learn about a business coach.

Lee:    They did that because they wanted to, they didn’t have to. They could have just said, FedEx can deal with that. That’s pride, hired the right person and they are so proud of what they do and they just kind of do it. I mean, that’s like, you can’t stop me, I’ll get through this snowstorm. If it takes me all day to get over the mountain, I’ll be there tomorrow night.

Clay:    You said here, treat every customer like a regular. What does that mean?

Lee:    Don’t start treating people nice after you get to know them. Treat them like a regular the first time they come in, they might become a regular.

Clay:    As soon as, you mean.

Lee:    As soon as you mean.

Clay:    When they walk right in the door.

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Lee:    I told people that at Church on the Move, and I told them at North Point Community Church. You got a bunch of volunteers. Make sure they’re doing what they are suppose to be doing, not talking to each other, but watching for the family coming down that sidewalk the very first time and make them feel so welcome that they always come to Church on the Move.

Clay:    If I own a hair salon, and have a new customer that comes and I’ve never seen them before in my life, how do I treat them?

Lee:    Act like you’ve known them your whole life.

Clay:    Really.

Clay:    What kind of words should I say to them?

Lee:    Good to see you. You know what I say to people all the time … it’s some of the words you use. If I see somebody, and I see a lot of people at Disney, I don’t recognize them, somebody will say hi, Lee, and I say, “How you been?” and that puts in their mind, he remembered me, like how have you been?

Tip O’Neill, when he was in the Congress, used to ask … it’s funny what he would say. He’d meet you and he’s met you before, but he doesn’t remember and you’d say, “Tip, good to see you,” and he’d say, “How’s your back doing?” He says everybody’s had back problems. Treat people like it’s not a big surprise. Who are you? Where did you come from? We’ve met. Just to act like they’ve always been there. Come on in, can we get you some coffee? Glad to see you again or how you been? How you been? That doesn’t mean I know you,  that just means, maybe they know me. I don’t know. Try a business coach to advance your business.


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