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Business Coach: How To Manage For Results

Business Coach Ear803In this upcoming transcript, Lee Cockerell (bestselling author and managed Walt Disney World Resort) talks with Clay Clark (Founder of and Business Coach) about customer service training  and how to manage for results on!

Clay Clark:    My name is Clay Clark and I’m the COO of Today we are joined with Lee Cockerell, the man who used to run Walt Disney World Resorts. He’s going to teach us how to effectively manage for results. I’m telling you, once you learn how to manage for results, you can make limitless amounts of money, because your company’s going to be more effective. Your daily operations will be more successful, because you’ll just learn how to get more things done in a day, because you’re going to be able to manage a staff of people. A business coach can help your business.

Well lee, in your book, which I’ve enjoyed quite a bit, you talk about creating magic. What exactly does that mean?

Lee Cockerell:    For Disney, I think, our advertising, our promotion, our marketing all through the years has been a magical place. Walt Disney World, a Magic Kingdom. What is magic? For our guest today coming to Walt Disney World, it really turns out to be a place that’s just not like real life.

Clay Clark:    A business coach says, Okay.

Lee Cockerell:    They get there, it’s clean, everybody’s nice. How many places are like that in the world? Everybody’s clean and everybody’s nice, and people do just about anything you want for them. They will take care of you. The food is great. Accommodations. Mickey Mouse and Cinderella are there.

Clay Clark:    Right

Lee Cockerell:    The real Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. That’s pretty magical. It’s very magical for children and I think it’s so magical for the parents because when they- parents tell me all the time, “I can’t wait to see the expression on my child’s face when they get there,” or, “When we told them, they couldn’t sleep for two nights.” I mean, there’s a huge emotional piece of the magic. It’s a magical experience, being different than anywhere else. It’s not real life. It’s a place you’d with the whole world was like, where everybody was nice to you. And where everything was clean. Where everybody cared about each other. So, it’s kind of a way to think about it.

Clay Clark:    The thing is, I feel like a lot of people might not know about you, is you’ve worked at the Hilton organization… You’ve worked with the Marriott organization… you’ve done a lot of different things. So if I have a small business, and I’m wanting to create the magic at my hardware store, or my optometry center, or my business, how do you create the magic in a small business? What does that mean there? Tell a business coach.

Lee Cockerell:    You know, you want to be so different than all the other people in the hardware store business. I was telling some hardware store people yesterday, or, a few weeks ago when I spoke to a whole group of them, I said, “you know, if I was in the hardware store business, and I owned a hardware store, I’d make Saturday a big day with food trucks in the parking lot, and bring the kids down and show them how to do things, give them a little tool, and have fun. Have some music out in the parking lot. I’d make my hardware store the place to go every Saturday with my children. And then I would make sure that all- that the place was spotless. I’d have the American flag going up in the morning and playing a little opening ceremony honoring our troops. I would have specials and I would sell things more than hardware so the wives want to come in too. I’d find a million ways to make it magical for, not only the children, but for the men who want to get their chainsaws and tools, and also for the wives, who might have a section of the store where it’s things that they could buy for their home. Just create events.”

I would make sure all my people were trained, and I would take care of them like they couldn’t believe.

Get your customer service training taught by millionaire mentors and successful entrepreneurs on! Try it for free today!

Clay Clark:    Do you think it’s possible to create magic in any kind of small business? This business coach wants to know.

Lee Cockerell:    In a doctors office. My wife went to the doctor yesterday after having a bad experience with her eye doctor the other day. She said it was incredible. She walked in and everybody was so nice, and it was clean. He came out, the doctor, and first he said, they started talking about what they’re reading. He said, “what are you reading these days?” He told what he was reading and she just loved it. She said, “that’s my doctor now.”

Clay Clark:    Right.

Lee Cockerell:    “That’s my doctor now.”

Clay Clark:    Because, I think, people intuitively, as customers- We were talking a little bit about this yesterday. We all like Starbucks. Everybody likes working with Costco. Everybody likes… there’s a few companies that we can all name off – Disney. And we say, “Well, that’s a great company.” Quick trip gas stations, Chick-fil-a, and then there’s a lot of other companies that don’t create the magic. So in your mind as a manager, if I’m a manager of a business, or say, I owned a business, what are some of the things I should be doing every single day to make the magic happen in my business? Tell the business coach and listeners.

Lee Cockerell:    Yeah. I think first of all, you need to go and look at every part of your business. From the parking lot, to the landscaping, to the repair and maintenance of your building, to how great your training is, how clear your expectations are for your employees… make sure they’re doing what you trained them to do. Every part of your business. I think the thing people have understand no matter how good you are, you can be better.

Clay Clark:    Yep.

Lee Cockerell:    And if you don’t think you can be better every day, you’re going to get in trouble. What technology do you need to apply so you can stay in touch with your customers. How you’re going to alert them to new specials this week. How you’re going to communicate them to come on down on Saturday, we’re going to have so-and-so here. Lee Cockerell’s going to be here signing books for you if you’d like him, and he’ll give you a Disney pin too.

Clay Clark:    Yeah.

Lee Cockerell:    I mean, there’s so many opportunities, that people just- they get in a rut. People start doing what they do, and they do it the rest of their life. They just think, “that’s the way it is.” And that’s not the way it is. It’s the way you want it to be. That’s how life it. Life is how you want it to be, not how it is. You control it.


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