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Investing Principles Learn from a Business Coach

Business Coach Big ChainIn this transcript, Caleb Taylor ( Correspondent) interviews Clay Clark (US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and Business Coach) about investing principles on, one of the best customer service training programs!

Caleb:    Howdy. My name is Daniel McKenna. I’m the executive producer here at Thrive 15. Today Caleb Taylor will be sitting down and interviewing Clay Clark and talking about designing your own destiny, determining what you want to be when you grow up. Specifically, if when you were a kid, you wanted to be a giraffe when you grew up, we cannot help you, and if you are a mid-40s man who wants to be the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, we probably cannot help you with that either. However, if you have other goals, you have other aspirations of what you want to be when you grow up, we can probably help you. We’re trying to get you from where you are to where you want to be, and Clay Clark is going to give you some investing advice of how to do it.

Caleb:    Clay, good to see you again.

Clay:    Hola from a top business coach.

Caleb:    Today we’re going to be discussing this idea, in the umbrella of investing, called design your own destiny, deciding what you want to be when you grow up.

Clay:    Cool says the business coach.

Caleb:    One of my favorite things about working at Thrive and with you is your passion, your zeal for life. I don’t think anybody would question that you love doing what you do …

Clay:    This business coach says, Yeah.

Caleb:    … and that motivates you to get up every morning.

Clay:    Like this week, we put in a kids’ set for the Thrive kids, the program we have for little kids, and it honestly is probably the most exciting thing in a while, again, just pumps me up …

Caleb:    I love it.

Clay:    … but like the little earmarks that I look for, the little excitements, we had a guy who’s a Thrive subscriber, and I got a chance to talk with the guy, and he’s like, you know I’ve been looking for something like this my whole life, something where I just feel like I’ve got these big ideas and no one thinks I can do it. Like, that’s what I’m all about, but I can tell you if I was doing a job that I wasn’t passionate about, I wouldn’t feel that way. Have you tried connecting with a business coach?

Caleb:    Hm.

Clay:    So I think the big key, is to find something that you are excited about  and then try to find away to get paid to do it.

Caleb:    Your passion and that zeal, what keeps you going, is talking with these guys, remembering what it is you’re trying to do, is improve and help people move from where they are to where they want to be. In hearing their stories, that’s what gets you going, right?

Clay:    Absolutely, absolutely says the business coach.

Caleb:    I love that. Okay, so today, we’re talking about this crazy idea that you can actually decide what you want your life to be like. You can actually decide your own destiny. Do you believe in this initially?

Clay:    I do and I will say this, if you’re watching this right now and you say my life is not going that well, I’m going to give you a story that’s a little crazy but it’s true. Fourth of July, about 3 years ago.

Caleb:    Okay.

Clay:    The business coach feels like shooting off fireworks.

Caleb:    This is your favorite holiday.

Clay:    Yeah, it is and we’re in Oklahoma. It’s like there’s a burn ban every day and it’s 106 degrees.

Caleb:    You don’t fire fireworks, correct? Because that’s against … I mean, there’s a burn ban.

Clay:    I’ll plead the 5th, but yes, I do shoot them off.  Actually, here we go, so what happens is that the fire, we’re shooting off fireworks and one guy, he says, “Hey, let’s shoot up these … said things that fly up over the fence.”  I was, “No. We shall not.” He says,” Okay,” so, (sheww pfft) over the fence it goes. I look and I’m like, “Let’s go! There’s going to be a fire!” It is hot, there is a burning … and I’m not kidding and I’m like, “Let’s go.” You talked to my brother-in-law about this, and I’m like, “Let’s go. Come on! Move that, that, that,” and he’s just like, “You want some chicken?” I’m like, “Would you just come on!” and this fire, it’s like small and it hadn’t started yet, but I knew it would.

Caleb:    Yeah.

Clay:    All of a sudden it’s like a 6-foot-high flame and I’m like, “Oh, no,” so I’m getting the hose. (cushzzzzz) Just take this, you know what I mean, just spraying it on.

Caleb:    That’s good.

Clay:    I’m having a good time just really trying to spray it down.

Caleb:    Right.

Clay:    Then, I sprint up and go over the fence, round the fence. (phffft) Spray the fence, hand me the freaking hose. We’re spraying. (cushzzzz, cushzzz) Put it out. No fire.

Caleb:    Good.

Clay:    But like, five people stood around. This is how people are with their life.

Caleb:    Okay, there it is. The tie in. I was wondering what the tie in was.

Clay:    I had to keep you hanging.

Caleb:    Yeah, you did.

Clay:    Right. People, but people, constantly though, look at their life and watch it burn as though they have no control.

Caleb:    Sure. teaches customer service training to entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business for a fraction of what it costs to attend the Disney Institute!

Clay:    Yeah. In your office there’s going to be small fires, but don’t let them burn.

Caleb:    Right.

Clay:    I mean, you work here.

Caleb:    Yeah.

Clay:    For those of you who watch Thrive and you’re like, Thrive must be a perfect place. Yeah, it is but, you know what? You have people, personalities. You and I might clash. Camera guys, we might not all agree.

Caleb:    Yeah.

Clay:    We might have, the producers might not agree, but you know what? We all agree on the goal …

Caleb:    Right.

Clay:    … but sometimes you have to have a meeting.

Caleb:    Yep.

Clay:    People are upset. So you say, all right. There’s a fire in the office. Let’s put it out (cushzzzz), but you don’t sit there and just watch it happen.

Caleb:    Yeah or turn away.

Clay:    Yeah, but this is what a lot of business owners do and you can’t do it.

Caleb:    Yeah.

Clay:    You can’t wait for success to happen take it from a business coach.

Caleb:    Okay.

Clay:    You have to decide to will it to happen.

Caleb:    Once you’ve decided that you can actually, you can actually determine the outcome of how your life will be, there’s kind of only three options, I feel like, three choices, if you will. The first is to be secure.

Clay:    Yeah. Be secure.

Caleb:    The first is you can choose to be secure.

Clay:    Okay.

Caleb:    Or you can choose to be comfortable …

Clay:    Yeah.

Caleb:    … and the third is choose to be rich.

Clay:    Yep.

Caleb:    Those are kind of the three options that we’re going to dive into and mine into in this episode.

Clay:    Yep.

Caleb:    So let’s start with the first one, choosing to be secure. Okay now, you’ve spent time with people, I’m sure, that have chosen to be secure. You grew up without much in terms of financial security, I guess.

Clay:    Yeah.

Caleb:    How are the mindsets different and what does that secure mindset look like?

Clay:    If you want to be secure …

Caleb:    Yeah.

Clay:    … then your best place to go to is going to be prison, because it’s secure. Very few people can get in and very few people can get out.

Caleb:    You’re always going to have meals.

Clay:    Always have meals. You probably get cable, C-SPAN. C-SPAN, I mean take me there, right? You have these things, but a lot of people, it’s what they want. They want security.


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