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Real Life Balance with a Business Coach

Business Coach Egg In MiddleIn this next transcript, Lee Cockerell (bestselling author, business coach and managed Walt Disney World Resort) talks about life balance and customer service training on!

Lee Cockerell:    You have the biggest responsibility for controlling the events in your life. Number one, nobody else, nobody else. The reason I talk about those three is because each one of you need to be thinking about those three yourselves, I don’t care where you spend your time but you better be thinking about how you get your right people and you better be thinking about your training not only for your people but for yourself. You better think about that you have the opportunity and the ability and the responsibility to create the right environment and the right culture so your employees come in and feel like their happy to come into work. Sometimes you go to a happy conference but you don’t run a happy company. It’s not just you being happy. Learn what you need to know from a business coach.

People ask me all the time about balance, what is balance in your life? Balance is when everybody that is important to you are happy, not just you. If I’m happy and my wife’s not happy, we have a problem. If she’s happy and I’m not happy or the children aren’t happy or we don’t spend enough time with them or we don’t … make sure you understand happiness is about … in your business, if you want to have a great business you got to make sure that all your people are generally pretty happy and I don’t think they have to be happy everyday but they have to be happy most of the time. Happiness is a personal problem. Connect with a business coach. provides only the best customer service training from mentors that have built and run business like Lee Cockerell, the man who managed Walt Disney World Resort. Click here to learn more about works!

We tell people at Disney you don’t have to be happy to work at Disney, you have to act happy for 8 hours. It’s called professionalism, because that’s what we sell. We charge a lot for happiness, we charge a lot for magic, so think about are you providing that same kind of experience and are you spending your time in the right places. Could you spend your time better, could you think about more deeply where you spend your time every morning with your people, with training, with … Let me tell you when you get out of your car in the morning or you get off the Metro or you walk to walk, before you enter your work, again when you get home at night, you have two decisions to make; I can go in there and make it better or I can go in there and make it worse.

You have to decide so you have to think I’m going to walk in now and I’m the leader, I’m responsible, I have to behave myself, I have to create a culture where everyone feels good about themselves, I have to pay attention to every person because that’s what leaders do, it’s like paying attention to each of your children not just one or two and make it when you go in the culture gets better. Over time it gets better and better and better and better and when you get home at night, when you walk in your home you can make it better or you can make it worse and that’s right here. If you can’t remember that, send yourself a email as a reminder, set your alarm when you look at it, it says behave yourself, go in and make it better. A business coach knows.


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