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Systematically Exceeding Expectations

In this transcript, Caleb Taylor (Thrive Correspondent) and Clay Clark (Speaker of choice for Hewlett Packer and O’Reilly Auto Parts) discuss the importance of going above and beyond for customers on, one of the top business schools in PA.

Clay Clark:    Just say we’re marinating together would be an understatement of how awesome this moment is.

Caleb Taylor:    These are green, right?

Clay Clark:    Yeah, they are green.

Caleb Taylor:    Okay.

Clay Clark:    Yoda green.

Caleb Taylor:    I’m colorblind, so I don’t know for sure.

Clay Clark:    Are you really?

Caleb Taylor:    Yeah. No, that’s a real story.

Clay Clark:    Really?

Caleb Taylor:    Yeah, it’s real. I overcome difficulties in my life everyday.

Clay Clark:    Well, I’m going to take advantage of that in the future. Okay.

Caleb Taylor:    Today we’re here talking about the goal is to systematically exceed the expectations of your client. When you do that, you have exponential growth.

Clay Clark:    Absolutely.

Caleb Taylor:    I know that this is something you live by and it infiltrates every area of your life.

Clay Clark:    Yeah.

Caleb Taylor:    A lot of that came from Napoleon Hill’s book, correct?

Clay Clark:    “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I read that book and up until that point in my life I had been somebody who liked to do what I was supposed to do, but I very rarely did more than I was supposed to do. I would say almost never did I do more than I was supposed to do. Now I can of make it a habit to always try to do more than I’m paid to do.

Caleb Taylor:    Well, it’s easy to fall into this trap of feeling good about and being complacent and feeling like you’ve accomplished something when you’ve done what you said you would do.

Clay Clark:    Yeah.

Caleb Taylor:    You’re asking us to go to a different level here.

Clay Clark:    That’s the goal.

Caleb Taylor:    Let’s jump down to these points. The first point that we’re going to look at is finding out what your customer wants and then give them more than they expect, okay? I’ve got a notable quotable here, this is from Sara Blakely, and she’s with Spanx, she made Spanx-

Clay Clark:    She was the youngest woman to become a billionaire.

Caleb Taylor:    Wow.

Clay Clark:    Boom.

Caleb Taylor:    We should listen to her when she says, “I broke into an industry that was completely money focused. Nobody was paying attention to the women and thinking about how these undergarments felt or how they fit,” I don’t think of that often, really. It’s not on my mind.

Clay Clark:    Unless it’s something to you, you’re pig-headed, you don’t think about it.

Caleb Taylor:    But nobody else is thinking about it either. She continues to say, “All of a sudden I showed up and charged more for one pair than anybody could comprehend and women lined up in droves to buy them. I think I left the industry in shock, but I really believed that we needed to make it better, not cheaper.” The key here is, what Sara did, is she realized that the niche that she was focused on didn’t need a cheaper product, they wanted high quality product. When she delivered that it blew up.

Clay Clark:    Well, I think anytime we make a product, if you’re watching this and you have desire to make a product, we have some unbelievable trainings on Thrive that are going to be coming out here by Jill Donovan. This lady created the Rustic Cuff, which is a product that a lot of celebrities wear. I think a lot of people have this desire, this kind of fantasy to make a product that everyone in America’s going to want to buy. can help you achieve that dream as one of the top business schools in PA.

I’m telling you if you’ll make product and go in with the idea that you’re going to wow people and exceed their expectations, and not just merely compete by having the cheapest price possible, it’s a lot more fun at that price point than when you are trying to compete with the cheapest price point.

Caleb Taylor:    I feel like we’re doing that here with Thrive. We’re trying to bring you guys content that is something you can’t find anywhere else.

Clay Clark:    Yeah.

Caleb Taylor:    A different level of in depth knowledge and excitement that’s kind of fun and with an attractive pale man. I mean nobody else is offering that.

Clay Clark:    There’s a lot of places that are saying we’ll offer an attractive pale man as part of the-

Caleb Taylor:    But they’re not delivering

Clay Clark:    They’re not delivering on it.

Caleb Taylor:    Come on.

Clay Clark:    Certainly not over-delivering on what you’re seeing here.





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