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Business Coach: Part 2 on How to Get and Stay Organized in the World of Small Business

This is an excerpt from the business coach radio show If you are looking for part 1, click here

Know more from a man who’s never been called Beautiful your business coach host Clay Clark.

Oh I like that one. You’ll get lost in the super duper hot sauce bro. Doctors. You know doctors love it.

I can tell you that one of the things that I love about Dr. Z is he is a purposeful. But I would also call him a polarizing person and I’ll give you an example why I said this. He runs his businesses off of what I have observed would be a three piece. I’ve documented the three piece because I feel like thrivers should know that but he never told me the three piece I just watched him do it. And here the three of us would you like to work with good people. It’s like if you’re not good people he doesn’t want you to be around him. I mean I’ve discovered that there’s not really a lot of good people who work with him very long. Two is he wants to make a profit and he doesn’t apologize for it. You know not like a hog but he wants to make a profit in the 30s he wants to make a product that he’s proud it’s replace. And I just noticed that Dr. Z is down with three of these. And so I love having you see on the show when you’re gone. It’s sort of the deal where I begin to mentally drift. I go to a dark place and a lot of poetry. I burn a lot of incense i end up just walking up and down the river searching for you going where is where is this day.

Like a walking dead episode just kind of stumbling along the river but you know you touch on something right there that that inspires me to put a smile on every thriver’s face out there because I know when we go to this magical place it’s always it’s always good and that magical place is Barb.

Barb sometimes.

Farmyard analogies and especially pigs are just my favorite catch up with to. Drop it. You talk about. You my number one room and businesses be the pig and not the hog. What does that mean. What’s that mean.

I don’t. Have time to wait. But apart from so this is one area I didn’t think that one through their mind.

Well what that means is you talk about making a profit. I think that’s one of the things that some people out there are getting when you start a business or you know struggle with one try hard for something. How much do I make. And here at Thrive nation where we have the number one business coach in the world clay Clark I eat we have our online school trying to teach dot com which oh by the way just a dollar for my dollar dollar it makes me want to cry and cry. And then we also have or in-person workshops which June is booked out.

But you got to be good at track time show. Get your tickets for July could be already booked out and they are super cool.

And we teach you all should be removed. It’s practical. It’s in person you get to ask questions you get to meet us get to come to the headquarters it’s so fun.

I have a sweet success story I to share with you and then I want to interrogate. OK. So how does this ties into your point.

I’m going to go hide under the table as you finish your point I’m sorry I was trying to build on the point back to you.

Oh no no. You can always though on the point that we’re doing OK and we’re here because that what that means is that it’s OK to make profit. Just don’t be too greedy. You overprice your stuff that’s been the hog and that’s trying to be greedy whether you’re whether it’s about paying your people whether it’s about buying merchandise whether it’s about pricing your product. And so very important to do that we have. We have a workshop to help you know we can walk you through we can help you in pricing your product and we’re firm believers in making money but don’t be too greedy.

We are right out there any time John who I ran into a parking lot somewhere he saw the Hummer of the Kim Jong-Un theme Hummer. He listened to the show. He asked me about the conference I told him I said hey we’ve got a scholarship program available Z. He’s with us to show us the truth. He just wrote reviews we listen to the show he didn’t have enough money. I believe his story was to pay for college. So he started doing was doing the dream 100 where you apply for all of these hundred scholarships and grants and scholarships. They don’t get a platform at all. Well he ends up basically securing all of the money he needs to go to college as a result of implementing the dream 100. And he came to the workshop from Chicago just to tell us the story and he wrote a really nice review up there. And because of the affordability of the conference he could get out to it because of the practicality he was able to implement it but it wouldn’t be possible we tried to gouge everybody with our pricing my man.

Well that’s where he is so be a pig not a hog. And we’re here to help you with that process because a lot of people are like OK you say that. What does that look like with my pride. We’re here. E-mails. Talk to us. I mean we’re here to help you we want to eradicate a number. There is a number out there we want to eradicate and that number is according to Forbes and we think business coaches are so important out there. That’s why we think business coaching is like our mantra is that we want to eradicate 8 percent failure rate businesses.

80 percent of businesses are failing by default.

I know and sometimes people I don’t know why my business is failing. That’s why you need to come to an in-person business coach workshop because a lot of times clay in business you don’t know what you don’t know.

And furthermore if you’re sitting next to a guy who knows what you need to know in our workshop it’s amazing we have one of the largest homebuilders in Oklahoma attend the Latha workshop already worth millions and millions of dollars and he’s there and many people are in the lunch break. We’re picking his brain. He’s holding court and he’s learning things. Yes but he’s also teaching things and I want to ask you this Ryan because you’re not a business coach but you you run two successful businesses and you’re you’re growing your empire you’re taught We’re talking a little bit about file saving and backing files up and during the break you were sharing with us some knowledge about how do you backup your files. Can you kind of walk us through your process and how you go about backing up files.

You bet. I mention that in my I have a philosophy that has one and one is not and this it’s a very common philosophy. But with regards to data it’s extremely important. So we do triple redundancy so we have everything on to clouds and then we also have it on hard drives for the same reason that if it’s lost I don’t I don’t understand the cloud and how it works. But you know clouds dissipate and all of a sudden it is not there anymore. So I’m a little afraid of that. I like the vault better than a cloud. So we have vaults and clouds and I feel fairly safe now.

Speaking of philosophy if you want to mispronounce that you can call business coach software.

The universe you’re listening to text if you want to it makes life more interesting when you put the wrong facets on the rights level.

Yeah it doesn’t have to screw with it does that. I actually like the guys that are out there doing these YouTube videos you know you’ve got to be careful when you wait.

That’s why our Web site is secure. It’s been documented. We’ve got we’ve got successful major successful business coaches on there for you to learn from. I know you’ve taught you don’t you’re the one that told with this guy is other people in other countries are trying to learn English. There they put out work.

I have an example from this fighting thriver who came to his last business coach workshop he pulled me aside during the lunch break and he said hey I was watching you such and such videos. And by the way the videos he’s watching you can’t watch it. This is a dumb YouTube. He’s basically a charlatan on YouTube was convincing people that they need to have multiple streams of income passively or they cannot be successful as an entrepreneur. So I’m going to start with you right on this. Sure. Zero. Now I want to pick your brain. Ok if you will. Businesses are failing. Why is it a bad idea to divert your attention away from the business that you need to get profitable and to focus on multiple streams of passive income. Why is that maybe not a good idea.

Clay that’s my biggest pet peeve especially in Tulsa is that I have a focus I have I have families to feed by going out there and bringing home that wild game that I kill. I eat what I kill and so does the rest of my employees. And so focusing on a little marketing kind of thing is just crazy to me. That’s all I’m focusing on the business that I need to focus on.

And what this person said I said but what did this particular case they were not in multilevel what they were doing is they were told that they just sign up for this program to $21000. They will learn how to become a certified business coach so that they can coach other businesses underneath them. But the leads are derived from. It’s like a multilevel of business coach almost it’s like I’m going to go to the conferences. And then I go on to be 21. I go to it at that will teach me how to become a certified coach and everyone who attends the conference will become the next layer of. And basically you coach people have become coaches and that’s the move. Zeke could you kind of explain as you’ve been in business long enough to have focused you didn’t get bored didn’t you didn’t start with boredom you bored down to scale your optometry clinic I mean you bore down as opposed to succumbing to boredom. What advice would you have for the thriver out there who’s kind of I think I need multiple streams of revenue before I can focus on my core business I mean what would you be.

Well you know one of my one of my passions in life  other than business coach is horse racing. You know I have a ranch and some thoroughbred horses and I and I love that we’re facing and every now and then we get a young colt that has a problem focusing. As the problem focusing and we put on that said colt. We put the thing that we call blinders. Blinders. Yeah. And they went harder. And then what happened is it restricts their vision all right because horses have a big range of vision. It restricts their vision. You’ve seen them and what it does is it allows them just to kind of focus on what’s in front of them and the job that they’re that they need to do and that is running straight and running with it. You know Jack to run at OK. Say. Sorry about that number. The number of language English teachers out there listening. So what do you do with this boat. You put blinders on yourself. I mean you don’t have to physically go in and buy some at a horse store. You know that would be kind of funny. He actually had them on there with the boot. You know that’s why we’re on holiday. I’m not kidding we’re already starting to look. My eyes are kind of adult blinders kind of a kind of adult life is really what you have to do with this is that you have to be so committed and so focused on your business. I think that’s one of the core reasons why you know we just throw out a little bit ago.

It’s anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of all businesses fail because people aren’t there. They’re too busy. You know squirrel. They’re too busy with other things in their life.

You had helped me in this regard because I am somebody who’s just two kinds of people one who’s out there is pursuing multiple streams of income never focused on anything. The other though was was me this is my problem before it before really interacting with you a lot about four years ago. I have blinders on all the time. So I basically am 100 percent focused all the time and you’re like hey maybe you should schedule some time person. You know that kind of thing and so I actually took my laptop so I’ve taken a bath. You know I get up and take a bath I thought you know that’s why you are reading time and I thought I’ll just go ahead and start writing outlines in the back way to speed up things like working on the laptop or your multitasking while you’re you know I thought was just I mean I could just focused on the dibber occurred to me that you probably shouldn’t hop in the bath with your laptop I’m focused on getting paperwork done. OK I want to talk about the little reading time in and it just the way my schedule works and with the kids what time they wake up I think I’ve got to do both and get both same time. And it turns out when the when the laptop falls in the bath Yeah it doesn’t work anymore.

That doesn’t seem right.

So what I did is I thought you know what I need to not splash on it. That’s what I got out of that idea.

OK. That’s fair. I mean there was a learning process and we call that learning by mistake which laptops what a thousand bucks to use as a MacBook Air is about $39.

OK. So I thought you know what you just shouldn’t splash out right that was what I got that’s what I learned from that lesson. Do you think that’s a good learning thing to do and have learned to have ascertained from the data that I should not splash on the laptop.

It’s certainly one of the things that you could learn to probably one of the primary things I could learn would be I just don’t use the laptop in the bath at all.

Well see now you probably mentored somebody out there and they’re going to say who are you to say them. Thirteen hundred dollars. You’re welcome.

I got to go back the next day. Ok I’m ready to go. Yeah. I’m back in the bathroom. You know it.

And I tell them No I swear to god. Is heavenly. The point is is that yours.

And so now I will not use them in the bath because I have discovered that if water doesn’t interact well but I went through twenty six hundred dollars in two days. But everything was packed up in drop box so I didn’t care about the data being lost which could have been millions of dollars of issues so that thrivers and business coach clients would make a note to yourself. Don’t be an idiot you know and now cover the whole laptop bath scenario just don’t be an idiot.

I’m glad you didn’t have to do a third time I’m glad two strikes you know just too.

I’m glad it was that because I would be very embarrassing if my favorite heard tell you about the flat screen again in my house there’s very little about that story I know.

Well basically we had two young kids at one point we had five kids under the age of eight. And once a week somebody would break the flat screen like a ball like dodgeball or a sporting event.

And long story short we discovered the culprit in and they no longer the screens broke but we were we were going through screen for three weeks and really went through broken screens. I lost my mind and found the source.

Of the problem. All right 15 dotcom the world’s best business coach school. Check it out.

5.24.17 – Wednesday – Thrive Hr 2 – Seg 2.mp3

We’ll come back to the thrivetime show on your radio.

I am D.M. of flux capacitor set here to take you back.

To a time where you had financial freedom or maybe a future where you have financial freedom either way. Z if you are after financial freedom this is going to be your time machine. This could take you to a place where you have time to get to the time machine you can create the time and thats the whole point Z to create a business to begin with is to create the time to do what you want to do. Am I missing something.

One of them is No that’s exactly right. I get asked all the time why why are you doing this business coach talk radio show. It’s like two hours a day in your life. That’s a commitment and why are you doing it. And you know why I tell them every time I say it because listen the world needs to Clay Clark as their business coach. This guy is so smart and so clever and we need to help our heart. We have to do this to help business owners and people that are sitting out there going. I mean again this sounds like a pretty good idea. Matter it seems it seems like a good idea. You know I have to punch in the clock right.

I spoke to this morning who told me that this is the first time in his life that his company now it’s a team of three people. So it’s not a team of 50 people OK. And the employee number three gets paid roughly $600 a week and he operates about 75 percent profit a service and he already bought the equipment and he’s doing about eight thousand dollars a week of gross revenue for the first time in his life he’s been in business for a long time. He’s in his cities to where he’s going hey I’m profiting about six thousand to five thousand dollars a week. I love it. He was trying to get about 30 to $40000 a year profit zone been used to kind of just surviving just kind of making it. And now he’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars. And I’m not saying it used the are exactly where you want to be or that I’m exactly where I want to be honestly. We have goals and things. But I really want to ask Ryan this question I want to ask you the same thing. So when it comes to time freedom Ryan we’re talking about a subject to file organizations that want to have but we’re going to profiles this so that you don’t have to waste your time looking for the remote control or looking for the password or looking for the thing.

So what do you like to do with your downtime when you have downtime. Brian Myers is at La custom’s when you have downtime because your business is out there producing a profit. You know society would want you to spend all day in the office and told people you should spend every waking hour running that business obsessing the business doing the business. But you are a guy who enjoys your time freedom. So what do you do with the time freedom you have.

I love my life. I love my wife and I love my children. I like to spend time with all of those. And then business. So when I have the downtime has been with them.

So I have some I have some devil’s advocate questions I my ask.

This is for the cynic out there. Well yeah but you’re not a real business so are you not setting a good example for your people if you only work in like 4 hours a week. I work at it like 45 at the hypocrisy of making sure people you know work 40 hours a week when you’re maybe only working four hours a week. How did your Parsee How could you ever beat that kind of a hypocrite.

You felt it.

I had an employee say to me one day is like when do you have time to just enjoy all your money. And I said well you know what you’re talking about. Number two are we going to four o’clock in the morning so I get my stuff done. So maybe there’s a time at the end of the day that I can enjoy my family and on the weekends. Get your stuff done.

So ultimately that you’re driving the bus and the bus isn’t right and you know see I want to ask you this for help free up those thrivers and business coach who are missing who work all the time. All right. They are used to work in you know 60 70 hours a week because you used to work seven days a week. Yes sir. And how did you go from you know seven days a week to where you. It is arguable whether you work one day a week but will you do now as you do the strategic running of the companies you do whatever you need to do to make the businesses succeed. Each and every working law. So you’re working a little bit as well. You kind of create that time freedom walk through with much work writing seven days a week. How did you progress to the level of time freedom you have now.

Oh that is a great question and it makes me want to do a business coach dance.

We want to teach you how to get the job done. What was that. How did you get the job done. OK.

First off you start by building yourself a top GOP. Go ahead. Come on down.

Talk about. Jalpaiguri.

You. Go and we do transition. Transition transition. Transition to a business. Is. A business. You have.

To know what you mean. I’ll give you an amen. I. Mean. You. Can. Come on now.

That’s the thing about it is is that what you start off by building the job that you love your passion about the product you want to sell the thing you want to do. The problem you’ve solved in life and you make profit and then you build build build and work like heck you out when get to pick. They can get to 70 80 90 hours a week they get to work in their job right. We talk about commitment we talk about doing the right things. When you come to our workshop we teach you all the steps you need to do to do these things. We are your source for business coach. We all we want it we know we are applying for the job to be your business coach How’s that we’re all for one right now. Then what happens is a transition from you get good people in there you treat them well and you hand them more and more responsibilities. They’re going to fix it and you put in a checklist and you put in you put in systems in place to help guidelines what gate Z. And then someone fails and then they’re going to fall short. But you know what you recover from it. And that’s really how you measure business is when something goes wrong how they recover from and how they deal with it OK. But that’s a whole that’s a whole other show would be oh well subscribe to the podcast.

You know you know I’m missing the show that thrive time show dot com can subscribe to the podcast you can say listen I got it about you need to hear this and say hey listen to this. OK. Then you go from that job to a business and now it was said in the business is something that yeah time it needs your full attention and you’re so happy the day you work in Bendigo. I go yes and no. And then looking back I go excuse me. And they say when you see the thing is I own businesses. And so I don’t actually work in the businesses.

But yet I’m always working because the business is money you have to go right and yes like a coal miner a long time to get it. And now you have a financial freedom kind of a momentum going to your coal mine look to me.

Your your your emphysema is overwhelming.

I know it affects your body like that all the thrivers out there. That’s a pretty good analogy. But that’s what you do you have to. You have to work work work and then you get the you know the good pot of gold at the rainbow you know.

Do not want to get Ryan’s take on this because we come back we’re going to get more into it but you have to agree on a master naming system. Oh this is big. It’s got to be a deal where you as the owner have to say this is how we’re going to save files. And I guarantee you when you hire somebody that many people will say well I prefer to do it this way. And then you’re saying well I prefer to do it that way. If you get into that hole like well I would prefer you prefer a kind of passive aggressive passive aggressive employee. In my opinion is the biggest issue in business management is a passive aggressive person who openly says I’m not going to do it. But the person says I’m going to try until we come back right. I want to get your take on this because you are a guy who straight up your transparent direct and see you’re straight up you’re transparent and direct.

How do you manage that passive aggressive person and how do you get everyone to do everything the right way to go in the same direction to name the files correct. How did he do it. That’s a great question when we come back. You don’t want to miss this next segment because that’s the fun part. I’m

pumped up to talk about the passive aggressive people that have just made me crazy over the years and how we manage and we come back for halftime show aka

5.24.17 – Wednesday – Thrive Hr 2 – Seg 3.mp3

I guess you can all go back to the Thrive type business coach radio show.

My name is Clay Clark

We’re broadcasting live from the left coast of the Arkansas River where the water is flowing. It is flowing here at the beautiful Jynx America river walk.

As he gets it it’s rare in Oklahoma that rivers flowing beards that point consistently.

My friend. Yeah we’ve got great rain here lately and north of us and so with all the trickle down effect in isn’t working you deal with it’s more consistent than the water actually flowing through the river consistently.

The only thing that’s more consistent than that is passive aggressive people who use to implement the systems that the business is created. But they all act as though they’re trying. It’s like oh I’m trying to take this in mind. Oh I forgot oh hey I know there’s a checklist I’m supposed to do it. I am so sorry I forgot. I mean I don’t want to be transparent I have forgotten. Take that to my attention that kind of stuff.

Oh yeah and then the other movie that I loved it. They even pile on that is. Will could you remind me. Oh yeah. Can you tell me now said You are the boss and they’re telling you what to do. I love that.

I’m going to give you an example recently and I want you to tell me how you would process it because I want to know I want to ask you this question here. OK. You know when you get car charges on your card and sometimes some in your office is that people in your office are fascinated with spending your money. You know they are it’s fun. And so there’s all this software you can get on computers today analyzed web traffic a member of our team says to me hey you know can I try out this software I said absolutely tried out make sure you can when it’s done. They didn’t cancel it. I got a bill for like 50 bucks for and I saw a couple of those. And so I told somebody to change it just report the card as I you know call the credit card company cancel the car just cancel them and then the vendors as we owe them will come in and set up on a new car. You know that kind of thing. Sure. When I asked it to be done it was not. And the feedback was oh no you meant to cancel it. I thought when you said to cancel that you meant maybe to cancel that particular charges then I’d definitely said cancel the entire car you know reissue another one and this could take you for about a week and a half at about the 10 day mark. I lost my mind. Can you explain to me how someone should handle it or when you do with that kind of passive aggressive. I know what to do.

I have the kind of brain power needed to drive a car to get to work. I’m able to use the bathroom on my own pay my own bills. You know stay married these kind of things. But I can’t seem to remember to do what you told me how do you handle that passive aggressive person.

Well I tell people as long as you want to put up with them you know. Often times people change sell them so that’s it that’s where they address that small small issue small little you know thing that you needed them to do that could turn into a big thing. And you know that’s how they’re going to dress. Pretty much everything that they’re doing for you you may not see it as well as you saw in that. But people sell them so when I tell people when they when they come out like that I go well this is it’s a long term play. Is this a great employee had a bad day is this Do you know has credit card fear. I don’t know. Doesn’t like plastic I mean you fill in the blank. But if the guy or gal that continue to do this and you’re going to put up with this problem because here’s the thing. When you hire someone as the boss you have a contract with them and you like OK I’m going to be something you always said you know I don’t oh I forgot to pay you this week sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. Yeah. Remind me to pay you.

You. Know I would ask. I’ll let that slip. I want to ask this because Ryan I’m sure you’ve never managed people like this but outlaw custom you guys have a great company you auto wrap the Tulsa’s automobiles What’s that Web site again for the outlook customers.

Us humans zeed or trends in advertising.

And we’re talking today about file organization and how to just stay organized. I want to ask you this in the game of business. Let’s say you write a script for a member of your team or you have a sales pipeline or you have some kind of system that you work super hard to create. Have you ever ran into a situation where somebody passively aggressively chose not to do what and how you know what you were into the series ever. I mean how are you operating with these kind of people.

You know if I had this issue but I think it’s a constant problem.

So how do you. What advice would you have for the business coach and thrivers out there just in general you’re trying to manage people and you’ve got a team of maybe seven people there’s a list or maybe with 70 people you know we have we had one listener who listens all the time has hundreds of employees. And what advice would you have to keep your sanity while managing passive aggressive people. Get. In. What.

It’s crazy. But that would cause the unemployment rate to go up and it’s your job to create jobs for the community. And I.

Does that mean it’s mean. Oh man I hate being mean but I mean here’s the reality. But when you own the business you get to decide who you surround yourself with inside that business who you know think about that is just so frustrating sometimes. You know it’s almost like an arcade. It’s like control.

Control of my business. I’ve lost control of my people. I’ve lost my.

They’re ready to play. You can just I’ve just posted this picture of a cloud of music on Facebook because I do find you a wonderful girl.

You don’t always be great and always be hiring always be figuring out you know have your boys ranked in your mind if you don’t it’s not mean it’s what you do.

How do you reconcile that though with your religious views and your religious views that you’re a guy who believes in forgiveness right. You’re a guy who good please give people a second chance. For them I just have to find another career path. By example though how do you I’m asking you this because I’ve struggled with this. How do you I know you’re a kind person. I see the way you treat people. How do you be a kind person while putting people that won’t get your job and how do you do it.

Here’s the thing. Listen this is this is going to be a little bit of a secret.

Yes. OK.

Here here here’s the here’s the secret to keep me here. It’s going to be in my book. It’s going to be my business. OK. And here here’s what the chapter deals with the big pig gets eat first and then he gets pick a spot at the trough. And what that is is that you know hey be kind be nice be forgiving be lobbying be all these things. But you know what. Be that to yourself. So be that to yourself business owners. In other words you have to surround yourself with people that that are helping you in a productive way and they’re not being passive aggressive in wearing you out and causing your stomach to her voice when they do that you know. You know you get your point in the three categories you’ve got your class or when you’re a guy that are just like oh these are rock stars and take care of them. Oh man.

You tell they get to work early days. They ask can I do anything to help you. They over deliver. That’s right you know.

Absolutely. And then you had your horrible employees that don’t show up or just leave bringing them will leave for lunch and not come back and not answer the phone. I mean these these are just kind of the ones you’re going OK. These are this is a no brainer.

On their birthday the day before a holiday the day after a holiday any kind of weather changes in know it gets worse.

You deserve it. You never know are gone. There it is. Are you even aware of those are the easy ones to get rid of. We know that we’ll call them the DPF or whatever. Let’s see. OK. And the ones who are the toughest The ones are the most difficult. Ooh is Johnny the average joe average because he’s the one that just every now and then is passive aggressive he’s the one that just every now and then is you know late he’s gone and just every now and then doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do. Clean the bathroom that’s on his checklist he’s the one every now and then. Is causing you grief. But you know what if your goal is to say listen I want to have all a players. What you will do is you assess those you’ll get the seat right off the bat and then the BS what you’ll do is you look at them and say OK I’m going to upgrade you. I mean I can never go out there be in business and they cannot go sir. We just had a first class seat open.

You’re sitting in the nosebleed or someone has offered you to get closer they want you to be on the front row at the concert right. Yeah. This is a great opportunity for somebody. So.

That’s what I’m saying is great yourself great just have great people at all times because what’ll happen is it’ll make your business more productive more profitable and your life better. And that’s as good business coaching right.

Now. We come back we’re going to get more into a fine organization. We let it ride Myers that will cost them to teach us more about how to stay organized as an entrepreneur.

5.24.17 – Wednesday – Thrive Hr 1 – Seg 4.mp3

We speculate you would not take the time to see boxes take a class. Well we’ve always told the masses of science just because the school is wrong. No student days to get out of it. A man who loves algebra so much three times. Oh God. That’s some hot sauce bro.

You did do you did your homework while I was gone last week.

I mean you. You brought it here. I’m going to ask you about air travel here real quickly before we get into this.

Interrogate right about foul organization and air out the six foot 10.

So it’s really I mean it’s got to be a horrible process for him but I want to start with you here. If you travel via air do you like to go on a private jet and go commercial. Have to go first class and sit in the back. Do you travel by train. What’s your what’s your mood what do you prefer. Well I prefer a horse and buggy actually. Oh about all of those because it’s just more natural. You know it’s great to travel. It’s really great travel. It’s no you get all those private jet would be would be position. But I got something I want to tell everybody out there. Sure. And this is something we want to challenge out there and I want to just take a minute or two and read that challenge out there as a business coach.

We care about your business but we also care about taking your yacht to play hard work hard play or we care about taking your play hard category to the next level.

Absolutely. We’re here to also enjoy life and have a little fun along the way. That’s when you’re when you first started yet.


And I turned it into an ep 6 he added fun is a category of Golas I find on the go with because all work and no play is a co-host named Clay. This is like a last name. Clay This is absolutely correct. Not only are you the world’s best business coach clay Clark but I think you have a hidden wrapper. Barry d.j could be the world’s best deejay Now for those of you who don’t know when Clay’s early business is getting started in his dorm room and are you was a deejay company which he sold for seven figures later on. He was doing four thousand five thousand you know million shows a year whatever. And different stuff.

We need a holiday party for Bowie. You know the anniversary Don’t anybody the largest aircraft manufacturer Southwest Airlines they’re all the big ass I mean now I’ll tell you what we even got a chance to Dr. Zeller’s holiday party at one point.

I know. And you know your wife worked for me and that’s how we got to meet each other early on. And I always secretly wanted you to ask me to deejay if it were me and I just knew that when you saw me you knew I was thinking that. With this bitterness that I really really got my feelings for when you hear all those parts you could do in your little backyard you know 13 year old birthday parties. I mean you can do me a little sense of this crime off the table.

You will look for Boeing or self-assembling walk you through the meetings or go read a meeting and talking about you know the disc jockeys and all of the things you want to do to become a disc jockey when you want to do is you need to be somebody who aspires to be a carnie. OK. And you get shut down. You go for the interview and you show up for the interview that the H.R. person is like you don’t have what it takes to work in the carnival. And so you probably should look into it. That’s what it gets a good deal. That’s you my friend. You study mathematics in college. You studied optometry So you didn’t have the requirements needed. You said you were qualified. I don’t think not saying I mean you don’t have the mindset that you have to brush your teeth too often. You had plans and goals you just were the kind of guy we want to have.

Well up here that’s why you didn’t ask me. But he’s been on my bucket list the deejay events are Clay and I are fielding emails and info at 3:15 dot com and that’s why if you knock on the world’s best coach Web site you would see the email with a compelling story and we will come out and we will bring all the fun gadgets all the speakers all the music all my life making my original sound.

Last year in 1955 chrome plated the 55 SH microphones the same style that Elvis performed with back in the day. So the baby 5 SH is the real deal.

Where did he get your big break. One pink one this year. And obviously you know what a compelling story. And we will come out and we will we will do all D.J. you’re a vet and we promise you this it will be awesome and you’ll have fun.

You know the last two parties I’ve done was one word for your daughter who’s now an optometrist to you. Basically she’s taking your optometry clinic to the next level. What she’s doing absolutely to go on in there really just added some some I wouldn’t say it’s it’s just whack Z where she basically is bringing class to the whole you know she’s really she’s doing great. Dr. Bridgitte right Dr. Anderson is yes yes.

Yes she’s married or less than. No.

OK. Right. And so that also for Dr. Jo lie an orthodontist in town. And both of them were great events and so we’re excited to come back with you here. And we’re talking about file organization and the importance of saying know backing up your files and stay organized.

And the reason why you’d want to do this is because if you have down time at an airport or something you go work on your work you can get your files done you’re able to work from anywhere. But I want to ask you this right now when you’re six foot ten so when you travel on an airplane how do you do it. Talk to you physically contort your body to fit in that chair.

Well begrudgingly but thankfully I’ve taken years of martial arts and so I can put my leg behind my head. What helps tremendously and you know that they love it when they sit behind me in front of me and my legs above my hands.

Do you put the leg out Mihailo seriously I mean what’s your move.

You can’t. Now my legs are wedged into the back of your seat and you think hey I’m going to get my seat back but you can’t and you think hey he’s doing this on purpose. My legs physically cannot go anywhere else in writing.

And I kind of claustrophobic. And so the whole concept I got on an airplane with Marshall Norris who’s in her office who’s six foot eight. Yeah. And I don’t understand how he does that he’s in there playing the plane and he looks like a kid and one adult and one of those kid chairs you know in their class he just looks so uncomfortable so I don’t know how you do it. I would never travel if I were you.

I do my best not to. But the trip to Orlando every year is as necessary.

So can you explain for the drivers what the entier of when you have traveled before on a personal jet What does this look like what does it feel like in that thing.

It’s magical. Yes it is. If you to do it right you need to be just to get your own jet or just or you know just run a jet you know what does it cost to rent a jet.

So listen the go ahead. I’m 6 foot 10 I want read a. What does it cost.

Well there’s fractional Jets there’s jet you can rent from a body just charge you the cost of the pilot and the gas. Yeah that’s the best way you can actually call it the gas.

What does the gas take on a jet. I have no idea what that would be. It is it is 10000 8000 20000 to go from let’s say from here to New York at a private jet. Would that cost for if you have a problem.

Every hour you’re flying is I don’t know this exactly I could probably google this and be more accurate someone is out there going no he’s wrong he’s wrong on this one. It’s probably right around you know two point hundred three thousand dollars an hour to two on the jet fuel to go. So let’s say you’re flying to Hot Springs Arkansas that’s a 30 minute flight. You can do the math on. Or let’s say you’re flying to Minnesota. You know that’s a half flight probably Tulsa and you can do the math on how much fuel is now to actually rent the plane and then the pilots those other costs too. So it’s a it’s a pricey way to get around. But any more with the way the cure is and all that you know the time issue with some folks and also the secondary market like Tulsa you know you most most the flights are to a bigger city to get on the plane to flight or another spot. What I’m saying.

I do. So here’s the deal. I’ve read about the specifics of the file organization moving through the use use. One of the following programs to backup your files instantly use one of them. Don’t fight me just use one. I use Dropbox that’s what I used to. It’s affordable it’s backed up to check it out to the various people. That’s people who are intentionally trying to do harm when they try to delete all your files. Dropbox won’t let you with what I have the super account super account is there’s no answers to questions that only I would know that are about my personal life. So it’s not my opinion but there answers about my personal life. I call up there and they can restore every file forever and that’s why Dropbox out there there’s Amazon cloud storage box. There’s Google Drive and there’s one drive. I would not really go beyond Dropbox Amazon or Google Drive but I would definitely have it instantaneously backed up. How and how much is running people out there going OK. Well OK. Because now because we do a business coach so many businesses and so many industries as a business coach I mean I’m not exaggerating we probably have you know 25 terabytes of marketing materials performance graphic design print pieces videos. And I pay about 7000 bucks a thousand bucks a year and it’s just like crazy much more than the average person you’re listening right now to the average business owner I bet you for ninety five bucks or maybe as much as $300 a year you have all your files backed up through Dropbox stuck up.

Oh my goodness. What value is that. I mean that’s it’s a must move. I know. You know shows like today on his phone is like talking about you know marketing and branding and closing that deal closing the deal is seven steps to closing that deal.

How I made my billion. I made my billions. But the thing about it is is that these are this is you lose all your gear you lose all of your swag you lose all your stuff you lose all your bank accounts your business. Could.

It be worth your life. No. I have a story I wanted to tell when we come back from the break about taking a bath with a laptop. Well it turns out they’re not. They don’t do as well under the water as they do above the water. And I for whatever reason I wanted to figure it out.

And then after that once I did it again.

And so I was able to tell the structural integrity of an Apple computer or all that. And I think the drivers are are going to love this story.

You can laugh at my expense but I can tell you I lived through. No the files got lost. They backed it up using it instantaneously backed up cloud based systems that resisted some exciting stuff dropped showed up. Check it out.


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