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You cannot have an organization while your business is disorganized. During today’s episode of the Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and the Doctor Zoellner teach how to get and stay organized in the world of small business while celebrating Boyz II Men Wednesday.

Boom boom and then business coach boom again we’ll welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio. And typically on the shows we’re always joined with Dr. Robert Zoellner.

He’s the optometrist turned the the tycoon of Tulsa. He is out there exploring the vast world of entrepreneurship like his name was Daniel Boone. And typically he does that he comes back though once a day to do the business coach show with us. But recently he’s been gone out expanding his empire. And so I am very excited to reintroduce you to the man with the plan to co-host with the most. It is Dr. Z back in the box that rocks with me. What’s going on sir.

Oh it feels so good to be back in the box that rocks clay. You know what. I’d just like to say to all the drivers and everybody listening out there. I missed you Clay. Oh I missed you.

Oof. Well I tell you what. You know one of the things about the show I didn’t want to I didn’t want to make you upset. Yes there’s a couple things I want to update with you some changes we’ve made with the show while you were gone because today we’re talking about file organization and how to become a very effective organized business owner. But before we get into the nitty gritty I just had a little housekeeping notes is it OK I’ll give you some big updates. Absolutely. We’re going to be talking about only politics and religion.

Last week I did the entire show about North Korea. We talked about Trump we talked about Saudi Arabia. We’ve just been really going down.

I mean I know that we can we get some gardening in there. I mean because you know I mean everybody likes a good garden.

Well we were told specifically this has to be a business school it’s business but it’s business school without the B.S. and I figured since you were gone for a week and you’re the CEO of three it’s OK. The cat was away so the mouse played is the one telling was that we had no listeners at all was like crickets out there.

So now we’re going back to business this week because you’re back like a good business coach.

Oh that’s good. And listen folks I am sorry. And I just want to post apologize for anything. Clay may have done. And you know without my guardrails being there because I am I am the guardrails on the bowling lane and clays like the ball that goes just flying on the plane just crashes into the second piece of housekeeping.

I wanted to share with you again we didn’t approve it. We just went ahead and did it. OK. Well assuming that you would endorse it we decided on Mondays. Every guest that we have has to be taller than 6 foot 9 0. I think that’s a great idea. And so we have Brian Myers Brian Myers on the show. He actually is the owner of the two. All of them explain his and his empire here but he actually Otto wraps vehicles he owns outlaw customs as well as transit advertising. Ryan for anybody just tuning in what exactly do you do at transit in outwalk.

I am an entrepreneur and business coach with a vast breadth of businesses out there I have outlaw custom’s where a vehicle rep company we design print and install wraps on cars buses boats walls doors floors windows chairs whatever we can rap other than live things. Maybe turtles from time to time and then I don’t transmit advertising. We sell the advertising space on the buses in six different markets and then design and wrap those buses as well.

Have you ever auto wrapped in a motorcycle. We’ve roped a number of motorcycles about a Hummer. We do motorcycles Hummers we’ve wrapped urinal covers. See Have you ever autographed a vehicle or a urinal cover.

No I haven’t but I’m I’m excited to wrap a turtle. I mean background as a kid I used to love having go and catch turtles. My dad would drive down these old country roads and then sure enough a turtle would get out.

We’d always grab that turtle and take it to and I might want to hide inside my turtle shell after the third update the final update we made while you were gone. OK. So again a quick recap very political last week. Very Now we have six foot nine or taller require one to get onto the ride to Thrive time show here on Mondays. On Monday the Monday record. The other thing is is that this is this is big here is from a turtle perspective and auto wraps I hate. I don’t know how to tell you but right now while we’re doing the show they’re to auto your car with with your Porsche with the fate with the picture of me and they’re just going to say oh that’s just going to be on the side.

It’s in there right now. Yeah. Oh gosh guys. Wow. That just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. It will help us feel closer to you we all how you voted politically the last few elections on the side of it. So if you look checkboxes it’s really going to bring people together. It just it just speed things up people to just get you that much quicker. That’s good. These are all great ideas. Oh wow. I mean these are solid solid.

I do have aspirations of a zees 66 auto auction Turtle Derby so we could wrap those who are like them and make them look like Porsches and and all right.

Well you know we have our vans that run around town picking folks up. How much does it cost to wrap like a 15 passenger Vane. It’s around $3500 for a full size van to do the whole thing. I mean how long how long is that wrap last typically three to five years depending on how you take care of it take care of it like a thirty five hundred dollar paint job and the last a long time. OK. Cool.

Also if you are auto wrap a bus for was it 2000 bucks a month or how much is it per month you can wrap the actual entire city bus that travels around all day. I mean how much does that cost.

Oh yeah that’s a half a million dollar bus driving around 14 hours a day six days a week is $1300 a month for this space.

Well it’s not a bad deal at all now when you do that you wrap the bus. How many eyes do you figure sit. You know how many people look at that throughout the day. I mean are there different routes for different sets of eyes or is that all pretty much the same.

Well there are different routes and some of the routes go downtown and some some places in universities in the malls and they average around 70000 impressions a day for 70000.

That’s that’s quite a bit. That’s a that’s like a billboard in a busy intersection so it is but it’s driving through all the bit busy intersections like that right. I like that now do they take the buses and they change the route or they’re pretty much when it’s route. That’s a drought.

You know it would be nice if it was around it. That’s the route. But they do change them around based on the rudder availability and how many people are at different places. They have the flexibility to adjust the routes and therefore the buses now thrive.

Nation if you want to know more about auto wrapping your vehicle what’s your Web site. My business coach man.

Yes. Transit advertising Inc. I see com.

The transit advertising com bam and Ryan you talked about being in six different cities with your rapping and the buses. What cities are those. We have Tulsa Oklahoma City OK OK. Norman Edman OK OK all of Oklahoma then Columbia Missouri in Wichita Falls Texas. Wichita Falls Texas that’s where my and my family’s from. I love the town. Really. Yeah. I did not know this. Yeah Wichita Falls Texas is right there just kind of south of Lawton pretty close the border and it is yeah.

Now nation we’re talking today about organization 101. No one will ever use your systems. No one can find them. OK so here’s an example. Move number one if you’re listening right now and you are not organized. You need to know this. How do you know if you’re organized how do you know it. Because everyone likes to feel like they’re organized. Well let me give an example. Having done a business coaching with clients for now what 13 years 14 years I have discovered that most clients who are not organized don’t know where any of their passwords are. That sort of a tell tale sign. They don’t know where the passwords are. So if you if you are somebody who if someone asks you they say where’s your password. You have no idea where it is. That would not be this would be a sign that maybe you need some help with your file organization.

So that would be a slide indicator that you are not as organized as one should be.

Now I want to ask you this with your optometry clinic and a typical day how many patients would you see maybe at the memorial location let’s say it’s a busy Saturday what’s a typical patient flow.

I’ll probably be around a hundred and twenty maybe 100 120 humans.

Yeah 120 humans and every human has a first and last name. Correct. And they have their own prescription. Correct. Now there is not tamad just in town who I will not mention. I won’t even I want you to dance around who it may be. It’s very vague but there’s one in Tulsa who I know numerous times has given the wrong prescription to people that I know but it’s a consistent thing. Like it’s become a kind of a joke where people just don’t go there because they go seriously you’ll be wearing glasses. And my vision hasn’t changed that much. New glasses it’s always kind of an adjustment period. But pretty soon they realize this.

This guy’s giving me the wrong person. Nobody’s perfect happy that out there nobody’s perfect.

But what kind of organization what kind of stone cold lead pipe lock down Fort Knox style organization do you have to have over there. Dr. Robert Zoeller and associates to keep every file from becoming disorganized.

Well everybody listening out there that works in a medical practice owns a medical practice or any type of medical practice. It is of the utmost I mean to get someone’s medical history to get two people confused in the system about that can be extremely extremely dangerous and can lead to some serious problems. Now of course getting the wrong prescription in your glasses is is an annoyance and you can come back and get it fixed and you know obviously every eye doctor out there is doing that on purpose. You know when mistakes are made they’re not done on purpose. You know we don’t wake up in the morning go OK the tenth guy in the door let’s just completely mask with him. There he is right there.

I think it will ferrell owned by an optometrist clinic that’s what he was doing there in the blue shirt.

Just let’s just get his prescription completely wrong. And Jack with them today.

No you don’t. No medical practice does that. I don’t know there might be one out there I don’t know.

But there’s there’s a book out there called the checklist manifesto. And I encourage all thrive and business coach clients to believe that I’m making this up. I want you to google the checklist manifesto and a guy by the name of tool. GAWANDE It’s a t u l Gawande. He is the one of the heads of the Harvard Medical School. You know the medical practice that works for the World Health Organization and he wrote a book called The Checklist Manifesto Checklist Manifesto which is disturbing at best. What he found is that when you’re a doctor and I know you consider yourself to be kind of a fellow doctor as an up to as an optometrist we don’t actually agree with him but close close but I wouldn’t want you to answer those questions. OK. So are you going to ask you this or can he study he randomly studied doctors who are surgeons because he is a surgeon. And the doctors are pre-surgery you’re always supposed to do four things. They’re supposed to wipe the patient’s skin you know clean the patient skin that they’re supposed to clean their own skin. Step one step two or three they’re supposed to read the chart to make sure that if a person is allergic to a certain medication or certain what’s the what’s the word I’m thinking of if it’s where you don’t want to feel the pain. What do you call that. What do you what are you. I’m so good. Yes. business coach yes

So you supposed to read and determine what kind of anesthesia they can handle and then the fourth thing is you’re supposed to basically double confirm that you are operating on the wrong on the right part of the body. And he did a study and he discovered that what percentage of the people that died from infection died as a result of those four steps not occurring.

I’m going to say 85 percent. Well what about a pessimistic person Brian is that all he saw.

There’s not as much oxygen as a mystic world. Very always looking down on everybody now in the clouds of heads in the clouds I want to ask you what what percentage if you did I guess. Fifty. OK. What he found was almost a third. OK. And so they decided to go in and make a. Organization or an organizational system and require a checklist. Guess what. Almost deaths related to infection almost entirely stopped at these hospitals. They were happening. And unfortunately you know once a month once every couple of months that have a fatality from an infection and it’s unbelievable how our organization being disorganized might not seem like it’s a big deal in your industry. But when you really screw up somebody’s life or if you’re flying planes and you forget to fill fill up the plane with fuel or you forget. I mean these are these are bad things. So this is how you’re going to know that you have an effective naming system in place. Here’s the kind of the checklist for you. One is that your cumulative best practice systems and processes of your business are easy to locate. Everyone can find everything. Second is you’re able to execute the daily competencies of your business without being dependent on another person so you don’t need to be the only Karen knows were the passwords are. It’s where everybody knows what the passwords are. Three is your entire company can become reliant on systems and not people for your leadership team can quickly edit the workflow. Make a decision change if they have to.

And finally finally all your files are backed up. Z that’s a crazy concept to have your files backed up if you thought about what would happen if everybody had their files backed up.

Well and especially now that so many offices are paperless so the files are you better back them out because you lose that you’ve lost a lot of drivers and we come back we’re going to get into more we’re going to dive deeper in to file organization.

Also I’ve been working on some really hot show intros and we come back we’ve got a show intro that zie has never heard before and I promise when he hears this show intro is going to blow his mind. Are you are you remotely pumped up to hear this new show intro.

I’m so fired up right now I’m going to stop drop and roll because I’m just fired up.

Thrivers go to thrive time showed up. Book your tickets for the July business coach Workshop we’re already sold out for June. Book your tickets for the July workshop time show.

5.24.17 – Wednesday – Thrive Hr 1 – Seg 2.mp3

I am more than just a rabble like a horse with blinders focus on the show is what you find as A B C B C C C your business skills. Luckily these people grew up poor but poor no more. The show is going to. Let me introduce himself every day creatio well.

Oh he’s back all the time.

Oh my gosh. I think I’ve got a tear. Oh you’ve got just a little like a happy tear. Now I know why.

I’ve got eight mega intros that one was my favorite but that’s my wife’s favorite intro. She said that’s the favorite one but I like there’s some other ones. You’re going to like better because you can go on expanding your empire. I have to ask myself Should I focus on profits. Should I focus on increasing efficiency. I know what I’ll do. I’m going to take copious amounts of time to write rhymes in honor of disease. So Dr. Zee Welcome back to Tulsa my friend. Oh

Clay that just my heart is swelling. I appreciate that very much. And that was very clever. It is always well done.

Now the question I asked the question I have here my friend is it and again you can speak in vague terms. You could just say you went left or right or up or down but could you share anywhere you have been in the last week. Is there anywhere you could go hey you know I did go to the left. I went to the right. I mean can you divulge any type of. Did you go to Los Cabos Where did you go.

Well OK we’ll say I went to the left you went to the left of our left Charlotte.

Awesome. So again you hear Zee’s speaks and political code. So is that a preux Bernie Sanders endorsement was that what that was.

Yeah exactly. And I went and had lunch and it was really good.

Awesome awesome. Now now in all sincerity Welcome back to the show. Now we also have Ryan Meyers in the show. And Ryan Myers is he’s dead right are you. You’re an absolute 100 percent bonafide six foot 10 are you six foot nine or what’s the height. Yes I’m 6 10. Initially when you meet people what percentage of the time do people say either a you know well you’re tall or B How tall are you what percent of the time.

Eighty five percent of the time.

Awesome. So if you have a clever response you’ve worked on over the years.

Well normally the next question is did you play basketball in which I say Thank God I did because if I did and I’d have to say oh no I’m sorry I didn’t I didn’t really care for which they would say oh that’s too bad you should have.

And my understanding is you and actually you were actually pretty good.

I was I was decent. I had a great jump shot and a in a tremendous vertical leap for 1989.

How did you how high could you jump off the ground vertical. I had a 42 inch vertical leap a 42 inch leap and being 6 foot 10. I mean it had to be you just would run into the lane and just go for the dunk on everybody.

I could I hit my head on the rim a lot of times so. Unbelievable. Wow I’ve got scars on the top of my business coach head from ceiling fans door jambs and rims.

Zeena you played. You played college soccer did you not. Yes. And were you pretty good. I mean on a scale of one to 10 10 being like. Like the best ever one being you know myself someone who just cannot can coordinate the arms and the legs and how good was paralyzed at 10.

I mean that’s like probably one of the all time best so I would I would have put myself in probably five or six if that’s the. Did you start. Yeah I started one season.

I mean one year I started and and different game just some games even at season it started not start.

You know I’ve run into two people now who apparently have seen you play in men’s leagues back in the day or in a pretty old man’s leagues. I don’t know. But apparently you are a man who is passionate when you play the game.

I’m a scrapper great because I to do it live. I’m just going to do it do it. If not you know go home and watch Netflix.

I mean OK now here’s the deal we’re talking today about how to be organized ok how to be organized in your business and I see this all the time as a huge limiting factor for business owners because there’s just disorganization and when people are disorganized can you talk about just some of the troubles you’ve seen throughout the years I mean with your colleagues maybe in your own businesses before you got organized them. How big of a problem is it.

It’s called money when you’re disorganized it cost you money and it affects your bottom line. When we’re dis organized and the ball gets dropped and the example you said earlier in the show doing the wrong prescription glasses it just cost me money because the people cut me and were embarrassed. The time now to see them recheck it figure out what went wrong and then fix it is just money out of my pocket.

Now I have a story I would like to tell and for the thrivers and business coach clients who maybe even listen to the show for a while you might have heard this story before but every time I tell it you know a lot of times it’s there something in the past that you just want to get over emotionally. Maybe you need to apologize to someone you need to kind of. And so I’m talking about it or working your way through it can emotionally let you heal. And that’s what I’m trying to do this is a cathartic conversation. Well then hold on hold on a second OK. This is just a kind of a cathartic moment for me and the tribe nation. And thrivers I just want you to keep it confidential between me and you. And so Ryan this would be the equivalent of you auto rapping the wrong rap on a vehicle.

OK you ready I’m ready. Now I want to ask Ryan this. Ryan please answer this question honestly before I tell my story. Have you ever put the wrong company’s brand on a car. We have not. Thank goodness. OK. Now I am officially the dumbest person in the room. So here we go.

What happened was a bride said to me my father and I we’ve been practicing practice practice for the wedding coming out here the first thing the father daughter dance and he doesn’t dance but he’s decided to do that. And he’s going to dance to the song The Way You Look Tonight. And I said Great. I’ll go get it. I did not clarify the name of the artist. And so what happened was the day of the wedding occurs we’re at the summit club with all of the pageantry and the thickness of a wedding ring. And I notice that I said ladies and gentlemen it’s now my pleasure to introduce to you the father and daughter dance. And I hit play on a song that she thought was going to be the way you look tonight by Frank Sinatra. Now I will sing it for you now so you understand the difference. This is how what she was expecting. Just the way you look tonight. But no no no no no. I didn’t give her that. I know I cut it up. I said ladies and gentlemen. And now the father and daughter dance and hit play.

And this is what they heard something about the way you look tonight. Takes my breath away. It was Elton John and I and I’m pumped as a deejay I’m in it.

And so right about the time races and I can explain something about the way I look in the face of the brides giving me that death by that stink. I scrubbed my wedding. Yeah. And I paying you to screw it up to double. That’s called the doubles come and there’s no iPod yet there’s no downloading there’s no Steve Jobs doing this yet. I blame Steve Jobs. I couldn’t you correction should I look at he’s give me the death look but I don’t know why. So I just jumped into it with excitement. I’m like oh. Ladies and gentlemen look at the dance floor out there. But he’s struggling because he memorized that kind of that one two three one two that just the way you look tonight he practiced like a foxtrot or something. And there’s nothing does a foxtrot. He was not trotting up foxing around you know some people don’t recover well from changes to that. So he’s standing there just staring at me with hate and not dancing with his daughter now. And the problem was that she worked at Barnes and Noble and I’m a I’m a book buyer. Yes. I win every time I would go to buy books for at least two or three years I would see her and she would never reference it but she would look into my soul and somehow with her eyes take my soul out and stab it over and over and over with like a spoon. Your wedding was nice because it hurts more as it is cutest. And so that’s what disorganisation caused me.

And then hence I made checklists and systems but it cost me thousands of dollars and all of my pride.

Yeah. And that what you said earlier I mean that’s the bottom line when you’re in business mistakes. You know you can learn as we say by two ways. One is mistakes and one is mentorship. Right. We’ve talked about this is this our core thing about our show why we want to have everybody out there learn visa mentors and not mistakes because mistakes cost you money.

And that’s why we encourage everybody to thrive time show and book your tickets for the next workshop are booked out for June are sold out for June but July you’ve got to get your tickets in advance and there we’re going to deep dive into the stuff behind the stuff how to get organized how to sell stuff how to get to the top of Google. It’s all there at Thrive time showed up. We come back Ryan Myers with Outlaw Kustomz and transit advertising is going to be talking to us he’s preaching the good news about staying organized how do they stay organized. ATA wrapping all these vehicles how do they do it. Stay tuned. thrivetime show.

5.24.17 – Wednesday – Thrive Hr 1 – Seg 3.mp3

You can present the revenue on the site and on the hood a call to action. Don’t be afraid to express your passion make things look nice but maybe you. Want to wrap it to call out a customer call back. You are Ozzie what do you draw.

Hot sauce for Ryan Meyers wrapping you wrapped the fact that he wraps cars. How clever is that. How convenient. Wow a lot a lot of rapid going on right there.

I’m in love with clay Clark right now because that is amazing.

You like this so much. Absolutely. Now let the thrivers know you as a professional business guy and I feel like people know Ryan Meyers. I’ve run into so many people who say oh I know Ryan and you’re known as being six foot 10. Father a great guy great husband good guy. But people don’t realize you have permanently I mean it’s a deal where like they talk about z over time you can become desensitized. You know if you watch a lot of violence over time you become numb to it. Sure he is desensitized to rap music. He played basketball at the college level and so you now know every rap lyric from like what year to what year. I mean when did the rap knowledge stop. Because it’s all stuck in your head.

Oh yeah. From 87 to 94 87 to 94. I’m good. Yeah. And schoolhouse rocks.

So give us one song just give us a little glimmer inside the mind what it’s like to have these busy it’s trapped in his head you know to memorize this optometry knowledge. You memorize all these things and you actually study mathematics. So you have a lot of mathematical knowledge in your cranium a lot of numbers a lot of numbers stack up in there where you have math in optometry. He has Rappler it’s baked inside his brain. He can get in all.

I do and I have the themes to every TV show that was that I ever watch.

So give us just some give us a little bit of a reading a public reading of some rap song that’s really stuck in your head. Just give us something what you get.

White lines white lines go for it. Take a ride.

White lines how you tell all your friends they can go my way. Pay the toll. Sell your soul. Pound for pound it cost more than gold. The longer you stay the more you play. My white lines go a long way up your nose all in your vein. Nothing to gain except killing your brain.

Oh. Ah don’t do drugs. And that I may do it. Wow that was impressive. That’s a game changer out there. You obviously were a basketball player. I mean that confer that confirms everything right there. If anyone thought.

Now he’s just a tall man. No he knows he knocked around the barracks now moved over to you got to back up everything and it has to be accessible. I’m going to read it to you. Got to save your files using a backed up and always accessible cloud based system that you can access from anywhere. So here’s an example. Doctors he likes to travel to exotic places like Mogi Koita Bixby bags Lynard really anywhere within a you know 10 15 20 mile radius of Tulsa. He likes to go to those places. But you also travel all around the world right. Correct. Right. I catch up where you stand there.

I mean are you’re just dropping names now Bruggen.

Oh yeah. I mean which cities now. Z when you. Have you ever been out of town and wanted to access a file maybe a medical document or a file for the business or passwords of you ever wanted to access it hypothetically using said smart phone.

Yes I have and I have done it.

So and so your team is obviously involved in a lot of different companies. Yes. Do any of your companies use like a cloud based customer relationship management software or do you use ones that are on a local server or do you how do you like to do it maybe pick a company until they can find it both.

I mean we have local servers and then we also have backup and in the cloud which is a little freaky if you think about it I mean it’s just like literally they call it the cloud. It’s like where is the cloud.

You know and Brian I want to ask you here how do you stay organized with what you have so many digital files come in and walk us through what are your some of your tips or what are some of the basic things that maybe maybe they’re basic to you but maybe they’re not basic to someone listening because they’ve made you have a lot of orders.

People are calling you all the time they’re submitted artwork how do you stay organized you know understanding that our typical file size is in the Gigabyte range. We use a tremendous amount of data so a bus wrap for instance once we get it to size to print it may be 3 gigs in size it is a tremendous file. So we have. And technology is great because the cost of hardware is is really cheap. So we can get hard drives so we have hard drives we have everything backed up on hard drives on the server and then we also have the cloud.

So now Z for instance when I sent the large business coach file you know to the artwork to Ryan to auto wrap your Porsche while we were doing today’s show it was huge. It was a huge fight. Wow. Huge huge. And the detail of my face is it’s true. I mean the number of pixels I don’t know how many. How big is it. How big was the file right. How big of a file was it.

It was two terabytes two terabytes.

Wow. That’s. And then and then when you take Kim Jong-Un’s FaceTime I put on the autograph with my face you would have both just like my Hummer. You’d want Kim Jong-Un and competing interests. I mean I see that the ying yang of life to solve the peper I get it. And then when I uploaded them their entire careers voting record on the side of it it’s a lot of data to put up there. It’s a lot of data.

It did tremendous amount of business coach data and I can hardly wait you know to stay organized no sincerity do you have a way that you save your files I mean do you do you do to a certain way there.

I mean do you have a because I mean this I could see where this could become a complete cluster if you weren’t organized you’re doing a lot of autographs.

Yeah because what’s going to happen is that we’re going to wrap something for you and then in six months you’re going to be in an accident and we’re going to need to replace the fender on your lap or where the bus is in an accident. And so we have to keep those files long term so there are huge files we have to keep forever you know with things that you introduced me to clay over the last couple of years is Dropbox.

I love Dropbox it’s pretty cool. And you know it’s a great place to have all your stuff stored have all your main stuff kind of put into it. So that’s been kind of you know here’s an old dog learning a new trick. There’s so much new technology coming out there and if you if you don’t know some of these new technology moves we’re going to you know what we’re going to walk you through them. How’s that. I mean that is that ok.

Z Z I’m going to ask you this. Have you ever gone to Oklahoma City before you were going there. Yes I have. So you headed left to drive out there and maybe maybe a family member or a woman wants to go to the bathroom of your vision and drive and left. You’ve obviously mistaken someone you know wants to go to the bathroom. Yeah that happens all the time and you discover that there’s not a quick trip and so what you do is you have to go into another gas station typically one that will have like a They’ll make pizza and sandwiches and offer showers. Oh yeah. We call those truckstops and a dirty bathroom. It’s all part of the game it’s part of the the benefits. Yeah I mean why clean this is gonna get dirty again. Right. You know a viewer if you’ve ever experienced a dirty restroom that is what a dirty truckstop restroom that is kind of how I would describe LaGuardia Veerman to LaGuardia lady Newark Airport yes. Yes. It’s like is it not the worst airport in the world if you have been to that airport.

Oh I have. And it’s it’s one it’s kind of tough to land on two.

You know the whole thing is awful. So you go there. What happens is when you’re in LaGuardia have two options there. You you take some medication so you pass out. You just try to blackout or you try to do some business coach paperwork and I could not do it without Dropbox. And so I’m giving the thrivers options right now for some other options beyond Dropbox. But it is so important that you backup everything on a cloud based system you can access it from anything because otherwise I would be stuck at LaGuardia. But you know Lisa I can mentally go somewhere else I can at least get on to put some headphones to get some work done while I’m stuck in that place because it is the worst place on the planet. I’d rather go inside the bathroom at one of those truckstops and do some work. You really had a bad experience at LaGuardia. Every time I go every time I go it’s awful. If you don’t have that kind of experience.

Well not every time I’ve gone you know I guess I guess I haven’t.

I guess I’m a man of hyperbole but I’m being serious. I’ve been I’ve gone and I’m going what is going on. It’s first. First off it’s always super crowded and it’s like packed in it kind of feels like you’re in a very busy bus station. Have you broken have you been to LaGuardia.

I have. Absolutely. Yeah. I love it. It’s my favorite place to go to the bathroom.

Oh me. Being that you are six foot 10. How do you process commercial air travel or do you even do commercial air travel.

Unfortunately I have to from time to time when we go to Orlando and I don’t want to drive 23 hours to get there. I just simply hate it though it is the worst thing there’s no leg room and they’re just making it smaller and smaller.

We’ll see when we come back. I want Ryan to walk us through one more about file organization or we want to get deep deep into it. And I also want to know how do you contort your body to get behind a seat on a standard commercial plane. I’ve seen Z on a commercial plane. I have been on a plane. I don’t know how you do it at all. I mean what is the move. I mean he just kicking the guy in front of you and he does he sprawl out as he lay down. We don’t know state it’s the throb time job.

And remember the dot for the best coach experience in the world.

Give. Me about 10 seconds again I know that I’m a bad man I’m going published some of you that jump in you should say some say something very profound

5.24.17 – Wednesday – Thrive Hr 1 – Seg 4.mp3

We speculate you would not take the time to see boxes take a class. Well we’ve always told the masses of science just because the school is wrong. No student days to get out of it. A man who loves algebra so much three times. Oh God. That’s some hot sauce bro.

You did do you did your homework while I was gone last week.

I mean you. You brought it here. I’m going to ask you about air travel here real quickly before we get into this.

Interrogate right about foul organization and air out the six foot 10.

So it’s really I mean it’s got to be a horrible process for him but I want to start with you here. If you travel via air do you like to go on a private jet and go commercial. Have to go first class and sit in the back. Do you travel by train. What’s your what’s your mood what do you prefer. Well I prefer a horse and buggy actually. Oh about all of those because it’s just more natural. You know it’s great to travel. It’s really great travel. It’s no you get all those private jet would be would be position. But I got something I want to tell everybody out there. Sure. And this is something we want to challenge out there and I want to just take a minute or two and read that challenge out there as a business coach.

We care about your business but we also care about taking your yacht to play hard work hard play or we care about taking your play hard category to the next level.

Absolutely. We’re here to also enjoy life and have a little fun along the way. That’s when you’re when you first started yet.


And I turned it into an ep 6 he added fun is a category of Golas I find on the go with because all work and no play is a co-host named Clay. This is like a last name. Clay This is absolutely correct. Not only are you the world’s best business coach clay Clark but I think you have a hidden wrapper. Barry d.j could be the world’s best deejay Now for those of you who don’t know when Clay’s early business is getting started in his dorm room and are you was a deejay company which he sold for seven figures later on. He was doing four thousand five thousand you know million shows a year whatever. And different stuff.

We need a holiday party for Bowie. You know the anniversary Don’t anybody the largest aircraft manufacturer Southwest Airlines they’re all the big ass I mean now I’ll tell you what we even got a chance to Dr. Zeller’s holiday party at one point.

I know. And you know your wife worked for me and that’s how we got to meet each other early on. And I always secretly wanted you to ask me to deejay if it were me and I just knew that when you saw me you knew I was thinking that. With this bitterness that I really really got my feelings for when you hear all those parts you could do in your little backyard you know 13 year old birthday parties. I mean you can do me a little sense of this crime off the table.

You will look for Boeing or self-assembling walk you through the meetings or go read a meeting and talking about you know the disc jockeys and all of the things you want to do to become a disc jockey when you want to do is you need to be somebody who aspires to be a carnie. OK. And you get shut down. You go for the interview and you show up for the interview that the H.R. person is like you don’t have what it takes to work in the carnival. And so you probably should look into it. That’s what it gets a good deal. That’s you my friend. You study mathematics in college. You studied optometry So you didn’t have the requirements needed. You said you were qualified. I don’t think not saying I mean you don’t have the mindset that you have to brush your teeth too often. You had plans and goals you just were the kind of guy we want to have.

Well up here that’s why you didn’t ask me. But he’s been on my bucket list the deejay events are Clay and I are fielding emails and info at 3:15 dot com and that’s why if you knock on the world’s best coach Web site you would see the email with a compelling story and we will come out and we will bring all the fun gadgets all the speakers all the music all my life making my original sound.

Last year in 1955 chrome plated the 55 SH microphones the same style that Elvis performed with back in the day. So the baby 5 SH is the real deal.

Where did he get your big break. One pink one this year. And obviously you know what a compelling story. And we will come out and we will we will do all D.J. you’re a vet and we promise you this it will be awesome and you’ll have fun.

You know the last two parties I’ve done was one word for your daughter who’s now an optometrist to you. Basically she’s taking your optometry clinic to the next level. What she’s doing absolutely to go on in there really just added some some I wouldn’t say it’s it’s just whack Z where she basically is bringing class to the whole you know she’s really she’s doing great. Dr. Bridgitte right Dr. Anderson is yes yes.

Yes she’s married or less than. No.

OK. Right. And so that also for Dr. Jo lie an orthodontist in town and a great business coach client. And both of them were great events and so we’re excited to come back with you here. And we’re talking about file organization and the importance of saying know backing up your files and stay organized.

And the reason why you’d want to do this is because if you have down time at an airport or something you go work on your work you can get your files done you’re able to work from anywhere. But I want to ask you this right now when you’re six foot ten so when you travel on an airplane how do you do it. Talk to you physically contort your body to fit in that chair.

Well begrudgingly but thankfully I’ve taken years of martial arts and so I can put my leg behind my head. What helps tremendously and you know that they love it when they sit behind me in front of me and my legs above my hands.

Do you put the leg out Mihailo seriously I mean what’s your move.

You can’t. Now my legs are wedged into the back of your seat and you think hey I’m going to get my seat back but you can’t and you think hey he’s doing this on purpose. My legs physically cannot go anywhere else in writing.

And I kind of claustrophobic. And so the whole concept I got on an airplane with Marshall Norris who’s in her office who’s six foot eight. Yeah. And I don’t understand how he does that he’s in there playing the plane and he looks like a kid and one adult and one of those kid chairs you know in their class he just looks so uncomfortable so I don’t know how you do it. I would never travel if I were you.

I do my best not to. But the trip to Orlando every year is as necessary.

So can you explain for the drivers what the entier of when you have traveled before on a personal jet What does this look like what does it feel like in that thing.

It’s magical. Yes it is. If you to do it right you need to be just to get your own jet or just or you know just run a jet you know what does it cost to rent a jet.

So listen the go ahead. I’m 6 foot 10 I want read a. What does it cost.

Well there’s fractional Jets there’s jet you can rent from a body just charge you the cost of the pilot and the gas. Yeah that’s the best way you can actually call it the gas.

What does the gas take on a jet. I have no idea what that would be. It is it is 10000 8000 20000 to go from let’s say from here to New York at a private jet. Would that cost for if you have a problem.

Every hour you’re flying is I don’t know this exactly I could probably google this and be more accurate someone is out there going no he’s wrong he’s wrong on this one. It’s probably right around you know two point hundred three thousand dollars an hour to two on the jet fuel to go. So let’s say you’re flying to Hot Springs Arkansas that’s a 30 minute flight. You can do the math on. Or let’s say you’re flying to Minnesota. You know that’s a half flight probably Tulsa and you can do the math on how much fuel is now to actually rent the plane and then the pilots those other costs too. So it’s a it’s a pricey way to get around. But any more with the way the cure is and all that you know the time issue with some folks and also the secondary market like Tulsa you know you most most the flights are to a bigger city to get on the plane to flight or another spot. What I’m saying.

I do. So here’s the deal. I’ve read about the specifics of the file organization moving through the use use. One of the following programs to backup your files instantly use one of them. Don’t fight me just use one. I use Dropbox that’s what I used to. It’s affordable it’s backed up to check it out to the various people. That’s people who are intentionally trying to do harm when they try to delete all your files. Dropbox won’t let you with what I have the super account super account is there’s no answers to questions that only I would know that are about my personal life. So it’s not my opinion but there answers about my personal life. I call up there and they can restore every file forever and that’s why Dropbox out there there’s Amazon cloud storage box. There’s Google Drive and there’s one drive. I would not really go beyond Dropbox Amazon or Google Drive but I would definitely have it instantaneously backed up. How and how much is running people out there going OK. Well OK. Because now because we do a business coach so many businesses and so many industries as a business coach I mean I’m not exaggerating we probably have you know 25 terabytes of marketing materials performance graphic design print pieces videos. And I pay about 7000 bucks a thousand bucks a year and it’s just like crazy much more than the average person you’re listening right now to the average business owner I bet you for ninety five bucks or maybe as much as $300 a year you have all your files backed up through Dropbox stuck up.

Oh my goodness. What value is that. I mean that’s it’s a must move. I know. You know shows like today on his phone is like talking about you know marketing and branding and closing that deal closing the deal is seven steps to closing that deal.

How I made my billion. I made my billions. But the thing about it is is that these are this is you lose all your gear you lose all of your swag you lose all your stuff you lose all your bank accounts your business. Could.

It be worth your life. No. I have a story I wanted to tell when we come back from the break about taking a bath with a laptop. Well it turns out they’re not. They don’t do as well under the water as they do above the water. And I for whatever reason I wanted to figure it out.

And then after that once I did it again.

And so I was able to tell the structural integrity of an Apple computer or all that. And I think the drivers are are going to love this story.

You can laugh at my expense but I can tell you I lived through. No the files got lost. They backed it up using it instantaneously backed up cloud based systems that resisted some exciting stuff dropped showed up. Check it out.

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