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I can’t recommend this business conference more for anybody of any business, even the nonprofit world.

My name is Justin Wren. I’m a professional MMA fighter, and I’m the founder of the nonprofit Fight for the Forgotten.
We have learned so much. We brought our entire Fight for the Forgotten team to just soak this up and be sponges because there so much practical advice that we can apply, even to the nonprofit world. Learning so, so much, so thankful for the Thrivetime Show team and Clay and all the business knowledge they are giving us to grow our organization, to help our mission and vision get further down the road.

Clay’s style of presentation is absolutely awesome. It is fun. It’s engaging. It’s blunt and to the point. And it’s so applicable. Very, very practical, and so we are learning so much here. We’re trying to engage and get everything in. It’s like drinking from a fire hydrant, so you got to come back again. We just have to. We have to come back another time or two or three because this is absolutely awesome.

I can’t recommend this business conference more for anybody of any business, even the nonprofit world. We are learning, learning, learning, and we know that we’re going to grow. We’re going to be able to help so many more people because we’ve attended this conference. We’re coming back.

This conference is so different than any other kind of business conferences or inspirational conference or anything I’ve been to before. This is the most practical business conference I’ve ever been to. It’s not just inspiring or motivational. It’s very practical. Hands on. Go do this. If you want to win, go do these things.

And so, we’re just taking notes. I’ve never took more notes in my life.

These conferences are for entrepreneurs

My name is Art Kline from the Dallas, Fort Worth area. We are in the IT support services industry. The name of the company is My Tech Services. I have learned several aspects at these business conferences, one is updating my website to accommodate and draw more customers to myself. These conferences for entrepreneurs…It’s very fast paced. A lot of information all at once, a lot of good information.

It actually gives you practical things to do.

Jihrleah Showman. I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The industry I’m in is massage therapy, and I own Reactive Therapeutic Massage in downtown Tulsa.

The most effective thing that I’ve learned at these business conferences is just establishing how to do things, web traffic, how to get customers off of Google and actually calling me will be the biggest thing that that will be beneficial for me.

Clay’s presentation style, I am actually absolutely in love with. He’s motivational, but also very informative, and he’s not going to tell you something that’s not actually the truth.

This conference is different mainly because it actually gives you practical things to do. They don’t try to just sell you things at the end. That you actually get valuable information throughout the conference, but also make themselves available for further information as you need it.

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My name is Jennifer McDougald, and I am from Pearland, Texas. The name of my business is Legacy Home Decor, and it’s a retail store front. We also sell upline, and we sell home decor and furniture.

I’ve actually learned quite a bit today. I mainly came for the business conferences for some more SEO knowledge and to really understand the behind the scenes workings of your website and rankings, and I have learned a lot about that today. I have quite a lengthy to do list I’ll be going back home to implement now.

Clay’s presentation style is great. I initially was attracted to his style from the podcast because he was entertaining. And he was able to engage with his audience and through the podcast and through their conference. So I’m able to pay more attention to him, and I don’t get bored at all. It’s entertaining but also very educational.

So I’ve been able to learn a lot from him because I pay a lot more attention to him than I have from other people in the past.

This is actually the only business conference I’ve ever been to. I haven’t wasted the time or money to go anywhere else because I always do a lot of research before I go to something, and I hadn’t found anyone that I really respected their opinion as much and their input and really felt like they had something to offer me that I hadn’t already learned myself. So I kind of saved going to a conference for the one that I felt was the best qualified to teach me what I needed to know.

It gives you items to actually take home with you and implement on your business right away.

I’m Randy Antrikin, I’m from Yukon, Oklahoma. I’m in construction. It’s called PMHOKC. We basically build outdoor living projects for homeowners.

Well, I do business coaching and I basically have implemented the group interview and also implementing checklists throughout the business. And that’s really helped us scale it to where I can spend less time worrying about those items and building the business.
Well, I’ve been to a lot of business conferences, Tony Robbins, things like that. And then I would say his is very action oriented. It that gives you items to actually take home with you and implement on your business right away. And I really like how he really implements the humor into his speeches and his sessions. And so it really is engaging and fun for me.

They’re able to break down the simple steps.

My name is Gabrielle Cruz. I’m from Tulsa and the name of our business with my husband is ECS Electric. It was very entertaining. So that’s a big, key factor factors. A lot of people, they don’t want to sit through a boring conference. They want to be entertained. So it’s really entertaining but informative at the same time, so you’re learning as you’re having fun. I think that’s super important. So that’s my big, my big, I guess what I got out of the meeting was that right there.

I think you should attend these business conferences because a lot of people want to have a business, but a lot of people don’t know the steps, and so if you come to this conference right here, they’re able to break down the simple steps, well, it’s not really simple, I guess it’s more of, it takes time to actually make it happen, but just the steps that you can actually apply and will help you become successful and become a winner is what they like to say. So I really encourage you to invest in this because I think that it will be helpful for you and I think you won’t regret it.

Thrive is different from any other business conferences that I’ve been to.

Hi, my name is Matthew Kaus. I’m originally from Darien Center, New York, and live in Columbus, Ohio, right now.
My name is Matthew Kaus. I’m with Fight for the Forgotten. I am the director of Our Heroes in Waiting initiative, which is a bully prevention curriculum. And we are a nonprofit.

This Thrive Conference was amazing with Clay Clark. I think just he … the motivation that he had kind of given everybody who’s watching through the different videos and just talking about just keep moving, keep moving. Life’s going to keep hitting you and knock you down, and you just got to keep moving. I mean, that was kind of just filled me up with some power.

But the practical stuff that I’m going to take away to implement is how to get ranked highest in Google, how important Google reviews are, the techniques that he’s using with SEO to get you that top ranking. And that’s the stuff we’re going to take back and implement.

Okay. Clay’s presentation style is very unique. This was my first time at one Clay’s presentation, so I didn’t have any expectations. But he’s amazingly engaging. He’s almost like a stand-up comedian when he’s up there, and so he captivates your attention. But everything he’s saying, it’s not just that he’s up there being a funny dude. And he’s up there captivating you, keeping your attention, and giving you a good quality information all along the way.

Thrive is different from any other business conferences that I’ve been to. I think just because of the energy that Clay Clark brings. The Thrive studio, when you walk in here it’s really electric. Everybody who works with Thrive is like amazingly kind and compassionate and upbeat. I think it’s just a combination of the vibe and the awesome content that’s really unique. It makes it truly one of a kind.

It’s wild and crazy and yet it’s detailed and easily learned.

My name is Jim Stewart. I am from Oklahoma City with Fight For The Forgotten. Wow. What I’ve learned so far, it’s mostly everything that I didn’t know about how to become number one on the Google list, and it really, even for a nonprofit, it can be done, and that’s what I’ve learned. It’s like the atmosphere and the presentation is a whole lot different than any other small business conference I’ve ever been to. It’s wild and crazy and yet it’s detailed and easily learned. What makes this conference different than any others that I’ve ever been to is it is different.

Consistency is everything.

My name is Bailey Price and I am originally from Coweta. I am currently working with Tim Redmond from Redmond Growth Business Consulting. There are so many things that I could apply with what I’m learning here at Redmond and with Clay. We are basically just implementing processes that are proven to work. You don’t have to necessarily be super smart to implement them. You just have to be diligent and consistent. Consistency is everything.

So, if you’re easily offended, Clay’s business conferences are probably not for you, but he’s super funny and engaging and extremely relatable and so everything is just lots of fun here, I would say. This conference is not boring, which makes it different from any other conference I’ve been to in the past. I find myself actually excited to come back from breaks because we’re hitting topics that are so relative to everyone that’s here, whether you’re a consultant or whether you are growing a business yourself.

It’s high energy and everybody’s moving.

I’m Shantel Newhart. I’m Josh Newhart.

And we’re from Lake Ozark, Missouri. We own a photo booth called L.O. Snap Photobooth.

We definitely want to implement a system for Google reviews are super important that we learned at these business conferences. So when we got here, we just kind of thought it was going to be a conference room with a whole bunch of chairs, but we got here, and it’s on fire, and it’s high energy and everybody’s moving.

This conference is different. Just the energy, the energy in general. Clay seems like he actually cares about your success, so it’s pretty amazing.

These business conferences are so interactive.

My name’s McKenzie Dildy. I’m originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am in the healthcare industry. I work for a company called Oklahoma Pain and Wellness. We have a few other companies that are sub companies of that.

Bettering our sales team, our scheduling team, better implementing different SEO strategies, bettering our target market, how we can better our clients and our retention, patient retention, patient satisfaction with their appointments.
These business conferences are so interactive. So answering questions, splitting into groups, actually going over all the information, and really diving in to make sure everyone understands the information and can implement it into their businesses.

It’s very fun, interactive. You don’t fall asleep.

My name is Lily Nelson and I am from Los Angeles, California. The industry I am in is IT and the name of our business is The Computer Guys of LA. There is a lot to apply already. I mean, just the SEO part has been an eye opener. The content and amount of work that goes into it is very eye opening and we can’t wait to apply it and see results.

It’s very fun, interactive. You don’t fall asleep. The people here are all great. We really feel welcome and we love coming back and we can’t wait to come back again. It is very transparent. There are no upsells. It’s very open. You don’t feel tricked or something’s about to come from blind side. So it’s very human and we can really relate. So we’re coming back for sure.

There’s a lot of interaction going on and lots of good content.

Yeah. My name is Jared and I’m from Oklahoma City. My business is called Modern Woodscapes and we build decks and custom pergolas. Yeah, it’s very hands-on. There’s a lot of interaction going on and lots of good content that Clay and all the other guests deliver.
These business conferences really funny. Lots of humor, lots of jokes. You’re always laughing. It’s always something going on. Really fun atmosphere. It’s not boring. And he’s real. He tells you real life examples. It’s not just imaginary, make-believe. He’s actually done the hard work, manages to communicate that to all the people here.

The energy is really good, really positive.

I’m Fred Marzillier from Los Angeles, California. The industry I’m in is the information technology industry, and the name

What I’ve learned so far at these business conferences and that I am applying is basically organization, keeping my to-do list together on what I need to do and getting things comfortable. Oh, I love Clay’s style. I think he’s a genius, and just the way he delivers, the way he speaks, and how he brings humor. He’s really funny. The energy is really good, really positive. And yeah, I love it here.

What I like is the people here. I think everyone’s here, humble, together. It’s very interactive. Kind of hard to find the words, but just the togetherness that I really like.

You always feel like you’re getting something new and you can’t wait to hear the next segment.

Hi, my name is Ellis Meeks. I’m originally from Moore, Oklahoma. My industry is, I just became in naturopathic physician. And I work with women on hormones and thyroid issues. Thes business conferences are amazing because it tells me how to go back and structure my business. How to bring clients in, so that I can help them and make a difference in their lives and their family’s lives. And it gives me a way to follow-up and monetizes the business so it can be successful and help more people.

Clay’s presentation style is off the charts. He’s high energy. He keeps you moving. It’s very upbeat. You always feel like you’re getting something new and you can’t wait to hear the next segment. I’ve been to a lot of conferences. This one gives you actual doable broken down segments to go home and accomplish. You leave with the program and you leave with the ability to follow-up and make a change.


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