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They actually provide real, first-hand knowledge of the business conference experience and information learned.

My name is Jonathan Shepherd, and I am from Catoosa. The business that I’m involved in is I’m the owner and founder of an electrical and communications contracting company. I heard about the Thrivetime Business Conferences from the radio, on 1170. I was looking to learn more about the 13 steps that Clay and Dr. Zoellner used to grow and grow their businesses.
I have learned at the workshop so far about the three-legged marketing stool, and specific items on that three-legged marketing stool that will allow us to better market the company, and focusing in just three areas versus focusing in everything that we have been focused on today.

What I like about the workshop so far is the candor of Clay and his team. Very open and very straightforward. They don’t try to upsell or anything. They actually provide real, first-hand knowledge of the information they’re providing. And it’s definitely something you can tell that he has used it in his businesses and the team use it on a regular basis. So very credible on that side of it.

So that’s probably the number one thing that I’ve liked about the show so far. Clay’s presentation is very outgoing, very upbeat, and does an excellent job at presenting the material, keep everybody away, keep you involved. So it’s a great learning environment on that side of it. If you’ve been to conferences before where you’ve taken a nap, you definitely will not be doing that here.

The atmosphere here at Thrive business conferences world headquarters is very upbeat. Everyone’s excited about working it seems like. Everyone’s definitely up and moving around and getting stuff done. The difference I see in this conference versus other conferences I’ve been to is just the sheer energy in the room and the energy of Clay and his team and the presentation, the information and how its presented, you can tell that it’s definitely very well not so rehearsed but very authentic. And that is probably the number one thing difference between other conferences for sure.

I believe if you decide not to attend the Thrivetime Conference, you’re missing out on just the opportunity to take your business to the next level. Clay and his team have definitely designed a very well oiled machine and a very well oiled process to take any business of any sort to the next level. In the last few months I’ve being involved with this group, it’s been a tremendous whirlwind of new and not only just great information but also the opportunity to progress my business and in multiple different areas. Marketing, sales, and you’re definitely missing out if you do not take advantage of at least coming and checking it out and seeing what they could do for you.

This really keeps you awake and I enjoy that.

My name is Zach Smith. I live in Owasso, Oklahoma. Yeah, I heard about the business conferences from the podcast. I own a Paintless Dent Repair Business and we’re actually starting a marketing company. Anything marketing, to just different types of business skills, and how to build a business. I actually love the atmosphere. When we walked in here, I would say it was very uplifting and exciting. I’d say most seminars or whatever you go to are kind of boring and this really keeps you awake and I enjoy that. Clay’s presentation style is very knowledgeable. The most valuable thing I’ve learned so far is probably … I don’t know, everything. I think everybody needs to attend a ThriveTime Show because you learn so much information about how to build a business. Really from how to start a business from scratch to really grow it to be a multimillion-dollar business.

There’s really not a dull moment.

My name is Tyler Whyburn and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m currently involved in a roofing company. We just started not too long ago right here in Tulsa. I originally heard about the ThriveTime Show business conferences from Steve Currington, he’s a current client. He got me connected with Thrive. So I came to check out the conference. I was really looking to learn really anything that I can. So I know Clay, everybody talks about Clay and his status as the business guru, so I came to learn pretty much anything that I could and pick up any knowledge that I could possibly get my hands on over the last couple of days.

So far I’ve learned a lot about really the hiring process. That was a big one. And then a lot of just key things that will help our business moving forward that I really don’t think about on a day to day basis. So really great information so far. I really like the fact that at the workshop it’s really … it’s not just a sit there and sit and learn for 10 hours straight. 

You have a lot of opportunities to interact, ask questions, so that’s a lot of it, and a lot of real stories about real things. So it’s not just a this is what I think is gonna work. It’s true stories of things that have happened. Clay’s presentation and training style is great. He’s funny. He’s entertaining. He keeps you captivated the entire time. There’s really not a dull moment.

The atmosphere at the Thrive15 world headquarters is incredible. If you’re not motivated the minute you walk in the door then you probably don’t even have a pulse. It’s great and like I said, it’s just really tough not to walk in and just feel the motivation the minute you come in. The culture is everywhere. This conference is a lot different than any other of the business workshops I’ve been to in the past. It’s a lot more intimate, I would say. And again, the interaction, the entertainment, it’s just really … it keeps you engaged the entire time.

If you don’t attend this conference, you’re really missing out on a lot of things that you’re just never even gonna consider when it comes to your business. How to hire people, the hiring process itself, how you should interview people, where you should find people, who you need to be looking for, the right people on the bus. There’s just so many things that you’re gonna be missing if you don’t come to this top business conference.

It’s quick and it’s easy to follow

My name is Nace Roberts and the business I’m involved in is a machine shop. We heard about the Thrivetime Business Conferences because actually, Clay is our business coach. What we’re looking to learn at the conference is just to be better business leaders. What I learned at the workshop so far is I need to create time and meta-time just where I can focus one hour a day being better at what I do, and being better at scheduling stuff. What I like most about the business workshop so far is that all the classes that Clay teaches, basically combined in one at the workshop, and it’s all the stuff we went over in the future, and the past. How I would describe Clay’s presentation is it’s quick and it’s easy to follow, and it keeps you on your toes, just to all the people that are willing to learn. And I like that it breaks every 45 minutes so you can get out, talk to people, and just collaborate.

What’s different about this conference than any other conference that I’ve attended so far is that this is a lot of information, but doesn’t make my head hurt. I actually can retain the information and apply it in our business. What you’re missing is, if you’re not at the conference, is that you’re probably gonna be stuck working in the business and not own the business, and we’re getting skills to work on the business, and have financial freedom.

There’s a lot of value that they taught

My name is Gretchen Michelich and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I own a real estate media company. I’m a business coach client with Clay so I work with him every week. He talked to us and had us come in and learn at the conference. Our business is at a stage where we’re really trying to learn processes, so I think that’s one of the key things we took away, is how to build processes that are sustainable and that our employees can follow, and make it simple for anyone to follow. We learned about processes, we learned about finance, we learned about HR. You name it. They went over everything. There’s a lot of value that they taught and I’m really glad we came.

We really enjoyed Clay, he’s a great guy. He’s personable. Same with Marshall. Everything about the conference is just you learn a lot and also you have a good time. You meet a lot of people and it’s really fun. Thrive Time Show is a hopping place. It’s high energy, people are pumped, everyone wants to be successful. You definitely got to check it out. Other business conferences are all kind of showsy, salesmanship-y, try to upsell you. This conference is not like that at all. It’s very grassroots, teach you exactly how to do stuff. It’s very raw, open, they don’t play any games, no gimmicks. If somebody does not attend, they’re missing out on how to grow their business. Successful people meet with successful people and they learn from successful people.

 There’s so much stimulation and things going on all the time.

My name is Doug Mitchel and I heard about the Thrive 15 business conference through a friend of mine who referred it. When I heard about the conference, did I think it was a scam? No, I’ve known about Clay Clark for a couple of years now and I know he’s been doing a lot of good things and so I just thought it’d be something that could be really beneficial. Yeah, as far as things I’ve learned, I think the [inaudible 00:00:23] of marketing is good. You’ve gotta think, I tended to throw darts at marketing and have a lot of different things and to focus on three specific things was really beneficial.

The Thrive 15 headquarters is crazy. There’s so much stimulation and things going on all the time. I’ve just walked around during breaks and read the walls and read different things and I think it’s just a really creative environment that just … There’s no wonder that things get done here ’cause it’s just very stimulating. Clay’s presentation is crazy. He is so high energy. He’s kind of a stand-up comedian/business consultant coach. It’s so high energy. I found myself laughing more and having to stop laughing so I could actually listen to what he’s saying.

The interaction is very good. I think he gives a lot of opportunity for some feedback and people would ask questions. Most environments, people are a little nervous at first to get out there but I think the more things get rolling and people get comfortable, they’re gonna really start interacting more. People who don’t come are missing out on a great opportunity to look at their business in a different way. I think as business owners, we get stuck in a rut of, “This is the way I’ve always done things.” And this is a completely, for me, kind of a fresh outlook on all aspects. You might want to focus on marketing or you focus on recruiting or different things and this is … We’re covering all realms of it and I’m just taking little bits and pieces out of every single thing.

I’ve attended several different motivational type things and, as I said, you’re always waiting for the hammer to drop. “Here’s the multi-million dollar CD set” or whatever that they’re trying to get or some kind of subscription at the end. This, I feel like he’s really doing this. I’m just here to learn and take out of it what I can and it’s just more of a classroom environment than kind of a preaching environment. I would recommend that people check out the conference because, one, it’s very fast paced and entertaining and there’s just a little takeaway from every little session that you can take out and take back to your business and, hopefully, become a better business person in the future.

I tell you, the conferences are just a blast.

Hi, my name is Clay Staires and I am the president and CEO of The Leadership Initiative. The Leadership Initiative is all about inspiring and engaging leaders to expand their capacity so they can process greater complexity in their positions. Clay Clark has been my coach for the past five years, so here with Thrive, I’ve been so excited to be a part of the movement that’s been going on here. And so now that we’ve got these monthly business conferences going on, I’ve been able to bring my clients to these business workshops, as well as come myself and be a part of it. Man, it is such an energizing time. You remember those old Hot Wheels tracks that you would put and the cars would go around and they’d hit that little thruster, that little booster? That’s what these conferences are like on a monthly basis.

The key thing that I wanted to grab when I was coming to these business conferences and when I started engaging with Clay, was simply I knew that I had a skill. I knew that I had a talent, I knew that I had a product, but I didn’t know how to make money at it. I didn’t know how to turn that skill and that service into a business. 

So man, when I first came to Clay and when I come to these conferences, I’m always looking for what is the next step? What is the next thing that I can do to help me take my business from this point right now that’s wonderful, but I know I can do more to go to that next step.

I tell you, the conferences are just a blast. They’re energetic, there’s music going. In the environment here at the Thrive15 world headquarters, there’s just a lot of energy here. I’m an energetic guy. I love being in energizing areas, so this conference is great. Clay does a great job talking. He’s very edutaining. There’s a lot of laughter, a lot of engagement in the content as he’s going through. I promise you, this is not, this is not the PowerPoint slide, death by slides, okay? This is a wonderful, wonderful conference.
If you were sitting there trying to decide whether or not to come and be a part of one of these conferences, here’s the deal, really quick, okay? Are you experiencing the outcomes that you want right now? Are you at that spot? Are you getting what you want out of your company? Number two, are you at a place where you’re getting freedom? Are you in a place of freedom? If you are not getting what you want and if you are not in a place of freedom, and choosing not to come to this conference, that’s you sitting there saying, “I’m not getting what I want. I don’t feel like I’m getting the freedom, but I think I’m going to stay here.” All right?

To choose to come here is to take a choice to move beyond where you are right now. It’s to believe that there actually is a beyond where you are right now. Don’t get stuck in an old mindset. Grab hold of a growth mindset. Come to these Thrive15 conferences here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I promise you, you will be engaged, you will be energized. You will meet other entrepreneurs that are in the same position. You’ll get all up in the synergy of what’s going on, and before long, you will be in a spot where you’ll see the path forward to freedom, and that’s where we want to be.

I love that it’s very engaging. I’ve been taking so many notes…

I’m Camille Harris and my sister in law actually had an extra ticket ’cause her dad got sick and she said, “Camille, can you be here 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM?” And she knows that I’m a big time love entrepreneurial books and leadership. I was like, “I am so there with you. I’m so excited.” My sister and I are musicians in Tulsa. We’re Camille and Haley and we do a lot of gigs around town. And it’s hard to go from small band, local band and try to transfer into a more in-demand music career instead of music hobby. That’s part-time, never knowing when it’s consistent. So I really want to transfer from, not having to have any other side job, to be going along with the career. So that’d be awesome.

The office and team of Clay’s place here is so inspiring. As soon as you walk in, you just see like all these pictures, these cars, old model T. And I’m an old soul so I love that kind of stuff. And just like free, and it’s just like what you imagined that you would want in a creative environment. You’re like, “How can I just be around this place? How can I glean? How can I listen to Clay every day and be inspired and like teach this eventually or something.” You’re just like, “Ah, wow, I need this place.” Clay’s presentation style is so unique. 

And because I want to be doing teaching eventually, the first day he has this amazing book and he just goes through it just skips through shows you all the things. It’s so practical. I was like, “Oh my goodness, I get to take this book home.” He gave us the book when we came and a sharpie, and pens and all that school stuff, self-evaluation list. And I was like, “Wow. He’s just showing you like a roadmap of how you can do this yourself.” And I was so inspired. I went home, I was just talking, talking, talking, talking and I was like, ah. And then I found out it was a two day and I came back today. So funny, inspiring, very much like, you just like him immediately. He’s very straight and up front and like, “This is how it is. This is how does it.” But he’s so … he just pulls you in so much, and I just really want to tell people about him.

And I love that he’s also like, he’s just very … he’s kosher. I love it that you can feel like as a Christian you can bring your friends, they’re not going to get slimed. ‘Cause if so many people in the business coaching world that are just cussing all the time, and just using all this like, just off-color jokes and stuff. He’s just great. You could just feel clean and you can recommend it to people.
One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is that if you make a hundred calls a day, you’ll just barely make it or be above water. If can make 200 calls a day, you’re going to get rich. Or you’re gonna be successful. So I’m like, “Oh my goodness, that’s great, that’s a great formula.”  He said, “If you’re a top of the small business, you’re not succeeding, something’s dysfunctional if you stay small.”
I was like, “Wow, that’s what’s happening in my life.” You got to get rid of this function. And you just got to grow daily and you have to be consistent. Most people won’t put in consistency.

My favorite aspect of the business coferences, I love the flow of the whole day. I love that it’s very engaging. I’ve been taking so many notes as well, as I love that he has the book there to follow right along. So you don’t feel like you’re just getting, tons of information that you’re like, “Wow, this is so great.” But you leave and you’re like, “I don’t remember. Exactly what am I do again.”
And so I liked that they provided food every day. I didn’t know that it’s going to happen. It’s great food. Actually the coffee was great too, believe it or not, and that’s not common. People give you stuff that you don’t like to drink but the environment that coaches, he really celebrates each person. And I just love that he put so much humor in everything that you just take it all in. And I’m just, I’m probably the loudest lap or in the crowd. I’m just like laughing at everything. And is so much truth. Everything’s just what you need over, and over, and over again. I’m like, “Wow, when’s it gonna end? I don’t want it to end.”

If people don’t attend this business conference, I think they may be missing out on a successful future. Because it’s hard to make it in this life without the right information. And I feel like I have been stumped in life, just because I haven’t had the right mentors. And I’m 26 now and for the last few years I’ve been a self-development book like a junkie. I’ve been like reading and reading and growing the inside of me. But I feel like he gives so many practical steps. There’s a lot of motivation, there’s a lot of good things. But he kind of pulls it all together into a really amazing way that you feel like you can actually do it. And if you want to on top of that, you can get coaching here or they’ll actually kind of hold your hand, and help you know what to do. And so I hope to get business coaching here. But I’m just the conference if you miss it. Oh, I don’t know. My dad, I want my dad to come, my mom to come. I’m like, literally like, “How can I get as many people to the next meeting?” Because I feel like this is such a launcher for people’s businesses, whatever it is.

He does a great job at telling stories that support what he’s showing

I’m Andrew Rantz. I’m from California, now I work real estate. Been a real estate agent for a year now. Well, I heard about the ThriveTime business conferences from my uncle. He gave me an invite, had an extra ticket, wanted me to come by and learn a little more about business. Well, I currently work in the real estate business. I may eventually want to expand and cover entrepreneurial basis, like multiple businesses. But I’m hoping to learn a little bit more about managing and successfully building a business. Everyone’s really friendly. I mean just a lot of enthusiasm I see and a lot of energy. It’s not your typical picture of a workplace where everyone’s very downcast and like, “Here’s another day of work.” The way I describe Clay’s delivery style, it’s very relatable. He does a great job at telling stories that support what he’s showing and getting engaged with the audience, making us laugh, but still delivering good quality information.

Mostly today’s business workshop, I’ve learned about marketing and branding and what kind of steps I need to take to branch out and kind of expand, and how to make myself stand apart as a business. Kind of the purple cow aspect of everything. My favorite aspect of today’s workshop is, I don’t really feel any downtime, any waste of time. A lot of business conferences, sometimes I’m like, “Oh, this is great.” And sometimes I’m like, “Ah, this part really, don’t need it.” But everything here is really relevant and I feel like I’m getting just nothing but good information. I think for the most part people are missing out on a great opportunity to learn and grow because everybody needs a coach. Everybody needs mentorship. So if they don’t show up to the workshop, they’re not going to get expert advice from someone that’s done it time and time again. I think everybody needs to attend at least one of these business workshops to get an understanding of what a successful business entails and what it looks like from the people that have made it successful and what kind of principles and ideas they embody.


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