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– December 2019 Conference – Part 9 –

“It’s been pretty transformational, really.”

My name is Stuart Weikel and I’m from Austin, Texas. I am in the home improvement industry. I have a window dealership. And we do model and to go with that. We’re called Accolade Exteriors. So what I’ve learned and that I can apply to my business… Well I’ve been coming here, this is not my first business conference. I’ve been involved here for a little over a year.
And it’s been pretty transformational really. Just having the guidance from another party looking over your shoulder, helping you focus where you need to focus on growing your business when it’s really easy to be overwhelmed by how much there is to do. It’s been a huge help.

So Clay’s presentation style, it’s very unique. It’s all him. It’s kind of nutty. Maybe he’s an acquired taste, I don’t know. But generally once you get into the rhythm and understand where he’s coming from, it’s great. And the atmosphere here, it’s unique as well. It’s welcoming and energetic. And it’s a place to get things done.

These business conferences are I think unique in that there’s a genuineness about it. I haven’t been to a million other things, but a couple things that I’ve gone to, they’re more, I don’t know, a fleecy feeling. They’re out to get you. And this is really not that way. They are here to help you. Yeah, it’s going to cost to participate if you sign up for business coaching, but the value is huge. Yeah.

It’s more in the interest of the participants than the entity here. It feels great. I think it’s great for everyone to attend at least one of these [inaudible] conferences because it’s a great way to meet other people who are living through what you’re living through and their own version of it. And you get ideas, you get a sense that you’re in your own boat, but you’re not the only boat out there. It’s great.
As far as coming back here, I guess, I’ve lost count. So it’s been a year, a little over a year, a year and a quarter since I first found this. And I think I’ve been to five conferences now. I haven’t made every one but I’ve been to quite a few. It’s easy for me to come from Texas. I have family here. It’s nice to come home and it feels like coming home in more than one way.

Clay is transparent and just lays it all out there

My name is James Herbert and I’m from Broken Arrow. We own the Hamptons Group Incorporated and we buy apartment complexes. We look for investors like you to partner with us. We are going to be able to take the marketing concepts and principles that we’ve learned here at this conference and we’re going to be able to reach out to investors and to tenants as we seek out new tenants for our apartment complexes.

Clay’s presentation and the atmosphere here is just charged. There’s a lot of energy going on. You walk in the door and there’s people cheering you on and rooting for you, wanting your success.

Clay is transparent and just lays it all out there, letting you know from his mistakes and his successes. He’s got a question board that he’s going to strive to answer, no, I understand he’ll answer every one of those questions before we leave. This business conference is different than anything I’ve been in the past because of the transparency, because of the willingness to answer the questions that have been placed on the board.
There’s a freedom of information here unlike any other conference I’ve ever been to. You should not attend at least one conference. You should attend two, three, four, five, six of these business conferences. I guarantee you, you’re going to learn something new every time you come.

I think because there’s no place like it, so you’re in for a treat.

My name is Mandy Erickson. The name of our business is Erickson Family Properties and we’re in the real estate industry. I think the key takeaway is structure, so system structure, writing things down, making it transferrable. That’s my key takeaway so far. Very energetic, high energy, presentation style’s very funny and good. I think because there’s no place like it, so you’re in for a treat.

It’s really interesting to see the diversity here

My name is Barbara Jacobsen and we have WBO Sports Center. And it is a indoor sports facility located at 62nd Mingo here in Tulsa. We cater to most of the baseball, softball but it is a large facility. We have 20,000 square feet of turf so we can do soccer, lacrosse, football, anything like that.

I think a lot of what we were looking for in this business conference is a way to figure out how to get focused because you get so many interruptions in the day and you’re pulled 50 million different directions. And we were looking for systems to help us just get in and get focused and build our business. Man. I wasn’t looking forward to being somewhere from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM that’s a long day for me.

I’m used to being out and about and he has made a super interesting. Really edgy, really comical, and I feel like I share a lot of his same beliefs and that sort of thing. So that really keeps me interested throughout the day.

It seems like it’s been really thought out as far as the content that they’re sharing with us. I mean, we’re not just breaking into small groups every 15 minutes and trying to figure it out on our own. That’s been my experience in the past. And all the different guest speakers keep it interesting. And so it’s been a lot more energetic, I would say, than most business conferences I have been to.
It’s really interesting to see the diversity here with the different types of companies and that sort of thing. And it’s an interesting that we all kind of fall under that same umbrella. So I think that it would just be a great experience for anybody in any business.

These business conferences are very enthusiastic.

My name is Timothy Healy. I live here at Tulsa, Oklahoma. So, I’m still in high school. I’m a senior in high school, but I am assisting my dad with his company Grill Blazer. I’m just helping out when and where he needs me to. Well in my position. It’s much more of a general kind of broad understanding of how it works. I’m not looking specifically at the more technical side. I’m just kind of looking into the more marketing side, kind of just trying to help out where I can. These business conferences are very enthusiastic. You just can’t help being swept along by kind of the overall positive mood. I mean, you show up here in the morning and if you’re tired getting here, you’re wide awake by the time you make it and I think it’s really good if just to understand how business works. No matter whether you’re just helping out with the business or whether you’re trying to run it, manage it or whatever. I think it’s good to at least understand the basic business principles.

Come to these business conferences because it’ll help your business in all so many ways.

My name is Michael Reid. And I’m in the sprinkler installation business, and my name, or the business name is Blue Water Irrigation. I’ll be able to apply it by making the business better, reaching out to customers more, [inaudible] all those kinds of things.
Very fun, energetic, and easygoing. Well, this is actually my first conference I’ve ever been to, so I don’t have something to compare to, but it was a great experience. Come to these business conferences because it’ll help your business in all so many ways. Ways you wouldn’t think.


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