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– June 2019 Testimonials –

They teach only actionable action steps and actually something you could apply in real life.

My name is Reid Moore. The name of my business is the Office Advisors and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia.

I would describe the business conferences as no coal-walking, no false information and actually actionable. If someone’s thinking about coming, they need to if they have a business or want to start a business. At thes conferences, the teach only actionable action steps and actually something you could apply in real life.

You need to come and check the conference out.

Hello. My name is Terrence Thomas. I’m originally from Decatur, Georgia. The other city outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The name of my company is Citywide Mechanical. The business conference was great. If you’re ever in the Tulsa area or if you want to come to Tulsa, you need to come and check the conference out.

We talked about business, growing your business, Google, everything you could think of. It’s the place to be. You should attend the conference if you want to grow your business. If you think you’re steady right now and need to make more money this is the place to be.

It is better to actually have someone business coach you in a way that can help you improve your business.

So my name is Will Smith. I work for Wavesmith Connect and we’re in Bartlesville, Oklahoman, but we do services from Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Georgia, several different places across the states.

The business conferences from Thrivetime Show are great, especially for entrepreneurs. It’s just … Whether you know it or not, it’s great to be told this information, because well it just reassures that the information that you already know as a business owner, now you can go back and say, “Yes, other people are doing this and it’s successful for them.” So as they go forward, they can actually implement it better and actually strategically set down and improve their business.
Why should someone come? Because it is better to actually have someone business coach you in a way that can help you improve your business.

For sure come to one of the business conferences!

Hi, I’m Carissa Turner. I’m from Phoenix, Arizona, and I work for Weldhouse To describe the business conference, I would say that Clay delivers a lot of great, relevant information that he has delivered with Dr. Z on the podcast, so reaffirming all of that direction that they give us, plus this super-energetic, fun way of pounding into our heads the right business practices that are going to take our business from where we are to the next level.
I think that if you are participating in the business coaching program, you actually get to meet your coach in person, which is wonderful. I have gotten to work side-by-side with Abby and I think it gave me an opportunity to describe a little bit more about our business, to really have a good working rapport going forward. Not that we didn’t already, because she’s amazing, but just being face-to-face with Clay, well, having him in front of us and he’s funny so for sure come to one of the business conferences-

Everything is something you can apply to your business.

My name is Austin G, and my business is Envision Insurance in Plymouth, Minnesota. I am originally from Arlington, Washington. The business conferences is very exciting and fun. It’s not like a rah, rah, type of thing where you don’t learn anything. Everything that is taught is practical and great, and is applicable to your business and I can’t wait to plug everything in that I’ve learned once I get home.

Any business owner should come because everything is something you can apply to your business, easy to understand, and is really applicable for any business. So, everything they teach, you can use and it’s not just a bunch of garbage that isn’t going to be helpful for your business.

They’re able to break down the simple steps.

My name is Gabrielle Cruz. I’m from Tulsa and the name of our business with my husband is ECS Electric. It was very entertaining. So that’s a big, key factor factors. A lot of people, they don’t want to sit through a boring conference. They want to be entertained. So it’s really entertaining but informative at the same time, so you’re learning as you’re having fun. I think that’s super important. So that’s my big, my big, I guess what I got out of the meeting was that right there.

I think you should attend these business conferences because a lot of people want to have a business, but a lot of people don’t know the steps, and so if you come to this conference right here, they’re able to break down the simple steps, well, it’s not really simple, I guess it’s more of, it takes time to actually make it happen, but just the steps that you can actually apply and will help you become successful and become a winner is what they like to say. So I really encourage you to invest in this because I think that it will be helpful for you and I think you won’t regret it.

You come away with everything you need to know and how you need to do it.

My name is Josh Fellman. I am originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. My business is, it’s a restaurant and barcade, it is Arcade 92 and we are opening a restaurant in McKinney, Texas. These business conferences is amazing, it lists of all the things in very specific steps that you need. It’s very actionable, you come away with everything you need to know, what you need to know, how you need to do it. It’s fun, it’s an intense experience you absolutely have to do it, it’s amazing.

Somebody should attend this conference both to get a kick in the butt to do what they probably know they need to do but haven’t done it yet. And also it gives clarity to the things that are maybe a little bit vague as far as understanding. You come away from the conference knowing exactly what you need to do.

There’s a whole lot of actual, tangible things that you can use for your business to get more money.

Hi, my name is Chad Olinghouse. I am a pastor at Destiny Church in Broken Arrow. I’m originally from the Tulsa area in the Broken Arrow district there.

The Thrive Business Conference is amazing. There’s a whole lot of actual, tangible things that you can use for your business to get more money. If you want more money, if you want more prospects, if you just want more, Thrive Conference is the place to be. They give you a whole bunch of things that you can actually put into action. If you’ll do their steps, you’re going to make money.

You definitely should come and see and talk to the people here at Thrive. You should come to the conference because there’s nothing like actually being around these people. It’s an air of excellence, and you really need to see first hand what it takes to build your business.

You’re going to have ideas and you’re going to have thoughts that you would normally have when you’re working day-to-day stuff.

My name is Allan and I from Tulsa, Oklahoma. And my business is Martelli Body Work. Yeah, here at the workshop, it’s been pretty good. We’ve been going through good business. Basically the business structure as a whole, so no matter what the business is, it has built on the same type of structure which is serving your customers in a neat manner.

You should attend the conference because you’re going to, first of all, spend some time thinking more specifically about your business. You’re going to have ideas and you’re going to have thoughts that you would normally have when you’re working day-to-day stuff. So you’re working on your business rather than in your business. And also there are things that you didn’t know about your business. You didn’t know how to do interviews properly. You didn’t know how to get the Google reviews. You didn’t know how to get ranked on Google. You didn’t know how to structure this or that in order to make your business work for you and to be profitable.
So having some outside influence, some outside advice.

I have learned more this weekend than any mentor has taught me so far.

Hi. I’m Sam with Tip Top K9. I’m from Greenwood, Arkansas.
This workshop experience has been amazing for me. I’m an inspiring entrepreneur, and I have learned so much here in this past weekend. As someone starting from the very bottom, I have learned more this weekend than any mentor has taught me so far.
So, I would highly recommend it to anyone to try it to build something up.

The atmosphere is just infectious, and that’s something that really excites me and I’m glad that I’m here.

My name is Trevor Samons, and I’m from Edmonton, Alberta up in Canada. I’m in the marketing industry and the name of my business is Inspired Method Marketing & Coaching. Well, the way I’ll be able to apply what I’ve learned at these business conferences is to really use the information that I’m gathering and help my clients to win, because our goal is to really help Canadian businesses to succeed and grow. So, all of the tools and the tactics and tips that I’m learning here at this conference are going to help me directly help my clients and my own business.

I originally heard about this workshop from my business partner, Josh Spurrell, who is coached by Clay Clark himself. And just over the course of being partnered with Josh, we’ve really adopted a lot of the tips, tools and tactics that he’s learning from his coaching sessions. And I was just excited to be a part of this, and learn and grow, and really expand my thinking of how businesses should be run, and how any business can benefit from using the information that they learned at these workshops.

Well, the biggest thing that I wanted to learn here was how all of the systems and the parts of this organization works together to accomplish the goals that they have for their business clients. That’s what I was looking to do, and I believe that I’ve learned so much, and when I get back it’s going to be like turning on the fire hose to the team, and trying to download that, as much information as possible in a short amount of time so we can get on board and really ramp things up when we get back.
What I like most about this workshop is the energy of the room and how many like-minded individuals are here to do the same thing, because we all have the same problem is we need more customers, we need more organization, we want time freedom, financial freedom. And being in a room with all these people who are like-minded and want to do the same things, it’s just infectious, and that’s something that really excites me and I’m glad that I’m here.

Clay is a maniac. And I love that because he gives zero-cares about what anybody thinks. So, because he really doesn’t care, he can just be himself and really teach in a manner that suits his personality and his style. And I can appreciate that … and I learned that style as well. And everybody who is presenting up on stage, they each have their own individual personalities but because of the open atmosphere and just question, answer rapid fire kind of way that it’s presented, it’s easier to take in. And because there’s reference materials like the boom book and different things that they give you, you can go back and reference it later.
So, even though you might pick up something while you’re sitting there, you can write it down, you can always revisit, come back to it. It’s a great style and I think that anybody who is wanting to come here and take part in this conference should do so. It’s going to be beneficial for you, it’s going to be beneficial for your company. And if you really want to grow, you’ve got to take advantage of it.
What makes this conference different than others that I’ve attended? This is not a pitch fest. All the other conferences that I’ve been to, they’re wanting to pitch. They hold back information, it’s like, “Well, we’ll show you 10% but if you want the real deal, if you want the full package, it’s going to be 18.95 and then we’ll sell you something extra.”

Right here everything is out in the open. If you want to learn and adopt these principles into your business and into your life, you can do so. There’s no charge, no extra fee, no hidden costs or anything. There’s no package on the side that you have to buy and it’s just right there, so it makes sense to invest the time, invest the money to come here and take part in this workshop so that you can actually get value out of it.
Definitely anybody in the marketing or business coaching industry can benefit from what they learn here at the Thrivetime Conference. So, anybody who is in marketing, and I think virtually almost any business, can benefit from taking part in this workshop.

What you’d be missing out on if you don’t come to this workshop is really how to get to the top of Google, because that’s something that everybody needs to know and learn how to do. And also, you should not come to this conference if you want to make money.
So, if you want to make money, then you should come. If you hate money, don’t come to this conference. If you hate time freedom, don’t come to the conference. If you don’t like having the lifestyle and being able to shape the lifestyle that you really want out of your life, and out of your business, then don’t come to this conference. But if you want all those things, if you want time freedom, if you want to be able to walk away from your business and have more time to do the things with the people that you want to be with, then you’ve got to come to this conference because you’re going to learn so many amazing things about marketing, about building a team, about scheduling, and just so many other topics that you just, you have to take it in.

You should come to the Thrive Conference if you’re looking to grow

My name is Mike. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and my company name is Hickory Creek Construction.
Very energetic, very informative, almost like overwhelming amounts of information, but it’s easily applied. So, it’s just an awesome informational conference.
You should come to the Thrive Conference if you’re looking to grow your company, if you’re looking to learn more, whether or not you’re the entrepreneurial type, because it might help you decide, like, “Okay, well, that’s a lot of stuff. That’s not for me. I’m just going to stick to having a job.” So, basically just to see where you stand and if you want to grow or not.

All you’ve got to do is follow the steps.

Hi, I’m Jamie Peterson. I’m the owner of Veteran Home Exteriors out of Amarillo, Texas.
I think this is one of the best business conferences any small business owner could ever attend. Clay and his crew really open up exactly what you need to do as a business; put the steps in place for you. All you got to do is follow the steps. If you do that you’ll be successful.
I think anybody who’s looking to grow their business or just understand how business works, really needs to come here for the two-day conference. The amount of knowledge that you’ll gain from being here is better than any business degree you could ever get.

You implement it and it really works.

Annie Moore. My business is Therapeutic Touch Facials by Annie, Tulsa Facials. I’m originally from San Diego, and I’m here now in Tulsa. My gosh, the conference is unbelievable. I’ve been to many conferences before. This is not your usual conference. It’s like a conference on steroids, but the stuff is very authentic, and it makes sense.

You just step by step, you do the program that they ask you to do. You implement it and it really works. I wasn’t really a believer quite in the beginning, and now I’m doing it, and I’m actually seeing results. It’s incredible. My business is booming.

Why should you come to the conference? Oh my gosh, if you want your business to succeed. Most businesses do not succeed. If you want your business to succeed, come to this conference. It’s unbelievable. If you do what he tells you to do, and you just follow it step by step, I promise you it will succeed.

My expectations have been blown away.

My name is Jason Ringling, and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m in the healthcare industry, and my company is Green Country Medical Management Group.
How will I be able to apply the things I’ve learned in my industry? I’ll be able to apply things right away. Starting yesterday, I already put my plan together for the month and my to-do list, but we’ve got many things to implement. We’re already been working here for four years. I’m new to the company, and one thing we’re going to start doing in the marketing and sales area is implementing some of the structure from the 13 steps.

How did I originally hear about the conference? I heard about the conference from my account manager for Oklahoma Pain & Wellness, which is one of the companies under Green Country Medical Management Group. Eric and I talked about it, and I said, “I want to sign up right away.”

What was I looking to learn when I decided to come? I didn’t know what to expect right away, but my expectations have been blown away. Learning about the steps, the 13 steps, time management really was a big thing for me and learning how to manage people, talk with people, relate to other employees. I’ve learned more than I ever thought I was going to since I signed up.
Describe what I like most. I’d be remiss to say if I didn’t say Clay and his humor. In 30 years of going to conferences like this… Well, not like this. 30 years of going to conferences, sales conferences, business conferences from Orlando to here to Las Vegas, this is the most fun and most entertaining and most content driven I’ve ever been to. Actually learning something here that I can apply and work next week is amazing.
How would I describe the atmosphere here? The energy is high. The music is great. The laughter is plenty. The humor… I would’ve said that Clay had missed his calling if he hadn’t done so good at doing this. He could’ve been a comedian on the side I guess.

Do I think other people in my industry around the world could benefit from this? Yes, absolutely. But I don’t want them to know about it because I don’t want any more competition. I don’t want my competitors to learn about this because I want to beat them with all the secrets.

But what are they missing out on if they decide not to come? Is everything an okay answer? Because this is amazing, not just the steps, but the real world scenarios. The other companies that you meet here that are successful, 160, 180 companies from dog grooming to, you name it, to high level accounting real estate companies, from millionaires to 500, 800 millionaires, billionaires, if you don’t care about that kind of stuff, and you just want to be one of these then don’t come to this. That’s all I got to say about that.

It’s probably the best conference or seminar I’ve ever been to in over 30 years in business.

Hi, my name is Daryn Ross, and I’m from” just outside of Kansas City. So I was in business about 30 years, and a little over a year ago, we sold our company, which is a manufacturing company in the promotional products and custom apparel business. So I’m here at this conference just trying to kind of explore and see some new ideas and new options that I can get into to continue along this entrepreneurial venture.

So I first heard about this conference, I had hired a web person to develop a website for us, and they gave us three or four different examples of different websites to look at. And I just looked at this one here, and I saw what Clay was doing with Thrivetime. I’d never seen anything like it. 

I’d never seen Clay. Never heard of Clay, but once I saw what they were doing, I knew I had to get here at the conference, and it’s probably the best conference or seminar I’ve ever been to in over 30 years in business.

Okay. So I’ve been to tons of conferences. I’ve spent probably no less than two hundred thousand, two hundred fifty thousand dollars over the years in conferences, seminars, coaching, training, Masterminds. And I’ll say in two days, I probably learned more from Clay and his team than I have from all of these others, which a lot of them just teach fluff. And what I’ve learned so far is just the basic nuts and bolts about how to get into it, how to do the things, how to execute, a lot of things on hiring, firing, retaining employees. And the Google reviews is probably one of the main things I learned that was super important, and number two was the group interview, things I never did in business all those years.

What I like most about this conference and this workshop is just how light it is, how creative, how energetic, and everybody’s just so open. You don’t feel like somebody’s always trying to sell you something, and you’re not waiting for that next thing from what’s going to be pitched from the stage. You know what’s going to be offered is true hardcore content that you can take, execute, and use in your business every single day.

I would say if people decide not to come and not to attend this conference, they are actually just going to miss out on a lot of hardcore key results in their business, which is going to result in a lot more profit, a lot more customers, and a lot more lifetime happiness. So I think you got to be here if you haven’t been here.


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