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Colton Dixon New Music | The Story Behind Colton Dixon’s New Music

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Who is Colton Dixon?

Colton Dixon is an American singer-songwriter who, after finishing 7th on season 11 of American Idol, has achieved great levels of success in his early music career. He has since released 3 full-length music albums that have performed very well on the Christian music charts. In addition to his first album release debuting at number 15 on the Billboard 200, #1 on the U.S. Christian Chart, and #1 on the U.S. Gospel Chart, it also landed him an opportunity to go on tour and performed with some of the biggest stars in contemporary Christian music including Third Day & Toby Mac. While on tour with Third Day, his sister, Schyler, also joined him for some shows. Colton is a devout Christian and has said that he wants to create “faith-based” music while also not turning off wider audiences.

Where is Colton Dixon from?

Michael Colton Dixon was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on October 19th, 1991. He was raised in a middle-class home with his sister Schyler (who he auditioned for American Idol with twice). His father, Michael, is a postal worker and his mother, Teresa, homeschooled his sister Schyler. While attending Middle Tennessee Christian School, where he graduated from in 2010, he was a top-performing choir member. After being eliminated from season 11 of American Idol, Dixon was invited to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday, April 28, 2012, with president Obama. 

Is Colton Dixon Married?

Colton is currently 28 years old and lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife Annie. In 2012 Colton started dating Annie Coggeshall before officially marrying her on January 8th 2016. They had been engaged since September 2015 where the couple announced their engagement on social media. The question was popped at Disney World and the social media post included pictures of the couple at the resort and a close up of the ring. Seeing her walk down the aisle on their wedding day brought Colton to tears, but he later able to keep it together enough to perform a cover of Elvis Pressley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” for his new bride. His uncle and sister both performed live music at the wedding with his uncle playing the piano and his sister singing. Annie wore a Vera Wang wedding dress while the groom wore what was described as a “Rockers take on a Tux”. They were wed at Scarritt Bennett Center.

What are Colton Dixon’s upcoming projects?

When asked what genre his upcoming album would be classified in, Colton referenced how the band, Switchfoot, had answered similar questions. He stated that he is a Christian, and his influence will be heavily impacted by how he sees life and lives life. He said that as an example, his music will be different from someone who lives a completely different lifestyle then he does. If someone goes out and parties in the club all of the time and sees life through that lens, then their music would be impacted by that life. Colton says that he is going to write about faith, but that he sees potential for his upcoming album to be able to reach people who have never stepped foot in a church. This is to say that Colton lets his faith be an influence on his music because it is such a big part of his life. He does emphasize that he is not solely writing & recording just to be a form of praise & worship music, but wants to have a broader impact.

How did Colton Dixon end up on American Idol?

Aside from his small role as an extra in “Highschool Musical”, while attending High School in Tennessee, Colton’s big break came on season 11 of American Idol. He had actually auditioned during season 10 with his sister Schyler, but neither was selected. Colton’s second round on American Idol nearly didn’t happen as he was merely there to support his younger sister and was not planning to audition himself. The judges recognized and remembered Schyler and Colton auditioning together the year prior, and encouraged Schyler to get Colton to audition again. The judges were blown away with both of the siblings’ growth over the past year, but particularly Coltons. 

How well did Colton Dixon do on American Idol?

After making it past the initial round, and getting a “Golden Ticket” to Hollywood, Colton then rocked it enough in his next four performances to move on past the “Hollywood” & “Las Vegas” rounds. He headed into the “Live” rounds, or the top 24. During his four performances, Colton sang “Only Hope” by Switchfoot, “What About Now” by Daughtry, “Dedicated to the One I Love” by the “5” Royals, and “Fix You” by Coldplay. Despite the great level of talent on American Idol in season 11, Colton clearly stood out and entered the final 24 as one of the favorites, hoping to be a top finisher. The judges were blown away by the growth Colton had shown in the year since he had first auditioned for them during season 10.  

Colton’s first live performance in the top 24 was “Decode” by Paramore. This song started out at a slow pace and Colton just singing along as he played the piano. By the end of the song, Colton was standing on top of the piano with an entire rock band playing behind him. The judges were blown away with Colton’s talent. What Colton had considered a high-risk performance was one of the most memorable of the show’s entire season and secured Colton a place in the top 13! Not bad for someone that almost didn’t audition!

Did Colton Dixon win American Idol Season 11?

Colton busted out a string of performances including “Lately” by Stevie Wonder, “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, “Everything” by Lifehouse, “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper, and “Love the Way You Lie” by Skyler Grey. Colton excelled at performing during these times, never having finished outside of the top 7. Judges praised Colton’s vocal talents as well as his look and style and often times mentioned how they could just imagine hearing him on the radio. It was clear Colton had the passion, vocal talent, and the look to be a star. In addition to these solo’s, he also performed a couple of trios and duets that were also highly regarded and continued to help grown Colton as a favorite to be one of the last remaining singers.

Finally, in the top 7, Colton’s American Idol Journey came to a shocking close. His rock rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” blew away the crowd and judges. He came in 2nd on this part of the competition. It was his next performance where he sang “September” by Earth Wind and Fire that ended his Idol career.  Steven Tyler told him that he loved his voice, but he felt like the song choice wasn’t the right song for him. Tyler said he thought Colton had a much more powerful voice than that song allowed him to show. Ultimately Colton ended up at 9th for that performance, eliminating him from the competition. The judges commented that Colton was eliminated due to not picking a song that showed off his talented voice. They said that they expected him to go on and to make many successful albums. His exit was a major shock to the judges and the crowd alike as he had nearly always finished as one of the top performers. 

What was Colton Dixon’s first album?

When Colton finally released his first album, A Messenger, it set the record for the biggest first-week sales by a new Christian artist. Messenger finished 2013 as the 22nd highest selling album of the year, regardless of genre. The album featured 11 songs along with an additional song/ introduction from Colton. This album was released while he was still dealing with the shocking, and highly public, elimination from American Idol. The album was released through Sparrow Records. His Single “You Are” topped at #10 on both Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs & Christian Airplay during 2012. Also in 2012, his single “Never Gone” reached #13 on Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles. This list is published on a weekly basis by Billboard magazine. The chart lists the top songs that have not yet charted on the main Billboard Hot 100. Chart rankings are based on radio airplay, sales, and streams. His single off the album “Never Gone,” also made it to No. 1 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel singles chart. The album got its name from him knowing it is clear that he is a Messenger for God. Colton has been grounded in his faith from an early age and has said that he was saved at 7 years old, and called to the music Ministry at age 13. 

What has Colton Dixon done recently?

Coltons most recent album, titled “Identity” also debuted at No. 1 on Top Christian Albums Chart. The album earned 8,000 album units in its first week. This showed his continued rising star status as a major star in the contemporary christian genre.

What awards has Colton Dixon won?

Colton has twice won the Dove Award for Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year. The awards came for his first and second album releases, Messenger and then again for Anchor. Dixon said he was, “Absolutely shocked and honored to accept this award, beyond blessed by the people that surround me daily in this industry as well as my family who’ve been my support system from the beginning. I’m ecstatic that we get to do what we do for the King!!”. Dixon was presented the award in front of a sold-out crowd at Lipscomb University during the 45th & 46th annual Dove Awards.

What is Colton Dixon known for?

After publicly displaying and proclaiming his Christian beliefs during his time on American Idol, Colton was dubbed the “Tim Tebow” of TV & American Idol. When asked how he felt about his new nickname, Colton had this to say: “Honored, I’ve truly enjoyed watching Tim display his faith openly on TV, and I appreciate that because I understand what he gets in return for that. Not everyone likes that, but he knows who he is, and he knows who he stands for. I’m the same way. I’m not going to dare shy away from my faith. And I didn’t.” Colton’s time onAmerican Idol aligned with the height of Tebow-Mania across America, and his combination of passion, talent, and his use of a public platform to share his faith, made the two an easy comparison.

Who are Colton Dixon’s Influences?

Colton credits Paramore, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Lifehouse, Evanescence, Switchfoot, Skillet, and The Fray as his biggest sound influences. He has also said prior to releasing his studio album that “I would be totally OK with doing a Switchfoot thing as well. They play the best of both worlds.” as it relates to the overall sound & feel of potential records. Dixon also looked at the success that former Idol contender, Chris Daughtry has found, and had this to say about him, “He’s big about his faith,” Dixon shares. “Man, if my career goes anywhere near as good as where his career has gone, I’m going to be just fine.” With these comments and credited influences, it is easy to see that Colton wants to make rock music that reflects his christian beliefs, but would also love to just make great music.

Is Colton Dixon signed with a record label?

Dixon’s signing with Sparrow records was possibly a match made in heaven, pun intended. Not only is Sparrow records considered a major label to be signed to but they specialize in Christian and inspirational music. Their roster of clients includes TobyMac, Switchfoot, Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, and Chris Tomlin. Those are some of the absolute biggest names in contemporary christian music. Peter York, who is the President of Sparrow Records, said this of signing Colton: “We are extremely excited to partner with 19 Management in presenting Colton Dixon’s recorded music to the world. His successes on American Idol exposed his vocal abilities to millions of viewers. He is a world class vocalist with passion, a mission and a sincere depth of character. We are honored to bring his recordings to those fans that have championed him along his musical journey and introduce him to those who have not yet had the pleasure.” Colton was clearly equally elated with the pairing stating that his faith and music have always been the “two most important” things for him.  “I am now blessed with the chance to combine both of these passions in working with 19 recordings/EMI CMG. With their support, I know I will be able to make an album that I am proud of and showcase who I am as an artist.” 

Where is Colton Dixon from? 

Colton Dixon is from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, which is a city located southeast of Nashville, Tennessee. As of 2010, the city of Murfreesboro had a population of 108,755.

Where Does Colton Dixon write most of his music?

Most of Colton Dixon’s music is written in Los Angeles, California where he goes to collaborate with the legendary song-writers who have written hits for Christina Aguilera, Jon Bellion, Kelly Clarkson, Gavin DeGraw, Martin Garrix, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Shakira, Timbaland, Keith Urban, and other top recording artists.

Who is Colton Dixon writing most of his music with? 

Colton Dixon teamed up with Robopop (Daniel Omelio) to write some of his new music. Throughout Robopop’s career he has written his songs for Gym Class Heroes, Lana Del Rey, Sean Paul, Maroon 5, Adam Lambert, Rome, Marina & The Diamonds, Owl City, Kesha, Jason Mraz, Keith Urban, Jessie J, James Blunt, Gavin Degraw, Charli XCX, Nick Jonas, Britney Spears, Birdy, Andy Grammar, and many other top recording artists.

Colton Dixon also co-wrote his new music with Busbee who unfortunately passed away in 2019, shortly after working with Colton Dixon. Busbee is the iconic song-writer of choice for such hit making artists as: Christina Aguilera, Jason Aldean, Backstreet Boys, Job Bellion, Toni Braxton, Garth Brooks, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Gavin DeGraw, Sara Evans, Florida Georgia Line, The Fray, Martin Garrix, Lady Antebellum, Adam Lambert, Pink, Rascal Flatts, Shakira, Blake Shelton, Timbaland, Keith Urban, Trisha Yearwood and many other top 40 and pop recording artists.

What actually happens during a recording session with Colton Dixon? 

According to Colton, when you get together to write songs you get to know everyone for the first half hour and catch up and it all leads up to someone bringing up the idea. 

When is Colton Dixon’s birthday? 

Michael Colton Dixon was born on October 19th of 1991. 

Who is Colton Dixon’s wife? 

Colton Dixon is married to Annie Coggeshall. The two “love-birds” became engaged at Disney World and were married during the weekend of January 8th of 2016. During an interview People, Colton Dixon shared that the two saved sex for after they were married. The couple chose to enjoy their honeymoon at a resort in Polynesia. 

Why does Colton Dixon believe in abstinence before marriage? 

Although Colton Dixon is a pop-singer, an Atlantic recording artist and an American Idol alum, much of what he says and believes is counter “pop culture.” In fact during an interview with People Magazine, Colton shared that he chose to not have sex until after he was officially married to Annie Coggeshall. According to Colton, “It was kind of strange: we checked into the room and realized, ‘We actually get to go to sleep side by side! This is so cool!'” he told People. “Anywhere we’ve traveled before, we’ve always gotten two hotel rooms. We wanted to remain pure in that area.” – https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6858156/colton-dixon-abstinence-marriage 

How did Colton Dixon and Annie Coggeshall (Dixon) meet?

Colton and Annie met in California while he was rehearsing for the American Idol tour in Los Angeles, California. 


What is the meaning behind Colton Dixon’s song The Other Side? 

One night before Colton Dixon went to bed the lyrics for the single, “The Other Side” jumped into his mind. As quickly as possible he found a pen and wrote down the chorus for the song “The Other Side” about dealing with the passing of a loved one with the ultimate hope and belief of reuniting with them in heaven. 

Colton’s wife, Annie Coggeshall-Dixon lost her brother Dillon, unexpectedly just a few months before she met her future husband. As the two interacted with each other, Colton soon learned that his wife had “a peace that surpassed understanding” about her brother’s death. 


What is Colton Dixon’s marital advice? 

Colton said during his interview with K-LOVE, “Everyday is an opportunity to serve the other person, whether it’s sacrificing something you want to do or go out of your way to make them feel special…something I’m still learning…”


What is Colton Dixon’s net worth?

Colton Dixon’s net worth has not ever been publicly disclosed, however the good folks at www.NetWorthStats.com believe that his net worth is approximately $2 million despite being at just the young age of 27.


Where can I find Colton Dixon on social media?

  1. ColtonDixonMusic – Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcWVvzuCC9tjUogx4DquRrQ
  2. @ColtonDixonMusic – Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/coltondixonmusic/?hl=en 
  3. Colton Dixon – Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/coltondixonmusic/
  4. Colton Dixon – Twitter – https://twitter.com/coltondixon 
  5. Colton Dixon – Website – 

Colton Dixon on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/52oVYHQ99ORZzeig2YGo4R 

Colton Dixon Songs –

  1. Through All of It – Anchor – 2014
  2. More of You – Anchor – 2014
  3. Our Time is Now – Anchor – 2014
  4. Never Gone – A Messenger – 2013
  5. All That Matters – Identity – 2017
  6. The Other Side – Identity – 2017
  7. I Would Choose You – Identity – 2017
  8. I’ll Be the Light – A Messenger – 2013
  9. Brand New Life – Identity – 2017
  10. Limitless – Anchor – 2014
  11. Let Them See You – A Messenger – 2013
  12. You Are – A Messenger – 2013
  13. Jingle Bells – 2013
  14. Echo – Anchor – 2014
  15. Where My Heart GOes – 2013
  16. Down – Identity – 207
  17. Anchor – Anchor 2014
  18. No Greater Love – Identity – 2017
  19. In My Veins – Identity – 2017
  20. Scars – A Messenger – 2013
  21. Love Has Come for Me – A Messenger – 2013
  22. In and Out of Time – A Messenger – 2013
  23. Dare to Believe – Anchor – 2014
  24. Piano Mano – American Idol
  25. Warriors – Identity – 2017 

Cited Colton Dixon References

















David Robinson

“Clay Clark is an entrepreneur extraordinaire.”

– David Robinson
(Hall of Fame Basketball Player / Founder of Carver Academy / Founder of the Admiral Capital Group)

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On today’s show, we are joined by Atlantic recording artists and pop music star Colton Dixon. He’s appeared on Ellen twice. He nearly won American idol. He’s had many number one hits and he’s here with us today in the studio. Song just popped into my mind. Okay, I’m ready. Perfect. Start it from the bottom though. He started from the bottom and let’s show you how to get started from the bottom. Now we, we started from the bottom. Now [inaudible]

ready to enter the thrive time show. [inaudible]

if we started from the bottom, now we’re on the top. Top knew the systems to give what we got. Come Dixon’s on the hooks. Coppertone the books for seize Brigitte’s of wisdom and the colored book as the father of five. That’s why I’m a dive. So if you see my weapon kids, please tell them hi. It’s the seat and C upon your rate. D O and now three, two, one. Here we go.



Typically it’s not, it’s not. It’s not, uh, um, endorsed in civil society to use a megaphone in your home. Typically it’s frowned upon. Typically you don’t say, Hey Derek, could you pass the butter? It typically is frowned upon. Hey kids, can you wake up now I, but, but we have a special guest on today’s show who is um, more talented. Um, but I, the word, I don’t, I don’t like the word town as much as I like the word skilled because skill indicates you’ve worked at your craft, practiced it, practiced it when no one was looking. You practice in the dark, you practice at night, you practice in the morning, you practice, you practice and nobody sees the fruits of your preparation until you get to that one shot. That one opportunity, the golden look, this guy here, he gets me on American idol, didn’t win the thing, but everyone says, Oh Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. And then he goes on Ellen twice and they go, Oh, nice. And then he goes up to the top of the Christian music charts and now he’s signed. He’ll be, you’ll be, you’ll hear them on secular radio stations as well with a very positive message. Colton Dixon, welcome

the studio here, my friend. Hey, we rounded up the crowd. When you keep it in your privacy, but we want the crowd sound. Okay. So, um,

tell us what you can tell us about your new music and, uh, what excites you most about it? Yes. Um, well when this comes out miracles, my first single with Atlantic records, uh, will have dropped, um, came out January 24th

of 2020. Um, it is a, it is a new yet kind of familiar sound for me. Um, it’s not too far outside of what fans have listened to for me thus far, but it also provides something fresh. Um, and, uh, with this Atlantic deal, kind of like you mentioned, it kind of created an opportunity to be in front of new faces. Um, people who don’t necessarily believe or think the way that I do, which honestly excited me more than anything else. Uh, being on American idol gave me that opportunity to be a light and to talk about things that isn’t normally talked about. And I’m really excited to get back to that, um, to reach people outside of churches or outside of, um, those types of places. So really excited about this new chapter.

You’re from a Murphysboro, Tennessee. How does that, um, how does your geography and where you grew up and what you’re around, does that impact the new sound or has it been mostly written in, in, in California or all over the country? Talk to me about, um, the new sound and maybe just what’s shaped that, this new sound.

Yeah. Um, I love Murfreesboro. Um, it’s about 35 to 40 minutes outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Um, I still think more often than not, people are surprised that I don’t do country music. Um, growing up right outside of Nashville, a name like Colton Dixon, everyone assumes, Hey, you must do, you must do country, country or Western. Yeah. I’m like, yeah. Um, but no. Um, I couldn’t be further from country music, honestly. Love it dear to my heart. But, um, a lot of this was written actually out in LA. Um, like I said, a lot of the music beforehand, I had written in Nashville occasionally out in LA, um, with different writers, but this one was pretty much solely out in LA. And, um, the number one reason why I loved working on this project is I was able to sit down with real people, um, who did not share the same beliefs that I did and we were able to have real conversations and then these beautiful songs came out of those real conversations. And, uh, I’m just really excited, um, to spark conversation.

Can you share with us any of the songwriters you worked with or cause I, I again, I want to spill the beans or share what I shouldn’t share. But you worked with some people that have produced some mega hits. I mean, some of the people, the co-writers who are working with you have, have put out some of the who’s who of music. I mean, they’ve put out a lot of the big hits. We know. Can you share anything about who you were co-writing with or what, what can you share at this point?

Yeah, absolutely. Um, I worked with a guy named robo pop. Um, robo pop produced Lana Del Rey’s video games wrote on that as well. Huge song, um, several years ago. Awesome dude. Um, worked with, um, gosh, um, Alex TIR Heimer um, grant, Avril, um, Ahmad Royal.

You, I mean, you’re, when you’re in a room songwriting, I want to, and I know it was, he has some questions for you. I just want to ask you this. When you’re in a room with the guy and you’re co-writing, what is going on? I mean, because I

listened to the, and the writer, his podcast a lot. You turned me on to that. Yeah, we actually had Ross Golan on the show. Ross Golan is pretty much the mayor of songwriting world right now. I mean, he, he and Ryan Tedder sorta hold the keys to the castle. Um, when you’re in a room with these top songwriters, what are you doing? I mean, are you, you sing in a lyric and then they’re, you know, playing the woodblock and then somebody playing the bongos if somebody’s on the piano or if somebody’s on a kazoo, what is happening? Every I’ll of that and more. Um, when you walk in the first 45 minutes to an hour, maybe a little less is spent getting to know each other. Um, you talk about everything from family to sometimes you talk about politics, which out in LA can be any very interesting thing or you can, I mean, you talk about everything.

Um, you can just get to know the other person. Maybe. Um, what I’ve been doing in the last several years, trying to get an idea of what we want to do. Um, but honestly it, all of that leads up to someone presenting the idea. Um, the idea supersedes pretty much everything else. Um, for example, um, song called miracles, I wrote it actually with, um, with Busby, um, which if you follow music at all, you probably heard that Busby passed away, um, end of last year, um, via cancer. Um, which tragic, he’s only four years older than me. He’s 43 years old, man was 43. So sad. Um, love that guy. I just appreciate and am so thankful for him. I want to share just the listeners know what a American treasure we lost here. This Busbee has, uh, written songs with, with Timberland, with, with Katy Perry. Um, Keith urban, uh, Jon Bellion, lady antebellum.

I mean, so it had to be an honor to work with him first off, because this is like, I mean, Christina Aguilera, he’s worked with, um, Backstreet boys. Uh, we’re, we’re talking about Toni Braxton, uh, Garth Brooks. I mean huge Kelly Clarkson. I mean, it’s like, what am I just listing famous people about? These have to be in a room that had to be an honor. Tell me about how that song came about and maybe what it’s like releasing your first song that you co-wrote with the person who’s no longer here to share it with you. That has to be interesting. Tough. Yeah. I think interesting’s a good word. Um, it’s, uh, it’s really cool that I’m able to do that for Busby, but it’s also really sad at the same time. Um, yeah, Busby’s, just worked with everyone and um, it was so cool getting to write that song with Busby and then going into other writer rooms and they would ask, Hey, well, who have you been working with?

And I would always list Busby and every time I would the mood changed because it went from, okay, here’s this guy who’s just signed to Atlantic. Sure. He had a past with American, Adam did Christian stuff, but then I say Busby and it, it just automatically adds credit immediately, immediately. Um, he was just that good at what he did. And I’m so thankful for guys like hand because you’d walk in the room within and there was no ego. Um, he was just insanely talented at all things music is he is, does he, did he work a lot on the melody? Does he work a lot on the production or both or lyrics or what was it in the songwriting world? People have their little niches sometimes. Sure. And then some people are all encompassing. Yeah. What did he provide on the song miracles the most or man?

Um, he actually did a lot of the production cool before he passed, um, which was passed on to his assistant. Um, Ryan da daily, daily. I’m not sure he pronounce his last name, but um, and Ryan has been amazing. He’s killed it. But, um, he honestly was involved in all of it. Um, yeah, that’s awesome. I would say the other writer and I, Michael, Jade and I, we worked on lyric quite a bit, but as we worked on lyric Busby would be working on the track and he turned around and say, what if you said this instead? And it was always better than what Michael and I came up with. He’s just so good. You mentioned working with robo pop, but I’m just trying to tell the listeners, look the caliber of what [inaudible]

we can expect with this new music. Z, a robo pop has worked with the gym class heroes. Check Sean Paul, check a maroon five. Check Kesha, Keith, urban Z. You love music man. Gavin de Gras, you know these days, I mean Nick Jonas, see you went and saw Nick Jonas. You saw him recently with the a B. Okay. Did you sure it was just had to be okay not too long ago. I mean, we’re talking about some great songwriters and you and I teamed up Z a, a lot of people who listen to this show, especially in the last like four weeks, know that you owe that you own a bank. And I’m in it. And so Z, uh, it doesn’t like to talk about the fact that he’s a partner and an owner of a bank. But I mentioned that because a lot of people, it’s like, Oh, you worked with Busbee, you worked with robo pop, you own a bank.

It’s, it’s, it’s like a different thing for you. The listeners tell me, they were like, we know that’s the one thing you’re chasing at this point in your life. So anyway, so uh, you and I, the banks called Regent bank. Regent bank. Yes. What was it called when you and Sean and the, and the team bought the bank originally, what was it called? Brand rebranded itself, but it was the first national bank of no water and water and you and I, we thought, we thought about it and we’re going, you know, we need to write a hit. I think song for the bank theme song, I’ll give you your megaphone here and we’re going. And I said, Z, I got up, I got an idea. And then you looked at me and you said, why are you wearing purple? And I go, I don’t know.

And a buyer and a white pirate shirt underneath it. And then you’re going in, are you, do you always wear platforms or is this a new thing for you? And I said, this is, I don’t know what it is, but my eyeliner was getting in my eye and I start getting emotional. I put on these necklace you had, it was kind of a gender nonspecific necklace. I don’t know. Like a ruffled, like a, uh, like a ruffle. Like a friend. Like a puckered shirt? Yes. The puffy shit. I said, you see use, I saidZ , I don’t know what we’re going to call this song, but I’ll see you tomorrow. And the lobby of region or

region bank or region bank.

And you said it sounds familiar, but a lot of great songs. Do they have kind of a nice fit? I don’t know. Oh no.

See you in a of a region, bank or region or region.

It just, and it was like, it, it felt, it felt like deja abou with, with the, just the two of us there. And I was going, this has gotta be exp. I don’t know. There was a moment. It was a moment. It was a moment. So you have, you’re a songwriter, obviously you have questions and so please ask Colton Dixon your questions. We are serious about our craft.

Colton Dixon have you ever, has there ever been something that just inspired a song? I mean, just some, some event, some, some thought popped in your mind. All of a sudden you just built a song around it? Yes, all the time. Okay. And have you, is it always the same procedure? Do you come up with the lyrics first or a hook and then maybe some melody or do you, or do you play around the piano, get a melody and then you think, well, what would sound good with that? I mean, which comes first? The chicken or the egg?

Um, typically I do the idea first and then I’ll go sit at the piano and, and, and take the idea and what I’m wanting it to feel like and all that stuff. And then I’ll incorporate that into piano and then comes melody and then um, then lyric. Um, typically, but there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s art. So it’s, it’s all however you achieve the end goal is how it was done.

Yeah. So you have a feel of what the, the, the, the theme of the song’s going to be. Sure. And then you, you start messing around and get some music laid down and then you come in, put the heart and then you, the last thing is, is the hard lyrics that, that fit then with the track that you’ve, that you’ve kind of

develop somewhat. Sure. Um, I think there’s two types of people in the world. There’s a music person and then there’s a lyric person. Um, I tend to be more music. Ah, because I think music is so cool cause it’s the only universal language in the world. When you can play a piece of music, no lyric that is true in everyone can feel the exact same thing. So I think that’s really cool. Um, so I can convey a message without saying a word. Um, so I tend to lean on that and make sure that is as good as it possibly can be. And then whenever I get that to the caliber I want it to be, then it’s time to make sure the lyric is just as good. Have you ever done a concert where you’re wearing nothing but purple? Not yet.

You can think about that. Maybe I should add that to my wardrobe. I have a question. I’ll reload mine cause I had it. Well I took you back to a dark place when we were working on that song and because we were in that room for, it could have been hours trying to come up with any melody at all. Many people have come after us recently going, you guys stole that from Prince. And so I went back and watched the vanilla ice trial or vanilla was out there and they were saying, you definitely copied the baseline from under pressure, mr vanilla ice. When I was young, I did ice ice baby. I was 16, man. Wow. You were 16, 1,606. Dun dun dun dun dun duh duh duh. Instead of [inaudible] it changed beer in the middle of the lawsuit.


then I was listening to the Robbins, but we never released it yet. Well, yeah, I mean we’ll, Robin Robin Thicke, recently a Marvin Gaye’s, you know, family came after him copying the song. I got to give it up to make the song blurred lines. Yeah. And then even though they sound, I mean identical, that’s how we feel. We’re in the same boat with these great artists. I mean, milli Vanilli another lawsuit that just got lost was the, it was a, um, it was a Grammy award winning song to, from a Sam. Um, you know what I’m talking about? Colton Dixon , they, it was, uh, Richard Richard Petty. It’s a Tom petty song and they nailed Sam hunt. Sam, uh, uh, stay with Sam Smith.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

yes, yes, yes, yes. And I’ll do that again. Yeah. And they, yeah, I guess pumps. Can you sing something to us? Like what he, I know he can, I can, it’s a song that you just give us like a chorus of what cause our listeners, what I’m trying to do on this show, Eric, you’re a good friend of mine. I really appreciate you singing the intro for our podcast. All of our listeners are always asking who does it. That was so much fun by the way. It’s I just, I, I want the listeners to just get enough, just a little sample size of Colton Dixon. Therefore there are going to be on a mission to go to Colton dixon.com and then pretty soon we’re going to find them in a position at a stadium cheering going. Yes, yes. Cause if you like imagine dragons are one Republic, you’re going to love some Colton Dixon D do you have something you can do? You have like a cover of something or a song you just get, maybe just a little something song just popped into my mind. Okay, I’m ready. Perfect.

Started from the bottom though. He started from the bottom and we’ll show you how to get started from the bottom now. We, we started from the bottom now.

Oh Nanda.

See tonight when you go to bed, can you pray for me to get talent? Pray for skill. You’ve got talent. Just got no skill. He’s got no skills. I’m halfway there. Okay. Okay. So I want, I want to ask you this. Uh, we had a gentleman by the name of Charlie rocket who attended a conference who, uh, worked with two chains to introduce the rapper, two Chainz into the music world. There he was his manager, promoter, that guy. And he had a video of him in the studio with Kanye West. So Charlie rockets in the studio with Kanye West and Kanye is doing this thing called baby talk where the beats plan and he’s saying stuff, but I didn’t know if it was English or what it was. And I know Connie is a smart man. He’s an artist. I’m thinking, is this like French? Is it’s like Spanish, is it? What is it? Can you, and he says, no, no, it’s baby talk. He’s nailing down the sink patient. He’s nailed down the vision 40 once and he’s nailing down the syncopation. Now, can you please explain what baby talk is?

Yeah. So, um, you have a melody down in your head. You’ve got the basic feel and flow of the song, but now you’re trying to fill in the blanks, but you’re singing back the melody and you’re the, the, the theme of the song is going through your head. How it makes you feel is going through your head. You might have even a song title. So you’re thinking, what’s a, you have a song called alive. Um, so you’ve got this melody, uh, I’m alive. Um, so you’re like, okay, uh, um, uh, Donna, Donna, Donna, and then your life like just you, you, you are trying to run. But then you’re also giving a sink, a patient of this melody. So you’ll just start spitting out words that rhyme. Some of it may be English, some that might be dotted out it up. But um, what’s so funny about baby talk is you’ll start doing that and then you will fall in love with that one word that you landed on. So then you spend the rest of your time, your time trying to figure out how to get from the first line that you have to that second word that you like so much. So you’ll fill in the blank.

And the syncopation of the lyrics in pop music is strongly influenced now by, you know, hip hop, the RNB sound. Do we hear

any of that, that tight syncopation that you would hear from like an imagine dragons or a one Republic or a maroon five on your new stuff? We hear any of that or what, what could the listeners expect to find there? Yeah. Um, there are several songs. I’m trying to think through miracles. I don’t think miracles has as much of that, but then I know this is a upbeat song. Miracles is upbeat, feel good song, but the syncopation is not as crazy as what, um, whatever it takes. Imagine dragons or whatever. However, there is a, there’s a couple songs that I’m thinking off the top of my head. I’m not allowed to share what the title is, but they will be coming out. Um, and the verses are very syncopated and honestly I feel like those come easier to me because I feel like the less words you have, the more intentional you have to be with every single word. And with the syncopation, you have a rhythm that you’re trying to keep. Um, so you can, it’s really easy to

non-drug induced modern Elton John. It’s like LTE. John would sing songs. Ellen John would sing songs though that would have you going, Oh wow. And you would think about life differently or you would think about, I mean, he had so many songs that you would just go, man, I hadn’t thought about life that way, but he didn’t say it. And just a whole lot of words. And he had that ability to, and then you said it’s a universal language. Elton could make you feel something. I mean, he has the ability to, to do that. I just, I, I, I, I your, your music does that

tip to me. I don’t know what it is, is just blows my mind. Absolutely. One final question you have for mr Colton Dixon

before he takes his [inaudible] got to get out. He’s got to get out of here. Uh, any show dates, any tours and the coming and going for 20, 20, anything you could tell us or do, do you have anything scheduled or really anything? There’s actually, um, as far as shows go, we haven’t intentionally, we haven’t booked a lot. Um, leading up to summer, um, I’m going to be going around to different radio stations, um, promoting you’re promoting the new stuff. Um, that’s also so important. Um, clay, you and I have talked about this. Um, everyone from Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift to you name them. Um, even before they were big, they would get in their parents’ car and drive around to all these radio stations. So they would just, they would knock and ask the worst, they could say

a Q and a to live in the studio. Justin Bieber go do a laugh for us. This is a one time, it is acoustic version on my guitar so I hope you guys like it.


[inaudible] staff stuff. Even no struggle. Love is all we got so we don’t keep [inaudible] world world. It is your breath, your breath, your herd cause guy yo ma one love one heart. My one life Bashaw limitation on time. Let’s say you want went well. Country was always what I was in love with. I was just naturally drawn to it. I got my first country album when I was six and that was the first Leann Rimes album. Yeah, it was blue and I was just absolutely in love with it and just really inspired by her and everything she did and I think the moment came when I decided I wanted to be a country artist was when I was eight years old and went to my first concert which was the Leon rhymes concert and I was like holding up this huge banner in the front row. It’s like, I love you Leanne, like a stalker. And had sent her all these letters and this package of like drawings and pictures of me and stuff to her hotel room the night before. And I had a huge blonde fro when I was little, like it a lot bigger than it is now. So she recognized me in the audience and had actually taken time to like read my letters and stuff. And when she was going around shaking hands with people in the audience, she looked down and I was like, Leanne, did you get my letters? And she, I sure did, Taylor.

And that was, that was the moment where literally it all just clicked for me that if I could ever make one little kid feel that way or one person feel the way she made me feel, then it would all be [inaudible]. Um, but most of the time they’d say, yeah, sure. Um, you’ve got to deal with so-and-so. Yeah, we’ll, we’ll plug up a microphone. You’ve got a guitar and, and sing your new stuff.

Gotta get you. We ha ha we have to get you on the Spotify sessions or the BBC live lounge. I’m just telling a VOC you perform. It’s so magical.

Mr Colton Dixon [inaudible] you worked over stuff with me. Your signatures on everything we see from the Hills and the picture maker took the kid that the doctor said would a vape, which is hard to believe that you don’t exist or venture orchestrated all of this. Your the argument [inaudible]

I see. I don’t ask a whole lot of our listeners. We’ve put out almost 2000 shows. Each one of them is free. Yeah, that’s cool. Right now we’re knocking on the 2000th show that I’ve got a few more edits to do, but we’ll be at 2000 here in the next, um, 30 days and with 2000 shows we’ve been producing content between video and audio for really six years. At this point, I don’t ask a lot. Um, and I’m going to ask everybody out there to take one action step that doesn’t cost any money, if that’s okay. Oh, absolutely. I would encourage you to go, um, check out the following thing that Colton wants you to check out. So Colton Dixon , all the listeners here, we’re gonna, we’re, we’re willing to, I know some of us have carpal tunnel, some of us are busy. It hurts when I type, some of us are distracted. I’m driving. Some of us are w w what is the, what is the, maybe the website or the song of yours, you want them to check out? Do you want me to go on Spotify? Listen to something? What is the one ask the one big giant ask. Yeah. The ask is go listen to miracles.

That’s why [inaudible]

came out January 24th. Um, and uh, yeah, listen to it as many times. Listen to it until you get sick of it. If you want to know even more than that, you can go to Colton dixon.com. But, um, miracle miracles is the new stuff. And uh, I’m, it’s been three years in the making, so I really hope you enjoy it.

It is kind of, it, it’s kind of a modern miracle here. You are a man. You’re, you’re, you’re married for about what, a year now? Year and a half now. Four years. Tomorrow. Four years. Wow. Congratulations. Woo. Yeah. Who knew? So this is the thing, I’m, I’m kinda messing with you here. You’re happily married. Yes. I want to end the show with that idea. You happily married kind of a modern miracle. Yeah. Talk to us. What’s your key? Um, are you just, you just carry around a sign that says, I’m sorry, or what do you, what do you do? Because it’s a, people are Google searching you and your wife right now they see the two love birds. Um, Lord knows, I certainly know how to be a bad husband. I’m, I’m a recovering, I’m working through it. What’s your, your miraculous marriage tip here? There’s a lot of Mary listeners out there, you know, tell us what the move is.

Um, I’m only four years in. I’m walking around with a sign saying, I’m sorry, is a great idea if you’re not doing it. Yeah, I should. I should.

You bought me some easy. So I owe you a shirt that says, I’m sorry. I think it’s a fair trade,

man. The biggest thing that I’ve learned is, is marriage is not a feeling. It’s a commitment. When you commit to someone, you’re not only committing to God that you’re going to take care of this spouse and love this spouse. Um, but your, um, also in front of a lot of people to hold you accountable to that commitment as well. Um, I don’t think any marriage is perfect, um, because no human being is perfect. We all fall short at the marriages on the B team. Well, my wife is awesome. Chief grit. I’m the B team though. Yes, I’m falling in that category is what I positioned for my wife. But uh, yeah. Um, even in those moments where, um, you’re annoyed with the other person or whatever, I’m sure this is probably more my wife’s angle than it is with mine. But um, she says, no, I made a commitment, so I’m going to love you regardless. Love is a commitment, not a feeling. That’s good.

That’s a good word. That’s a good word. Thrive nation. Go check out miracles on Spotify by Colton Dixon, miracles by spa on Spotify by Colton Dixon against miracles on Spotify. You may, I have to go to Spotify right now. Yet what am I, what am, I don’t have Spotify. iTunes. What if I don’t have iTunes, Apple music, Apple music or whatever? What if I don’t listen? If you are listening to this show, don’t lie to yourself and don’t lie to me and go check out miracles by Colton Dixon and Z. I think we’re ready to end the show with the boomers. Prepare, I’m fired up. Are you prepared to end the show with a boom? So ready, Andrew? Yes and Dreezy. Are you ready to allow that with a boom? I’m so ready. Here we go. Three, two, one, boom.


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This is [inaudible].

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play the woodblock. Okay. If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.


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