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The Real 911 Story | An Interview with Unplanned Star Actress Robia Scott

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Robia Scott is an actress and dancer who is best known for her role as the spokesperson for the legendary music artist Prince and her role in the new hit movie, Unplanned. Robia Scott shares about the story behind the movie unplanned, her book Counterfeit Comforts, her path to stardom and the habits and routines that she believes have allowed her to become successful.


Some sources estimate that there are about 2 million couples currently waiting to adopt in the United States — which means there are as many as 36 waiting families for every one child who is placed for adoption.

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  6. However, there is only one drawback to the business model?
    1. It does require you to kill babies. Alot of babies.
    2. In fact, in 2017, Plan Parenthood killed 911 babies every single day, which means that during just today’s show, plan parenthood will kill 37.95 babies just during this podcast alone while generating over $148,401.79. Wow. Now that is a business model to be proud of.
    3. How was work today? Oh, I did my part to help kill 911 babies in route to fulfilling our mission?
    4. I thought your mission was to help plan parenthood?
    5. No, our mission is to exterminate the 98.5% of unwanted babies while there is a ratio of 36 waiting parents for every one adoption that is placed.


How profitable is Planned Parenthood?

According to the 2017-2018 PP annual reports PP receives most of their financial resources for abortions from outside donors rather than federal funds. They receive from private donors, taxes such as medicaid( under Title X)

– According to their combined statement of Revenue for 2017-2018, they earned $1,430,000,000.7


How much per abortion?

According to planned parenthood annual reports

– It cost every woman an average of $397 per abortion service within the 1st trimester

– It costs an average of $854 within the 2nd trimester

– According to the Hyde amendment which was last updated in 1997 (PP Annual reports/congress.gov) Federal funds cannot be allocated towards PP. However, every state is free to decide whether or not money for Medicaid can be taken out of paychecks for abortions. 17/50 states require Medicaid expenses taken out of pay to be used towards abortions. Out of the 17 states, Oklahoma is one that only requires these resources to go towards abortions as a result of incest, rape, and life endangerment.(KFF Henry J Kaiser family foundation)

How many families/individuals are waiting to adopt children?

  • The ratio of individuals looking to adopt vs children being placed for adoption is 36:1( According to American adoptions)
  • According to the Donaldson Adoption Institute 57% of women consider/adopt because of infertility situations.


How many children are adopted per year?

– According to American adoptions there is a 36:1 ration for those who want to adopt for every child that is placed up for adoption.

– According to the Planned Parenthood report from 2017-2018 only 3.4% of their services went towards abortion.

– Out of every woman who went to a PP clinic who considered abortion >1% placed their children up for adoption.

– According to the PP 2017-2018 annual report and the adoption network, around 4% children are placed up for adoption.

– There are roughly  1.3 billion children aborted every year, and about 4% of women with unwanted pregnancies place their children up for adoption. That works out to roughly 52,000 children.


Thrive Nation, on today’s show, we are interviewing Robia Scott who is an actress, dancer and Cheryl from the hit movie, Unplanned.

  1. Robia, I want to pick your brain about some of the roles you’ve had in your epic career, my friend where did it all start for you…what was your life like growing up and how did that impact you becoming the person that you are today?
    1. One day as a little girl, I saw the movie Flashdance.
    2. I began dancing and took dance classes.
    3. A few years later, I started doing music videos.
    4. Not too long after that, I was contacted by Prince. I traveled around the world as a teenager with Prince. I was in the CREAM video and that one was my favorite.
  2. Robia Scott, I’m a huge fan of the late great Prince’s music, how would you describe your role working with Prince?
    1. He was always dressed up in his suit with his buttons, pumps and the whole thing.
    2. One time I was at his house and he was playing the piano. He said he was going upstairs and change into his “comfortable clothes”. He came back in 15 minutes in the exact same costume but in blue…
  3. You were in Beverly Hills, 90210, what was that experience like?
    1. After Prince, I retired from dance. I started acting and training as an actor. I was hired at Beverly Hills, 90210 for a few different parts.
    2. My second job in the acting world was with Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
    3. My character was very fun and banterous. The show did begin to become darker and darker as time went on. While the show was becoming more and more dark, I was becoming a Christian. When I left the show, I was rather happy.
  4. Robia Scott, I would love for you to share about what the movie Unplanned is all about?
    1. The movie follows Abby Johnson. She bought into the propaganda of Planned Parenthood. She worked for Planned Parenthood for a long time and climbed the ranks of the company. She eventually realized that Planned Parenthood was simply pushing you to the choice of abortion.  
    2. Abby decided to share what she found with the world and Planned Parenthood reacted. She had a short legal battle and eventually got the truth out.
  5. From your perspective, why does everybody truly need to go out and see the movie unplanned?
    1. It isn’t some cheesy Christian movie. It is very well put together and simply just brings truth. It really makes people think. More people are researching these facts not because of the movie.
  6. After studying up to play this role, what are your thoughts about Planned Parenthood?
    1. I have been in full time ministry and had no intentions in returning to Hollywood.
    2. Randomly I would get people telling me that felt like God wasn’t done with me in Hollywood. I was not going to be pursuing it.
    3. I ended up meeting with the creators of “Unplanned” and I was immediately intrigued.
    4. I loved the idea because it wasn’t just some cheesy movie but more of a true movie.
    5. I loved the idea that we would talk about the other side of Planned Parenthood that no one would talk about.
    6. We received a “R” rating. We realize that that rating stands for “Real”
  7. During an interview, you quoted Mark Twain where he once famously said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” What does that quote mean to you?
    1. Whenever the world is in love with something, There is a chance that there is not a whole lot of God in it.
    2. We don’t have to get “Super Religious” but we don’t have to flow with the masses.
    3. We all like to make money but I just wanted to be in my calling and follow God.
    4. I like risk and adventure so I walked away from my full-time job and pay into full-time ministry.
  8. Robia Scott, you wrote the book, Counterfeit Comforts: Freedom from the Imposters That Keep You from True Peace, Purpose and Passion. What first inspired you to write this book?
    1. It came from my own personal journeys. I was successful and making a lot of money but I was struggling.
    2. I talk about my experience with food and speaking with God. God told me that food was the fruit of an unhealthy root.
    3. There are so many things today that we use as counterfeit comforts.
    4. God took me through of healing and transformation.
  9. The CEO gets $957,000 per year and Planned Parenthood got $543,000,000 from the government.
    1. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/can-planned-parenthood-survive-without-federal-funds/
  10. 1.5% of all abortions came from rape or incest in Oklahoma.
    1. https://www.nytimes.com/1989/10/13/us/rape-and-incest-just-1-of-all-abortions.html
  11. There have been 54,000,000 since 1973.
    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_statistics_in_the_United_States


Where can I learn more about abortions?



What is the cost of an abortion?



How much profit does Planned Parenthood make per year?

Planned Parenthood produces an annual profit of over $250, 150% increase according to its own accounts.


David Robinson

“Clay Clark is an entrepreneur extraordinaire.”

– David Robinson
(Hall of Fame Basketball Player / Founder of Carver Academy / Founder of the Admiral Capital Group)

Jack Easterby

“Thank you for what you guys do, I am thankful for what you are doing. I feel the energy of who you are”

– Jack Easterby
(Former Character Coach of Choice for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots)

John Maxwell

“Clay, you have a teachable spirit and one that wants to learn! I loved it! I loved being with you and let’s do it again!”

– John Maxwell
(Leadership Expert & Best-Selling Author)

Guy Kawasaki

“I just love this! Thank you for having me!”

– Guy Kawaski
(Marketing Specialist & Product Evangelist for Apple, Mercedes and more)

Craig Groeschel


– Craig Groeschel
(Founder & Senior Pastor of Life Church
that has grown to 30 Locations)

Devan Kline

“You are my favorite person I’ve ever been interviewed by, I am laughing the whole time. No wonder your podcast and everything you are doing is so successful”

– Devan Kline
(Founder of Burn Boot Camp)

Seth Godin


– Seth Godin
(Best-Selling Author of 18 Books
Including Purple Cow)

Jeff Hoffman

“I really appreciate you.”

– Jeff Hoffman
(Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Author of SCALE)

Unplanned movie’s beginning

The American drama film, unplanned was originally going to be named Redeemed. However, leading up to this working title, producers decided to stick with the original title unplanned. It was their hope to minimize protests by activists fighting for abortion rights. The film was not only directed and written by Cary Solomon, and Chuck Konzelman, but received the inspiration originally from a memoir written by Abby Johnson.

While there are many known actors and actresses in the film such as: Robia Scott, Brooks Ryan, and Ashley Bratcher, many popular TV channels abstained from promoting material for this film because it followed the life of a Planned Parenthood director and her conversion to her supporting antiabortion. Despite the fact that many people refused to air promotional videos, this movie was released by Pure Flix, on March 29, 2019.


What is Unplanned about

This film follows the life of Abby Johnson, She first heard of careers with Planned Parenthood while attending career fairs at her university. In the year 2001, she agreed to meet with director Cheryl and then agrees to volunteer after being told the end goal was to help save lives of thousands of babies. However, as she arrived to the clinic she is confronted by many protesters against abortion. Not all protesters thought the best way to help the mothers was to protest. One protester in particular Marilisa, along with her charitable group decided to pray for women rather than verbally confronting them. They also provide resources and information about those that will help raise children rather than aborting them.

During this intense conversation, Abby relates how because of a deadbeat boyfriend she was pressured into aborting her child. Regardless of her deadbeat boyfriend, Abby decides to marry her boyfriend Mark. After finding out he cheated on her less than a year later she ends up divorcing him. While working at the Planned Parenthood clinic she discovers she is pregnant with her ex-husband’s child. With no father, she decides to have a medical abortion.

Despite being told that the abortion would be gentle, Abby has one of the most painful experiences that leave her experiencing eight horrible weeks of cramping and continuous bleeding. Instead of directing her anger towards Planned Parenthood, she directs it at herself. She then experiences a promotion and becomes the public relations director and later counselor. She acts as a counselor for all the young women who wish to have an abortion. She ensures they are well aware of what will happen and is able to convince these women to go through with their abortion despite worries and fears.

She later marries a wonderful man named Doug, despite have opposing views of abortion. She once again finds herself pregnant and while Abby’s coworker Cheryl tries to convince her to abort her child, something changes in her mind and she decides to go through with the pregnancy. Cheryl then shows her the room of products of conception. Abby sees the fetal remains from many medical abortions. Cheryl would love for Abby to become the clinic’s director. After discussing her promotion Abby accepts. She becomes an employee of the year as she is able to produce the region’s highest performing clinic, as well as the clinic that brings in the most revenue.

During a conference, she very publicly endorses more medical abortions because they bring more money to the clinic. She is reprimanded by many for being so open about killing innocent children for profit. While she’s reflecting on what happened during the conference, she looks through her own medical history and sees the sonogram of a child she aborted.  A few years later, in the year 2009 she is called upon to witness and guide an abortion for a young woman who is 13 weeks along in her pregnancy. She sees the fetus on the ultrasound which is moving away from the suction aspiration. This is a tool used to remove the child. She finds this entire process extremely revolting and leaves the room with tears streaming down her face.

She runs into Shawn and Marilisa in the 40 days for life office. She breaks down and through tears house them that she needs to find new employment. After she resigned from the Planned Parenthood clinic, she then joins women on the other side of the fence in their cause to save lives. She is sued by Planned Parenthood for reportedly leaking confidential facts and information. Shawn and Abby’s friend Jeff decides to defend them against Planned Parenthood tries to intimidate happy. However after quickly finding that Planned Parenthood has no real grounds to sue Abby the judge rules in favor of Abby’s case.

Without having to run a successful clinic in 2013 that particular Planned Parenthood closes. During a very emotional ceremony, she expresses her guilt and regrets working for such a careless cause. She then leave a it-letter that is addressed to her children as well as to roses on the fence. She then begins working with “And then there were none”  ministry to help other Planned Parenthood employees find new employment.


Producing the film

After announcing that the film redeemed was completed in 2018 by Pure Flix. everyone that assisted in creating this film signed a confidentiality agreement because they were worried about potential protests. They did not want any social media promotion or press interaction. In fact, this film was so confidential that it was shot in secret and Stillwater Oklahoma.this film was shot with only a budget of $6 million. The founder of my pillow Michael J Lindell was able to contribute 1 million from his personal funds for the production. You can even see him make his debut in the film.after writing the script they sent off to Abby Johnson, to verify whether they were able to accurately capture her story.she is was disgusted with herself after reading the first 15 pages. However, at the end of the script, she knew and was able to see the personal change that she made in her life.

Unlike the upcoming movie Roe v Wade, unplanned was able  to continue working with the same filming crew as well as actors and actresses, even after they learned of the subject material of the film. Those who have hired you the subject of the film and the film’s focus before accepting the role. The main lead in unplanned Ashley Bratcher, was able to relate her mother’s experiences with this film. After understanding the subject of the film, her mother told her that she had an abortion when she was in her teenage years. In fact, she almost had an abortion with her daughter Ashley.because of her experiences shared, Ashley’s mother is an extra in the film.

Not only were there many of TV channels of that refuse to promote unplanned, but there were multiple music labels who was with not let their music right be used in this film. Including how to save a life,  girls just want to have fun, that man’s party and the garden seat by Trevor Rabin. The very fact that I have supported this memoir have come into question. There are specific statement that Planned Parenthood employees encouraged Abby to say to increase the money they would receive for abortions.

According to Texas monthly, the patient in question was indeed an African-American. Taken from one of the clinic’s record on September 26, 2009 she was in her six weeks, not the 13th week of her pregnancy..the film’s co-director as well as the writer said that his own father changed his views, and became pro-life after viewing only a segment from the film. Matthew West who is a Christian singer wrote the song unplanned specifically for this movie. He released it just seven days before the movie’s release.


The rating given by MPAA

Now the motion picture Association of America gave unplanned and our rating not because there were in the sexual scenes, violent scenes it was as a result of the controversial material. It was due to the political bias that instead of receiving an expected PG-13 rating, it was given an R rating. It was said that by the codirectors carry Solomon, and Chuck Konzelman that the MPAA  rating system is incredibly flawed as they allow movies with extremely graphic violence, sex, degradation, murder, and extreme sequences to be allowed in PG -13 rated films while films that highlight controversial and political bias are given in our rating to dissuade them from releasing the film.

While the vice president of distribution at Pure Flix  Ken Rather thought it was ridiculous is that his daughter needed parental supervision to see this movie. Abby Johnson had another opinion about the movie’s rating She thought that this may have been assigned as a show of good faith. We are pushing society’s boundaries of what has been the scene on a wide scale showing the citizens of America exactly what abortion is. It is disturbing, grotesque, and violent. This is one of the most impactful films, even the passion of Christ was given an R rating. Therefore, whoever sees this film is not only prepared for the truth.they are seeking it out.

In response to the rating the movie was given, there were 29 complaints that were sent to the MPAA. included in the signatures is former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, Kevin Sorbo, Gerald R Molen, and Gray Frederickson. This is a variety of Academy award-winning producers, actors, and political commentators. Abby  Johnson wrote an open letter addressed to. Explaining why this movie was given the rating it was. She wanted to explain to parents that this film included neither profanity, nudity, or sex. She then also wrote a letter addressed to the same 29 people who opposed the rating and encourage them to have faith in the community and to ignore the rating. She was hoping that there would be as much turnout as there was for The passion of Christ. This is the first R rated film that pure flix has released.


Unplanned’s release

When it came time to release the film unplanned it was first released in the United States on the day of March 29, 2019. The lower Manhattan area, there were free screenings available on February 21, 2019.as well as one day before the planned release date, the film was shown on March 28, 2019 in Indiana.there were many high-ranking TV channels including discovery, Hallmark, A& E Networks, and NBC Universal all refused to air ads promoting the city. The only stations that agreed to air ads was Fox news, and Christian broadcasting network.

There is so much bias and controversy regarding this movie, that during the opening weekend of the film, the official Twitter account was frozen due to the accusation that they had violated Twitter’s code of conduct. However, despite all that, it gained thousands of followers within the first few hours. The following on twitter for Unplanned exceeded the followers for Planned Parenthood. Josh Hawley accused Twitter of censoring conservative views as well as depleting the twitter account from over 200,000 followers to approximately 16,000. A letter was written to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that requested an outside source to provide an independent audit. When the film was released volunteers from 40 days for life wore T-shirts supporting the film during the opening weekend. This film received support from citizens all over the states including support from  Donald Trump Jr, Franklin Graham, and Mike Pence.


Box office

In the United States along with the beach bum, tempo, unplanned was released. They projected that there would be a $3-$5 million from a 1060 theaters. However, they greatly underestimated the support in the community and on the first day of the film made $3 million which included 700,000 from Thursday night previews. It then went on to exceed a box office projections by debuting $6.4 million more than expected. And then placed for marking the second-best opening for Pure Flix, which was close behind God’s not dead. Now if the movie was most successful in conservative-leaning states as well as the Midwest and the South. The agent deadline Hollywood has said that the opening was remarkable considering that this film was rated R and despite most cable networks, and radio shows using to air ads for this film.the movie then went on to play and 456 additional theaters and increase the profits by $3.2 million.


Critics responses to the film

When it comes to critics responses to any film, the producers and writers of the film are holding their breath.  A great review or even a verbal review can make or break a movie success. That is why, when this movie received a 48% rating on rotten tomatoes, it was rare that cinema score gave the movie an A+ rating. While I had a positive score of 80%, it was said by critics that this approach to a controversial topic in Society it would only reinforce everyone’s personal bias and opinions on the subject matter. The film did have a weighted average score of 14 out of 100 and based on six critics they said that there was an overwhelming dislike. So it’s very surprising that it also received a positive 80% score and a 65% would definitely recommend this film.

Now in the national Catholic reporter Rose Pacatte, had written that not only was Unplanned an extremely important film regardless of whether directors were ready to hear it, but the film also was not entertaining. It does, however, tell an emotional and life-altering story with many implications, regardless of whether you are pro-life, or anti-abortion.  After reviewing this article Nick Olszyk has stated “that this testifies of the truth. The more people that knew about what happened behind closed doors, the harder it would become to contain the truth. He doesn’t write news writer Josh Terry wrote that while it may not read the Or divide between different side it does provide food for thought for those who have no opinions or standing on the matter.  This film was highly praised for its criticism and the people approach to this biased subject matter.

However, not everyone agreed with these critiques. In fact, the Hollywood Reporter Frank Scheck criticize it’s a basic cable television movie with its mediocre subpar performance and values. Owen Gleiberman of Variety had said  Now while it’s great and effective propaganda, is not present good drama. Vadim Rizov who is employed by The A.V. Club’s stated that there is technical finesse that exceeds its foundational forebears. This is a bland film is competence is at odds with true perversity, and there’s not a single theme that speaks to characters with the live outside of their streamlined narrative function”.


Reactions from Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood issued a statement shortly before the film was previewed or even release that the arguments in claims from this movie were false.


Who is Robia Scott

Robia LaMorte Scott was born in the year 1970. She is from American dissent, and the very successful actress and answer. She is more commonly known as one of the main dancers and spokeswomen for  Prints throughout his career. She also stars with Jenny Calendar in the exciting show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


What was Robia Scott’s childhood like?

If you want to know what her childhood was like she was born in New York City borough of Queens in the year 1970. She moved around growing up and lived in the Florida Keys, and Ocean City as well as Maryland. She got her unique name after her father Robert LaMorte. She first began taking  after school lessons learning jazz dance, ballet, and Dance after she was inspired by the movie/dance that came out in 1983. At t young age of 13 and she began taking the first step in her dancing career. She attended the Los Angeles County high school for the arts studying dance as her name major. She then went on to receive a full scholarship at the decree dance Academy and Hollywood. She began working as a backup dancer and music videos first appearing in Debbie Gibson’s Shake your love. She began her dancing career at the age of 16.


What movies, films, and music videos has Robia Scott appeared in?

Robia Scott has appeared in over 30 music videos as well as participated in a tour with five other dancers alongside the Pet Shop Boys. She was picked by Prince as one of two lead dancers in his music video for Cream which was a single human released in 1991 along with his album diamonds and pearls. Now Prince was originally on the lookout for identical twins. However, you chose Robia Scott, and Lori Elle not only because they were similar in appearance that they had amazing chemistry in the videos with print. Lori Elle as “Diamond” and Robia Scott appearing as “Pearl” appeared not only in the music videos for cream, get off, scrolling, as well as the album’s title track and holographic cover. Now everyone knew who they were. Robia Scott  Then went on to tour Europe print and as he refused to do any public speaking at this time, she and Elle acted not only as a spokesperson but were able to conduct the main promotional efforts as Diamond and Pearls.

After her 22nd birthday, Robia Scott decided to retire from dancing so she could focus on acting. It was only after participating in many television commercials was she able to land the part of the girlfriend of Jason Priestley on Beverly Hills 90210. She was his girlfriend for two episodes, and then went on to play many female leads alongside Andrew Bowen for the live-action video game Fox Hunt.after landing the role as a high school teacher alongside Jenny Calendar in the first two seasons of the thrilling TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now despite her character being killed during the second season she was able to return for two additional episodes as a ghost. She also makes a quick appearance in hypnosis brought on by Drusilla to trick Rupert Giles into giving away the blemish in Angel’s plan. However, the death of her character could not keep her away, because she’s able to return to the third season during the episode a man to play a false operation. Which was a disguise from an extremely evil force known as the first evil. however, this role as the equivalent to a double really upset her. She has become a new Christian after a terrifying encounter on a highway with a biker gang that was also Christian. She had been praying for a sign from God. However, because she already agreed to the role. Since she signed a contract, she had to go through with the part.

Now because her role really was finished on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she had accepted other guest starring roles on multiple other television shows. Now she has retired from acting so that she is able to focus her effort on Christian counseling as well as other higher priorities for her. She has been seen to accept some smaller roles in a commercial. But the majority of her time is spent preaching Christian values and selling CDs that illustrate her own personal conversion not only to religion but to God and her beliefs. She believes she was once an advocate for New Age beliefs that welcome demonic influence. Now that she has converted to Christianity she has rejected those beliefs and criticizes them as a form of worshiping the earth. In addition to worshipping the earth, she believes they open the gate to unworldly demonic influences.

She is now married to James Proctor and together they have one child. She currently uses the last name Scott, rather than her maiden name.

Her Personal Coaching Program is called RISE. All info on robiascott.com

  1. Our program is very practical and action-oriented.
  2. I have found that accountability is so powerful. We have a large group of people who grow together and hold each other accountable.


Who is Robia Scott?

Robia LaMorte Scott ( LaMorte is her maiden name” is a talented Dancer, Actress, and since she has turned to christian ministry, she is also a christian writer and public speaker! She was born in the heart of New York, in Queens, but also lived/grew up in the Florida Keys, and Los Angeles, California. 

She has risen to fame through hard work, dedication, by dancing for the “Pet Shop Boys” and becoming one of the lead dancers, and spokesperson for “Prince”. She has starred in many videos and video collections for the prince. She has since starred in many T.V shows, movies, shorts, and other video collections. Her most recent acting venture was in the movie “Unplanned” . Her starring role as “Abbey Johnson” has allowed her to advocate for others through ministry, and testimony in many religious congregations. She was married to James Proctor in May of 2010 and they are still currently married. They have one daughter named Gemma. It was through her own personal journey that she has risen to stardom getting to work alongside many talend actors/actresses, musicians, and artists. She has been working in the christian ministry industry as a motivational and public speaker. 


Where is Robia Scott from?

Robia Scott is originally from Queens, New york. However she’s also lived in the Florida Keys, Los Angeles, California. It was after she and her family moved to Los Angeles, California, that she started to pursue a career in dance. She studied by taking ballet, tap, and jazz classes after school every day. She was accepted into The Los Angeles County Highschool For The Arts studying dance. However after only a year, she left the school to pursue her education at the prestigious Dupree Dance Academy in Hollywood, which was paid in full through a full ride scholarship she was awarded. 


Who is Robia Scott married to?

Robia LaMorte Scott is married to James Proctor. They have been married since May 22, 2010. That means they have enjoyed ten years of marriage bliss…(hopefully). She and her husband have a daughter named Gemma. 


Where does Robia Scott live? 

If you want to know where Robia Scott currently lives, she lives in Southern California with her husband, James Proctor, and their daughter Gemma. 


What famous musicians has Robia Scott danced with?

Robia LaMorte Scott has performed in 30 music videos for “The Pet Shop Boys”, and was then chosen by “Prince” to star in his single “Cream” from the “Diamonds and Pearls” album. 


How did Robia Scott become famous?

It was after years of dancing and putting forth the extreme effort, Robia LaMorte was accepted into the prestigious Dupree Dance Academy in Hollywood. After graduating she went on to star and be part of a six-member dance troupe that performed and starred in over 30 music videos. She then went on to become one of two lead dancers for the group “Prince”. She then went on to tour with “Prince” and acted as a spokesperson throughout the entire tour. She then began expanding her horizons and got her “break” by starring in the T.V series “ Beverly Hills, 90210”.


Where is Robia Scott originally from?

Robia LaMorte Scott was born in Queens, New York in the year 1970. She grew up in the Florida Keys, and at the young age of 12, moved with her immediate family to Los Angeles, California where she would begin her career!


When did Robia Scott start acting, dancing, and public speaking?

Robia LaMorte was first inspired by the movie “Flashdance” . It was upon seeing that movie that she wanted to become a dancer! So at the age of 13 in 1983 she began dancing! She would take jazz, tap, and ballet dance classes after school. She was accepted into the prestigious Dupree Dance Academy in Hollywood and was even given a full-ride scholarship to the Dance Academy. She went on to dance for “The pet Shop Boys” “Prince” and then began her acting career by starring in commercials. She didn’t get her big acting break until she began starring in “Beverly Hills, 90210”. 


What major artists/actors has Robia Scott Worked with?

Robia Scott has had the opportunity to work with many talented artists, dancers, musicians, and actors/actresses! However she first got started as a dancer by  having been part of a six-dancer dance troupe for the Pet Shop Boys and having appeared in thirty music videos. She was then recruited to be a lead dancer for the famous artist..PRINCE!  She first starred in a music video for his hit single “Cream” released in 1991 from the album “Diamonds and Pearls”. 

Even though Prince had been searching for a pair of twins to be his lead dancers, after seeing Robia LaMorte and Lori Elle dance together, he saw that not only were they similar in looks, but they had amazing dance chemistry! They went on to be lead dancers for “Get Off”, , “Cream”, and “Strollin”. Not only were they featured on the title track and the album’s cover. But they then went on to successfully tour with Prince. Prince refused to participate in public speaking, so Robia LaMorte and Lori Elle, would serve as spokesperson and handled the promotional effects.

Since she has left her career in dance and in the film industry. Robia Scott enjoys spreading joy and engaging in REAL CHANGE, REAL FREEDOM, and REAL FUN, by empowering many through public speaking events, conferences, and worship services. 


How many movies and T.v shows has Robia Scott been in?

Robia LaMorte Scott is a talented actress and dancer! She’s had the opportunity to showcase her talents in many ways! She’s been in a total of 25 movies and t.v shows! She has most recently been in the controversial movie “Unplanned” in which she portrayed Abbey Johnson(which is based off the book “Unplanned” and the real life events of Abbey Johnson).

In chronological order she has starred in “Earth Girls Are Easy”, “Blood Ties”, “Prince Feat. The N.P.G. Diamonds and Pearls-Video”, “Get Off”, “Prince Feat. The N.P.G. Diamonds and Pearls-Video Collection”, “Beverly Hills, 90210”, “The Pros & Cons of Breathing”, “Fox Hunt”, “Lawless”, “Spawn”, “The Sentinel”, “Silk Stalkings”, “Buffy the Vampire slayer”, “Deirdre’s Party”, “12 Stops on the Road to Nowhere”, “The Pretender”, “Rescue 77”, “Time of Your life”, “18 Wheels of Justice”, “Chicks, Man”, “Looking for Lois”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Robot Bastard”, “Pomegranate”, and “Unplanned”. 


What does Robia Scott currently do?

Not only is Robia Scott a talented, hard working and successful actress and dancer. But since she has left her successful acting and dancing career, she has turned her ambitions and talents to a more religious cause. She views it as her mission to help teach and mentor others by sharing with them her personal experiences on how she overcame her obstacles. By  turning her will to God, it is only then that she was able to experience true freedom and realise her full potential. Since then, she has successfully started Robia Ministries which helps others rise and recognize their potential through God. Through her online mentorship program “ Positioning to Rise” she teaches others how to embrace, love and cultivate healthy relationships with themselves, God and their community. Through God they are able to realise and achieve their full potential!

Not only does she offer an online mentorship program, but she travels to speak to many congregations, groups of conference attendees, and at other speaking events, to share her story of how she overcame unhealthy eating habits, body image, smoking and turning to alcohol, as well as her excessive spending habits for comfort. She teaches you how to overcome everything that is overbearing, and how to not break down and give in to counterfeit comforts. 


What books has Robia Scott written?

Robia Scott has written a book called “ Counterfeit Comforts: Freedom from the Imposters That Keep You from True Peace, Purpose, and Passion”. This book was published on September 6, 2016. This book is about how we can overcome what we are being overcome by. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, negative views about ourselves, and eating disorders. Robia Scott through personal experience, growth, and warmth, teaches you how you can overcome the most  difficult parts of life when we feel overcome by depression, self doubt/hatred, eating disorders, drugs, smoking and alcohol, and over spending. By using her own personal experiences she teaches you step by step how to connect with the person and rely on the power of God. When we discover who we are, we “acquire the freedom to live life for the purpose that we were created for”.

You can buy “Counterfeit Comforts: Freedom from the Imposters That Keep You from True Peace, Purpose, and Passion”  on amazon. Click on the link below:


You can also purchase “Counterfeit Comforts: Freedom from the Imposters That Keep You from True Peace, Purpose, and Passion” from robiascott.com. If you visit https://robiascott.com/new-book/, as an excellent preview, you can download a free chapter from her book! Click on the link below to purchase her book:



What is Robia Scott Ministries?

Robia Ministries is dedicated to teaching and empowering others to create a loving, healthy relationship with themselves and with God. You can find many helpful materials that are very educational and empowering through Robia Ministries. Click below to visit Robia Ministries.


If you would like to purchase “ A Change of Heart-5 Week Mentorship Program” click the link below:


If you would like to purchase “ A Spirit of Excellence” click the link below:


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If you would like to purchase “ DVD Unplanned Movie- Signed by Robia Scott” click the link below:



Does Robia Scott offer mentoring courses?

Robia Scott offers and teaches REAL CHANGE. REAL FREEDOM. And REAL FUN. through her mentorship program “Positioning to Rise”. This mentorship is offered online, but is dedicated and tailored to teaching others how to reach their full potential through God. Through live webinars, discussions, and live powerful prayer calls, you will be taught how to remove roadblocks, impart tools to transform and heal the soul, as well as cultivate your community. 

If you would like to join the current “Positioning to Rise” session, please visit robiascott.com. You will see a form you need to fill out to become a participant. If you would like more information about “Positioning to Rise” visit:


If you would like to join “Positioning to Rise”  today, visit :



Where can I find more information about Robia Scott?

You can find out more information about Robia Scott, and her efforts through christian ministry, motivational speaking, and helping equip others to not only have the tools but knowledge that they can live in freedom and see that every promise is available to them through God! 

You can find more information about her religious pursuits, books she’s written, and information on how to contact her by visiting her website at:



What is the best way to contact Robia Scott?

If you would like to contact Robia Scott, and invite her to speak at your next event, conference, or church service, or even if you would like more information about Robia LaMorte Scott, visit her website below at:


By clicking on this link you will be directed to her contact page located on her website. If you fill out the form by providing your name, email address, and a brief message, someone from her team will reach out to you. 

You can also contact Robia Scott by emailing her at: [email protected]

Or by mailing something to this address:

26895 Aliso Creek Rd., #B-789,
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


How can I donate to Robia Ministries?

If you would like to donate to Robia Ministries you can visit robiascott.com and donate today. If you would like to donate click on the link below.



Where can you find Robia Scott on social media?

You can find Robia Scott on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also find her on her website at :https://robiascott.com/


Where can you find Robia Scott on YouTube?

Watch videos posted from Robia Scott:



Where can you find Robia Scott on Twitter?

Stay updated with live tweets from Robia Scott:



Where can you find Robia Scott on Facebook?

Find Robia Scott on Facebook:



Where can you find Robia Scott on Instagram?

See updated posts about Robia Scott on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robiascott/?hl=en

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Nine 11 tryna remember that number, sick about that number nine 11 try to remember that number. Try to keep that number in your mind as I share with you about a lucrative business model. What if I told you about a business model that generates an average gross revenue of $350 to $950 per customer while spending a lot of time with babies? Would you be interested? What if I told you about a business model that turned a $250 million profit last year alone, which was up over 150% last year alone according to its own records? What’s sound? Would you want to know how to get involved at a baby? What if I told you about a lucrative business model that 18 out of every 100 people giving birth prefer to use to make their lives easier? Sorry about the crying baby all I’ll deal with it in just a minute. Wouldn’t you want to know more?

And what if I told you about a business model that allows the CEO to earn nearly $700,000 per year because they’re very good at their job and they know how to execute when it comes to getting the job done. Would you be interested? Wouldn’t you want to at least see the business plan? Sorry about this baby. I know it’s, I don’t want to sound too good to be true. Oh, we’ll wait. It gets better. What if I told you about a business model that received more than 40% of its 1.3 billion in revenue for the year from the government, from our gums? Wouldn’t you at least want to look at the business model? I am sorry about the baby in the background. I will deal with it in a second. However, what if I told you there was one drawback to this 100% legal business model?

It does require you to kill babies, babies, a lot of babies. How many babies? In fact, in 2017 planned parenthood killed 911 babies every single day. When most people think about nine 11 they think about the terrible terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and into the lives of 2,996 Americans. However, when I think about nine 11 I think about the number of babies that planned parenthood kills every single day. My friends, it’s time to call nine one one. Think about that. Every single day, 911 babies aren’t going to be killed. That’s 37.95 babies that will be killed during just this podcast alone. However, planned parenthood at generated $148,401 and 79 cents of revenue during this same Alex. Wow. Now that’s a business model you can be proud of. Look, the baby has stopped crying. How has your work today? Oh, I did my part in in route to killing 911 babies to fulfill our company’s mission. I thought your mission was to help people plan parenthood. That’s, that’s the name, right? No. You see, our mission is to exterminate the 98.5% of unwanted babies. While there is a ratio of 36

waiting parents for every one adoption that is placed. That baby again. I’ll look, let me take care of it.

Where did I put my, just trying to find it. Where’s my, Oh there it is.

Sorry to be kind of over the top and to use the gun sound. I just couldn’t find my sound effect of a baby being ripped out of a mother’s womb and sucked out and then mutilated

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Doctor Z is always ecstasy when you are next to me. Absolutely. And on today’s show, we have a super guest. Check this out. Z, do you remember Beverly Hills? 902 one oh hi. How can I not do it on me somewhere? I ain’t. This guest remembers, remembers the show cause she was on the show. What I think about this, our prince Z, you’re a huge prince fan. Huge. This person has been featured and ended to touring with THE prince, dancing with the prince, doing a lot of, it’s a great actress, dancer or maybe even a rapper. I don’t know. Miss Robia Scott, welcome onto the show. How are you ma’am?


Oh, nice. Rolling down. How are you?

I probably start with a little beatbox and just break into a wrap. You never know what you’re going to get.

This is like a box of chocolates. Now you are, I want to, we like to kind of share with people the background story of people cause you’ve, you’ve obviously gone on to have some massive success and I know you’re in the new a hit movie. They’re unplanned. Where you started Cheryl, but I looked at it, start kind of off at the, at the beginning. Um, where did you start your career? I mean, when did you decide that you wanted to get into the whole acting a dancing game?

Well, I was that little girl like so many little girls who danced around her house, put on shows in the backyard and in the living room. And one day I saw the movie slash. Dam. Do we remember that one?

Oh, who did we remember that one? Okay. Take it, easy guys. Well,

uh, I, within that week I went out and got a big old perm. Yes, I did. It was the 80s and cut up all my sweatshirts and bought a bunch of leg warmers. And that was the first time I realized that you could dance behind your back yard. So I decided that was pointing to my career. And

uh, luckily I had some talent for dancing and my family put me in dance classes. And just a few years later, I started working professionally, uh, started doing a lot of music videos. That was the time where MTV was really coming up. Yeah. And uh, not much long after that I was discovered by prince who had a new album to be released, diamonds and pearls, which was a huge hit. And he hired me to play the pearl half of diamonds. And Pearls. He was looking for a set of identical twins. He couldn’t find any so, but he found me and another girl who looked a lot of likes. So he made us the muses for the album. And as you stated in the Intro, I traveled the world with him on his world tour dancing in front of audiences of 60,000 people.

Well at a time as a teenager. It was tremendous. Wow. What was your favorite music video that you are in? Question?

Ah, I would say maybe the cream video. Do you remember that one?

Oh yeah, sure, sure.

Yeah. You got to Google it. Yeah, that was all the videos were, were pretty good I must say. But uh, I think that was one of the best.

No, I have to, I have to ask you this. Does he, do you remember, you remember when MTV played music on til I’m old enough that I actually remember when they played music. You would actually sit from using the TV. The m stands for now on the lever. I don’t watch it anymore.

Hey, that is, you know, it was music television and this is when every garage band, I mean every kid who had doing music made a music video. So, uh, it was a lot of work for dancers cause we were dancing in many music videos and it went a lot of fun. And MTV was great at the beginning. I don’t really know what they’re doing now, but

no, it says for mess TV right now. I think so, yeah. Oh my gosh. Yes. Okay. Well, we’ll try to avoid most of the things they talk about on that show. Today’s been no, Beverly Hills 902 one oh. Tell us about, what was that experience like? That was a big show. That was big, that was a big show.

Yeah. So after Prince, I retired some dance. I did professional about eight years at that time and I felt like Prince was the pinnacle. There was nowhere to go after that. So I started asking, that was the next logical step and training as an actress and Beverly Hills 902 when I was my very first job, I was hired as the girlfriend of Jason Priestley for a couple of episodes. That was also a great job. They were wonderful there. And then I did a few different things and wound up landing on a show called Buffy the vampire slayer.

Yeah. A couple of seasons. So of all the TV shows that you are on, do you have one that stands out to you as a deep favorite episode or the favorite show? Cause you know our listeners are going to go out there and watch it on youtube or find it on Netflix tonight.

Well my first episode of Buffy was really good. It was called I robot Eugene. Thanks. Something like that. And it was um, it was the end of season one and season two, many people say was the best season. So I was really all through season two. But then introducing my character, she was just incredibly well written and Sassy, very sarcastic, a lot of banter with my love interest. And I played opposite of, um, so I did really enjoy that until, uh, you know, some of the themes of the show obviously were dark and it got a little darker and darker as it went on. And that is when I became a Christian. Right. And the time that I was working on that show. So even though from an acting standpoint, from a writing standpoint, I, I appreciated the show, uh, as it was getting darker and more occult in witchcraft and I was growing stronger in God, I felt a conflict. So when my time ended on the show, I was actually pretty happy. They wound up killing me off. And, uh, most actresses are not happy when they’re killed off the show. But for me it felt like it was time and dogs is transitioning me out of entertainment and into ministry.

No Robia Scott uh, typically, you know, um, most people do what’s financially best for them. That’s typical, it’s kind of a movie you do. A lot of people say, well, you know, I’m getting paid. Right? I mean people, you know, you could justify almost anything if you, if you can get paid for it, it’s illegal. Uh, but Mark Twain had this notable quotable that I heard you say during one of your interviews where you read this Mark Twain quote that the reeds, whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect. What does that mean to you as a born again, Christian, former, a dancer, former actress who’s now got into ministry full time? What does that quote mean to you?

Well, I think whenever the world is in love with something, there’s a pretty good chance that there’s not a whole lot of God and she was doing, um, you know, and the world is definitely flowing in one direction. And that doesn’t mean we have to be all super religious and we don’t, you know, enjoy anything in the world. But I do think we have to recognize that usually, the flow of the masses is, uh, not always the highest, uh, achievement. It’s a little bit more of the common denominator where the masses tend to flow. So I like to be that little fishy that swims upstream. Yeah. Uh, and for me, honestly, yeah, what you said about making money and yes, we all like to make money, but for me, I just really wanted to be in my purpose and wanted to be in my calling and wanted to follow God and be obedient.

And I just knew that he had told me to step out and I did. I, it was a big faith job, but I’m kind of that type of person. I like the risk. I like an adventure. I like a lot of uncertainty. I’m sort of dealt that way. Uh, so I walked away from my career, walked away from all my finances to step into full-time ministry when of course it didn’t have a full-time ministry because, you know, Dick took a while to build that. But yeah. You know, I basically stepped into nothing and uh, learn how to trust God. And it was quite a season. It was that it was incredible. I learned dependence on him and, and a really powerful way. And, um, but it was also difficult because you didn’t, here I am, I’m driving my Mercedes convertible. I look like I’m just this Hollywood actress, but you know, I have no money. Yeah. So it took a little time to transition, but it was cool cause during that time, God did so many supernatural things where I could just tell you story after story, a commercial I had done that had been off the air for 10 years. They called me out of the blue and say they’re going to reinstate this commercial from 10 years ago. That never happened.

And they sent me,

okay. Oh no, that never happened. So it was just one thing after another where you know, God was dropping money from the sky and he was giving me freshman, I have to live until he actually developed my ministry and started sending me out

Z. I have something we’re going to do right now that, that never happens in the world of podcasting. Now you’ve seen us, we’ve hit number one on the iTunes charts, I believe six times total. We are, there are only 530,000 podcasts. Number one. To my knowledge. And, uh, Andrew over there, I believe, Andrew, you, you’ve, you’ve seen us on top of the iTunes charts couple times. Yes, I have. And a, so you see it. So this is what never happens on this never happens in the top, in the top. Nobody ever comes out and says, I’m pro-life nobody up in that top 10. Dave Ramsey is up there something pro the kind of dance around it or they just don’t address it. They definitely are for pro-choice. They’re all pro-choice except for Dave Ramsey. Yeah. And nobody would say, Hey, I’m pro-life so I’m going to come out and say I’m pro-life. I know that you’re pro-life, but a, this is your show. So I’m going to ask you on your interview here today, why did you decide to make this crazy movie called unplanned? That is so horrible to expose planned parenthood for the baby-killing machine. That it is.

Well, that’s exactly why I was really excited to expose planned parenthood. Uh, you know, as I told you, I was in full-time ministry. That’s why I’ve been doing for the last 15 years, traveling and speaking, uh, author of a book, counterfeit comforts. We’ll talk about that a little bit, but I had no intention of ever returning to Hollywood, obviously didn’t have really much interest in it. I love what I’m doing. I felt like that was a great part of my life. It was totally behind me. But then randomly people started saying I would meet people and they would say, you know, I don’t know. I’m just sensing God’s not done with you and Hollywood. And this kept happening over and over and over again. So I said, well, well, we’ll see. God would literally have to drop it in my lap because I’m not going to pursue it.

Um, you know, I’ve already done that and there isn’t much out there that I would be that interested in doing. So, uh, long story short, I wound up, I’m doing a talk show for my book. Randomly met this Gal who happened to know the writer, directors of unplanned. She mentioned my name to them. They weren’t free. They googled me and they said, we want to meet her. I met with them, they told me about the movie. I was instantly just intrigued because as a minister, you know, I love truth. That’s my passion. And the idea of being able to tell a true story that wasn’t, you know, just someone Christian agenda trying to be all preachy in scripture and you know, any of that cheesy stuff. But it was a true story and it was a powerful story that really lifts the mail and goes behind, uh, goes behind the curtain and lets people see.

And this is the time to, you know, so much has been happening in our current culture with politics. And I think the, you know, all of us in society are really clearer and clearer that, you know, media is so biased and we’re only getting one side. And so we’re seeing that politically. And then I felt like, you know, what’s planned parenthood in this issue. It’s the same thing. We’re getting one side about women’s empowerment and the women’s movement and, and how great planned parenthood is. But there’s this whole other side that just no one is talking about. But I love the idea that we would talk about it and let people have a more informed view of what, you know, what the truth was. So baffling. Audition. I was a little scared when I saw my part because she is pretty intense. But uh, yeah, so quickly I knew that I was supposed to do it. So here we are. I did it. And uh, and now God’s using the movie.

Now it’s a, a movie that, um, I think, um, received an r rating, I believe. And, uh, I could see this kind of irony though. One can have an abortion at the age of 16 in many places, but you can, uh, see the film about life. Isn’t that interesting? Yeah,

they mate, they tried to block us. Of course, there’s a little bit of a political move because there’s stuff on network television that is more graphic than this film, you know, but, um, but we, we prevailed, uh, unfortunately, some, some, even Christian media doesn’t want to, um, promote the film because of the r rating, which to me, you know, I understand on a normal kind of r rated movie that has sexuality and nudity and all of those things, but this is not your typical r rated movie. And it’s, and as we’ve been starting from the team of unplanned, where are usually means restricted. In our case, Armine’s recommended Armine’s relevant r means real. But you know, this isn’t gratuitous. Um, stuff that is up on the screen. It’s just, it’s real. Kind of like the passion of the Christ was just, it wasn’t always easy to watch. There were some things on there that were strong images, but it was a truth that we need to say

no. Shortly after the film is released, I know that planned parenthood came out and issued a statement claiming that the arguments presented in the film were false. What are your thoughts on that?

Of course, they did, which is so interesting to me that people actually buy into that because, because planned parenthood originally sued happy Johnson and they tried to take her to court and under an hour she was proven innocent, right? Because she has so much proof and so much documentation, so they really don’t have any legs to stand on because if she were really telling lies, you know, they would have gotten her in court, but they didn’t. So I don’t know what they can say. I think they’re really just trying to backpedal as best as they can because, um, you know, it, they really have no legs to stand on with, with that argument.

What dumb facts, uh, did, did Miss Abby, uh, share that, uh, we’re so unsettling to planned parenthood. Like what were, what were, so what was, what were these things that she was saying, these allegations that are so egregious in their mind?

Well, I think she has had a major flip flop from what planned parenthood, their propaganda that the rhetoric that they have infused our society to believe that, you know, we’re not really dealing with even a baby. We’re just dealing with a bunch of cells. And Abby bought into that and she was stating the same thing until the day that she went into the procedure room and she was doing an ultrasound-guided abortion. And she looked and she looked and saw the baby and it was perfectly formed. And then she saw the baby fight and resist, uh, you know, being, not to be graphic but being sucked out of the womb. So all of a sudden she realized that everything that she had been told was a lie. You know, there’s the baby obviously could feel things. It wasn’t just a clump of cells is a baby and it was having an emotional reaction.

But that was a big turning point for her. And, and I think that she’s just been vocal in sharing things that it’s really public knowledge. If you want to do a little research, things like the fact that planned parenthood is a place where you absolutely cannot plan your parenthood. They do not offer any prenatal care that they, you know, this whole pro-choice movement. When you go to planned parenthood, there are no choices. They’re not giving you the choice that having your baby or, or putting your baby up for adoption. They are pushing you towards the choice of abortion that they do not show women their ultrasounds. Because when a woman sees an ultrasound, over 90% of women do not go through with an abortion because they bond with their baby when they see the picture of their baby. And this is things that the average public, they don’t know. But if you dig a little bit deeper, it’s all out there. So Abby was just sharing these things and letting the public know that this idea that their healthcare and they’re about women’s empowerment is really a shame.

I wonder if wanted to go see this movie, if you like the thrive time show, I want you to find a way to go see this movie. I want you to find a way to support it, encourage you to go check out the show, go check it out. I encourage you to check out this film because this film is, you know, you said you had to fight for everything to get this film out there. Could you share with, with the listeners out there, what’s the, what’s the plot of the movie? Just kind of know enough about it.

Okay. Let me just add before I even say that, that I do encourage everyone to see the movie because it is a really well done and this is not, you know, Christian, he films that we’ve seen in the past. It’s not cheesy, it’s not preachy, it’s beautifully shot. It’s a true story. And even if you are staunch pro choice and you just know that this is adamantly what you stand for, then there should be no reason why you wouldn’t see the film. You know, go and, and look at what you believe. And if you leave the theater and you still believe that, then absolutely fine. But I personally think a lot of people that are pro-choice aren’t really 100% as sure about what they believe that when they see it, uh, it might, I’m not going to say it will be an instant, oh my gosh, everything’s changed.

But I think what I’ve heard from many pro-choice people that have seen the movie, I’ve been willing to see it is that it’s really made them think it’s made them being open to research some things more and they are just exploring now because of what they learned in the movie. So the movie is a true story about Abby Johnson. She was a young Gal on her college campus, recruited from planned parenthood. They had a boost star. Um, she was Christian, she wasn’t a pro life family, but planned parenthood, you know, kind of gave all their spiel about women’s empowerment and she got drawn into that. So she goes into the clinics, she winds up interning, but she goes up the ranks really quickly. I play her boss, excuse me, I mentor her, groom her, and, and just bring her up in the clinic until she is an overseer of her own clinic. So in the eight years that she was a clinic director, she oversaw about 22,000 abortions. Um, but from an administrative stamp, she, she never really saw anything until that day that she went in and had the revelation when she saw what she saw. And then she had a big, a change of Heart Z.

Pretty basic couple of little known facts. It was, um, was it film completely in Oklahoma, I believe?

Yes. We were in a little town called still

water. Yeah. Quiet, Humble Oklahoma state folks under wraps. Why was it under wraps?

Yeah, well they didn’t want any kind of protesting or anything that would happen to derail what we were doing. So no one knew where we work. That’s our immediate family. And we couldn’t post on social media where we were, uh, we had a different name. We were under a different title because Abby can this book I’m planning, this is Abby Johnson bestselling book. So they just took some precautions and we didn’t have any issues. We were able to finish the movie and get it out there.

Another little known fact, I was actually on set one one day. Clay, do you know that it was unsaid and uh, well I get kicked off in the first quarter where they realize you were, I’d been taking off nicer sets, but uh, I mean it was, you know, it was, of course I was escorted off when I showed up. I have a very good friend of mine. His daughter was in the movie and so he, knowing that I lived in Tulsa and being just an hour and 15 minutes away, invited us to come up there and spent today, had lunch. It was a lovely, it had lunch with the crew and it was, it was a lot of fun and it was eye opening. And I love the fact, I love true stories coming to life. I think that there’s a power in that. There’s a, yeah, there’s a testimony in that and, and that is her journey and it’s Fab.

It’s fascinating. And I can, I can actually hardly wait to see the movie. I mean I’ve Kinda got kinda sneak behind the curtain so to speak. And I know I haven’t seen the movie yet. I know, I know, I know. I know. I want us to do when you’re, I’ll do two. I’ll do by whatever I do, Dude. I’ll, I suppose a lot of court Robbie, I will switch. The goal is, the goal is for him to see the film in its entirety previous to ed to um, airing this show. Cause after we recorded every show, we got to do little fun intro, you know, we’ll find out. Oh yeah. So that way, you know, he’ll give you some good friends. We got to get some prince music in that. Going back to the prince stuff, just to kind of lighten up, just a touch.

You, you traveled the world with this guy. I’ve got to you. And I know we passed. God bless you mean you actually, I had a race horse, uh, born on the day he died and I named him prince a z prince actually. So you know, my go zone or doctor z. So he actually died the day. I mean my, my horse was born the day prince died was a cult. And so I named him see prints, but that was a big fan. So he had to have some idiosyncrasies. I mean, this guy, this guy looked like he was, you know, idiosyncrasies.com. The what, what, what, did he have some moves that were kind of unusual? I mean that just that you have some, like he could only, what was it like when you were yelling at you? Only, you know, you only drink out of a bunker up.

Come on. Did you see, did you see the Dave Chappelle skit

basketball? Now? What’s, uh, is it where he used to playing basketball? Playing basketball friends.

Oh yeah, it’s law. Anyone watching this? You got to just Google up that skin cause it’s hysterical. Yeah.


Yeah, it’s right on. Um, he, he, he’s exactly what you’d imagine. He’s, he was very gracious and he was a good guy, but he was a collector. I can’t, he always had his suit on. I never saw him in any casual clothes and I would give him a hard time cause I’m kind of a jeans type of Dow and he liked me and all the gals always to be completely done up. Even if we were on a plane for 15 hours, we were supposed to have all this hair and makeup and so he’d give me a hard time for being dressed down and I’d give him a hard time for being dressed up. And you’d be always had on, you know, the suit with a little buttons and that pumps in the stirrup pants.

Pain in the heels and the thing.

Yeah, always. No matter what time of day you saw on. And so one time me and the other Gal who was diamond, we were at his house and he was playing the piano. And anytime he would sit down, he would just come out with this music that was extraordinary. It was ridiculous. We were hanging out one night and the cook is making us some food and he said, Oh, you know, I’m going to go upstairs and he’s wearing a, you know, his whole red jumpsuit number. And he said, I’m going to go upstairs and change into something a little more comfortable. And I thought, Oh my God, I’m going to see him. I’m going to see him and his, you know, casual yoga pants

about 1518 minutes past

and he’s up. You know, there’s a big huge stairwell and you knew, you kind of feel when he’s in the room you feel its presence. But I kind of felt him and I look up and areas is at the top of the stairwell. Same exact outfit in blue.

That’s the takeaway, right? Yeah, exactly.

Wait, I mean the, the, you know the jacket with the shoulder pads and the gold button for the stirrup pants and the heat shields the booth. I didn’t exact same outfit in blue. That was

more casual. That is one of my all time favorite prince story.

Great. The Robia Scott you throughout your career, you’ve, you’ve written a book and I’d love for you to share it, the listeners, what your book is, his title it, and what your book’s all about.

My book is called Counterfeit Comfort. And it came from some of my own personal journey. You know, when I was traveling with Prince and on Buffy the vampire slayer and you know, on TV, doing well, traveling the world, making a lot of money, I was pretty successful and things were good. But internally I was struggling in some areas, you know, I wasn’t a Christian yet and I was just struggling. I was kind of tormented and fearful. The chain smoker, dealing a lot with body image issues. You know, I think a lot of us women get affected in that area, but when you’re a dancer and an actress, it’s just exaggerates the issue. So I was really concerned with my weight and what I was eating and not eating and dieting and starving and bingeing and just seeing all, doing all sorts of craziness. And so when I came into God, I really wanted to get free from all of this torment.

And I was praying one day and I said, okay God, you know, what does my issue with food? Why can’t I get free from food? And God started to speak to me, not in an audible voice, nothing weird. But you know, you just start to have that impression, that sense that I was thinking thoughts that I knew just didn’t necessarily come from me. Because as I was praying and I said, what? What’s, what’s my deal with food? The Lord said to me, ah, food’s not really your problem, but you’re using food as a counterfeit comforter. And I’d never heard anyone say that. And they were heard that terminology. That’s why really sensitive with God. And then I remember in the Bible, you know, the Holy Spirit is duck comforter, but God was showing me that I was using food as a counterfeit comforter. So he was telling me that, you know, my issue with food food wasn’t really the problem.

Food was just a fruit to an unhealthy route or a symptom of what the real problem was, which was emotional issues, you know, fear and anxiety and different things that were going on with me emotionally. But I didn’t know how to process cause we’re not really taught how mostly in our families, we’re not really often taught in church. You know, we’re not taught in school really how to process things and how to deal with, with, with, uh, our emotions and to deal with things. So what I have found is that a lot of us turned to counterfeits, whether it’s food, alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, sexual relationships, uh, even buisiness can be a counterfeit because we’re just going, going, going, going, and we don’t know how to actually reflect and be where we are. And as I was praying about that, God gave me kind of a funny acronym.

B, why being understating theokay cause we’re constantly just, you know, so busy that we had never really connected with ourselves. So long story short, God took me through this whole process of healing and transformation and you know, how to break free from, from counterfeits. How to hear his voice and connect with him. And I, you know, over some time, over a little bit of a process started to come into healing and come into freedom. And because another thing he shared with me is once you deal with the root problem, then the fruit will take care of yourself. And also we’d like to fix things from the fruit, you know, from the outside in. But really if you fix it from the inside out your fruit naturally as a product of your roots. So, um, so yeah, now I travel all over and I shared this message with people and I’ve seen a lot of change, a lot of breakthrough for people from the book.

No. Uh, would love to ask you a, you know, hours of questions, but see, we have time for one more question. And so I’d like to ask you, Mr via, um, my understanding is you have now broken down this, um, this wisdom you’ve gained into a coaching program of sorts called rise. Could you share with us about your coaching program and in what you do?

Yeah, I love tools for transformation. I love practical, applicable biblical tools. Sometimes when I would be insurance, you know, as much as I love church, I would feel like I was getting all these conceptual type of teaching, like, you know, just abide in the vine or just focused on the cross or

it says, what does that mean? Bush, you know, shoving Oreo in your mouth. Like how do you do you just sit there and we’ll get a call? Do you know I don’t get it. So just tell us like how do I abide in the vine? Like what does this mean?

So I as I would, would go through the Bible, God showed me some real practical tools, you know, real how to teaching. And there are tons of those in my book. Um, but I’ve also found that some people are really good walking things out on their own, but there is nothing like a tribe, a community of people doing things together. Accountability can be he just so powerful when you have a good support system. So now all the things that I teach when I travel and I, you know, I might go to a church and speak one time and it can be impactful, but you know, one time usually doesn’t, usually you need more consistency over time. Right? So now I have awesome online community whereby people literally from all over the world and we connect through webinars online. And then I got a private Facebook page was for just tried where I, you know, I give a teaching and then I pray with them throughout the month and coach them and really walk it out with them so they can, um, come into that freedom, come into that position and God where they can, um, you know, there’s so much available to us and God, it’s so few people really access barely any of the promises that available.

So, you know, I talk about my coaching being like positioning, positioning people into the place where they can, uh, appropriate. So many of the promises that are available in God, which is peace, wellbeing, knowing what your purpose is, freedom from addictions, um, all of that kind of stuff.

We’ll Robia Scott. I cannot thank you enough for being on this show, for putting your career on hold, to stand up for things that you care about and value, but then actually coming back out of your [inaudible] film retirement to do another. Yeah. Uh, do a project that you really care about it, that, that just, uh, uh, is awesome and rare and sometimes it can be financial suicide. So thank you for taking a stand. Now we will do our best to promote the movie and which will probably cause us to not go back into the top 10 for a while. But I appreciate you so much. Truly are a diamond and a pearl. I, yes, I believe you’re both, both roles, but we would love to have you on the show at a, again, maybe in the, in the future if you’d allow us, but just thank you for your time so much

that I would love to do that. And thank you too for being so bold and taking a stand. And I know it’s a risk to take a stand for a topic like this, but, uh, it’s important, important that people know.

Absolutely. Would you have a blessed day my friend?

Thank you. Take care guys.

Well done. You and I on this show, if anybody’s listening pretty amount of time at all, you’re pretty much gonna pick up that you and I are a approach libertarian pro economy, limited government capitalist deck kind of thing. Capitalists Hodgepodge manures you get it done. I mean that’s what you’re, you, you get her done ourself. The business pig. Yes. And what were you and I do? We, we, I think we’re on the same page here. You and I are saying, Hey, if you’re out there and you want to buy a beer, you, you, you want to buy a beer. If it’s, if it’s legal, you want to buy a beer, we’re not going to sit there and have a show about why you shouldn’t buy a beer. That’s why would we, so we had a show, we just interviewed Robia Scott on the, on the show here.

Okay. And, uh, as someone might say, why did you have her on the show? Why would you do that to us? We listen to you not for political outrage. And I’m saying to you that doctor Zellner, um, years ago I’ve heard him talk about this, but even like a month ago, you presented a very, very logical argument because you went somewhere where you were not bringing up the discussion of abortion. You did not bring it up. You were just there, right? And it’s somebody brought up the discussion of abortion and ask you about it. And what you did is you were asked the duplicate too. Well, it was a very emotional question. They’re like, you know, hey, why are you pro life? Or something like that. And I’d like for you to share how that conversation went and what your argument was for your pro life status. Well, let me break it down.

Okay, nice. Wow. You know, these terms pro choice and pro life lifer, I think fairly ridiculous. The terms are, the terms are, let’s start there. Ridiculous. If you think about it, choice, we all have choices. I mean we have a choice of when you get up in the morning, you have the choice to do fairly, pretty much wherever you want to do. There’s consequences to your choices, but you could, and I’m not advocating this, you could take a gun. Yeah. You could go down to the local Mcdonald’s. Yeah. And you could shoot somebody. You could also act out the lyrics of post Malone songs. You could now is just an example. I just want to give you a real quick post Malone, a song. This was a rock star. This is the lunar cause I want to, I just want to share this with you. Okay?

Okay. Okay. And uh, he says, Hey, I’ve been f and hose and Poppin pities man, I just feel like a rock star. Hey, all my brothers got that gas and he always be spoken like a roster effin with me. Call up on a newsy and show up man. These them, the shadows. When my homeys pulled up on your block, they make that thing go. Okay. Hey, by web, this is gets better. He does. Now he talks about, he says, hey, close that door, we blowing smoke and we ask me light a fire. Like I’m Morrison a act a fool on stage, probably leave me, leave my effin show in a cop car a and he goes on to explain, it’s basically that he is kind of getting into like, you’ve got to have like an Uzi, you gotta you know, smoke a lot. And then he says there’s a hundred bees. That’s his endearing term for women, you know, to have a hundred this is along the top 40 song right now. So hundreds of his 40 song right now, it’s called rock style. He says Trina, because this has a AA now she acting out of pocket. Trina grab up from my pants, hundred bees in my trailer. They say they ain’t got a man and they all brought a friend. Yay. Yay. So that’s,

I couldn’t get a hundred women in a trailer. I think it’s just awesome. If he, if he was, the physics of that is just top notch

married to one incredible woman. And if he, if, if, if a post Malone who is in favor of polygamy or whatever, let’s say, but if you, if you are literally having sex with a hundred random women at the same time,

a hundred though, that’s not plaguing me, that’s just mediocracy. So I mean

do that though. You’re there, the chances of creating a baby increase and then that’s, that’s the cause

a hundred fold actually. So my point is we all have choices. So this idea that we’re, we’re probably choice. I mean you have all the choices you want, you have consequences that you do with them. And the idea that that most sane people in the United States of America are not, or really the world or not pro life is ridiculous. I mean, we all value life. Nobody, when we hear the stories of some gunman doing some random act of violence in some school or some mall or some campus, we’re all just brought to tears were all hurt. We’re all wondering why. How can this happen? How can this happen? How can this happen? This is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Find out who it is. I mean, Timothy Mcveigh right here in our great state of Oklahoma who up the federal building. Hey, who are you? Tip you’re talking about Timothy Mcveigh. I’m not talking about most people. 99.9% of them are pro life. They love life. They are not.

No you, you’re exaggerating because he, this is what my reading you post. Let’s put it on the big screen. I want you to read this. It says, he says, he says, and I should just post Malone. I’m quoting the great philosopher, post-money says, this is call upon an Uzi and show up man. Them the shadows,

homies pulled up on your blocks. They make that thing go the argument, but you’re making it about favor of shooting. But my point is, is that everybody enjoys, wants life to be maintained. Sure. They want it to be protected. And if somebody were to go and to kill someone randomly without good cause, um, then we, we have a society that says, you know what? We’re going to lock that person up because we value a lot of states. Even said we’re going to kill that person. But definitely we’re gonna lock up, we’re going to arrest them, we’re going to throw the book at them is what they say. I think there’s some new laws where you just throw gluten anatomists yeah, you’re still bleeding. Stop looking kills anything. Okay. And, and, and we have some society, it’s really the idea that, that we don’t have choices.

We have choices. And the idea that we’re not pro life is just almost ridiculous. So let’s talk about abortion. Okay. Let’s, let’s talk about whether you’re pro abortion or, or not, or you’re anti abortion. Those are really the term that really irrelevant. And just to make sure that we’re dividing rightly dividing this idea. Um, I think somebody might say, well, let’s, let’s define the word abortion real quick. Just the word abortion. Okay. Let’s sell it means the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. Okay. There we go. Okay. Okay. Back to you. So the person that was asking me this, um, was working was a distant relative distance, actually married to a distant relative, but close enough to be in the, in the room and the social gathering that we had, the holiday gathering that we had, and she worked for the Department of Human Services and the state in which we were was an Oklahoma, my home state.

But, um, yes. And as I, and I’ve, I’ve had thanksgiving with your family before, he would graciously invited me and you would be typically, this is what doctors he would do. The family all gathers a, they kind of have some hors d’oeuvres and then there is a prayer I usually led by yourself or somebody. And then, uh, what you do is you stay exclusively out of the topic of politics and religion almost. It will fall under any circumstance. I have known you for very long. I took the bait on this one. I don’t know, but it was, it was so sweet. The way it was asked. It was, it was really sweet. And I said, you know what? I said, well it really all gets down to we’re all really, and I give the definition that I just said a pro life. I said, we’re all really about life.

I said, so what, what do you, how do you define life? Hmm. Cause once we, once we can agree on what a life is like me and my life is, is it wrong to kill me? Okay. We can agree on that. That’s an easy, easy thing to agree on. Right. That’s, that’s not, uh, that’s not a hurdle that we have to get over. How about a one year old? How about an 85 year old in a nursing home that can’t feed themselves? Does that still life? I mean, where do you, where do we draw the line on what life is? And she, she said to me, she said, well my definition is, is when a baby in utero can’t exist without the mom, with a baby in Utero, can’t exist without the mom. That’s the definition. That’s what she said. And her sweet little answer to it.

Yeah. Cause he was challenged here. Just I could tell she was like, well, I’ve never really been asked that question. So I ask everybody that question, what is life to you? What is life? What is life and do you think we should protect life? Okay, well then I think we should protect life with think we can all be pretty firm on that life. We can protect. So what is life? And I said, well, you know, with science and medicine, I mean children are being born sooner and sooner and sooner and sooner and living outside the mom. But if that’s just your core definition, you know, I think he could take an a one year old, put it out in the street and say, have a nice life and it wouldn’t survive without the bomb. I would say that I have five kids and I’m very, very confident that my youngest twins would not be able to make it if you left them yet.

Dj, Dj, I’m just saying if you left my kids, yeah, and let’s just save cities. I’ve been to Detroit, San Diego, they’re so innocent. They would go to the wrong people for help and bad things. Would happen. Well, and that’s, and that’s a possibility. We don’t want to even think about that. But my point is, is that, is that, and I looked around and said, is that really, we talked about it because we don’t know. I guess that’s not really my definition of life. And I said, well, if your definition of life is, is that the child can actually live outside of the euro, I mean that, that, that number’s changing. I mean, every day that changes, science changes that, I mean, I remember back when I was young, you know, a pre a pre me was, you know, wow, they’re five months, oh my gosh, premium.

You might Google what the youngest premature baby, the earliest premature babies that it has survived w what it is now because the technology and the neonatal care is unbelievable. So is that, is that how we define life? You know, and then now we have, we have my dates. We have states now that are saying, well, at eight months, at nine months, a day before they’re born, you can, you know, my dad had a Lou Gehrig’s disease. Yeah. And, uh, he slowly died over time. Sure. And I can guarantee you if we didn’t have the breathing machine on feed them. Yeah. Take care of him. Yeah. He would’ve died. So to me bored him, she didn’t have a board to yeah, exactly. So to me it’s not whether a woman has a choice, women have choices. We all have choices. We all can, we can do what it is we want to do.

We have consequences that we deal with, but really, where do we define life? And if we can all agree on that, if we can eat at least get close to where life, what life is. Um, I think, I think the argument goes away of this and this, these silly acronyms of choice in life or just, it’s really, it’s really when, when is it okay to kill somebody? Because that’s really what it boils down to. When is it, when does it okay to kill somebody? Now I have, um, something that I would like to bring up that, uh, that’s pretty strong. It is. I want to share something. I have three stats. I’m going to share them. Maybe you take note, I want you to think about it because I really want to get your take on it. Okay. Cause I can promise the thrive nation, we will probably not be doing a pro-choice or any type of religious-political show for some time.

For some time we’re doing that. It’s because Robia Scott was, she challenged us. You know what? Actually I was actually on set when we, not to re I was actually on set of, of unplanned. And it’s a very, oh, it’s a powerful, true story. I mean it’s unbelievable. True Story. And, and it just deals with the, you know, deals with the facts of, of a woman being pregnant. So let me just throw out this idea. Okay. And Andrew, I want you to put these in the show notes and then you can cite them and go find them. Okay. Got It. Right now in, in America, uh, whether we like it or not, I’m the CEO of planned parenthood makes $957,000 per year. And planned parenthood, planned parenthood received this is in 2016 the last year. We know they were given $543 million of taxpayer dollars.

So everybody listening to this show, what do you want it to or not? You gave planned parenthood about a dollar and a half seat, $543 million was given to government money to planned parenthood. So there’s like 300 million people, you know, ish. Everybody gave him about a dollar and a half. Okay. Now and endorsed, that’s step number one is this one of the, the numbers, okay, $543 million is given to planned parenthood and uh, of which 1 million of that goes to the CEO. $957,000 of that goes to Cecile Richards. So that’s, that’s that situation. Step number two I want to introduce to you guys is that um, 1.5% of all the abortions in America came as a result of rape or incest, 1.5% of the abortions. Okay, 1.5. So if you, if the argument is, well, what about in case of rape or incest, it’s want to make sure we’re clear.

98.5% of the chance or the time that’s not the case. Well, I mean it’s like saying a murder. I mean, hey, if you’re some guy breaks into your house and it’s coming at you with the knife or a gun and you whack them, I mean that’s to me this, you murdered him, but it was a justified murder. You see what I’m saying? There we go. So I, I said, well, I guess what I’m going to refer to in this particular discussion is 98.5% of the time. Okay? That’s where it’s not rape or incest. Okay. Now, this is what blows my mind. There’s been 54 million abortions since 1973 wow. That many, and I ran into a woman at a conference and if you really, if you don’t like me, please don’t come to conferences. But she came to the conference. See, I see.

I don’t bring up abortion at a conference. No, of course not. She comes up and she says, here’s the deal. I have wanted to always be successful in the world of real estate. Now if you had gone through a lot, I’ve already had like five abortions and then she continues to tell her story. I had a real hard time getting past that intro. The entry line. Yeah, that’s not an, that’s not a, it’s not a, how are you doing? I’ve had five abortions. It’s like a hey, I’m trying hard to, in my career I’ve done through a lot. I’ve had already had five abortions. That’s not a good opening. So I would, I just want to, I just, I mean there’s many people and I know people, I know people personally who have had multiple abortions and it’s no big deal in your mind is what they say.

The devil. Sure. Um, let’s talk about the stats here. The 1.5% does that shock you that 1.5% of the Morrisons are caused or related to rape and incest? And it’s not like half or three-quarters of the people? No, no. I would’ve, I would’ve guessed it low. I would have guessed it. Less than 5% would give 5% at the most I would have guessed it low. Cause I know most of them were, you know, a convenience thing. It’s a text thing. Honestly. Let’s say that you and I paid a dollar 50 towards planned parenthood. Are you, are you okay with the idea that your tax dollars go to pay for this? No, I’m not. I, I don’t, I don’t, you know, I don’t, I mean it’s, it’s, uh, you’re not a fan of it. Correct. You wouldn’t vote to do it and do it if you didn’t have to.

Like, like if you were asked, do you want to pay for this, these taxes, you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t pay them. Correct. Okay. And then you and I, we don’t, we don’t do a lot of, uh, you know, shows it all where we talked about politics, but when you’ve had 54 million kids, humans aborted people, um, why are you willing to talk about this very politically divisive subject when we don’t talk about any other ones? You, you don’t, aren’t going to get on here and debate the merits of legalizing, uh, you know, alcohol in certain states or the ability to drink at certain time. We know we won’t get into all that. We don’t do what I’m talking about. Well, why, why is this a subject where, you know, you’re willing to talk about it?

Well, I’m thinking real big is God and the fact that I was on the sat and the, and there’s so many kind of ties to today’s program. I’ve got a little emotionally charged about it. I mean, it brings back all the memories of the Lady’s story, Abby Johnson story and what it looked like and talking to her on set and, uh, or, you know, talking to the, actually the girl that was playing her part actually who I was talking to. Um, and, and just the real raw oddness of it. It just was intense. And it’s hard to have that kind of intensity issue and not, not leave a little mark. And, and with her on the show and us just being raw and open and, and talking about this, it’s, it’s one of those things where it’s kind of like, um, you know, we don’t have a view. If you don’t have a view, you maybe should think about your view. And, and I think sometimes we’re, we’re led by the loudest and the most vocal. And some people are like, you know, I don’t want anybody to not like me. So how many fit in with the crowd? Because the crowd, the crowd, now he’s going, hey, it’s her body. She could do whatever she wants with it. You know what she

can consequences. Why you and I are willing to talk about this. Why? Because I think a lot of people hate us already and we’re okay with it. Let me list off all the people I’m gonna list off all the people that hate us by industry. If you’re an optometrist, we have a lot of great optometrists that love you and Tulsa. But there’s a lot that don’t know what, there’s more than dome. And they’re, if they’re, if you’re, you know, if your auto auction and you’re in tall, so there’s a lot of shit. There’s a lot of your competitors that love you, but probably something. And if you own a bank in Tulsa and now with Regent Bank that you’ve invested in is doing so well, you probably, I don’t know if you want to hang out with you. That’s a lot of industries right there then that’s covered several, right?

Any employees that work for those and then you’ve got the whole hair. Couldn’t get industry hair game. Yeah. The hey one guy that sent a message in and he’s like, man, you’re like a homer for oxy fresh. Look every, every show’s a commercial for oxy fresh. Well you look it up and guess what? He owns a carpet cleaning business. It’s not doing well. I mean I ran the DJ business. There wasn’t a lot of Djs and then when I went into the photography business after stride, the DJ business, a lot of wedding vendors didn’t let vertical integration. She started my own wedding show. That really upsets wedding show people. I have to move. I’m just saying, I’m just saying when we have an advertiser like Paul Hood who is on the show, a lot of accountants go, I don’t really like those guys cause they’re always pushing that hood guy. You know what’s so funny? You know what I find? So I ronic people hate the Yankees.

I what I found so ironic is the name of the business. Planned parenthood.

When they don’t help you with any plans, they don’t help you. They don’t, they don’t want you to be playing play on any prenatal care. They don’t have anything to help you. How do call it premeditated

non parenthood? I don’t know. It just seems, it just seems like a silly name. Planned parenthood. I’ve caught with some crack. All the young ladies at leaves, there are be it, parents, you know, they could just call it as the death machine might be, they’re no going to be more accurate

first trimester ob. My understanding right now, if it is for the low low price of $950, you can have yourself in abortion right now. Plenty. They initially put a no brainer on their website, uh, into life as little as nine 15

yeah, exactly. No brainer like that. And they should, they should build them in the form of maybe a round, circular globe, like the death star, you know, and then that way they can be, so, you know, a lot of clones draw them up those plans, and I’ll draw on the plan. They could drop their plan and it would say, are you pregnant? Question Mark. She determinate. Yes. That’s the plan. That’s your plan. That’s your plan every time. But I mean to say that their plant, they don’t push you to it. It’s just they don’t push you towards adoption. I mean, it’s crazy. So it’s really kind of, it’s, it’s, it’s almost insidious. It’s kind of like young girls go in there and thinking, Oh, parenthood, oh, they’re gonna help me plan. They’re gonna help me with the adoption are going to help me with prenatal.

They’re going to help me. They’re going to educate me on childcare. They’re going to, they’re going to love on me. They’re going to take care of me. Oh, no, no, no, no. So here’s what I would do. I would encourage you to go see the movie unplanned. Watch it. Then Google search. What percentage of abortions come from rape and incest? Look it up. Look up how much money the taxpayers are giving. Uh, what is this chick make? 1,000,900 57,000. Okay, I’ll $43,000 toward familiar, you would just call it a million. Why does she, what does she do that she gets 1 million bucks for?

She come up, she came up with the very efficient way to suck a baby out of a woman’s womb and kill it quickly.


There are no words. Seriously, there are no, there are no words.

I’m just, if you look it up, that’s more, if there were more efficiency, I mean, I just, and again, I, I would encourage everybody out there, just think about this. Um, if you look up the statistics here of how many, what percentage of the German population fought in World War II z, it was almost a, at a certain point, at the peak, it was almost a third of everybody in that population was out there killing Jewish people. Yeah. And it all started with a, hey, let’s just put a gold star on these people. Just put a star on these people and we’ll send them to a concentration camp where we’re going to just keep an eye on now. And then it became a, hey, since certain ones of them are acting out, we need to just put a few of these people to death. And then it’s like, hey, why don’t you guys all take a shower together and we’ll Gash Ya. And then it became a, hey, if you say no, we’re gonna kill Ya. And that’s what happened. And there’s all these Holocaust survivors that were Germans that talked about, they were forced at gunpoint to become Nazis. And all I’m saying is you don’t want any government at all. You do not want a government at all saying that we can terminate someones life. Cause I can tell you keep my dad alive. That was expensive.


People would say it could barely talk.

Why would you do that? And I’m like well sad disease, it’s bad. But I’m saying he could not have survived on his own if that’s the argument you’re going to use. So I know it’s so, it’s kind of like you, if you’re listening after right now and whether you’re offended or not offended with your cheering or whether you’re punching your radio or present one or what you’re trying to change the channel and you don’t know-how. Because you know, you know we’re going to say something cool maybe next tomorrow. But the thing I’m trying to say is this, is that, think to yourself, argue, debate with yourself. And the question that I challenge you with is what his life and his life worth protecting. And if you can answer those questions, then you’re good in my, in my book, you’re good. You don’t. Typically we end each and every show with a boom. But that would not be appropriate. So why don’t we just end and

goodbye? All right.


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