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Marketing Plan Mix

Marketing Plan Breakdown
  • 25% Online Advertising
  • 24% Search Engine Optimization
  • 17% Social Media
  • 11% Website Development
  • 9% Brand Development
  • 8% Internal/Referral Marketing
  • 6% Logo & Identity

Rise Medical Consults Presents

The Thrive Coaching Experience

A team of marketing ninjas for less money than it would cost you to hire a full-time barista

Service Value Price
Graphic Designers Graphic Designers $4,000 - $8,000 / month (compare to in-house designer and Included with Thrive15
Workflow Mapping/System Creation Workflow Mapping/
System Creation
$6,000 / month Included with Thrive15
Web Designers Web Designers $5,000 - $7,000 / month (compare to,, or Included with Thrive15
Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization $2,000 - $5,000 / month Included with Thrive15
Proven Templates, Systems, and Examples Proven Templates, Systems, and Examples Save years of trial and error Included with Thrive15
Executive Coaching Executive Coaching $5,000 - $10,000 value (compare to and Included with Thrive15
Public Relations Coaching Public Relations Coaching $2,000 - $10,000 / month (compare to and Included with Thrive15
Online Advertisement / Reputation Management Online Advertisement / Reputation Management $1,000 - $2,000 / month Included with Thrive15
Sales Training Sales Training $4,000 - $5,000 / month (compare to and Included with Thrive15
Speaking Coaching Speaking Coaching $2,500 / month Included with Thrive15
Personal Finance Coaching Personal Finance Coaching $1,000/ month Included with Thrive15
Total $32,500 / month minimum Starting at$1,500 / month with Thrive15


  • Watch what workshop attendees have to say
    Workshop Attendees

    “I’ve seen Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins. Clay made a far greater impact.” - Lance Dawson

    EXP Story
  • Watch what workshop attendees have to say
    Taylor HallGeneral Manager, Tulsa Oilers

    “The biggest thing that we noticed was the needle-mover. More sales, more attendance, more success in business.”

    Taylor's Story
  • Watch what workshop attendees have to say
    Danielle SprikFounder, Sprik Realty

    “Clay and his team have been extremely instrumental in helping us build our brand, market our business, the homes we represent. Everything that we do is a direct line from Clay and his team and all that they’ve done for us.”

    Danielle's Story
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Marketing Systems developed specifically for medical patient acquisition let us help you help more people!

  • Patient-Focused Web Presence

    Patient-Focused Web Presence

    Patients will judge the quality of your overall practice by the quality of your website. We build well-designed, clean, and custom websites that will showcase the overall excellent level of care that your practice provides.

  • Online Advertisement Management for Medical Professionals

    Online Advertisement Management for Medical Professionals

    Our custom-tailored pay-per-click (PPC) ads and ad management will deliver new patients to your practice.

  • Practice Reputation Management

    Practice Reputation Management

    The vast majority of patients use online reviews to determine which physician is right for them. We help you to gain reviews to gain new business.

  • Enhance Your Mobile Practice

    Enhance Your Mobile Practice

    Well over 50% of patients seek medical care and advice while searching using their mobile phones. We will create a completely mobile friendly online presence for you practice.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    We will help your medical practice to dominate organic search engine results.

  • Video Production

    Video Production

    Research shows that video & content will provide nearly 80% of all website traffic within the next 5 years. Don’t let your practice fall behind.

What our Clients are saying

Having worked with brands both large and small - including Hewlett Packard, UPS, Valspar Paint, Maytag University, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, etc - our team has the expertise, skill, and tools needed to help you grow your medical practice.

Watch the Video Testimonial

“The biggest thing that we noticed was the needle-mover. More sales, more attendance, more success in business.” Taylor Hall | Manager, Tulsa Oilers

"BTW Thought I’d let you know we had a patient come see us from Texas because she liked the videos. And she scheduled surgery. Thank you for all that your team has done for us!!" Doctor Jeanette Padgett, MD |

“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Clark when I managed over 2.2 million square feet of downtown office and retail space. I can recommend him highly and without reservation. I had hired Mr. Clark to rebrand the portfolio and reach out to prospective tenants. Throughout the course of the campaign, Mr. Clark was a consummate professional. He conducted market research, built a website, and coordinated obtaining pictures, print materials, and gaining media attention within what I would deem record time. Within the first week of Mr. Clark going public with the campaign, he generated hundreds of prospective tenants. Mr. Clark’s positive attitude is contagious, he is a hard worker, and he is genuinely a great guy to work with. I hope that in the near future I will have the opportunity to work with Mr. Clark again.”" David Atkinson | One Place, LLC

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Your Patients Need a Medical Doctor (Expert).
Doesn't Your Practice Need a Business Doctor (Expert)?

Thrive15 Mentor | Clay Clark Clay Clark

Founder of Thrive15 /
U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year

The Business Coaching Experience
Thrive15 Mentor | Dr. Robert Zoellner Dr. Robert Zoellner

Thrive15 CEO /
Optometrist / Entrepreneur /
Venture Capitalist

  • Clay's Business Ventures
  • Hosts of the Thrive Time Show
  • Dr. Z's Business Ventures

The Business Coaching Program was founded by former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark. It is headed by massively successful optometrist turned entrepreneur, Doctor Robert Zoellner.

With the business coaching program you now have access to proven business systems that have been personally used by Doctor Zoellner to build a thriving auto auction, booming optometry clinics, a successful major bank investment, a growing medical equipment company, an always growing sleep center and many other successful businesses. Both Clay and Z used these proven systems and strategies to turn their dreams into reality, and now so can you.

Clay is the founder of a successful marketing firm, a world-class entertainment company, a successful chain of men's grooming businesses, a party rental company, a video production company, a real estate company, an advertising firm, and the massively successful online business school and coaching platform, Headquarters

However, he is most known for all of the businesses he has personally helped others launch and grow by providing their leaders with the wealth of knowledge he has attained through studying the past and present "giants in business." Clay's stockpile of knowledge based on business case-studies combined with Dr. Zoellners business history of success is what has led to the creation of the world-renowned business coaching program used by

With our business coaching program you have access to proven systems used by millionaires and top performing entrepreneurs. As an example, our proven management and time management systems have been developed by (Lee Cockerel) the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 people. Our public relations and branding strategies have been created by (Michael Levine) the public relations consultant of choice for Nike, Pizza Hut, Prince, Charlton Heston, Michael Levine, Michael Jackson and more.

Our world-class leadership training includes teaching from NBA Hall of Famer turned successful entrepreneur, and founder of the $250 million Admiral Capital Fund, David Robinson. provides you with the best coaching available to ensure your business success.

Automate All Your Advertising and Marketing in 1 Place!
Just some of our tools include...

  • The importance of internet marketing for medical practices

    At, our expert internet marketing team is looking forward to unlocking your practice’s income potential. Today, less and less patients are looking to traditional media and advertisement avenues when selecting a medical professional, a doctor, or a specialist, especially if you are not easily findable on social media and search engine results - you are invisible. Once a potential patient does find you, it’s vital that your brand wow and inspires confidence. To create a world-class brand it requires a team of graphic designers, web developers, search engine optimizers, social media experts, videographers, photographers, copywriters, and a marketing expert to lead the way and to hold the team accountable for delivering.

  • A Fully Mobile Responsive Website

    Every website that we create is designed to display in a highly functional and search-engine-friendly way. Whether potential patients search for you on a PC, smartphone, tablet, or Mac, your site will be easy to navigate for them. Now with the team this is all available for less money than if your practice hired an hourly $10/hr employee to help you market your business. gets results on time, and on budget.

  • Search Engine Optimization & Domination

    Our team prides itself on our ability to deliver a completely optimized website that generates organic website traffic. We focus on using very ethical and search engine canonical, rule-complaint-based search engine strategies. Our search engine strategies will help you improve both your online visibility and your online reputation.

  • Pay-per-click Ad Management

    If your current internet strategy is not generating results, we are her to help. Our team will help you to develop a customized internet marketing plan that will deliver both short term and long term results. We will help you to market to your ideal and likely buyers using both Google Adwords and Facebook ads. With the combination of two proven online marketing avenues, you will be able to expand your visibility to your ideal and likely patients.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Our team will help you improve your marketing efforts well beyond just Google optimization. We will help you connect with you ideal prospective patients who use Facebook and other social media networks. The top businesses today are consistently marketing via social media, yet only a small percentage of medical-based practices are taking advantage of social media’s full marketing materials. Our proven system will allow you to reach the biggest and most strategically targeted groups and individuals so that you can make the highest possible return on your investment.

  • Email Marketing

    Email is still a powerful tool for marketing to both your current and former patients. Our team will help you to quickly design and execute an effective email marketing strategy geared toward staying in touch with your ideal and likely buyers.

  • Text-based Marketing

    Most customers and humans today do not answer a phone call from an unidentified phone number. Our simple and effective text-based marketing campaign will allow your team to respond to an inbound lead in a way that turns leads into paying patients.

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