My Role as a Thrivetime Show Business Coach: Jason Beasley

Being a part of the business coaching program for Thrive and an implementer of Clay Clark’s irrefutable business systems is beyond description. One of the great joys of being an implementer is being able to assist an entrepreneur in growing their business to great heights. What I have learned while shadowing with Clay Clark is that it is very important for any entrepreneur to have a source of wisdom and a mentor when trying to achieve business growth. Anyone can start a business but maintaining a healthy business is hard without having examples of the needed wisdom to maintain fruitful success. After studying multiple sources of proven business models Clay Clark has realized that none of the famously successful entrepreneurs that influenced him had any success without the support of someone who came before them that did it even better. As an implementer of Clay’s systems, it is my job and sole responsibility to act as a business coach and source of wisdom for all entrepreneurs trying to grow. It is my job to show them the proven path to success so that the entrepreneur may obtain complete financial and time freedom. Each and every business owner is different in their own respect. All of our clients come from various walks of life and no two businesses are exactly the same, and many of the industries are in fact very different.

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However, with the proven systems that Thrive presents to each and every client, all businesses regardless of their industry are able to reap the benefits of growth. Each week I meet with dozens of business coaching clients and I am tasked with the responsibility of finding the weak elements of their current business model and optimizing them to fit the proven path that Clay has personally made for their business. A key element in my role as a business coach is to bring charisma and consistency to every meeting. A business coach needs to be able to tell their client how to grow their business while at the same time being positive enough not to crush their souls in the process. We do this by providing testimonials of clients that have already succeeded using the program and encouragement that no matter what industry the entrepreneur is in they too can experience the exact same success if not more. My goal is to make every client understand that I have a white hot passion to grow their business while at the same time providing them with the tools to grow the business themselves.

“A coach cannot just be seen as a focal point for authority but also as a mentor and friend, someone that the entrepreneur can trust and confide in.”

My role is to empower any entrepreneur to be able to make the tough decisions needed to ensure the constant growth and success of their company while also encouraging them to become the best leader possible for their teams. A coach cannot just be seen as a focal point for authority but also as a mentor and friend, someone that the entrepreneur can trust and confide in. I have learned countless life lessons both from Clay Clark and my time as a business coach. Having a mentor can vastly change your outlook on not only business but life as well, those who do not realize this or find it hard to believe and simply do not have that source of wisdom in their lives currently. Being in implementer takes patience, consistency, a true desire to never stop learning, and a passion and hunger to work like hell. These ironically are all traits that a mentor can teach you. I urge anyone out there who wants to have a successful life, a successful career, and a successful business to stop wasting time trying to go it alone and find yourself an example of somebody doing what you want to do and asked them how to do it better. The greatest athletes today did not become Hall of Fame superstars on their own, they had a coach to help them in their growth. Now I’m not saying that Clay Clark systems will make you an NBA legend but they can most assuredly help you double and even triple your overall income. Working as a coach and mentor has changed my life for the better and I urge anybody wanting to be a successful entrepreneur to seek the wisdom needed.

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June 27th, 2019


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