What Kind of Requests Do Business Coaches Work With?

Have you ever driven to a new destination and your GPS suddenly stopped working, then your cell phone lost internet connection, so you eventually pulled over and asked someone for directions to reach your destination, but they didn’t know the answer? This left you stuck because your GPS stopped working and you had no Internet signal on your phone. You were completely lost.

Being lost is never fun. Imagine owning a business and searching for the right business answers on scaling, marketing, sales, branding, website optimization, and how to hire A-plus employees, so you can reach your goal. So, you pick up the phone and call a business coaching company. You ask them your questions, but they are hesitant, fumble around, and place you on hold. While on hold, they go grab a book and search for the answers. In the end, you still don’t have the knowledge you need to reach your destination.

At ThriveTime Show Business Coaching program, when someone stops and asks us for “business” directions, we don’t fumble around. We know the proven path to success when it comes to growing and scaling a business. Our staff of fully trained and skilled business coaches give answers and smart solutions.

Below is a list of the 36 common questions business coaches hear:

  1. Can you help me to generate more leads?
  2. What are the most effective social media marketing strategies?
  3. Which types of advertisements are the most effective?
  4. How do I optimize my website?
  5. What steps do I need to take to optimize Google map?
  6. How can I improve my brand?
  7. How can I create a logo that I will be happy with?
  8. What is the best no-brainer (compelling) offer that I should be offering my ideal and likely buyers?
  9. Can you help me to increase my sales conversion percentage?
  10. What are the steps that I need to take to improve my branding?
  11. Can you help me write sales scripts?
  12. How do I go about creating checklists that work?
  13. What is the best way to create a workflow that my employees will follow?
  14. What is the best customer relationship management software that you would recommend?
  15. Can you help me to automate my sales process?
  16. How can I find better employees?
  17. What is the process for onboarding quality staff members?
  18. Are my worker’s employees or contractors?
  19. What are the steps that I need to take to improve the quality of employee training that I provide for my team?
  20. How can I continue to inspire my employees?
  21. What is the best way to retain employees?
  22. What is the best way to hold my employees accountable?
  23. What is the proper way to write-up an employee?
  24. What is the legal way to fire an employee?
  25. How should I determine how much to pay my employees?
  26. How can I stay on top of my accounting?
  27. How do I reduce my tax liability?
  28. How do I make sure that I am saving enough for taxes?
  29. What steps do I need to take on a daily basis to grow my business?
  30. How do I improve my Net Promoter Score?
  31. How do I systematically increase the level of customer service that my organization provides to customers?
  32. What is the best way to hold my spouse accountable for doing their job?
  33. How to super successful people organize their day?
  34. What activities should I be saying no to as a business owner?
  35. How do I know when it is time to expand or not?
  36. What is the process like to franchise a business?

If you’re searching for answers to these questions, contact us for a free business consultation today. We would love to answer any of these questions. Our business coaches will provide you with practical action steps you can take.

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Hungry for more free business knowledge? You can tune-in daily for the ThriveTime Show business podcasts. Co-hosted by Clay Clark, founder of ThriveTime Show and former U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and Dr. Robert Zoellner, ThriveTime CEO, Optometrist, Entrepreneur, and Venture Capitalist.

Take the limits off of your thinking and begin to renew your mind when it comes to running a small business. Learn how to become financially free, how to become organized by knowing the locations of key passwords and files and discover why nine out of 10 small businesses fail, and how you can become the 10 percent that thrives. You can be successful. You can thrive!

Ready for a business coach?

Get Business Plans From America’s No. 1 Business Coach

A business coach is not meant to all of your work for you, they are meant to show you a proven path that you can follow in order to avoid the pitfalls of entrepreneurship and avoid making mistakes that can be avoided. In a world where you can learn from mentors, not mistakes, a business coach can be that mentor.

The ThriveTime Show Business Coaching Program is available and affordable on a month-to-month basis because all of our business plans are created by America’s No. 1 business coach (Clay Clark), and the implementers simply coach you down the proven path and answer all of your questions along the way.

Thrivers Testimonies:

“In terms of our website, we weren’t even on Google and now we are the top in Google search results. Already 70 kids signed up for camp. Could have 80-90 before it’s over. The site really gives us a big time look. I’m happy with it.” Don Calvert, Founder of Score Basketball, ScoreBBall.com

“Clay Clark has been instrumental throughout in providing me with business guidance at the right times! He has moved both of my companies to the top of Google searches and helped me to be featured in countless media outlets and publications. I have a big vision in what God has called me to do and sometimes as an entrepreneur you can dream so big that you can lose focus. With three successful companies, I knew that it was time for growth and sustainability so that we could reach the people that we needed to reach.” Jonathan Conneely “Coach JC”, Founder/President, JJC Enterprises

A good coach can help your business thrive. As Bill Gates was once quoted, founder of Microsoft, said during a Ted Talk (May of 2013), “Everybody needs a coach . . . And with no feedback, no coaching, there’s just no way to improve.”

March 25th, 2019


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