What Qualifies One to Be a Business Coach?

The big day has finally arrived. It’s time for you to make the big decision–choosing the right business coach. You’ve searched the Internet, asked a colleague or business friends, and realized there are so many good programs out there. But how you do select the right one? Because you’re overly eager to get started, you’ve thought you’ll close your eyes and randomly select a program depending on where your index finger lands.

Let us help save you from future disappointment and from kicking yourself later. Sometimes on the surface, a business coaching program can look so amazing. But until you dig deeper, meaning asking the right questions up front during the initial first-call, you realize you really didn’t hit a gold mine after all.

Let us help you hit the gold mine and hit it big! These two points will help you identify the right business coaching program for you.

Wisdom gives you the ability to make the best choice for yourself, so that’ll reap great rewards and reach your destination without any unnecessary detours. It gives you the ability to avoid the costly mistakes many business owners before you made by choosing a mediocre business coaching program.

So, what qualifies one to be a business coach?

What You Need to Know

A business coaching program must be able to showcase a proven history of creating results and driving the growth for real business owners.

Philosophy No. 1: Surround Yourself With an A-Plus Team of Executors

Work with qualified business coaches.

The business coaching program generates results for clients in an affordable way by assigning implementers to help clients to implement the plans that are made by a proven business coach. The coaching service then provides a team of in-house web developers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, search engine optimizers, sales experts, that are managed by the implementer.

For example, at the ThriveTime Show Business coach program, we provide our clients with a team to execute their dream. We give them everything they need to be successful in their business venture.

We want to help you save time and energy so you can focus on running your business. For example, we provide search engine optimizers. You don’t have to spend countless hours writing copy to upload to your company’s website, so you can reach the top of Google. We have a team of SEO writers, talented when it comes to writing content for search engines. They are passionate about seeing your company reach the top of Google, so you can experience an increase in profits.

Here’s a business owner testimonial:

“Clay bought me in and showed me how he could redo my website, get me to the top of Google [to] reach more customers, clients, and therapists, and let people know who I am and what we’re about. There are a lot of things I learned from Clay and his team that I would never [have] gotten anywhere else. I wouldn’t be as successful I am now. I would not have been able to start my second business, and about to start a third if it wasn’t for Clay and his team. The atmosphere here is amazing! It’s live. It’s happening now and very energetic. It doesn’t matter what kind of mood you are in when you come in here, you’re going to leave in a great mood! If you have problems getting motivated, when you leave here you’re motivated. They are going to take your company from nothing to all the way up to where you want [it] to be.” Raymond Leach, Founder of Champion Therapy Services

At the ThriveTime Show Business Coaching program, we beat our competitor’s prices by 68%.
For less money than it costs to hire a $10 per hour employee, you gain immediate access to: proven strategies, systems and processes. You’ll receive a coach walk you down the path, and of course, an entire team to help you execute the plan. If you’re looking for business coaching programs, schedule a free 1 hour business consultation today!

Philosophy No. 2: On Your Own

Not every business coaching program can surround you with a team A-plus players ready to execute your vision and plans, but they can provide you with a business coach.

These type of business coaching programs generates results for clients in a more costly way that requires certified coaches who are generally former business owners and white-collar executives while not supplying a team of in-house web developers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, search engine optimizers, photographers, videographers, search engine optimizers, sales experts, that are managed by the implementer.

Under this model, the client pays a large contractually obligated coaching fees and it is up to the client to find their team of contractors, artists and skilled workers needed to help execute the proven plan.

We Have a Team In Place For You

At ThriveTime Show Business School program, a team is already in place to serve you. We’re ready to help take your business to the next level. We can help you increase profits, generate more business leads, reach more clients, and teach you how to execute pristine branding, hire star players, and more!

We invite you to take the limits off what you can really achieve. Take the step today and schedule a free 60 minute business consultation.

“I would definitely recommend this place for anybody,” said Raymond Leach. “If you’re wanting to boost your business up or thrive your business, this is the place to go. If you want to stay on the small time and not build a business, this isn’t the place for you. If you want to be somebody, make something, and get a big company running, this is the place for you.”

No More Guessing

Choosing from the wide-range of business coaching programs without the proper knowledge can be costly. Before you decide on choosing a program, use this wisdom as a way to discern the best program for you. We want you to reach your goals and fulfill your potential as a business owner.

March 25th, 2019


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