Devan Kline


Devan Kline is the founder of the Burn Bootcamp franchise who was always focused on creating more than just a gym. Their entire Purpose and passion are really the building blocks of their organization, and it is those traits and characteristics that make it the inspirational business that it’s known as today. Devan and Morgan (his wife) were both raised in the heart of Battle Creek, Michigan and they first met in sixth grade and instantly became childhood sweethearts. After Morgan completed her college education, she moved to Naples, Florida to improve her marketing career, while Devan was actually signed on a professional baseball contract with the San Francisco Giants. Devan, traveled around the country in pursuit of his dream of becoming a “big league” starter. However, throughout most of his professional career, he spent his time living with various host families and was able to observe how the average american family functions. During his six-year journey, Devan took the time to assist the host families that allowed him to stay at their homes with their health, nutrition, and overall fitness. These moments would eventually become the inspiration that he needed to start Burn Boot Camp.

Devan Kline - Podcasts

  • The Difference Between Entrepreneurship and Intrepreneurship | The Burn Bootcamp Update

    Having awarded over 384 franchises during the past 5 years, Burn Bootcamp has grown dramatically. On today’s show the founder, Devan Kline shares the difference between true entrepreneurship and “intrepreneurship”. #burnBootCamp #DevanKline #MorganKline #Entrepreneurship #Franchising

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  • Burn Boot Camp Founder Devan Kline on What Being an Entrepreneur Really Means

    Devin Kline (co-founder of Burn Boot Camp) breaks down the mindset of successful entrepreneurs, what being an entrepreneur really means, how to scale a business and more

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  • Devan Kline (Burn Bootcamp Co-Founder) | From a Gymnastics Parking Lot to 183 Operational Franchises

    How does a husband and wife team start a fitness business in the parking lot of a gymnastics center? In just 6 short years, Devan and Morgan Kline have grown the Burn Bootcamp into a thriving franchise business with 183 franchises up and running and 176 franchises in the buildout process while helping over 65,000 people to get into the best physical shape of their lives

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