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Having awarded over 384 franchises during the past 5 years, Burn Bootcamp has grown dramatically. On today’s show the founder, Devan Kline shares the difference between true entrepreneurship and “intrepreneurship”.

  1. Franchisee win of the week?
    1. Huntersville North Carolina
    2. This is where we started in the parking lot
    3. Chealsa Theo was the single most dedicated client I ever had and would implement everything.
    4. She then moves her entire family to St. Luis to start a franchise.
    5. She had to live away from her family for 3 months
    6. Her business took off and they opened a second location
    7. They just bought the entire St. Luis market and will bring 5 more franchises
  2. How many franchises are now open?
    1. 203
  3. How many franchises have now been awarded?
    1. 181 in development
    2. Total – 384
    3. We are awarding 10-15 units per month
    4. 1 in 10 franchises fail
    5. 9 in 10 start-ups fail
    6. 8 in 10 small business owners don’t make it 5 years
    7. Being an entrepreneur consists of:
      1. Define
      2. Act
      3. Measure
      4. Refine
  4. Business tip of the week?
    1. If you want maximum upside, there will be higher risk for the downside as well. That is an entrepreneur.
    2. If you want to constantly move up and forward, that is more of a franchise.
    3. So many people want to blame external things. You have to stop doing the same thing, that isn’t working, and expect something different. You have to define, act, measure, and refine.
    4. You have to decide what kind of risk you want to take.
      1. Corporate America – Low
      2. Franchise – Low/Medium
      3. Entrepreneur – High
  5. Fitness tip of the week?
    1. Most people should sleep faster.
    2. You need to get 6-8 but if you’re sleeping 9-10 hours, you can’t focus on your life.
    3. You need to be self-aware of your time. Weather you’re sleeping too much or on Netflix too much, you have to be self aware.
    4. Once you have determined where you are spending your time, focus on efficiency.
    5. I do “burst training”
      1. Moving your body quickly
        1. 20 sec of exercise
        2. 20 sec of active rest (bouncing around amd moving your body)
        3. 5 exercises 3 rounds
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Audio Transcription

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And just under five years, Devan and Morgan Klein have opened up 384 burn boot Camp franchises and on today’s show explains how they’ve done it with intrepreneurs.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation, we have yet again one of my favorite guests, the man, the man with the plan that has allowed a company to grow from. Check this out from one location now from one location to over 203 open locations within just over four years. These guys have 65,000 clients who are, they are helping to get into the great physical shape while helping the CIC transform their mindsets and their growing businesses. How is it all possible? Devin Cline, founder of burn bootcamp, welcome onto the show. How are you?

Well, that’s up drive type. Do you know what I loved? I love your, every time I talked to you I just get instantly get more energy. There’s no wonder why the podcast is so successful. Like there is a, there is a transference of emotion when I hear your intro and just thank you for being a light man. This is awesome.

Hey, I’m working on a wrap intro for you right now by the way. It should no, I’m serious. I am. But I have a couple questions before we get into today’s interview. I need some buzzwords, you know, some keywords. So I’ve got some questions for you that I’d like to ask you real quick and then you could tell me this helps me shape the rhyme. Your favorite music artist is hill, m and m. M and m by M and. M. Got it. And then you and your wife, where’s your favorite kind of restaurant to go out to eat?

Mexicans for sure. A hand down Mexican. We don’t actually dabble in much else.

And you guys love to, uh, you, you, you, you love baseball. Do you like other sports? Are you all baseball at the time? Yes,

I am. Secretly a bigger NBA basketball fan than I was a baseball fan. I was always good at basketball growing up, but um, you know, being six foot one and not being able to jump that high, there was no future when you could throw a ball 93 miles an hour across some green grass. Vic, that was the right decision. But basketball is my secret. Passion.

Yeah. What the weather, the, what are the names of your kids?

Maxwell. Michael Klein is a one-year-old boy and a Cameron. Elizabeth Cline is my three-year-old little superhero.

So Maxwell’s your boy and then Cameron user is your daughter or your your boy as well?

Uh, she uh, she, she is, uh, she, you know, like most little girls like, and you know, like Ariel and Cinderella. She’s like iron man and captain America, so.

Okay. And I got to get the iron man Captain America now

I’ll give you some, I’m trying to give you some, some juice for this low wrap. Your mate.

Yeah. So she’s like iron man and captain America. Iron man got this Camp America now Morgan, uh, what’s Morgan into? Like, what’s kind of her hobbies? What is she into?

Uh, so Morgan, it’s funny. Uh, Morgan is extremely into her business, uh, and, and she’s extremely into fitness and she also likes to unwind with garbage TV at night. And, uh, keeping up with the Kardashians is her probably that survice. Uh, but in a good way she needs that. We both need to release every once in awhile.

Got It. And then does Vegas your mutual hangout spot where you guys like to go as a couple, is that kind of a place you go to routinely or is that sort of an anomaly that you went there?

Well, we go there a lot, but it’s, I wouldn’t, we go there a lot just cause there’s a lot of business that just travels into Vegas, eh, but I think our spot is definitely Naples, Florida. We love Florida. Miami is busy and we liked being busy, but we’re busy here. So when we like to like chill, you know, we like to sit on the golf where it’s not too busy and just hang out by the, uh, by the palm trees.

Yeah. And then as far as your m and m’s, your favorite rapper though? Bottom line. Bottom line. Yeah. Top and bottom line. That’s fine. Okay, fine. You made it tough, but we will, I will make it happen for the next time I talk to you.

Um, I can give you a secondary, I do have a secondary, you won’t hear my secondary. Yeah.


Okay. It’s a tie between Drake and logic and Jason Aldeen,

Drake logic and Jason Ld. Okay, got it.

I like rap and country. I know.

Weird clay. I’m going to make money. No, it’s okay. I’m working in, you know, thing was Nellie for awhile, got confused and he thought that Tim Mcgraw might do be a good guy to do a song with. And then there’s this weird thing for music history where I was like Nelly and Tim Mcgraw on the same song together and I just couldn’t figure out what was going on there.

There’s a, the biggest song in the world right now is by a guy I’d never heard of named little nods x with Billy Ray Cyrus called old town roads. So it’s like this wrapping country thing is like becoming real old town. Start with Nelly Old Town

road. Oh Man. Oh 10 or, okay, well I’m writing that down and listen to that here probably since we get off here. Okay. So now we’re talking about the, the burn boot camp. And I’d like to, for you to give us an update this week. It gives us an idea as to who is, who is the Franchisee of the week, who’s really just getting it done. What’s a Franchisee you can think of that’s really having a lot of success because they’re diligently doing what they’re supposed to do.

Okay. So we just had a group, so I had, I’ll give you a quick little story because you need some contacts. Oh yeah. So in Huntersville, North Carolina where we started this first jam, it was the one that we turned into the Jimmy went into from the parking lot. Dot. Okay. So we had a bunch of clients. We went and got our first space called Huntersville, North Carolina burn boot camp. Huntersville shout out. Um, I had a client who joined maybe a year after I opened her name, Chelsea Theodoropoulos. I know it’s a tongue twister. Chelsea theater office. Okay. Now she was the single most dedicated client I’ve probably ever had. And she would just listen to every single tip, trick strategy that I had and she transformed her body like boom, quick six months now she then goes, uh, once she finds out we become a franchise, she literally picks up her entire family and moved them to St Louis.

Okay. But there was some snags in real estate. So Chelsea ended up in St Louis for three months while her beautiful children who she adores so much in her and her husband, Ted, who was also her business partner, we’re back in Charlotte. So she’s driving back and forth from Saint Louis to Charlotte trying to stand up a gym. And it was just a crazy time for her. So imagine a mother being away from two little toddlers for that long. So she ends up opening one jam. It becomes quickly a top 10. Jim For us signs another gym opens quickly. A top 10 Jim for this and they just bought the entire St Louis Market. So there’ll be bringing an additional five locations to the St Louis Market. Wow. Over the next like two years and they are absolute rock stars and uh, such a great representation of the brand. It’s incredible.

And I’m looking, I just looked it up here. That’s quite a name to even spell here. Chelsea CEO Duro Romulus is that right?

You can call it, yes. Theodoropoulos if you say it fast, you can just say Chelsea and said CEO. That’s what everybody says.

Chelsea and Ted t now did you internally have like a nickname for these people?

I certainly have a nickname for all people.

Okay. So what’s the nickname for Chelsea and ted? What do you call those guys?

Okay. Uh, so as big that just ted, Ted’s a beast man, that guys like Ted by six, four to 40, something like that. Six, five to 40 in this muscle. And a cellist is always been a CTO.


Yeah. Chelsea Spo, CPO. We just, we just got with the last name like that you could have like 14 nicknames

now as a CCO. Uh, is there like an r two d two reference somewhere in the group to, do you have anybody that’s kind of making sure you, where are you? Uh, was she, so she, was she the first franchise to open a location there?

Uh, in St Louis? Yes.

Okay. The, and, and who was your,

she bought the one, they bought the whole market clay. They blocked off the entire stay at the first two pots really quick back to back. They had like 800 something clients out of two gyms and uh, yeah, they, they just were like, this is exactly what we want to do with our lives. And so they both just bought it all up.

Now, for anybody who doesn’t understand how this works and the world of Franchising, which I’m heavily involved in, um, if you buy, let’s just say you bought an Oxi fresh franchise, which was started by my friend Jonathan Barnett. Okay. So you buy a carpet cleaning franchise. If you buy a franchise, first off, there’s a little bit of a courting period where the franchisor has to decide whether they like you and whether you like them and whether you get the idea, get division, the business model. But once you get the business model, it’s up to you to diligently run it and to implement the systems and processes. And you guys are doing so well right now because you have such a rock star team of Franchisees that I’ve, every time I talked to your bragging on these people, I mean you have great business owners. How many franchises are now open and how many franchises have been awarded but maybe are not yet open?

Yeah. So there’s, there’s 203 that are open and then there’s another 181 right now that are what we call in development. So they’re getting real estate, hiring their people, uh, you know, and just making sure that, uh, you know, they’re standing the business up before they actually opened the doors. And then on top of that we’re doing, we’re doing, we’ve done this year anywhere from 10 to 15 units a month. Wow. So that’s additional units on, on top of that. And it continues. It continues to evolve. But Franchising is so great because here’s, here’s the thing, like a lot of people, you know, we talk about buzzwords at the front end of this big buzzword right now is like entrepreneurship. Well that entrepreneurship is really hard and, and there’s a lot of people that think they’re entrepreneurs until they go out and have to deal with taxes and payroll and, and you know, inspiring people as well as cutting the grass. You kdevnow, there’s a lot of stuff that goes into being the entrepreneur and franchising is so great because it’s not, you’re not an entrepreneur. You are, you are partnering with an entrepreneur but you’re also not on the other side of the spectrum where you’re in corporate America, your net middle, we call it intrapreneurship, where you, you, your, your rewards that you can get are high because in your mitigating the risk, uh, you know, one in 10 fitness, a one in 10 franchise brands fail, nine and 10 small businesses

that that helps somebody I write for Forbes and the stats that come in, I mean think about this, this is what’s crazy is you have nine out of 10 startups that fail, which is 100% correct and not awesome. But this is where it gets worse is it’s eight out of 10 existing small business owners. You know, some of the ones that make it eight and a 10 don’t make it five years. So I mean the statistics are really, really bad. And in franchising it’s the opposite. And I’ll tell you why. It’s because Devan had to go out there and do a bunch of stupid things wrong consistently and go, okay, that didn’t work. Let me make a note here because you had to go out there and did the rhythm of entrepreneurship is this, you define what you think is going to work, you define, then you act, then you measure did it work or not, and then you refine, you define act, measure, refine, define, act, measure, refine.

And Devan Kline’s just crazy enough to have pushed through the pain to get that gain of being an entrepreneur is like running through a landmine. But now that you’ve, now that you’ve written, it’s like running through a landmine field and now that you’ve ran through the landmine skilled and somehow survived, could you give us a business tip today where you say, man, clay, I ran through the landmine of entrepreneurship, but here’s a business tip. If I could give the people out there that maybe don’t want to buy a burn boot camp or maybe people that have a burn boot

camp, what’s a business tip you can give all of our folks?

Yeah. You know, I think that it depends on, there’s, so there’s, there’s, there’s, I want to take us somewhere, but there’s, it depends on what the ambition is. Look, if you, if you want maximum upside, you’ve got to realize that there, you know, there’s gonna be a higher risk and you have to have a higher risk aversion for the downside. Now, if you want to, you know, have a, a business where you’re constantly progressing and taking forward and moving, then that’s probably more like a franchise system. So you’re either an entrepreneur, you’re, you’re an entrepreneur or you work in corporate America. But either way, like leadership, leadership in any one of those categories isn’t, uh, isn’t a title. It’s a decision. It’s a choice that people make. And to be a leader, to make this choice to be a leader, it means that I am responsible not only for my own decisions, but for the decisions of, of everyone around me.

And you take a radical stance that when something goes wrong, it’s my fault. And so, so many people in today’s society, they want to, they want to externally blame, uh, you know, things when they go other elements like the market or you know, the people here don’t buy that. Or My, my, my market is just different when really what you have to do is you have to stop trying to do the same thing over and over and over and over and over and expecting to get a different result out of the same thing that’s not working. So that’s what the, like you said, that’s what an entrepreneur is. You take action, you decide whether it worked or not. You Ref, you measure it, you refine it and you adjust and you do it again on the opposite side, when you’re in corporate America there people are just kind of just telling you what to do, which is an environment that actually a lot of people belong in.

And in the middle it’s like that, you know, I am my own boss but I also have a playbook and that’s why I love franchising as a vehicle. So my tip is like you have to decide, you have to be self aware at like what type of risk do you want to take. Because in corporate America your risk is crack. I mean it’s pretty mitigated in the middle. Yeah, there’s still risks, but you know, it’s not nearly as, uh, as risk heavy as being an a and an actual real entrepreneur and people just need more self awareness in their life play. They need to know what they’re good at. They need to realize that you shouldn’t build a team around you of people who you are trying to help them get better at their weaknesses. You should build a team around you of people that have strengths that complement one another and then you coach those people to make those strengths look like their magic tricks to other people outside looking in. You know what I mean?

I 100% agree and I would say if you’re out there, I’m 38 and I can tell you, um, I’m almost done with entrepreneurship personally. Like, I’ve already built my businesses, so I’m kind of like an intrepreneur hiding within my own company, you know, because like, um, you know, when you go out there and you start something, it’s painful, you know, and I’ve established the brands now a elephant in the room in tip top canine, the dog training business we’ve worked on for a long time and uh, you know, full package as a brand we’ve been helping. And then our real estate company, Sam Adams real estate and our marketing from, there’s just a lot of things we’ve done. And starting those things is so painful and the result is worth it. I wouldn’t trade it, I wouldn’t trade it, but I’m just saying, somebody asked me their data set, clay, what’s the next venture you’re going to do?

And I’m like, well, I don’t know. I might, next adventure might be improving my cannon ball skills into the pool or something. I don’t know. I don’t know that I have another adventure up my sleeve there. Now in terms of your fitness tip of the week, you’ve, you have found a way to balance, um, fitness and financial success. And family success. We talked a lot about on the show about having an f six life setting a specific goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship and your and your fun. And I’m not saying you’re perfect in every area, but you’ve obviously been able to stay in great shape while making sure the business is in great shape financially. What’s your fitness tip for the busy entrepreneurs out there?

So I would say that most, most people should sleep a little bit faster. Now don’t take this out of context. Okay, you need to get six, seven, eight hours of sleep. But if you’re sleeping nine, 10 hours and B, if you’re really being honest with yourself, a lot of people do. And just taking that extra hour automatically opens up the time to focus on one of the F’s that you’re talking about that you might be lacking in. So, so if self awareness is the topic, then one thing you need to be self aware about is the time that you’re spending. And most often when I work with people there, there’s always extra time where it’s either his sleeping too much, um, or you know, on Netflix too much or on Facebook too much or whatever it is. There’s always, there’s always time. Uh, in the second thing is if you’ve done your inventory of time and you are spending it and you are progressively, you know, taking all of those six F’s in the right direction, well then efficiency becomes the next play.

And so I want to share something that I have been practicing myself since I was training for baseball and it’s called burst training. And essentially what this is, is a body weight strength training exercise that simultaneously, uh, increases your heart rate and helps you burn more calories. A lot of people think cardio is like running. No cardio is how fast your heart’s beating per minute. And so by moving your body quickly through exercises at the following ratio, okay, so it’s 20 seconds of exercise followed by 20 seconds of what we call active rest. You know, bouncing around, moving around, shaking her arms out, and then you get five exercises and you do them for three rounds. It takes about 15 minutes and that’s called burst training and like trade that for the 90 minutes in the gym. And you’ve created efficiency, not only in increasing your fitness levels cause 15 minutes sounds easy until you do it

that tell you what man, that is a hot tip. And I uh, appreciate, you know, I cannot wait because you know how I am a uh, Andrew, you know that I’m all about deadlines. So I’m saying I am going to get you your wrap intro. It’ll be ready to go by next week. So when we do our intro, Devan, I’m going to hit play on that thing and it’s going to be hot. Now I, I’ve got a, I’ve got a vision now I’ve got a dream. Uh, however I’m Caucasian, so it takes me a lot of planning, a lot of thinking, a lot. I’m working, I’m going to get it done and I’m going to show up with a hot intro for you next week, my friend.

I cannot wait to see what you come up with. I know. I guarantee you one thing though. I’m going to smile and it’s going to give me energy because every time I talk to you, that’s what I get and I appreciate it.

Hey, well you have an awesome day, my friend and uh, we look forward to talking to you next week here for the burn boot camp update of the week and now

without any further ed too,

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