Just Have Some Cojones!

Let’s get 2 things straight, yes, cojones means what you think it means, and no, this is not a vulgar post. A passionate one, but not a vulgar one. In today’s world, it seems like no one has any cojones. People are stricken with fear when it comes to even the slightest thought of confrontation and it has to stop.

If you have a problem with someone, SAY something.  Stop avoiding the issue and actually have some cojones to bring it up and give both parties involved a chance to fix it.

  • Mess up an order? Bring it up, make it right, and move on!
  • Want to uninvite someone from something? Just tell them to their face why and don’t just ghost them.
  • Someone offended you about something? Say something!
  • Family pissing you off about something? Tell them to their face.
  • Your spouse driving you crazy? Tell them!
  • Something bothering you? Stand up and speak out!

Why? Why is this concept so hard to grasp? Dang it man, just have some cojones and tell people what the issue is and fix it together. This weak-ass, pretend like everything is fine, passive-aggressive behavior where we do everything we can to not tell the person what is bothering us is so damaging. It is damaging to the person who isn’t saying anything, it is damaging to the relationship, and it robs the person who did the offense an opportunity to make it right.

Oftentimes it is the loud, boisterous people who are the most spineless when it comes to confrontation. Resorting to being a keyboard warrior versus actual conversation, is their stage. Heaven help them if they even attempt to talk to that individual in person! To actually say anything to your face would be out of the question due to their cowardness. 

It takes but a moment, of being uncomfortable, to avoid a permanently damaging silence. Stop being a weak-ass and have the ‘difficult’ conversation. Once you start having the difficult conversations, you will find growth. Growth in your relationships, growth in yourself, growth in your business, and every area of your life.

 Start speaking up, start speaking out, and finally, just have some cojones!!

January 15th, 2021

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