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Keep it Simple

Keep it simple. 

Everything in life has a simple solution. 

Everything is black and white.

We over complicate situations for one reason – we don’t like for things to be hard. Too many times we give ourselves a pass to avoid issues and problems by convincing ourselves that we don’t know the answer. With this logic, we are choosing to not take any responsibility. We hope we won’t have to do anything or that we can avoid feeling any type of pain. This is complete crap! 

If you want a better relationship, BE MENTALLY PRESENT WITH THAT PERSON. 

If you want to lose weight, EAT BETTER.

 If you want a better career, PUT IN THE WORK. 

Everything has a black-and-white solution, but if we mix gray in there all the sudden we can claim ignorance, and not do the hard work needed to get the solution done. All problems are linked to this. 

Stop over complicating. 

Stop claiming ignorance.

Stop claiming you need more tools to do something.

Stop putting off your diet until the beginning of the month.

Stop putting off your dreams until the perfect time.

Stop claiming you didn’t know how. 

Just stop it. 

By forcing everything to be black and white, you force simplicity.

Get your crap done. Make the decisions that need to be made. Accomplish your goals. Achieve your dreams. 

This all starts by simplifying all things.


Keep it simple.

March 20th, 2020

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