Manufactured Passion

I have been trying to decide what to write about for 5 days now, going back and forth between ideas, but never settling on anything. The rule that I have for myself with this blog, is at least 1 post every other week. This is a completely arbitrary rule that I have made for myself. No one knows this, no one would follow up with me if I just stopped writing, but I believe that you are nothing if you are not consistent – I will live and die by this. Normally each blog post is brought on by a moment that happened earlier that week, a conversation I was in, or just about something I am very passionate about. This week I wrote something that felt half-assed and I, ultimately, wasn’t feeling the “passion” so I kept starting over. 

Unfortunately, oftentimes, when we feel uninspired to do something we use the excuse of “uninspired” to put off that thing or, many times, we just end up not doing it at all. If you sit around waiting to feel inspired, then this is only going to be detrimental to your momentum. Success is found in momentum. Momentum is created through consistency. To continue building on something you are working towards, you must create your own momentum. When writing these articles, it is more important for me to keep my own word and write SOMETHING instead of waiting around to feel inspired. Ideally, you need to manufacture your own passion and just get it done. Whatever it is, a difficult conversation, writing a blog article that only your mom (Hi Lori!) reads, building a table, drawing a picture, anything at all, just start. Start the process and you will soon find yourself feeling inspired by the mere act of getting things done.

I didn’t WANT to write this article. I WANTED to wait to feel inspired. But, instead, I just got it done. I do this for most of the aspects of my life but for some reason, I didn’t apply it to my writing. So Jonathan…this article is for you.

February 7th, 2020

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