You too can live the F6 Life.

Step 1 – Establish Revenue Goals

Step 2 – Establish the Number of Customers Needed to Break-Even

Step 3 – Establish the Number Hours You Are Willing to Work On Your Business
No Jobs Unless You Want to Work 40 Hours Per Week
Add you can dream video – Vimeo

Step 4 – Determine the Unique Value Proposition

Step 5 – Improve Branding

Step 6 – Create 3-Legged Marketing Stool

Step 7 – Create a Sales Conversion System

Step 8 – Establish the Number of Customers Needed to Break-Even

Step 9 – Create Repeatable Systems, Processes and File Organization

Step 10 – Management Execution

Step 11 – Create a Sustainable and Repetitive Weekly Schedule

Step 12 – Human Resources and Recruitment

Step 13 – Do Your Accounting and Automate the Earning of Millions

Execution + Implementation = A Ton of Success

Search Engine Optimization Dominance

Best Business Coaching Programs | How the Thrivetime Show Business Coaching Program Began


You Have to Start Somewhere 




The Power of One –




If You Are Going Through Hell Don’t Stop


  • Micky Ward v Shea Neary – 8th Round TKO. When Micky Ward was invited to fight Shea Neary, in London, Ward knew he was taking on a huge challenge.



Down 28 to 9 – with 2:06 Left in the Third Quarter


  • 16 minutes and 29 seconds



Your Employees and Customers Want to Be Wanted –


  • Care Deeply About Your F6 Goals
  • Care Deeply About Ideal and Likely Buyers



Choose to Live Before You Die – 


Wake Your Ass Up 




The Power of Mass Marketing

  1. The power of mass marketing with Arnold Schwarzenegger – – 26 Minutes and 52 seconds
  2. Tradeshow mania on Friday
  3. Tradeshow Tools –


The Power of Cold Calling – Ryan Tedder – Cold Call – 3 minutes 





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