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You know it’s important to create an experience that wows your ideal and likely buyers, but how? Clay and Z break down the specific steps needed to create a extraordinary customer experience that will systematically grow your business.

How to Create an Extraordinary Customer Experience

  1. FUN FACT – The man who claims to have invented email – Shiva Ayyadurai
    1. Shiva Ayyadurai is an Indian-born American scientist and entrepreneur. Ayyadurai is notable for his controversial claim to be the “inventor of email”, based on the electronic mail software called “EMAIL” he wrote as a New Jersey high school student in the late 1970s.


  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The most basic way to get someone’s attention is this: Break a pattern.” – Chip Heath (Made to Stick)
    1. Chip Heath is an American academic. He is the Thrive Foundation for Youth Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the co-author of several books.
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The first problem of communication is getting people’s attention.” – Seth Godin
    1. The founder and CEO of Yoyodyne, the industry’s leading interactive direct marketing company, which Yahoo! acquired in late 1998. Godin worked as VP Direct Marketing at Yahoo before leaving to become a full time speaker, writer and blogger.
  3. FACT – A person must see your online advertisement a minimum average of 4.7 times to convert. – Retargeting Playbook
  4. FACT – “The most intriguing result was that Trump generated more brain engagement than his rivals in almost every demographic category, even among Democrats and Independents. Viewers may love or despise Donald Trump. But the sight of him lights up the brain.” – This is your brain on Donald Trump
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nobody talks about boring companies, boring products, or boring ads,” – Jonah Berger


Steps To Wowing your Customers:

  1. Sights
    1. Get rid of the old ceiling tiles and paint the grid black
    2. Install Edison bulbs
    3. Buy some nicer prints to hang up for cheap
  2. Sounds
  3. Smells
  4. Decor
  5. Experience:
    1. Lambert’s Cafe – Throwed Rolls –
      1. EXAMPLE –
    2. Elote – Luchador wrestlers (Elote in Tulsa) –
      1. EXAMPLE –
    3. Dentists in California – pictures of celebrities who you’ve worked with
    4. Landscapers – Work trucks the look like driving pieces of grass (Green Leaf Weed Control)
      1. EXAMPLE –
      2. EXAMPLE –
    5. Dentistry – The Dental Depot –
    6. Carpet Cleaning – OXI Fresh (The world’s greenest carpet cleaner) –
      1. EXAMPLE –
    7. The Sign Guy in front of the Mattress Guy
      1. Sign spinner getting noticed for flare and work ethic
    8. Create something so cool people want to get their pictures taken with it)
  6. On-Hold Music
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

You are now entering the dojoof business coach mojo and the thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i. Guess you can. This is click clock on the mic and can my optical castano pinochet and I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen the plans broadcasted from advance to the left, to the portland dance to see it, and I’ll be to see it? Yes, that would stick it like batmanall of gas station. Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio and podcast download. My name is the former ussv, a entrepreneur of the year sent here on a mission to get. You would make great financial position in dr. Z on the podcast edition. Here we have a question. It was emailed to us from a business coach thriver z. Are you aware of technology something to do with over the thing that www thing? That’s right, you don’t mean 6 millennials. What do I know? Yes, I’m familiar with it when I first got my head wrapped around the email, you know that that’s not going to catch on magical and mysticalfamous faux pas and again. This is not a political show, but you have a funny idea, more answers, question famously claimed, or insinuated that he invented the internet and there’s a guy by the name of sheba. How would you say the last name their child? How would you if you didn’t guess that last name is shiva? The right idea for an american scientist, an entrepreneur and he claims to be the man who invented the internet so are invented the email I mean in an email he claimed to have invented email, so I want to say a big shot to use for shiva, and now we will look at the email that was sent to us. You know:i invented something. The? You did really everybody’s, just one making ridiculous ridiculous claims like shooting who else. Did it prove it? So here’s the deal so he took it took a while. We have a friend who took a moment, I i, believe it’s a he i. Don’t have to hear she took the time out of your schedule to email info at thrive time. Show.Com and I promise you if you’re listening right now, you email us a question to info at thrivetime show.Com.

Your question will get answered on this podcast zeno other podcast on the planet. More content than we do. No business podcast beast beast mode, all the time we’re putting out great content, and so did it just test this email us info at thrivetime, show.Com and see. If you respond to your question after marshawn lynch podcast beast mode, beast mode, how do you create an extraordinary customer experience? So, let’s make sure that we go over the areas that you need to to hit and now I have z give us some oops, it’s everyday bro! You got to have the sites nailed down and go to make a remarkable customer experience, anything that the customers these must be more or your auctions start with clean, clean ass start with clean mean if you have it painted or updated or you look around. You go. I still looks good after 22 years, I’m, not doing anything to avoid any good stuff fresh and it every 10 years. You probably should freshen, probably come in, and new paint and new flooring, a new person that thing and I got your money. Making a business is your money maker, so you got if you got to shake it. First. It’s, clean, but then also current, clean and current are well. You know, I want thing. I like to do is just a new perm, get it nice and tight over thursday or pick out paintare you. The trick is going to your local lowe’s or home, depot or sherwin-williams or whatever, wherever you buying the paint and go up to the kid mixing paint of the young man of the young, lady or the person on paint timothy. What’s the most popular color you’re selling? Now it is so sexy how you doing I love that tire. So just in that I did not do that. That’s like the easy does he want to get the visuals nail down and make a remarkable I’m going to fire off a stream-of-consciousness, a mastiff look massive list of things you can do to day. If you’re on a budget. Okay, one get rid of those nasty grid ceilings and painting black put in edison bulbs. You see a lot of restaurants. Lot of a downtown business coach areas will reclaim an old building. It doesn’t require a lot of money but get rid of that nasty grid. The coffee stain looking grid get rid of that thing. Paint it black, getting some modern fixtures. You can do it put up images that makes sense that are inspirational. You can buy really affordable. Since you said you can see you at starbucks with those see those nice there’s a you can get a nice and what’s the word I’m thinking of it, it’s the guy sprint, but it’s it’s thicker. It is on a canvas. I can just print you. A nice frame images just just be intentional, sounds so many businesses, not so much on the east coast or the west coast put in tulsa a lot of businesses. Forget about the part with him:creating a mojo in the sound of music is very powerful. Music moves us and if you’re watching a movie-and you hear this-you know something’s happening, don’t you go by yourself? Do you still play? Do you still play danzig mother in the auto auction lincoln loud we haven’t, played that inflate go. Take loop, little, red corvette drive me crazy. You know what I went to the auction on friday.

Then john did yeah. That place is a machine, not a machine. You couldn’t tell what music they’re playing from the sound of the auction to hear the sound of money being made. Is it 7-7 linked to have to stand in one lane? So you know what they’re told you running through there on a friday about 900, sorry, we’re open all week, long, but the actual sale on the last about 3 hours. So if you take care of a car guy so that you know, does that mean you’re sitting out again, if you need, if you said that the average minute has 60 seconds right, that’s math, x, 60! This is 3600 minutes per hour, correct, 3006 or minutes per hour to seconds per hour seconds, and only so now you have $10,800 right to go through how many cars show me to business coach divide these like five cars a minute. Are you selling your car every 12 seconds? If I can? Second, that also don’t know what you’re talking about how it’s actually longer, because we have we divide that by 7, so they’re running simultaneous through their back the entire being that’s a little over a minute, 2 minutes per car. What kind of sounds? Do you have going? There’s a positive music? Is it negative music? Is it? Is it monk music, what kind of music in the car they don’t want music out there, because you need to listen to the auctioneer. It’s. If that’s what to do, and you know what you’re like like steve said you we have the speaker said to work each lane you can hear the auctioneer, for that particular line is really cool and then you walk back and forth and you find the car you want to jump in that lane. You stitch a little hand up and you try to I’m only bringing this up, because this is what people are not grasping and I could probably cuz you’re, smart and I’m a bad teacher. But here’s the deal you go to the auction.

There’s an energy of people, communicating there’s an energy of the auctioneer there’s an energy of the cars coming in and out that energy itself is the sound, and that creates the buzz you got to get the right music to create the mojo shop. The mojo in the last thing you want is:if you have a front area where your customers are, maybe you don’t want them only hearing customer service calls or an argument between two employees. In the background you need to have that overhead music, even if you’re just in an office setting the whole point is how to create an extraordinary customer experience. I’ll tell you sometimes it’s the little things like I noticed something z you guys did is like your auctioning. All these cards right. All these cars are going well. This guy rolls in on a harley and he’s like, and then the auctioneer says. Every time you buy a car, your name gets energy win and you might win this harley. That’s awesome! You want to win the harley to buy the car and I might give you a bad example and the dude working behind the counter was like piercings all over cats. Everywhere, you know, hair spiked up you know it’s just like a freakshow I would have to see him. You know, and he had music on to match him and the music. Just my ears bleed and tell her to get the speed and time is it quicker for me to grab my run out now? Get your medication, this morning. Welcome to the liquor, store liquor store. Do you mind if I pet, your face? I refuse to go back there because it was just such a bad experience and I just want to see. Do you like my cape brandy? My name is thor not factoring in the smelt z. Why will your business go to hades if it has nasty smells because we have five business coach senses and if you hear is a beard? The part that kind of sucks about this is that you could do great on for them and you’re just chilling on four of them. You, like I love, the smell of a nasty, looks awesome, looks good sushi in this restaurant. We come back as the smell of body. Odor. I love smells like that sushi and he played in armpit, or are you onion either way? I’ll come back. I love the smell of this person, who doesn’t like the smell like a small business going in the front desk guy smells like the human body, somebody microwave some tuna, the back microwave her to remove it to life choices you’re, making I’m not making a choice. If you work in the office get that mess out of here better for you to just just I mean I can think of so many better smells that are horrible. I won’t get into everybody. Do that boom you cook up that tune of the office. It spreads. It lingers your next move. We talked about the site, but there’s something about being intentional and thematic with the decor having a theme to it so see. If I describe your auto auction, it feels kind of like a mixture between like a harley harley davidson mixed with maybe like a a maybe modern art place or a place where you like, going to buy modern like retail items or cooking ware. That’s how your auto auction feels clean, and it’s it’s very much like a harley store seems like that’s kind of what I was going for. You guys do burgers and fries like every week. Is that the only we know free lunch every weekend? But what about the randomization of some restaurants? You go in there and they’ll in you’re going. It seems, like somebody, got really motivated to make playlist and then I stopped at 11

So you go in there every day until 11, there’s good music, but when karen works or douglas works, the music stops because of brochures, they have like a really cool font on one third of the brochures, but it seems like that’s when the theme. It was supposed to talk to me to help the listeners are struggling with carrying at a theme throughout the whole business. Earlier on your lot of people. Don’t look up in their business I like hell all, there’s a ceiling up there around. What is that color so focused on selling those sandwiches around someone that someone that makes those brown spots when I roll? This is what happens? Is you have to be intentional about your experience? Is what I decided to do today and I’ve listed out some experiences and I’m going to let go around the horn I’m going to let chop naira rate. These experiences to the first place is called lambert’s cafe lambert’s throwed rolls oh yeah. If you haven’t been to it, it’s located in missouri in chapter famous for allowing you to throw rolls in the restaurant. Put this on the show notes, though, so you can see a youtube video of this. Yes, why is that? What is it work? Because everybody remembers it? Everybody remembers from the time your kid or as an adult or whatever you remember going to that restaurant, where they throw the rolls around restaurant downtown disney by where you live. Grab me see. The whole bar is made from recycled like skyy vodka bottles, it’s a great atmosphere and memorable and they’re purple cow. Is there whole play on the business coach luchadores and it just fine howard schultz, the founder of starbucks? As we know it, the original founders of starbucks have been in business for over a decade, making a little known fact, coffee, grinders, and he says we can make a ton of money selling the coffee and they said no, there’s no money in coffee. You see it’s being sold at a styrofoam cups for $0.75 and he said no, no, no, you see izzy, we have baristas. We need to refer to things as a venti as at all we need to do is we need to have to charge people for the atmosphere and not for the cups of coffee z. We can’t be a commodity. Is it we better, be an oddity for bringing us back.

First thing:i thought you got to be a little more. Will you say yeah. It has to sound kind of shocking tayback kind of play on display on the coffee shops back to back away from the mic. As you say, okay, so now we move on to another. Experience is I’ve, seen a dentist before in california who I’m not at liberty to share all the details of his business, but I’ve been there. He has done the dental work for celebrities. So when you sit in the lobby, there’s pictures of all the celebrities that you know-and it says we are the proven dentistry of toys for these people say. Why does that move? Were you find a parade and get in front of your starting a business? And you want the credibility you find someone with credibility to endorse your business and your get instant credibility. I, like that’s a great thing about drive, is when your drive there’s pictures up on the wall. You know the giant wall of like a million frames and everyday I walk by then I go they work with it’s pretty amazing. When people see that go back the layers and realize the clients that we’ve been we’ve been doing this for 12 years now, and it’s not that I’m, a genius justice system works, people tell their business coachfriends and a few more examples it go on. For days, I’m trying to get the mind is empty I’m trying to give you listen or some ideas that can take an activate here. So there’s a landscaper in tulsa called green leaf, weed control and I said that you should autorap your vehicles with astroturf and they looked at me like I lost my mind when it turns out people notice, the vehicles are booked out.

This vehicle I know it’s great to see it I mean damn. How did you not notice that there’s a dentist with a train? What does dentistry have to do with what doesn’t have to do with you find out you’re not supposed to get in the train a friend? What does a train have to do with industries eat out there right now, fighting this, though, why? What? What is a big blown-up gorilla out from your business have to do? Is your business? Well, I want to put a link to it, but the sign guy, the, sign guy in front of the mattress store, he’s been on the news and trump. Why is he been on the news, the mattress guy, to the sign guys in for the mattress store, 101st memorial? Why is he been on the news because he’s not standing there with his headphones and looking like he’s asleep he’s having a good time he’s, throwing that sign around he’s having fun with it and people notice that he has a smile on his face. He pointed people, he waves, he’s very interactive. You know here’s another. One. Oxyfresh is now known as the world’s greenest carpet cleaner and putting on the show notes-and you know what they do. They donate money back to water. Org every single time they clean carpets because they are using 1/10 of the water of the typical carpet cleaning service, see that is yet another wow. Why do we have somebody’s not thoroughly convinced they have to have a while trying to sell it to you? If you don’t have a while, your competitors will and they’re going to end up with the bank roll another word for money in the bag? There’s so many things out there competing for the bandwidth and the of someone’s brain that you? If you don’t wow them, your unrememberable I mean your forgettable and you want to be unforgettable on the news that some dude here is the notable quotable, a bombardment of notable quotable simon.

Read them off to you. Chip heath, the best-selling author of the book, called made to stick he’s a stanford professor. The most basic way to get someone’s attention. Is this break a pattern? What pattern can you break out? In the best-selling author of the purple cow, and the guy behind yoyodyne, the company was burt was started in sold to yahoo for 30 million dollars. It was a book packaging company holding books standout. It reads he says the first problem of communication is getting people’s attention:jonah berger the best-selling author in the wharton business college, professor at walton college, professor cuz. He would understand why I have no idea what I mean, so nobody talks about boring products or a boring business coach i, don’t get it. That’s just boring, there’s a reason. Why not super bowl parties people lot of the times you were at the super bowl party. Interested, in of the commercial through shoals than the actual game. On the game to be a blowout, it’s really no fun to watch it sometimes, but sometimes I’m old enough to remember some but you’re so off, but the commercials are people have to bring the heat because of competition in the wow factor in those commercials is over-the-top, and so we need rememberable ones and you need funny ones. You need better one than you need ones that make you go to remember that I mean we talked about I talk about funny and clever commercials.

I mean I feel like that. You seen this, you know. If you have a turkey on your business, radio was going to say hello. Just walk into the thrivetime show studio right now, and is he making business coach turkey noises right now? Is calling your business coach help the listeners execute this? How do you? How does your business coach help you to create an extraordinary customer experience? I got a good move for you guys. Are you ready, I’m ready to shop yourself? You had a mystery shop yourself by myself. Yes, because you got to get somebody that your staff and know your teammates know is coming in and checking out your business whenever you’re not today is that an ethical I don’t want anybody else when I think about this could also be american. Idol I’m, just telling you a dirty song, but we got some good used to communicate. Remember exactly what you’re doing right have them. You know put on a scorecard besides to smells the sound all the things we just talked about:3 2 1, if your youtube on google now


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