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Gino Wickman’s book Traction is a masterpiece for any entrepreneur looking to scale their business to create a life of time and financial freedom. While breaking down the book, Traction, Clay interviews Joel David, the Founder of J David Jewelry to provide an ample example of what a successful business looks like.

Interview Questions with Joel David:

  1. J David Jewelry:

What year do you get started in Jewelry?

  1. We opened in 1995

What made you want to open your own store?

  1. He was in the business for decades and thought “I know everything about this so why don’t we just do it”. Worked out of the house for 1 year.

How did you raise the capital to get started?

  1. Waited tables at night
  2. Worked at another jewelry store during the day
  3. After a year he maxed out has many credit cards as possible to get enough money to start everything up.

What was your first big adversity in business?

  1. Outgrew his location from 1997-2001. Had a grand opening on 9/11, 2001. All of the marketing said it was a “9/11 911 SALE”.
  2. They increased everything within the by 400% and the revenue did not match it.

How do you control the experience of the store?

  1. Jewelry sales has been around for 6,000 years. They’ve taken the entire business model and combined, Disney World, Apple, and Starbucks.
  2. You cannot expect what you do not inspect.
  3. Checklist for everything.
  4. 3D printers so that the customers can see what the jewelry will look like
  5. You must make sure that the team is completing the action items and solving the problems together.

Traction – Introduction – If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably experiencing one or more of five common frustrations:

  1. Lack of control: You don’t have enough control over your time, the market, or your company. Instead of controlling the business, the business is controlling you.
  2. People: You’re frustrated with your employees, customers, vendors, or partners. They don’t seem to listen, understand you, or follow through with their actions. You’re not all on the same page.
  3. Profit: Simply put, there’s not enough of it.
  4. The ceiling: Your growth has stopped. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to break through and get to the next level. You feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.
  5. Nothing’s working: You’ve tried various strategies and quick-fix remedies. None have worked for long, and as a result, your staff has become numb to new initiatives. You’re spinning your wheels, and you need traction to move again.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We don’t like checklists. They can be painstaking. They’re not much fun. But I don’t think the issue here is mere laziness. There’s something deeper, more visceral going on when people walk away not only from saving lives but from making money. It somehow feels beneath us to use a checklist, an embarrassment. It runs counter to deeply held beliefs about how the truly great among us—those we aspire to be—handle situations of high stakes and complexity. The truly great are daring. They improvise. They do not have protocols and checklists. Maybe our idea of heroism needs updating.”  ― Atul Gawande, The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We hire talent, not people” Joel David

MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%


How do you keep grinding to provide an excellent experience every single day in your business?

  1. We get to work with awesome people from our customers to our team members.
  2. We get to serve some famous and awesome customers – Fleetwood Mac, Paul McCartney, The Who, Taylor Swift, and more.

Traction – Page 4 – “Successful leaders surround themselves with great people. You can’t build a great company without help. EOS cuts through buzzwords such as “A players,” “platinum,” “100 percenters,” and “superstars” to provide a practical understanding of the two essential ingredients of any great team: the right people in the right seats.”

Traction – Page 5 – “The best leaders rely on a handful of metrics to help manage their businesses. The Data Component frees you from the quagmire of managing personalities, egos, subjective issues, emotions, and intangibles by teaching you which metrics to focus on.”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The older I get the less I listen to what people say and the more I look at what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Proverbs 10:4

Traction – Page 5 – A Scorecard is a weekly report containing five to 15 high-level numbers for the organization. In the Data Component chapter, you will learn to create and implement this powerful tool into your company. It will enable you to have a pulse of your business on a weekly basis, predict future developments, and quickly identify when things have fallen off the track. Because you’re regularly reviewing the numbers, you’ll be able to quickly spot and solve problems as they come up as opposed to reacting to bad numbers in a financial statement long after the fact.

Traction – Page 15 – “Most business owners are unable to reach the next level because they are simply not ready to let go of the vine. You might know the feeling; you want to see your business grow, but at the same time, you’re frustrated, tured, and unwilling to take on any more risk. The truth is that before you can grow, ou’ll need to take a leap of faith.”

What makes you different from other jewelers?

  1. 3D modeling software to show a newly created piece of jewelry.
  2. 3D printer to print off the ring and they can see it before it exists.

You love the phrase, “Everything I’ve ever done, I’ve never done” break down what this means for us?

  1. Starting a company with 3 rings and $500
    1. He had never had a company with employees and responsibilities.
  2. He has an action bias and is not scared to start something that he has never done before.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Done is Better Than Perfect.” – Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook)

What is Executive Experiences? Check it out here –

    1. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17
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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business conferences school without the bs optometrist of the year clay clarkopen, the white page inside your wallet, overweight for the rumor csi in rsm. The goal of the show is the help you score. Yes, yes, yes and yes, tribe, nation! Welcome back to the drive time show on your radio, your daily audio dojo of mojo, where we break it down like fractions meltdown up shop on today we have a unicorn event, because I’m going to explain a few trends that are happening in the world today and then I’m going to use this as a kind of a t up kind of lined up into why our guest is such a source of wisdom of people are buying things online right now, over all is going down from any stores going to order. No more overall tell stories. I was not aware. I was just decided to turn his jewelry store in to the taj mahal. At a time when a lot of people would say you know what how to do the jewelry game. This guy started a jewelry store to most of the jewelry stores out there are second-generation 3rd generation, crazy guy started his own store.

This guy is, is growing hit your puppy’s growing at a time when jewelry stores are shrinking, name is joel. David joel day was easter. How are you man, I’m great to be here thanks for having super joel and on today show we’re going to be breaking down the book? Traction yes by gino wickman, so we’re breaking out the book traction while we’re giving you a story about a guy who, what does have some track track, track, track, track track and ask you this:what year for the listeners out there? But what year did you start jay david jewelry? We actually started in 1995, 90 91 you when you open your doors in 1995. What made you want to open your own store? Did you hit your head on the toilet seat? Next thing, you know the business conferences flux capacitor. Did you go to a tony robbins seminar? Were you I’ve been watching some kind of tv show and all the sudden I think I got a job? What happened? What caused you to want to start your own company I’ve, been in jewelry at that point for about 8 years and I was 24 years old and I knew at that point. I knew everything absolutely so, since I knew everything.

I thought I can do this on my own, so I talk to my wife, I quit my job when I said, let’s do it and you did and we did, and where was the home office? Where were you were you in the kitchen where you in the friend’s house where you are with you? It was in the spare bedroom of our house yet, and how long did you operate? They’re out of the spare bedroom of of the house? Was it what year was it 2 years? How long to take it was right at 1 year before she kicked me out a lot of people out there, a lot of business conferences people a lot of people out there would say no. This is this. Is my story and I’m curious? What yours is it? A lot of people have said to me:clank it be so awesome to have a company. How many weddings did you do the other day and I’d say we did 80 weddings last saturday was that that’s amazing, that’s so amazing you’re, so amazing and I need to how do you get the capital get started and I would say what what I did is:i work, the applebee’s, target and directv at the same time, every week you know your story is kind of similar i. Think you’re, probably one up. So he can you tell the listeners how you got the capital to buy your jewelry and how you got to the money needed to get the doors open there.

I did not work it. Those places but I did I was waiting tables at night at work at another jewelry store during the day as I was working out of my house and after a year we decided, let’s see how many credit cards we could actually apply for to get and then max them all out. Yes, yes, the smartest way to start a business, I love it and I say this, because we are actual entrepreneurs if you’re out there listening and you met actual entrepreneurs. If you leave, if you read the life story of what’s a sam, let’s go to sanborn for 500, okay, we got skywalker breaking it down. Sam wants his own store, so his wife happened to have a dad live in claremore oklahoma and he says:hey dad can I borrow 20 grand to openly said you’re, not my son, so he works hard opens up as ben franklin store. Then the landlord comes up to him and says:hey sam, here’s the deal I’ve decided to not renew your lease but I’m going to keep all the business conferences fixtures and that’s in the lease agreement, so I’m not going to renew the lease, but my son is going to actually I’m open up a ben franklin in the same location, where your ben franklin is jim walters. What he Says:i’m taking over your store, I’m. Shutting you down my sons taking over your business cuz, you didn’t read the lease right and now you’re out of business after 5 years keeps all the fixtures, the name. The whole thing and sam walton thought I was probably a sign. I probably need to start my own. My own brand new location, I should probably read my lisa’s, so I want to ask you, Say:i’m old and had his big adversity there. After we finally build up a brand, a company people could know a location, people could identify with he lost it all and start again.

Walt disney lost it all twice:henry ford five time. What was your first big adversity? Were you thought? Oh man, multiple jobs? You were going to jewelry store work at night. When is there a time where you thought to yourself, man that was worse than I thought? It would be something far enough in the past where it doesn’t, it doesn’t feel to freshen up,, make sure it’s not too soon. Yes, yeah. Actually, we had outgrown our location, we’ve been out from 97 to 01 and we add a grand opening in our new store. That happened to be 9, 11, 2001 and all of our marketing said we’re having a 911, nine-one-one sell course. Everybody knows what happened that day and the next year of the jewelry business conferences was terrible and we opened we had grown tweet. We increased our size, 400% or staff 400% or over head 400%. Needless to say, the cell’s did not follow so that was probably our most trying time over the next three years and figuring out how to survive traction on the book of the book traction by gino wickman. He writes he said if you’re, like most entrepreneurs, you’re, probably experiencing one or more of these five common frustrations lack of control.

You don’t have control over your time to people you’re frustrated your partner’s profits simply put you’re not making any the ceiling. The growth has stopped. Nothing’s working, nothing’s working so now, I think about your business I’m, going to go one by one. Cuz I want you to give some to listen to some of your advice on this lack of control. When you walk in your store, the one thing you have, there is definitely a high expectation. You have a high level of excellence in there you’re a client of ours, but I’m. Also, a client here, you know, and so I’ve gone in there and bought rings from you 3 times, I believe her to 222 * 3 purchases from you and the level of customer service is awesome and, frankly, I wouldn’t buy from you just cuz i, like you, I like to business conferences experience and I like you. Can you talk to me about how you been able to main control to a lot of other jewelry stores are some great ones in tulsa, bears or some other good ones in tulsa? But your story just seems, like you, were your intentional, an apple. What meets a starbucks at talk to me about the control, text. It’s, just awesome, our entire business model, understanding the jewelry industry is been around for 6000 years.

That’s one of the oldest industries that still exist today. So he’s always going to be around understanding. It is not necessarily about the product is about what it represents in the the overall experience. So that’s where we’ve taken our entire business model and basically tried to mirror it after what did walt disney does as well as apple mixed with starbucks and a byproduct of what we do is yes, it’s jewelry, so we try and have a lot of fun with what we do and try and make a unique business conferences experience for every single person. But, just like you mentioned what our expectations are not just for our staff, but what our expectations are for the experience of each individual walk through the door. You can’t expect what you can’t what you don’t inspect the bathrooms are clean. You have if she make the jewelry right there and you customize it right there. You got 3d printer, so people can see what it’s going to look like this is things that these are things that no one else has the taj mahal of jewelry in their kind of deal. Do you have all these systems written down, or is it just verbal tribal knowledge that you just run around with, and you have for me? Oh yeah, it’s not rare! It’s what you said. It was a unicorn event. Companies I’ve been self-employed, that was my 21st year on 37, so I’ve been self-employed since I was 16 years old, my 21st year being self-employed, I have checklist upon checklist and systems and process there’s way too much.

There’s just too much complexity of the pants were remembering the mind for critical thinking. Why jolene you make the check when so many entrepreneurs? Don’t why? Why do you do that? Why do you only talk to me about this? Inspecting the checklist walk me through? How do you do it after making the list? You know making sure that it’s done but having everybody be able to basically work together as a team, and if somebody misses something they work together to make sure that nothing is left unchecked jump into the store right, now. I have to write. Are you still at me know if you think I feel violated by the store it’s so good.. This is a great business conferences thing, though I don’t tell me why it total concept. Why you can’t just look at the customer at the closing table and say 6 or 7 documents that I need to round up. I can’t remember what they are exactly. Let me see if I can go, I’ll be over all the pups. Why can’t you just make it up on the fly for mortgages? Why you actually have to have checklist and process, not a narcotic, but there’s been people that don’t pay. Why don’t? We have to make sure that all these things are done so that we can verify that they will pay her, that they have the ability to pay her that there’s a higher probability that they will pay and it without those systems in place for us I mean I mean we certainly couldn’t remember it all in her head. So we’ve got guidelines upon guidelines of on check list of on overlay, matrixes of matrices underwriting automated underwriting system.

We have all these things in place to prevent receipt. Please play I think that in every business she needs checklist and systems, and if you don’t have it and it is in your head, then it’ll be great for you. Cuz you’ll always be released. All your work for you, so you know I’m one of my favorite pastors listen to every morning. I! Listen to td jakes every single morning in this morning, I was. It was great he’s talking about how spiritual spiritual world where people are being attacked or spiritual warfare. There really are bad spiritual battles. People are fighting and he says, but you getting to work on time. Isn’t one of them? Don’t talk about a demon of lateness, a demon of getting fired, a business conferences demon of he’s like that’s called you didn’t. Do your job right away, come back from the break. I want joel david to talk about how he finds great people. I hold him accountable, but I still like you, a lot of your people been there a long, long time and it’s picking up a company and have people that have been there a long long time, I see you there put cpas is owned by paul hoodie been in business for over 25 years, he’s at location in bartlesville he’s got one in tulsa he’s got one in claremore, great guy, and if you want to get beef and become more proactive with your county, good hood, cpas., comment, hood, cpa.Com and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio shows I change. The mindset on the magic show pic of the heat wild bird, giving it to me straight in the world in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the market street the facts.

Yes, tribe, nation welcome back to the temple of boom the place where we make businesses grow right now, the gdp, the national, do what the dd gross domestic product average american business is growing at a rate of 2.9%, with the help of our current administration full package. Media who I work with has grown from less than $10,000 a week of sales affect $0 of sales. Over $208,000 of sales is growing at I believe in 9%, right, I heard 9.8%, which is bigger than 2.9% score basketball growing. Quite a bit I’m steve I’m, not a big map, pay the mortgage, but the averages is 2.9%. Is that better 30 years? Yes? Definitely better and I’m, not really good. That goes so. Here’s a guy-and he said the average jewelry stores disappearing would retail is disappearing. We have a guy who said you know:howard schultz entered into a world where coffee howard schultz the ceo of starbucks. He entered into the business conferences world that you can buy coffee, getting go to go to quiktrip number circle k employees in there, and it’s like $0.99 I’m, going to charge you like a coffee guy, barista, you say:okay, we’ll head for jewelry, you go in there right now. You want to get a ring, you say, i, don’t know, I want to see it. First in a 3d printer you make the actual ring in front of people of 3d. I can see what’s good look like or they commit to it, joe. What your website, for you has never been to your website for jay david jewelry.Com, incredible we needed up. We needed a boom, sound effect they’re.

So talk to me about how in the world were so many people today are struggling to grow their business and to find good people are struggling to find good people and back in the book traction they think these describes here in the book traction write the introduction he says most most business owners are struggling to find good people frustrated with your employees, customers and vendors and partners. They don’t seem to listen, understand you or follow through with your actions, you’re, not all. On the same business conferences page. How are you able to keep your team on the same page? How do you find good people? What’s your secret sauce? We promise we’re not in the jewelry industry. We won’t steal your man, that’s a great question. Primarily we hire talent, not people say it again. Please we hired talent, not people. Now, it’s everywhere, talented people, no talents, not people can’t train a personality. You can’t train a smile. So when it comes to technical knowledge, anybody can learn that, but you can’t train a person I’m going to agree and disagree so that it’s a completely correct.

It’s like a passive, aggressive fight on the radio to 100% agree with you, doctors, he would agree with you and I would agree with you. You can’t change someone’s personality like you, joel david can’t hire me and change my personality, but if I’m listen to the show today, I have the power to change my personality and looks like warren buffett is example realize his personality was terrible, but he knew everything about investment, so he actually went to the carnegie school and learn how to communicate effectively and that’s where I want to tap into clay stairs on this because I agree, you can’t hire someone force them to change, but you trying to avoid each ozen to be happy people and that you hired them I mean that’s kind of your business conferences going to ask you out there who’s listening to go, i, really struggle with people. How do you help some of your clients change that they want to change out to you, cuz i, say their self and they say I’m not very likeable. Please help me:how do you help people do that? Well, I have a client i, have a client down in phoenix that it was working in a job as a sales person went down to phoenix did a speaking event. She came up to me afterwards.

You said:please get me out of this job, gene breeze. You can feel me right here:okay, maybe not, but anyway, she was in a sales job and she wanted to become a saw. This I was i, was shocked, I’ll, be here all day, wanting to move out of the sales job into being a speaker into being a coach with other people and actually a life coat. But she was saying clay. I need help, knowing the moves. How do I do this? How do I change from where I am to? Where I want to go? She was locked in this salary mentality. How do I become my own business? How do I become my? How do I own my own business? So we spent quite a bit of time helping her with her language, helping her with how she presents herself all of her presentation materials just giving her the tools to do exactly what you’re talking about. We come back from the break. I want to get right into it, so when I get joel david to take on this with jay david jewelry, when he opened its first store, made your working another job, you’re working, two different jobs and I’m sure that wasn’t stressful. This is the thing I can say about you, honestly what you at every day that you walk in your business conferences store or every time I see you just like with dr. Zoellner in all the greats I’ve ever been around everyday is showtime. For this guy guy decides to be a positive person to. Let me tell you what you probably had some adversity going on in the background.

Like a duck, you know below the water, he might be paddling, but he’s come across that service and he chooses to be a positive person and that right there is the kind of victory that you have to have on a daily basis. Over yourself, there’s a big battle, you’re fighting everyday, and it’s between your two years and there’s nobody out there who’s a better source of wisdom to talk about how to be a positive person on a daily basis because nobody wants to buy from a cantankerous upset victim mentality. Jeweler people want to buy from somebody is positive and somebody who’s upbeat. We come back in the break, we’re going to get jay david secret, for how do you? How does he stay positive on a daily basis? How does he set the tone for positivity check before we do that? Chop chop I want to see if you can chat all the listeners about one of our incredible sponsors are we we’ve got incredible sponsor, but she looks better good business conferences friends. Onyx imaging guys are the one-stop business shop. They do office supplies printer supply, printer service same and next day. Delivery price match guarantee steve currington, so you can actually get ahold of him today for new customers, passionate about spending a ton of money on my office supplies I like going there I thought office depot it takes for ever made it expensive, I like it. It’s just.

What makes me be chopped make maybe tell him that and they’ll charge you a little bit more. If that’s what you want, they like to deliver for the top if I I likes if I like to spend money, I like to spend time I shouldn’t go to onyx imaging right yeah right, that’s right! But if you want to go to onyx imaging.Com onyx imaging.Com for new customers, new printer service customers they’re actually going to give away free printer copier, if your new customer for them so free to get ahold of him. Today, 918-627-6611 918-627-6611 onyx, imaging.Com, onyx, imaging.Com, 3 2 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and I thrive. Time show drivetime show on the microphone. What is this send a category of business dentist, alright, probation! Welcome back to the business conferences thrive time show on your radio and your podcast download. If you have already booked your tickets for the june 22nd and 23rd workshop I am excited to see you I’m excited. We meeting people from guam from canada from australia a lot of downloads into and south korea this week, a lot in south korea, a lot of iowa iowa I driven through iowa lot, I love that you guys have stopped in iowa and it started downloading you’re in route to minnesota.

If you’re, stopping and half way and I owe you download from that’s a nice thing to do I view all my downloads, you drive to iowa to download idaho the number one tourist activity in des moines right now is podcast downloads. I am looking for something fun to do, I’m looking for something fun to do so. What I’m going to do is I’m going to I’m going to go into j david you cuz i, want us I want to look at like I’m, not thinking about binary, you don’t think about it. I want to get a 3d model, rendering made of the ring before I decide to spend that kind of money and I don’t want to be treated like a second-class person. I’d like to be treated nice ii want to be treated a little bit nicer than they treat you at starbucks and I treat you really nice at starbucks. I want to be treated a little bit better. They treat you to apple. They treat your really nice and apple. I want to have an experience. I don’t want to just buy a ring, I’m looking to have an experience, and those people have done that include you steve currington. That includes me. Click like I’ve done this and I’m just telling you that they really do a great job of creating this business conferences experience talk to me about how you been able to create this experience. Why this happened, because it’s like you’re busy you’re doing with the daily drama, like everybody else, but you’ve chosen to stay positive and to build this experience or working on the business while working in the business positively? How do you do it? Well, because we get to work with such awesome people every day, whether it be the extra people walking through the door.

Actually, our team members understanding that jewelry represents a symbol of something when you find out what that symbol represents to get to created as a tangible item that goes every it become part of that person and when you get to do that everyday and you never do the same day twice. That’s what I mean it’s a blast and I’m we’ve got to make pieces for some of the most famous people in the world. Just give us a couple. Names I’m easily impressed so I’m right, I’m right here, I’m just give us a couple and steve hearted impressed. He has made rings for me. So I wouldn’t know. If you were a big deal, he wasn’t clark steve currington know it gets better life, works, states kind of a big deal, I’m not a big deal, and then here comes the big deal. So you ready for this here we go joel taylor, swift, fleetwood, mac, the, who, red, hot, chili, peppers, music, okay, tells people to get here. You got, we got taylor swift, taylor, swift, justin, bieber, justin, bieber, kid, rock, fleetwood, mac, paul, mccartney, realize I’m, not saying you do this, but did you ever pit like the who, against kid rock, to see who would buy a bigger one, because I feel like when I seek vanessa’s ring that clay bought him? It’s like and then I see my western kentucky wisconsin upgrade battle. You know what I’m saying like that I have with myself to do you do that to you hit the big stars against each other, but you know I made this for the who I can say this:no i, don’t like birthdays at all I’m, not a big birthday guy. You like birthdays, don’t like business conferences weddings, don’t like any really event:holiday.

Going outside I like to work, so my wife wants to go up. My birthday and I thought this is. This is got to stop this crap going out celebrating getting older one year closer to death. I just would know so great. Let’s go the finest gifts and she’s like. Are you kidding me I’m, just crazy enough, for she thinks I’m going to so. I went out to a restaurant is now no longer in business next to the old gold’s gym off of memorial and i. Had all these gifts laid out all wrapped and she’s, like you, you’re out of control as I have a birthday I bought myself. Everything I’ve ever wanted, so she opens the first thing and it’s like shoes for her, and the next thing was something else for her. In the final one, with the smallest box was a box with in a box in a box I did it again this year, you and your team help me. We wrap the box with in a box with a box in a box. So then she opens up the ring the tears, the tears, the tears joel and that made so many deposits deposit in the bank each week when I might make an epic screw up like once a week when I irritate her by doing something dumb. It’s like I’m immune to it. Now, with diamonds seriously, you created an armor and of business conferences immunity. Now, i, no longer it’s a it’s an amazing deal., clay stairs in the book, traction gino, rick, gino, wickman rights in the book, the best-selling book traction. He writes, you are not your business.

Your business is an entity in and of itself. Yes, you created it, but in order to find success, you have to turn it into a self-sustaining organism that doesn’t involve you wow. This is the challenge. Every day you work at home. Builders, doctors, lawyers, dentist clay. This is a challenge as a business coach talk to me about the hardest part of for entrepreneur who has a successful company. What’s the hardest part of building a business that does not involve them doing everything again, I think what you just said:they’re from gino wickman, your business is not you most people if they’re coming up before they become the entrepreneur and all they know, what am I have to go cut someone’s head off and all they know coming into. That is how to be at work. What am I answer the business conferences phone and so often trapped in the identity. I believe that there are so many employees that their job is them, their job is their identity and then, when I becoming an business conferences entrepreneur, it’s so easy to translate that right into my company is me. This is deep. If we come back from the break, I want eric chuck to hop on the show eric church round business conferences I want him to first brag on some of the clients.

He’s working with i. Want you to talk about the clients that have been able to build a business. That’s now working without them doing everything that I want joel david to talk about how he does this because there’s a standard of excellence at j, david jewelry the tapping on a daily basis. That is happening even right now, as we record the show right now, I mean joel your this isn’t hologram right, I mean evil 3d printer at your place, but you just as you you’re here right now, I’m here, I’m, not at the store in the store, is open. How this is a metaphysical thing is that can create time for them in financial freedom for your family. That my friend is a magical thing. That’s where all about is cutting both time business conferences freedom and financial freedom. So you can spend your time doing the things that matter most to you. Jump like a horse with blinders show me the help. You score. What happened all thrive nation welcome back to the drive time to show on your radio, but you have to colton dixon sing the intro there colton dixon top 40 christian music artist too soon we’ll have another album coming out a lot of exciting Things:i’m honored to have him as a client and a friend and he’s going to help us produce a lot of great stuff in the show.

If you haven’t checked out colton dixon really I mean I’m not going to call you out and say:are you an american, but I would say that american? Are you? It’s mccarthyism check to make sure you’re, not a full-fledged,. So if you haven’t picked up, colton dixon show your family some respect, don’t ruin your family tree, don’t screw up your life check out:colton dixon website, colton, dixon., com you by gino wickman, the world famous business coach, who expensive program very good program. He says on page for does traction use. A successful leaders surround themselves with great people. You can’t build a great company without help. The entrepreneurship operating system is what he built cut through the buzz word, such as a player’s platinum hundred percent and superstars, to provide a practical understanding of the two essential ingredients of any great team, the right business conferences people in the right seats, and he goes on to explain how you create a business and not just a job. You want to create a business that the ability to serve customers even when you’re, not there summer start with you and i, want to go to joel david on this. Will you work with business owners that are made they been in business for 25 years and they are the one out of 10 business owner that don’t fail according to forbes. Right now puts on the show notes for 9 out of 10 businesses fail.

They personally work all the time. How have you been able to help your clients consistently move from being a technician working in the business to an entrepreneur who works on the first step that we work on is very similar to traction, is putting together the systems that allow people to do things rather than just personalities. We have to move away from personality-driven company, 2, more of a system driven company, and we find really quickly with many of the clients early on before. We have done a lot of work with them and help them through this process. That really of some of the big problems is it they don’t want to give up. So you know i, probably know what I’m talking about I need other people to do things, but when they actually have an business conferences opportunity to delegate and give things away, there’s a real fear to give those things away because they’re not going to do it like they do it. So what I spend a lot of time doing? This will tell me:how do you do it? Then go well first of all. What I do is I do this and then they have to slow down. So what do you do? First and I start writing down what they do first and then what you decide? Gardening?

What do you do for and and then before long? It’s like okay phone! Now you won’t system. Now you have to do what you were just talking about. You and I talked quite a bit about this and the importance of I know:i, don’t know that it’s possible for me to 100% be able to reproduce myself in somebody else. 80% can I get 80% of my mojo into the brain of somebody else. So here’s the part, that’s crazy. Oh I just want to pick on one aspect of the business. He does really well next to cleanliness. How do you keep your stores so clean into stores when the average jewelry store that I’ve been in is not clean? How do you do it get to all always expecting excellence, but inspecting excellence come on now? What does it mean? Why do was I inspect when I expect you go into the bathroom and not been into a quick trip ever been to a place? That was not a quick trip. You ever got to get some if you gone to get some gasoline at a business conferences convenience store. That was not a quick trip to be like a green dinosaur, scary, bathroom. As soon, as I get in there, I usually am like check right away step. One use the restroom to have to check for ptsd. After what companies have a mission statement that says what we do at the circle k, do you want to provide a crappy service? You guys get it literally. Let’s make it snow, crappy, look crappy, let’s make it.

Let’s clean the bathroom right before shift every four of see how long should diarrhea for days. That’s what you think, that’s what it is, but that’s what it is, that’s not what they want. So how are you getting a different result? Joe and everybody else can’t seem to do this. I mean coming going back to hiring the right it is, but when people aren’t willing to do the job, then you find somebody that is. This is another show. It seems like every time we have a successful entrepreneur they get on here and they say if you hire someone to do a job and they don’t do it, you should fire him in there anything that you really get into it. Then you discover i. Remember one day, I was talking to joel and joe said:hey. We had a guy, come in the store and run off with some jewelry when your salespeople was showing someone a piece on her finger and he bowled criminal pulls off of her finger and then runs out what it needs. Probably you know hi-5 his buddies, like I went in there, I ripped it off her business conferences finger. I’m the man, let’s buy some math for a sandwich to celebrate their victory but check it out. You got cameras and you were able to pull that thing up. Digital call did they find the guy that the sellers are so resistant to put in cameras, odd, i, don’t know if i, like the trust of my secretary, you know she she’s i, want to let her be jewelry store without a camera system.

Right now, could you definitely not here’s the great thing, because the store was so clean, so clean everything he touched only had his finger. That is forcing here. This portion of the book traction on page 5 text. My dad, he says data. The best leaders rely on a handful of metrics data to help manage their businesses, their the data component, frees you from the quagmire of magic personalities, egos subjective issues, emotions and intangibles by teaching you which metric to focus on small town to check. If you can, you can save me from the shop at 11 on tuesday and 11 o’clock on tuesday, didn’t answer. The phone didn’t ever respond, I text him called him conference line all the different deals. Then he sends an email and doesn’t apologize and just move on like a didn’t. I talk to the guys is cash. My mom is mom her cousin. Somebody that they were sick, I couldn’t make it. My bad and I said:i want to clarify something with you in michigan, I judge people right, I referred him to churches. That I personally did so. Will you now missed 3 calls with me? Will you didn’t tell me in advance you working to be there at 3 and you’re?

No apology from you, you didn’t Say:i’m, sorry in the hospital and I said, i, don’t care and when my dad had als I should have every day and shut up. You saw me be there at 1, so maybe I should have no one cares. I made payroll every week, I paid people for payroll every week. We do this. Show you show every day you were thought about that yeah I’m here I here we wouldn’t be in 18 years, because people do judge you if you say you’ll be open at 9 and you’re, not so joe. What time do you open your stores at jtv, jewelry right now and then in your two locations, and is it weird? Did a lot of jewelry stores, I’ve been to true story, I’ve gone there and says open at 10 and they’re not open at 10. Is that shock you? How do you? How do you open the doors at 10 when you say you’re, going to open the doors at 10? How does that happen? If you get there early, but whatever it is, you don’t feel like it? You know I mean the day for you feel sick at the sniffles. You just said you haven’t had a sick day at 18 years, but yet you’ve in sick still show up. Oh my god, you know, I was thinking about what my wife had a miscarriage and I thought. You know on that day. What I’ll do is I’ll just make an excuse. Go I showed up, I had I still delivered for the weddings, with miss weddings. My wife had a miscarriage I thought. You know the one my dad got cancer. What imma do is I’m just not going to show up, and you know what the cooled when you don’t show up everybody around around. He wants to agree with you and they want to encourage you to that.

Excuse was valid because they suck at life too, so they suck at life and it like all I suck at life. You suck your wife to that’s cool i, like your wife had a miscarriage, that’s called gosh how long of how far along I say? 6 months they say. Oh my gosh, you should take the month off and say that’s right. If you want to meet employee but I’m, an entrepreneur, this shows for entrepreneurs. You just show up when we come back. I want to talk, you’ll, be able to talk about what you mangled your leg, while skiing, and yet your store stayed open. Like you, you personally couldn’t be there. Cuz your leg was mangled pretty pretty it’s pretty incredible that you can’t even walk yeah but I’d love to have time show on your legs and showing up even when the stuff hits. The fan. Welcome to the thrive time show on talk, radio 1170. All about you all about you all about you all. The way back to the thrive time show on your radio I want you to think about this. Mister mister thrive time business conferences listener out there think about the last time you went on vacation on a trip.

My wife and I went to amarillo the church screwed up and invited me to speak in southern, pines I want you looked it up and read that on the show notes are but proverbs 10:4 proverbs 10:4 about proverbs 10th, we got lazy hand-in-hand wealth. Was it again lazy hands make for party but diligent hands bring well. What book is that from the bible talk on diligence and work ethic? Basically for a christian, we should work like it because it says it work as unto the lord in the bible. That’s the idea, so you have a paranoid you’re trying to work as unto the lord just think about this. If you’re traveling on a road trip-and you see the sign that comes up-you see a sign in your amarillo 52 miles, and then you see a little sign, see the sign. You immediately think of what whatever you’re consistent averages. So, whatever you’re consistent averages, you think about those chicken nuggets, i, probably shouldn’t but I’m, going to cuz I’m going to trip, and you look for consistency and employee. We hire someone you’re looking for consistency. Consistency involves showing up even when you don’t feel like it. So I didn’t really think about consistency. Today’s guest, in my mind, is a is an example of a shining example in a world of darkness, and the world of I did my best in the world of intentions and world of excuses that are balance sheet by the business conferences people around you.

My friend jay david, with jay jay david jewelry. He went skiing years ago, I went skiing years ago on what happened, what I’ve been told as an entrepreneur, you’re, basically an adrenaline junkie, and that’s why you do what we do and if so, with that, sometimes you find it. Another forms I find mine and ski I was skiing in new type of teskey that it did not have a release binding. What’s your foot locked in this is a great idea when you fall down hill monday, morning quarterback here. I just want to tell you this when I used to when you said that you can’t get out of them. This is immediately why, when I thought of it, that’s why I immediately thought was really okay, so the doctor screw it back on with 21 screws said that will never move if you’re lucky you have it true story. So put it put me in a cast and he said:he’ll come back in 6 weeks will cut it off you’ll, be in a cast for 6 months, maybe a year, but you really didn’t wake her up in the same church ever multiple said:he’s never going to get it cut off in 6 weeks, I could start walking again and then here’s the deal you were dragging your leg. For how long does dragon I didn’t even cooperate, then move 6 months to almost a year behind, as is at your business conferences store, remained open? Yes, it did now. Can you think of another, an event that you like to share the radio that would be as catastrophic or ask crazy or has terrible it can be person. It could be a family.

It could be a financial committee situated. We thought men that my leg was bad, but this was also really bad, because I think the listeners out there think that you come from out awesome, al and where you’d have no problem, because, whatever you’re going to say I want clay, stairs, try to one-up you and then I’m going to try to one-up you and then shuffle twenty one up here, so you’ve got it still showed up. So I do have a long list, but we’ll just go with what we got to only kids and they’re grown up. At this point we don’t have anything left to do so, we’re like man. We we think we were really good parents and try it again right. So we bring into kids from another country that can’t speak english and we’re thinking two teenagers. We were good with our teenager 15 year old boy and his 13 year old sister from nepal, and it’s a different culture close to bangladesh, and so they get here they have no clothes but the clothes on their backs and were like hey. Let’s go to target, get him some clothes. This is going to be fun. We worked so who you pull into target. They had never ridden in a car cars next to us our to try an hour within 72 hours. They almost drowned in our backyard. It was about a week ago and we have no silverware left. It’s gone. What we learned about six six months actually to learn, but you can’t continue to open your business conferences. It’s a parallel universe. You still open your store, but you still ran your advertisements. You still hit by the way. A little side note have you ever advertised, oh yeah, i, don’t want to advertise.

My business is different. You might say I love. This thing is like a guy winking in a dark room to a woman he’s the only one that knows he’s doing it. You got to advertise I’m home builder, I’m, a carpet installer I’m a I’m, a wood floor guy whatever and I just don’t I mean. Could you do it mean i? Just don’t want to join. Do you endorse this idea? What feedback would you have to go? Get a job and I would say:if I do I have my own, my own I might get into a kind of a bostonian kind of argument, a voice I would media for years. All my business is water, mouth i, don’t need to advertise and you would say the law of attrition says you lose 20% of your business a year. You will go out of business. Business. Will tom brady wicked awesome in boston back to you. What’s the worst story, worst thing to happen when you still showed up okay worst, this would be cuz. You done it. Yes, I have done it and still had to show up so I’m just going to go ahead and swing for the fences was a time where a very rocky time in my life have a 2 year old daughter and that’s a tough story, but I have a 2 year old daughter, I am a school teacher and I am homeless. Living out of my car homeless, living out of my car to go home. I got the delta 88. You know it’s all pretty nice why I was homeless, because you know my business conferences wife and I had just gone through a divorce. I didn’t have the money as a school teacher. I didn’t have the money to pay two mortgages. So I end up on my own with my two year old daughter living in the car and then here’s the thing that my car gets stolen. Where is it but you working, and how do you spell you, you taste or you what I got to do while I’m in my car gets stolen, so I end up getting a bicycle:i am a school teacher I have a 2 year old daughter, showing up to work on a bike for about a month. So that would be my thing if the wheels come off of it literally the wheels come off of it and I continue to show up in your car.

When you live in your car, that’s what you were laughing with you tori is so weak. Carlos people push through that crap all the time to announce the wedding announcements you introduce the bride and the groom the cutting of the cake, the playlist. You got to be a positive emotional state to enter to win entertainer people there and your job is to entertain those people, and my best friend, who was supposed to help me set up for my show, got killed in route, but I thought to myself self should I go to the show. No I should pity. I should go to manti, should call in dead, say, hey someone cuz. They would have a little excuse, but I didn’t it was somebody’s wedding, and that is what it’s like you might be. Thinking like, like you, sick freak, do you not have any emotions? Do you not care I care as much about you care more about you than probably anybody else there I’m telling you the hard stuff? No one else to tell you cuz I do care. No body gives a crap they’re just going to go, buy from another jeweler, which is why joel is so successful because they do they go to the other. To restore to try it, how to open any more big lot of business competitors have gone, keep track, not the account ever thought about it. I didn’t have any of your computers ever gone out of business or customers from people that weren’t happy with a competitor. There was 7,000 jewelry stores that went out of business in the last 24 months. Give us the final 100 each other with horrible stories. He was kind of the business conferences engine out in the field, get all the job done so he’s out for months at a time and it right. After all, that happened my cousin. Stevens-johnson syndrome. I know, if you guys know what this is, but it’s a reaction to something and ibuprofen or the steroid packs that you can take. Basically, you chemical burn from the inside out and all of her skin was blistering and coming up she’s in intensive care, burn unit 4 months, and they needed somebody with her 24/7, quick toma, say something you just want to add negative thing:i had flexible hours, cuz I was going all over estimating and bidding at the times.

I was the only one in our family that could work weird hours, so I’d stay with her all night and then have you guys ever been in intensive care, burn unit it hell on earth. It is unbelievable and so for months, she’s recovering in there, but I still had to work. We still had 40 guys we had to keep on the job. We still have to get work and get job so I had to push through that sleep when I could and she recovered and she’s doing better any lingering effects. But it was a really tough time, but we stayed in business if we made it through. It find the name. Roy android decided to open up an automotive repair company a while back, and he and his dad had 80 years of combined experience, repairing ford automobile transmission, heat battery suspension alignment, full disclosure I am now partner with roy, and so when you go in there. Thank you when you go into an hour, automotive, hair shop. One thing that roy cares about is doing a good business conferences job consistently right and that involves working on the days where you don’t feel like it now. This is what I’m going to tell you in this is where I disagree with a lot of pastor, so get ready for a lot of passes. I’ve seen this I’ve seen this from the pulpit I’ve seen it as a member of churches, were the pastor will pull some of the. If someone will go in and see, pastor I got fired from my job and I got sick and I didn’t show up and they fired me and the pastor. All staff sometimes will say:do you know what that’s unfortunate I feel bad for you I’ll pray for you.

If I was your past, I would say:you’re weak, sauce, get back to work, shut up, I’ve actually gone to work and I didn’t feel like it and take a look at this great podcast I want to play with you of people burning people breaking legs, people getting their car stolen when they live in your car, it’s fun stuff. When people start a business this year, 9 9 9, 9 out of 10 of those businesses go out of business in the ones who win or the consistent, diligent business owners. That’s why I didn’t invite you to check out my friends, business, roy, rc, auto specialists,, that’s rc, auto specialists,! You need a mechanic to show up in to deliver check out. Rc auto, specialists., com, motion fitness is always dominate. Cuz I got five. Kids is the true father make that excuse I’ll be up going to cut the scoreboard. The truth into a like my yoda greetings, drive nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the thrive time show on your radio and say we’re breaking down the business conferences book traction by gino wickman, which I highly recommend every entrepreneur owns, and you keep it on your desk. It’s a great book to have I tab books. That’s how I read books I tab them that way. I can find the things that I need. My I need my teeth, and this book by gino wickman is so fabulous. Page 19 chapel put this on the show notes he’s talking about scorecards. Okay, talks about score cards and i, just I think that a scorecard it could be a fence up. So I’m going to start with you, clay, stairs, I’mma start with you on this concert. The scorecards okay, so scorecard is a weekly report containing 5 to 15 high-level numbers for the organization.

In the data component chapter you will learn to create, implement this powerful tool into your company. It will enable you to have a pulse of your business on a weekly basis and apple weekly basis to every week. Doctors only looked at the numbers every day. Every day is data called data data are processed for the canadian listeners up there. Don’t you know you? Are we improving or are we getting worse support position? Did you play when he played football shut up man in high school in a wide receiver in college, yes, sunday hand the ball to somebody, regardless of the name on the jersey? How many yards do you get after your hit and he keep track of that because it says it’s a good indicator of effort. So when you’re playing tail back and get the ball in your running, did you actually get the ball? Yes, I did and you’re running and you get hit. Is it not ass? Is it not come down to will at that point and skill? Oh, you have to have the wheel and the skill yes, but you don’t ever advance the ball down the field. So then the game we look because they scored more than us, and this guys have them listen to yards per, carry cuz. He can’t elude anybody. Is it mean to put that player on the bench and bring it in player? Who’s. Better know:okay, leather, football team with 11 players on offense and my job is to be the left tackle on the t I’m weighing 210 pounds. I m a d, I m e offensive lineman and you are the quarterback and i. Just don’t show up to work on monday, i, think of the game. Monday night football monday, night, football, carrie underwood singing about a good time. I don’t show up, though it’s only had tire game to go home and then the guy just runs right past where I should be, and he runs it just hit your knocks you down how many plays in a row?

Would you let that happen if the quarterback before you be mad, the left tackle didn’t show up. So why, in small business, why in small business to people first not know the score of the game at the end of the week? And why do they not fire people that don’t show up? Why did small business? Do they not fire people joel? Because you know how the guys you met guys through church through work, customers, clients that be struggling, dysfunctional businesses and you I’m sure they’ve never come to you for advice and never said:hey man hey my team, just not doing a good job. Why won’t small business owners filed about to fire the left, tackle that doesn’t show up to block the business conferences quarterback? What’s going on, usually is fear and it’s, whether it’s the beer hurting their feelings, feelings and what I’ve learned is when you keep them there, you’re not just hurting yourself. Your team, your business, you’re hurting, then yes, i, die i. Do not give you the few. You, don’t have the permission to stop talking about this for at least 2 or 3 more minutes by keeping a cantankerous negative nancy, crazy carl on the team, and sometimes it’s not even there a bad person they’re just they can’t do the job. Yes, but they go to church with me and I know them through work, and it was the wrong relationship and it’s the more difficult for me to fly there, because there’s a good state, a good person, they live in their car, so they have a good person. It don’t like it. Why can’t file is a good person? It’s my mother-in-law. It’s my fear. That’s one of the reasons that people don’t fire people and it’s my opinion-do to a reflective looking at myself and how I was when I was in charge of hiring for the concrete company. Part of it was fear and laziness, because I didn’t want to have to recruit and train and find somebody again for that position. I had filled it I thought I was done, I thought everything was going to be great cuz. That person had that job now turns out.

That’s not how it so didn’t know how to recruit. Didn’t know how to hire. Don’t know how to train a blow. The listener I have not gone a week without firing somebody for about 5 years. That’s in people go 5 years without firing. Anybody commercial for 9 years, john kelly, what’s 70 or 6 years, it’s getting that is closer to 5 or 6, and john actually I’m, making him a partner in some of the ventures too, because he deserves a fresh, been a long time. These are long-term relationship. Do you know why I thought you said to fire? You don’t have to fire a person like that god blesses the hand of the diligent people if you’re, not diligent, nothing, personal, just get off my field. That’s one thing! That’s funny to me, when you hear employees complaining about being fired, it’s like they managed imagine. Managers and owners waking up going who’s the best player on my team, but one person said your skin. My business conferences tips really. That would be a great idea for me. Would it be making a screw over my hair stylist by about no $0.02 an hour play let’s farm? Now we promote out exactly where does vicodin show up thug life and it doesn’t matter what their gender there is their race they are, but it showed you what you typically fire your best people that had a plan I have not never so you don’t know they’re blocking the good people from getting a job. It’s been ruining the atmosphere for the good people. Good people don’t want to work with bad people off so I can provide a good office for good people, and one way to do that is to make sure there are urinals are so clean that you could drink from them on monday mornings, as I often do I do it, but I do eat off the floor.

Clean saw me today, I actually watched like how to do it this morning, when I get off the floor because I care so much about the classic clean deck on a john, deere classic classic queen.Com call 918-671-2046 the classic clean.Com classic clean.Com than the other side of the pillow. Is the drivetime business coach show the move to make your business grow, provided the fuel to make. You want to go with him to start up a big-time ball that will teach you. The system to increase should doubtless to optimize self x right. Nation. Welcome back to the drive time to show on your radio. My name is clay clark in the father of five incredible human kids, a husband to one incredible lady I’m planning on taking my wife on a date tonight. So I’ll look out if you’re in broken arrow and you are at andolini’s. That’s where I go every wednesday i, do it every wednesday. We do a tuesday date, andolini’s I just go to andolini’s. You might say why do you go to andolini’s i, just like it? There and I’m not  business conferences curious I’m, very system driven. So they said they were talking about the book traction right and if you read for page 15 and book traction gino, wickman right most business owners are unable to reach the next next level because they are simply not ready to let go of the vine. You might know the feeling you want to see your business grow, but the same time you’re frustrated, tired and unwilling to take on any more risk. The truth is that before you can grow, you’ll need to take a leap of faith, but don’t worry, you won’t have to act until you’re, comfortable and clear on all of the entrepreneurship operating system to a teacher in this book here. So for me, my superpower and my weakness is that I hate variables I literally, have the same schedule. Every school except you say it’s the same thing:everyday wear the same thing, everyday bored, so I just do the same thing and in fact, going out to eat at my look at the same place have the same meal same time, the second door on the french doors cuz, it’s a variable is off of the know. That’s. Why i? That’s? Why I don’t i, don’t have cabinets so I have a series of psychological issues and I’m asking you is to listen or miss mrs. Listener. I’m asking you mister with the ladies are perfect. The ladies are I married. The lady of you, ladies, are perfect guys, but we got some psychological issues of your success.

What is what is your biggest limiting factor in one limiting factor, I see a lot of jay david here, joel david, with j david jewelry, understand I just threw first generation jewelry stores in my town, they’re, all like corporate i. Don’t have the money, I don’t have the connection clay, there’s no stairs. No haircut businesses out there that start up throw big franchises, like my sports clips and I couldn’t possibly do that by the way. If you feel like that, you’re right, you can’t start what how come you are. The only first generation store owner in tulsa what? Why is that? Because it is such an old industry. It continues to do the same thing as always. Which, that’s as formula for failure. So that’s why the industry is suffering so bad being a first-generation starting. The company myself with my wife and at that point not being held to any. Basically, this is how you have to do it. I want to make sure it was her to get this. You want to stick to the process. Does that work and in the ones that aren’t working anymore, you want to adapt so I feel go clay just to do the same thing over and over I did i. Do the things that work over and over I take my wife on a business conferences date every week, because I’ve been married for 17 consecutive years, I’d like to keep it up, but every week it’s a week-to-week deal cuz every week, I can screw it up. I’m in my natural by nature feels like lady. Listen to your gut now, i, don’t like that is terrible! I! Don’t you skip a week and see what happens at 7:10 just to see how many times she calls the police? Just.

Do it hey? Why don’t you make a snarky comment? Buddy? Why don’t you do that? I’m going to die., talkative and the people say:do some people don’t think you’re able to start a first-generation business? Talking about the overhead bro needed to build your storage to build a $18 devin figures? Are you saying you had to it’s been seven figures? If it’s only 7 bucks clay nose, a scam for some people, they can skin some tips on how to start a business. I would like to open up an elephant number I want to know how do I get the money i. Do you got to sign a home equity line where the bank is to keep your house? If you don’t make the payments on the lease? What y’all talking about that ownership of personally guaranteeing things getting me talk to me, but just being all and baby burn the boats of retreat? How do you? How do you do it? You know just even going back to the one of the questions you ask is we started with three rings and $500 wow, so to think that it cost over $1000000 to build that store at 101st and memorial? We didn’t start there and why so many people think that as an entreprenuer, you’ve got to start big baby? That’s how you feel again. It’s the business conferences variables there’s not a whole lot of variables. When you’re small people have said to me with the dj business, they said you started with a system, a dj system.

How do you know the perfect year? What would year did you need to buy and it’s like you’re saying, there’s not a lot of variables, good to me, djing and I figure out what works and what doesn’t real, quick, cuz I’m right there, where on the equipment I’m actually on the gear, going that mike’s not going to work talk to me about this. This concert is not a lot of variables when it’s small talk about this. Is this powerful I made the jewelry, so that’s how we started was as a jewelry store owner. Very few owners have actually made the jewelry themselves. I’d rather go networking cuz like for me, networking is what’s about and like on social media right now, I’ve got this I’m trending right now, and it’s like awesome, because I might have any more friends and more likes. I can’t make the jewelries stop. Do not hear this. We have experts coming every day there they are jewelers and they want to make it themselves. So they will. Let him do it then i. Do it I’m, so coming back to implementing technology new ways of doing things that have never been done that way before your small, your nipple, so we have, we will create a piece of jewelry in a computer. We will show it some to someone three-dimensionally in a hologram to where they can technically it’s like they can touch. It even exist. Yet then, once it’s like that is beautiful, I love it. We will literally print it on a 3d printer, so now they can actually put it on their finger in touch it while there’s not been any labor involved yet cuz the business conferences holograms. This is like obi-wan kenobi stayed in touch with luke for a long time. It is I’m hologram technology he’s using the force you’re using the force. Don’t shut me tell you what I did the other night I use the force on you, which one we got that that that that that table from dr. Chiropractor who can adjust vaxxed? He is actually the chiropractor for wayne gretzky, nhl hockey player dr johnson.Com it.

So we went ahead and we got a chiropractic table as one of our advertisers he’s going to start adjusting us. That’s right, but I want to buy a justing you with no knowledge, I called an amateur adjustment hour and thought me and I popped. I was sore, but if you want a real chiropractor and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s the thrive time, business coach radio show me chicks the mind set on the magic show pic of the rapper, giving it to you straight in the spring. In the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts you are in for a treat today. They’re, just now tuning in were interviewing a joel david, who I’ve known for many many years and who has started a successful company call jay david join us companies better how many years joel have you guys been over there at jay, david jewelry, it’s been 23 years, 23 years he’s been open and the reason why I like to have entrepreneurs on the show that actually run a company is because it’s entirely different from the bs you’re going to hear at your local chamber and specifically in a group called 1 million cups, you might say, I’m bringing 1 million cup cuz. It’s a stupid place to be not going to meet anybody that owns a business there, all what kind of person in the middle the day’s going to go out and talk to you about what are your thoughts about going? Don’t cares, they’re, actually, the guys who episodes that’s what companies the friends I know who owned business conferences banks, optometry clinics, haircut, salons, jewelry stores.

Let me see what they’re hanging out with other eagles, because you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So if you’re up there-and you say I want to know how to really start a business, then this is the show for you. If you want to know the theoretical bs. Let me just give an example. If you said to me, clay I want to create a click funnel that’s going to automate. This is actually was an email we received from somebody. This is what probably a year-and-a-half ago, they said, automate my law practice, so people would fill out the form the find me on facebook. They fill out the form it sends the user. It sends ddd person who gets need legal help, autoresponder email, and then they fill out the questionnaire and outcomes. An llc and I want to do it for less money than legalzoom. Can you help me? We own email, jeff, i, think you are still where you were working with us when this email came, give her the guy, who was trying to buy a decommissioned nuclear submarine to turn it into a desalination service to desalinate water in the middle east amen, brother and I said. So. What are you doing now? What’s your engineering physicist nuclear technology I work at subway? That’s good good! We’re doing that! Well, we’re a sandwich right now, but you can be practical right shaped like a submarine shaped like a business conferences business, then we can absolutely help you search up. Give us an example of a real client. You’re. Really working with right now is really growing. Their real business, lewis, roofing, kevin i, think he’s going to be on pace to double his business. This year, he’s been around for a long time too. So that’s pretty awesome. Got to go to buy a hummer with him today and I kept having to get him back on track as he was on auction to buy it weather homer and you got to upset me cuz i.

He missed the auction tag. Cuz I put enough money coming in, but he was the one who to contact for everybody had no life. He had no free time nothing. So we have spent a lot of time implementing management layers. He’s got managers now, there’s an organizational chart. So nobody, besides, like 5% 1 million, cups, /, 0, 0 0 of those and he’s also not a super emotional guy. We had something with another 70 or he would help me fix this, but his other hosting company something happen. The site went down, we couldn’t you, try to get the passwords, but he wasn’t freaking out called life. We got it going and now it’s fixed-and it was just such a pleasure to work with the guys-are weird lewis roofing, a real company. Now so I’ve got a question for you and they know it’s stuck and they haven’t really ever reached out for help for okay, I haven’t reached out for help. They’re stuck, and you said a business conferences quote the other day. One of my meetings blew my mind, put on the show notes:i want you to break it down, for you said everything I’ve ever done, I’ve never done what does that mean so, starting with three rings and $500 now having multiple locations with a lot of a lot of staff members and I never owned a company I never have employees i, never I didn’t have to file tax return for seven different businesses, so everything I’ve ever done. I’ve never done so. People say what what what? What do you mean by that pretty much I’ve never had a clue of what I was doing when I was doing now you were bragging on a client’s employee member of our team daisy and make sure she gets this one daisy. We hired her to answer the phones for elephant in the room, men’s grooming, lounge she’s in a spanic lady, sharp lady mother of a mother she’s, a great person, hard-working lady. She did very good job one day in a row. That’s what most people do one day in a row:i remember it second day in a row..

This is like the triple threat. Just like when you pull a turkey on the last frame for is like the quad I mean you’re going to fly. This is the cinco cinco, 6 or 7 you’re like don’t feel good 10. This is where the fun begins to win. 11. It’s like, after 3 months, you realize I’m going to have to make her in charge of something other people just quit, showing up late to get to work there confused. So we put out or she’s in charge, but never done it before so she’s, never done it before she’s, never done it before everything. She’s done, she’s, never done somebody with no experience as a call center manager. Why would you do it? You got to hire someone with experience and I want to go to you. Joel david I want to ask you a question in case. There’s only. Time to ask you as well. Why would you do the same thing and promote a diligent do or as opposed to finding some with a ton of experience? Why would you always hire character in friends, kill? Well mark zuckerberg, one of my favorite things to facebook facebook founder. He says done is better than perfect, so when she shows up 12 days in a row 20 days in a row, she did it a year in a row now putting so many people, just don’t do it just do it yeah, they say I’m fighting, though the demon of procrastination show I need I need to cast it out. They said I have a problem with add I’ve got its business conferences attention deficit disorder. The one I love is well I’m, a perfectionist. Oh that’s a good one in my perfectionism is often excuse for procrastination and I hate that last in ism play stairs are show.

We teach a hundred percent opposite of what the world would tell you. The world would say you did not feel the catch up on time. You got to become a better boss, because if people don’t show up, it’s a sign of you being a bad bosses feel bad about it. You need to go to another seminar to learn how to make everybody happy. Cuz. There’s talk about the importance of hiring character in training. I want to surround myself with people that have the same value as me. I’m not I’m much more interested in living my days with people that I enjoy people that have the same values that align with me, so I am full on when I’m looking for people I start even from the job at I start talking about my core values and I talked about in that job at. If you don’t like these core value, stop reading, don’t click anything move on. You won’t like me, and I won’t like you. I want to surround myself with people that have the same values as me:selling business conferences author, the 4-hour work week in early-stage investor in facebook, when the top podcasts on the planet, the 4-hour workweek. He says you are the average of the five people, you most, associate with think about that. Who are you spending your time with joe final question for you before we have to wrap up this incredible show your part of a group called executive experiences can explain what this great group is. Eagles in this group on all the time or friend started the thing with corey talk about this group. It’s a group of business owners, not managers, not support, say it’s. Their owners, owners and they’ve had to have been in business for 5 years. They have to have employees so knowing at that point which they told us to tistic the other day, which I thought was pretty cool, that every person sitting at this table was worth an average of 8 million dollars dollars.

So when you’re sitting at this table, just like you said with eagles eagles and you’re sitting with people, that you look up to that, I want to be like that someday. That’s if you want to surround yourself with an eagle, go into j, david jewelry. Today you meet them and meet the miss meet the legend, get yourself a quality ring, that’s jay, david, jewelry and now you know the rest of the story to cook paul, harvey, show.Com and book your tickets for next in person. Workshop it’s drive. Time should I come 3, 2,


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