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– December 2019 Conference – Part 2 –

“It hasn’t been boring, and it’s been enjoyable, and we’ve been able to take some key points out of it.”

My name is Brandon Allie, and I’m originally from around the Norman area. I’m in the financial services industry, and the name of my business is Cornerstone Wealth Management. I’ll be able to apply the things that we talked about at these business conferences for marketing on search engine optimization, the Google reviews, and then the three legged approach to marketing. It’s been entertaining but also informative, so I’ve enjoyed it and I’d recommend it. What makes it different is there’s a lot more energy and the subjects have been informative, they’ve been, they’ve been described in an entertaining way. So it hasn’t been boring, and it’s been enjoyable, and we’ve been able to take some key points out of it. You should attend one of the business conferences if you want to make your business better and learn things that are going to help you get more exposure to the people outside.

It’s almost like business church, like when you get in there’s a little bit of a hallelujah

Hi, my name is Nathan here from Tulsa area. We’ve got a business in Tulsa’s front area almost 22 years now, next month. I have been going to the business conferences for a couple of years and the thing that really kind of stuck out to me was looking forward to where you want to go. You can watch as we get into the hamster wheel of wanting to grow your business or just really work hard, but why? What’s the end game? Not that you need to check out, but you have to have a place that you’re going to. Really, in the last couple of years I just pushed it hard, I just want to double my business, but I started thinking now, I did that and we’ve actually tripled the amount of business we did. So now, what’s the next thing? Where am I going to go?

Why did I triple my business? I don’t have a good answer for that. So that’s my next big thing I want to take away, is if I sit down and say, okay, if I doubled my business again, what is it for? I’m starting to kind of get some ideas on what I want to do next. Clay’s presentation; Well, first the atmosphere is just unique to anything else. There’s inspirational quotes all over the wall, it’s high energy, it will keep you awake, it gets your focus up. And the reason I come back is because this is also great motivation.
It’s almost like business church, like when you get in there’s a little bit of a hallelujah, and you need to have somebody that’s excited about what you’re doing because the average person you tell about what you do with your business and they don’t care, or they think you’re the man and they’re like, “Oh well you just grow up money out of your pockets, right? So you should just pay twice as much to your employee” and you’re like, no, I’d go out of business if I pay my employees twice as much cause I got really small profit margins. And to can be around other business owners who understand that, like Clay’s presentation style.

You will not take a nap, it is not a possibility. He is funny. The best part of Clay’s presentation style is he takes the things that we’ve all dealt with and then he makes fun of himself, and exposes how we really face-plant in all these different areas of our business and you could point your finger laugh at him while secretly going, Oh my gosh, I have done every single one of those things that have happened and so it makes it… It’s like Jim Gaffigan in a business sense. They had the same exact humor style, talked to himself in these little voices, the ideas that we have felt with customers and the brick walls we run into and he’ll personify them, but also in a way, show you the path out, show you around the wall, over the wall, around the wall, so its actionable, quick things and you laugh at the same time.

The easiest way to learn at your own mistakes is to see the mistakes of others. If you are a person who likes to get things done, this gives you the things you need to get done. Now if you don’t like getting things done or you don’t like really grinding in and staying in focus, this wouldn’t be a good business conference for you because these are business conferences for people who are motivated, who want to accomplish and get to places. If you just want to be inspired to do something. This isn’t that type of conference. It will inspire you, but it will inspire you to action to inspire you to accomplishment. A lot of times, I mean, honestly, if I could’ve done with my business on my own, I would’ve, and I needed somebody to show me a path of that I could go forward. And with that path, we’ve actually tripled our business in a two year span because I was able to unstuck the things I was stuck at, be able to get around or go through the walls that were in my way.

“You go home immediately, start implementing in a fraction of what you hear here at the conference, you’re going to start getting results.”

I’m from Boise, Idaho. I am in the gym industry,  health, fitness and nutrition. So Clay’s presentation style is a little different than what you’re going to see in a lot of places. It’s entertaining, it’s fast-paced and it’s more similar to like, if you’re in a comedy club, learning business information. The biggest difference with this conference versus a little slew of other business conferences I’ve been to is, kind of a straight to the point nature of it. You’re going to get tactics take away immediately implement in to your business. You’re going to deliver results long term, whereas a lot of conferences are more about theory and finding your why, whereas this is, “Yeah, there’s some of that because that’s needed but it’s more tactics. Here’s how you actually do the things.” I think every business owner should attend a Thrivetime business conference simply because it’s so impactful on your business. Like you go home immediately, start implementing in a fraction of what you hear here at the conference, you’re going to start getting results.

The energy is so high, it keeps you focused and it keeps you paying attention.

My name is Myron Kirkpatrick and I’m from Tulsa. The industry I’m in is automotive care and the name of my business is White Glove Auto. How I can apply what I’ve learned so far in my business is really just how to stay focused on your checklist procedure and making sure your employees are always doing that and always holding your employees accountable. The energy here at this business conference is very high, Clay is very energetic and definitely keeps everybody awake. What makes this conference different from all the other business conferences I’ve been to is really mainly the energy. The energy is so high, it keeps you focused and it keeps you paying attention. And everything that he speaks is very high value. Whereas other conferences we know say things that they talk about are things that both people already know. So the reason why somebody should attend this thrive conference is because there’s so much to learn. I mean, you’re here two days in a row, eight hours each day. You can get free food and it’s just fun to be in.

There’s no upsell so you don’t feel like you’re being pressured or being led into some kind of end result purchase…

My name is Sean Martin and I’m from Owasso. We are in the powder coating industry. Me and my business partner currently own J and J Powder Coating. I think we’re really interested in what a phenomenal… The advice we got from the search engine optimization on how to really gain exposure through website development, Facebook, and all the social media outlets. You guys will be able to be a great business conferences for us. Absolutely. If you’re in to being entertained while you’re getting great business building concepts, you picked the right place. You know, really there’s no upsell so you don’t feel like you’re being pressured or being led into some kind of end result purchase and the skill sets that I’ve taken away from here, these are resources that I can think we can input immediately into our business. If you’re serious about not being a poor, and being a successful entrepreneur, I think you should check it out.

“This one is all workable, applicable information that if you do what they say, you will succeed.”

My name is Scott and I’m from Berkeley, California, originally. I’m in the food industry. The name of my businesses Route 66 Fry Bread, we make hand fried Indian Tacos. Well, I’ve been applying it for about three years. Everything from A to Z here actually is applicable, from hiring, the firing, the systems. I think it’s simple but it’s not easy, but once you apply them, I made 120% growth this year. The atmosphere here is very high and Clay uses a lot of humor to bring across some very serious points. He means what he says and what he says works. Other business conferences I’ve been at in the past have been theory, it’s all theory, it’s all theory, nobody tells you what to do, nobody tells you how to go from here to there. But this one is all workable, applicable information that if you do what they say, you will succeed. Well, primarily because you don’t know what you don’t know. I’ve been in the food industry in business for many years and I didn’t know what I didn’t know and it was causing me to lose money.

There are people are from all over the country and all different types of industries…

My name is Jakari Jackson. I’m from here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The name of my business is Axe Nine Films. I’m an independent documentary filmmaker with my wife. Well I’ve got a lot of useful information. I’m really looking forward to the search engine optimization session we’re about to go into. Also Clay talked about crowd funding, which is real big in my industry so I’m planning to put that information to use. The presentation style is definitely different. From the time before you walk in the door. [inaudible] morning, there’s music and guys with drums. Last night they had flame throwers and all kinds of stuff. It’s definitely a different presentation but it’s a good presentation to get you up in the morning. You come here very early in the morning.

As far as Clay’s presentation itself, it’s very unique in the way he delivers. He leans a lot on humor, which I think works for his style. It does contrast with some of the other guests but I think it’s a good balance with him and the other guests.

Just the atmosphere as I was saying earlier, from before you walk in the door, everybody’s out. There’s a lot of energy to get you up. Once you come in, he doesn’t drag it out and he jumps straight into it, which is something I really appreciate. He doesn’t linger around. He gets straight to the point. It’s very kinetic, is probably the best way I can say it. He knows when to cut. He knows when to come back. It’s also done on time, which I very much appreciated as well. I would definitely recommend that everybody attends at least one of these business conferences. I think I may do it as an annual deal. I’ll probably bring my wife and friends with me as well. It’s great information, not just what you get from the speakers, but the networking opportunities here are great. There are people are from all over the country and all different types of industries and I think anybody could really benefit from this ThriveTime business Conference.

Actually get you excited about what you’re doing.

My name is Carl Walker. Originally from North Carolina. We’ve moved here to Tulsa years ago. Right now, man, they Mathis Brothers Furniture. And of course I’m a salesperson there. I’ve been there for nine years. Oh wow. Just being personable with people and taking the business to the next level and actually just working hard at. Oh, very unique. Very energetic, very upbeat. Actually get you excited about what you’re doing. What I love about these business conferences is that I get it. The energy can be impersonal, very laid back and keep it giving you really quality content. Oh man, if you want to grow your business, if you want to succeed in life, if you really want to get down to the nuts and bolts of what people actually that are successful do, this business conference is where you need to be.

You’re always getting a lot of good advice.

My name is Kylee Blum, and I am from Northwestern Oklahoma. I’m in the retail industry and the name of my business is Beyond Athletica. I mean every time I come to this business conference they’re always giving you really tangible advice, so literally action items that you do immediately. So you always leave here with something. Clay’s presentation style is very like in your face but funny at the same time so you’re not bored. I like that they break up the business conferences, they give you a whole lot of information and then they give you a little tiny break just so you can digest everything and they move on to the next thing. And that’s another thing, they continue to move on to the next thing and you’re always getting a lot of good advice.

There’s not a section that you really don’t want to miss or there’s not a section that’s not applicable to your business if you like try to understand it that way. Most business conferences that I’ve attended in the past are literally just there for you to buy something, and here we are like, what? It’s been like four or five hours in, and one, have not been sold anything, and two, I’ve already written down a lot of questions to ask my coach next week. When I attended this business conference before I was a client, like I said, got a lot of tangible advice, so this is not only the first business conferences I’ve been to that I’ve actually walked away with something, but the network here is really big as well.


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