The #1 Skill for Success in Life (With PR Guru Michael Levine)

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What is the #1 skill needed for success? In this segment of the Thrivetime Show podcast download business coach Clay Clark is sitting down with Michael Levine (PR Guru for Nike, Pizza Hut, President Bush, President Clinton, Prince and more) to talk about the number one skill in business.

  1. Communication is the #1 skill you need to be successful in life.
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch
  2. Good communicators listen intently and both love and study language.
  3. Was it possible to make Charlton Heston more famous?
  4. Why branding matters

This is the exclusive podcast business coaching download, where we have an opportunity to sit down and do an exclusive interview with michael levine, the pr guru for nike pizza, hut, president, bush, charlton, heston, nancy kerrigan he’s just eating anybody who you could pick up the if you just look at michael, levine he’s represented so many academy award winners. He just showed up were asking about communication right and why it’s so important and he wrote a book that is a powerful book. It’s a new, york times best-selling book with a blue cover on it, and it’s called gorilla, pr 2.0, which I read the book and he’s it’s a phenomenal book and he talks about communication. He talks about. Can we make a charletonjustin, moore famous and why branding matters? How could you explain the delivery or the intensity that the thrive nation should psychologically prepare themselves but work ourselves up? Cuz he’s direct he’s going to come with come with it. He got some good stories. A good communicator as he’s talking about communication is the number one skill that you need in life to be successful. To tell you the story about that before and great guy, and he wrote many many many of the schumer pieces for the academy awards. He was the chief writer for the oscars, go out and see the oscars. You know and all they funny stuff he was writing so I had lunch for that I used to represent him and hadn’t seen him in a while. We had lunch catch up in beverly hills such a great kind of known him. So long I said to him. How are you, how have you been I haven’t talked to you in awhile how’s the last year been for you and you so well by interesting year.

Michael is a good year interesting year, biggie year, I had to fire. My agent I said really I said no I didn’t know that he said I said how long have you been with them to sit all about 7 years, I said you had to fire agent after 7 years and I knew for the age of was the agency that the age of worked at and I said interesting? Why? Why did you? Why did your firearm after 7 years, and he looked at me and he said:9 l of men, the leader of men, not a leader of men, working okay, now, leader of men, you talk about this in your book. I want to I want to bring this up because there’s a lot of specific things, and yet, if you’re watching it, she just really need to go out there and get the book because it’s it’s grandma tonight, but you talk about it and in that book about how your effective communicator so there’s like different characteristics that are very common. There are some of the things as being confident when you speak, and you have all these characteristics that you can leave really delayed out. Specifically in the book. Can you just quickly talk about what it means to be a poor communicator, not listening. Good communicators are good listeners by definition. Good communicators are very curious, folks by definition, good communicators like business coaching professionals, lust love and study language. By definition, in your book you write, you say that one will succeed in a pr campaign only if the perception foster truly resonates with the public. What does it mean for the perception that truly resonate with the public? In your mind, example of what say that I think example with charlton heston when your book she talked about this and how he is hurting perception, and then you help them get on saturday, night live, and that perception was was changed and temporize. That’s all.

Can you explain to me why you decided to put charlton heston on saturday night live or why you approach them with the idea or kind of how that, because charlton heston once asked me before you hired me, what I could do to help him to make him more famous i, said mystery house and there’s nothing. I can do to make you more famous you’re already one of the most famous people in the world, I can’t make you more famous, but I can make you more contemporary. Your watch, the the movie ten commandments, come on I thought that what it needed I thought what his iconic brand needed was to be more contemporary. It just seems to me that publicity is a piece of the public relations puzzle. You know getting. Is all publicity good? No, no! No! No I’m promise you, my good friend. If you join isis tomorrow, that’s not going to be good for your company. That’s not a good deal. What former relationship with the left and right brain part of the brain of your clients, logical and emotional, anybody that says they don’t need brand new. Just it’s not as someone who just doesn’t get it i, don’t know what else to say. I’m sure I could find something more cervic to say, but please don’t get it. Learn more about the business coaching program on the business coach team.


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