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If you want to scale a business to truly create financial and time freedom you must first nail it before you attempt to scale it. You must first focus on making a proven process or prototype that you could replicate 10,000 times without your personal involvement before you attempt to scale it.

MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%

  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/neilpatel/2015/01/16/90-of-startups-will-fail-heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-10/#b86d39066792

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “10,000 times! Just think. What would you do if you honestly believed you were going to create 10,000 stores, 10,000 offices, 10,000 shops, or 10,000 orchards. Or 10,000 of whatever it is you have set out to do?” – The Most Successful Small Business in The World: The Ten Principles – Michael Gerber

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Everything has a beginning. That’s where we are. We are going to invent an enterprise that has the ability to grow 10,000 times. We are going to do that, because if we fail to do that our enterprise won’t be an enterprise: it will be incapable of growth. Don’t believe me? Look at the business next door. The business next door is easier to look at than your own. The business next door was started by Joseph, the auto mechanic. Or by Mary, the cook. Or by Frederick, the chiropractor. But, let’s for the moment stick with Joseph.He comes to work every morning, looking pretty much the same way he looked yesterday morning, and the morning before that.” – The Most Successful Small Business in The World: The Ten Principles – Michael Gerber

These systems will allow you to scale your business:

  1. Marketing
    1. We are in a time of “pull” marketing. People are pulling what they want from Google, Yelp, Etc.
    2. Oxi Fresh is an expert in this field. This makes it so that the clients are finding you and then returning to you. You are then able to spend time going after bigger commercial customers.
  2. Sales and Scheduling
    1. Regardless of the method the client comes from, we book 70% of the jobs right through the national call center. It is not outsourced.
    2. You do not have to hire and train people to answer the scheduling and booking of jobs.
  3. Service
    1. We provide you with the tools and processes to learn and then train people how to do the items that you are doing.
    2. We have almost 400 locations and are cleaning 100’s of thousands of carpets per year so there will likely never be an issue that you come across, when providing your service, that someone has not found a solution to.
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Audio Transcription

Grabbed the duck tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach, Clay Clark.

Oh, thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting mind expanding and wallet expanding episode of the Thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. And on today’s show we’re talking about clean and repeat thousands of times per day. Chuck, step number one, build a system that allows you to clean carpets and repeat thousands of times per day. We’re talking about literally the ability to create time freedom and financial freedom all by buying into a proven franchise. Uh, Matt Klein with oxy fresh. How are you, sir?

I’m doing great guys. How are you?

Well, Matt, I am excited to get into this concept with you because on page seven of Michael Gerber’s book, the most successful small business in the world, page seven of the most successful small business in the world. He describes what I believe Oxi fresh to be without referencing Oxi fresh. I think that Michael Gerber was obsessed with oxy fresh. We just don’t know about it. The book does have a green cover. He writes, he says, everything has a beginning. That’s where we are. We are going to invent an enterprise that has the ability to grow 10,000 times. We’re going to do that because if we fail to do that, our enterprise won’t be an enterprise. It will be incapable of growth. Don’t believe me. Look at the business next door. The business next door is easier to look at than your own. The business next door started off with the guy, maybe an auto mechanic or a cook or a chiropractor, but there is. It started off with a technician. They go to work every morning. They look pretty much the same way today as they looked yesterday and they have no hope of creating time and financial freedom. I’m matt when somebody buys an Oxi fresh, how can buying and Oxi fresh franchise truly create both time freedom and financial freedom for Franchisees?

Yeah, that’s a great question because not all business models do that. Some business models, basically you purchased yourself a job that you need to work every single day and you never have that freedom. So that’s one of the main things we looked at was if we can give our franchisees more time in their day, um, this goes both ways. That will not only make them happier as a person so they can do things that they’ve always wanted to with their family or travel saying, but also on the other end, if you have more time in your day because of our national scheduling platform, because of our online scheduling techniques, because the understanding of current marketing trends and what’s coming down the road and also implementing programs that allow us to take advantage of those technological that most companies see we can give time back in a day. And time can be used in a lot of different ways. Managing your technician so that they can operate at a more efficient level. Making sure that you’re actually paying attention to your marketing campaigns and having conversations with people that you typically wouldn’t be able to because you’re stuck inside of your job with other companies. So we try to alleviate as much of those time consuming tasks in the day. If we can give time back, we can have more successful franchisees and they can have a better lifestyle that through systems and automation.

Think about this for a second. If you purchased the Oxi fresh franchise system, uh, is it, is it perfect? No. Is it always improving? Yes. Has it been around for over a decade? Yes, absolutely. Are there over 300 locations? Yeah. So let’s just say to the average, let’s say there’s 385 franchises out there, threatening the average one. Only cleaned five carpets a day. And again, I’m not saying that’s what you’re, that’s not the numbers, I’m just saying if you only cleaned a minimum of five carpets per day, that’s 1,925 carpets a day. Now, Matt, the on the math are you guys open six days a week or five days a week.

So that is actually dependent on the, uh, the Franchisee. They can be open seven days a week if they want. So we have the technology in our back end, if they set up their schedule, our online scheduling platform and scheduling center will actually follow their lead. So they work Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. They’ll only book jobs Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

Let’s say somebody out there

seven days, open it dependent on the brand side.

Let’s be very conservative to the day that the average person is only open five days, which I know many people are open more than that. Let’s just say five days shut. Now we’re up to 9,000, 625 carpets per week, which sounds a lot like Michael Gerber’s math here at the very beginning when they build ox. When do you, when you build a franchise, when you’re going to build something like oxy fresh, you want to build systems that allow you to do something 10,000 times a week

so you can create something powerful, something that’s going to give you time freedom, something that matters, but if you don’t build the systems in the right way from the very beginning, it’s not possible to scale. It’s not possible to scale on once you’ve nailed. And until you’ve nailed it, you have to nail it before you can scale it. So mad. I want to go one by one with four parts of the business here with a limited time today because I know you’re busy. I know it just, it’s a, it’s a lot of great things are happening today here. But here are the big, the big four. I want to break down. What is marketing? How is your, how has your marketing been designed to allow entrepreneurs franchisees to scale their business?

Yep. So we’re a very fortunate time now where marketing is basically pull marketing, right? And what I mean by that is the customer themselves are per pulling exactly the information they’re looking for at that moment to that. And what that creates is, is consistency in customers because you’re not having to one time a month mail something out and then you get a huge spike in jobs. You want to be sitting in front of your customer when they’re looking something like carpet cleaning. And that’s done through platforms like Google, like Yelp, like online advertising. It’s called PPC, like of companies like home advisor, like thumb tack. All of these companies are the same and the essence of that customer’s going out there cooking in results. I want a carpet cleaner, I want a roofer and they’re getting companies pulled to them in the criteria that they’re looking for and that’s what we specialize is being right there at the top of those lists. When those customers need those services and what that does, that creates marketing automation so you’re not having to go out and Redo everything every day. It also goes back to that time freedom and flexibility where you can just manage it through reporting capabilities that we give you and then you can spend your time going after property managers, building managers and all that, but that base of marketing online marketing is extremely important and that’s how you get to have consistency in your growth.

If you are out there today and you want to buy a business that allows you to create time freedom and financial freedom, you can do that. Or if you want to spend a decade developing these systems, you can do that too. But if you buy an Oxi fresh franchise, they have turnkey marketing in place. Talk to me again about the sales and scheduling. How is that turnkey for the franchisees?

Yeah. So regardless of what method that your customer comes from, we both almost 70 percent of our jobs through that national scheduling center. It’s right here in our Home Office in Denver, Colorado. It is not outsourced. That’s been very important piece of it. A lot of companies have call centers, but they are not, but they’re outsourced. So that means that you know, the training is not really on point. The Lingo is not really on point. They got a lot of turnover. We hire, we train, we staff every one right here. So you have a professional person answering the phone in a quick timeframe from day one, you start this business and that’s 70 percent of almost. We’re at about 27, 28 percent nationwide booking jobs online. And this goes back to that marketing. If we know that we’re booking almost 28 percent of our jobs online, that means that our customers trust the internet.

They trust, they go on there and they’d get a quote and they took a job in a certain time that you’re going to show up, right? It’s just like Amazon. Everyone is trained to trust these things and we are one of very few. I think there’s only one other company in our industry that has a true online scheduling platform. Right? So the younger generation is trusting these things and now we have a platform that really takes advantage of that. Right? So going back to time freedom flexibility, where it comes from is you do not have to yourself learn the lingo on the phone because that is different than actually being in the home. Believe it or not, it is also not having to train your staff on the technology platform, on bookie jobs. We already have that right there. You’ll know how to do it, but you don’t have to consistently train other people that time and then you don’t. If you know if someone leaves or anything like that, you don’t have to replace them. One hundred percent of our customer interaction on the front end, minus what you are doing on your end as an owner. You can always book jobs is taken care of time freedom flexibly. That’s the biggest one for us. I’m talking to you guys right now and I think I booked five jobs today and it’s about 1:45 in the afternoon here, so I still have five or six hours to book jobs and I haven’t talked to one customer.


Allows me to do multiple things at the same time.

Marketing’s turnkey sales and scheduling is turnkey. For Sake of time. I can’t get into all the details of the accounting processes and the way you teach the people how to budget and to recruit, but the administrative side of the businesses turnkey, the administrative and the human resources, the training of your people. That’s all turnkey. I want you to tell, tell us how, how has the service itself then made turnkey?

Sure. Obviously you’re going to have to train somebody on how to do this and we will help you do that through an Oxi fresh universities in life. You know, um, in person trainings, I’m showing people the right way. Videos we tried very hard because it’s not just how you’re actually cleaning, it’s the steps before you’re cleaning, it’s a steps while you’re in the home. It’s the aftermath and then the follow up, right? And getting payment, all that sort of stuff. So the actual turnkey of the cleaning is that it’s rinse and repeat right after somebody has done this, about two or three months, they are considered to be an expert on this because there’s that. There’s not that many things that can come up that are going to be once in a lifetime type situations and we can always handle that because we have an entire staff here at our Home Office. If you run across something, you’re going to call rob, who’s our director of cleaning system called Cameron, who’s our director of commercial cleaning systems. You can call myself or someone else at the Home Office, but you’re going to have resources there to help you. That is tort that is turnkey to us because you’re not trying to recreate the wheel.

This is my old one.

Do everything you need to close that and go to the next home, go there and close out, so your technician to be very good at doing this in a short period of time.

This is my ultimate turnkey and I want. I want the listeners to hear me loud and clear on this and I want to put this on the show notes. According to the small business administration and research that you can do is easily available at Forbes on Forbes Dot com. This Justin, 90 percent of small businesses fail 90 percent. Now, Matt, in your franchise disclosure document that you have to put into the hands of a potential franchisee for 13 days before, if I wanted to buy a franchise today, I cannot buy a franchise from you unless you give me a copy of the franchise disclosure document where you have to disclose the acts of the different franchisees into the world of franchising. It’s like the reverse of that. It’s almost like nine and half 10 businesses make it. Whereas it is small business. Nine out of 10 small business owners fail. Why do I guess, what role does having strength through systems play in reducing the failure rate? What role do the systems have in keeping somebody out there from losing their nest egg from wasting all their time and from Vin for starting a business that never gets off life support.

Sure. Yeah. And there’s two types of failure. There’s one where it’s just complete failure. You can’t get sales right? And that’s pretty frustrating. There’s another where your actual success makes it harder for you to run business and we see this a lot. We have a lot of people that call, so you know what? I ran a cleaning company for years and it was such a headache because I had to be. Everything’s in my business every day and when I added one more customer, I had add one more admin staff, I’d add one more cleaning deck, I’d add one more person looking at something and it just got unmanageable for me. Right. Not everyone has this skill set to build a thousand person company and that’s okay. What we’ve tried to do is, is scaling shouldn’t be a headache. It should be exciting. Right? So when you talk about systems and automation, again, someone’s going to be good at management, someone’s going to be good at hiring, someone is going to be good at sales and whatever you’re good at, you should be able to target your energy there and we should be able to have systems in place and take care of things if they’re not good at right, and that is where really the rubber meets the road because the systems in place should be able to knock off each level of your business and your skillset should be able to be a bonus to those systems that are already in place.

Thrive nation, if you’re out there today and you’re looking for time and financial freedom, you’ve been seeking approval. Turn a turnkey marketing system, a company with a history of success. A company with low startup costs, a company that offers cutting edge carpet care technology, met client. If the listeners go to thrive time, show.com, forward slash oxi fresh thrive time show.com forward slash oxi fresh, and they fill out the form. How much money does it cost them to actually move forward? And to buy an Oxi fresh franchise,

you want to look at in two investment levels, one your upfront investment being 37,900, that includes your equipment, product training and territory, but then you want to have operating capital to get you to a cashflow positive state and you want to have somewhere around 20,000 and operating capital. That can be in any form credit card, line of credit, cash, whatever you decide to have that way for things like insurance and local marketing vehicle. So all in you want to have about 60,000, 30, 7,000, 900 upfront.

There it is. Learn more today by going to thrive time show.com. Forward Slash Oxi fresh. Matt Klein, thank you for joining us. Can you share with the listeners out there what your title is and what your role is with oxy fresh?

Yeah. I’m the director of franchise development, so I get the. I have the fortunate task which I believe is very fortunate to talk about oxy fresh and understand and get stories behind people and what they’re doing now and basically going from knowing nothing on our first call to essentially having all the information, all the documents, questions and answers, and being able to say, you know what, this is the option for me. This is the franchise for me, and then I bring them out to Colorado to actually go through training, meet our team, so I take them from step zero, step 100 or they become an actual franchisee here in our Home Office in Denver, Colorado. That’s what I do.

Well, we are honored to join with Matt each and every week here, but the Oxi fresh update and met, we always like to kind of wrap up the show with a win of the week if you have a window of the week. So I’m going to kill my win of the week music because it is now time for them. Oh Matt, tell us about the win of the week in the world of oxy fresh. What good is going on?

A brand new franchisee that is going through and they just signed, um, they’re about ready to get closed on their sba funding, which is a form of funding you can get through to bias small business. Um, and they’re in the Greater Baltimore, Maryland area. Husband, wife just basically got out of uh, um, the, the husband was in a, um, uh, the service and the wife was staying on mom and they basically said, we’re not going into the working world. We’re going to run our own thing. We’re going to control their own destiny. They’re going to be operational about one month. So very good. They’ve been working with me for almost six months.


We’re excited for them to get through the process.

What town are they in? What city are they in?

They’re actually in like Brooklyn Park, Catonsville, Baltimore. So they’re, they’re just outside of, of actual downtown Baltimore Ravens,

Ravens country. Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful time. You got to be a ravens fan. And now is that any further ado? Let’s end this show with the boom. Here we go. Three, two.


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