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The founder of Amarillo Air Conditioning, Daniel shares how he has been able to grow his company by 15% in just 3 short months of coaching while also fixing all of his human-resource-related problems.

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Jason on today’s show, we are bragging on one of the coolest clients in the whole world. Who are we bragging on? Daniel, the founder, the owner of Daniels heating air based in Amarillo, Texas. Amarillo, one of the coolest cities in the world, but it’s home with a 72 ounce steak. Ooh, yeah. Jason, have you ever been to a really cool, like a cool wine bar or a Kulak Sushi bar place where only the cool people go? I have, yeah. You look like one of the people that goes there because you are cool. I am inherently awkward, but you look cool. Thanks. So we show some cool music here. Oh yeah. To talk about our cool client, Daniel with Daniel’s heat. Ne’Er this guy is just shunned. He’s on trend. He’s on point. This guy is on fire. He is a diligent doer. Let me tell you how cool this guy at Taco is. This guy is so cool that what type of, when you’re sleeping at night and you wake up and you feel like two in the morning, three in the morning, and you say, should I have some ice cream or should I go back to bed? You wake up. When you roast the pillow was hot. It’s a hot pillow hop. So what do you do? You flip the pillow over and you

discover the cool side of the pill. Oh yeah, this guy is cooler than the cool side of the pill. So what’s cooler than being cool is actually Daniel. Yes, this guy is cooler than a polar bears toenails. Oh, well, here we go without any further ado, back to our brag session are one of the week session, our earth praise session where we are, we are praising a diligent dewar out there by the name of Daniel. His company is called Daniels heat and air. Check this guy [email protected] if you’re a lazy person and an intender, someone who is a pretender, somebody doesn’t want to actually do things but wants to complain about their current existence. If you’re somebody who’s the opposite of the dilligent, Daniel, this show is going to be more offensive than watching somebody slap a cute, innocent kind and joyful baby.

Okay. [inaudible]

and now without any further ado, it is time for yet another edition of [inaudible].

Yeah. When the bolt pants, give them the floor. You can do it.


Andrew. Oh, the incredible Daniel, how are you sir? Sure. Alright, first one’s the toughest one. Um, it’s pretty hard. I struggle with this one. Uh, what is your name? Name of your company and location. Okay. Naming my company is a game of heating air conditioning located here in the great city of Amarillo, Texas, home of the 72 ounce steak. And we have the second biggest canyon in the United States, which is the Palo Duro Canyon.

Hi. How did you first hear about thrive? I first heard thrive, um, May 6th, uh, clay came to our church, which is now called his church pastor. Brian Gibson invited him and, uh, clay was a guest speaker. And, uh, from there I started listening to his podcast and, um, that, that same day actually, and from there, from that time, I’ve been listening ever since.

Perfect. Awesome. Uh, so you have to think back a little bit, but what was your first experience with rival? Was it a, a phone call, the podcast, the radio show? What was that first interaction? I know you said you listened to the podcast. Tell me a little bit more about, um, clay, uh, speaking at your church in Amarillo.

Oh, Clay started talking about, um, about business and, and, uh, that’s what I do is I was interested in learning more about business and a first interaction. He was calling me out. I was sitting on the front row and, uh, and he called me that Nice Tan guy. He referred to himself as a, as the pill white guy. And, um, he was pretty, pretty funny up there on stage and, and pretty entertaining at the same time. He was talking about, about business and, and, uh, he, I was listening in and if pastor Brian brought him over, I knew he was somebody worth listening to. And I started listening to the podcast and, and um, ever since then I’ve been listening since about May 6th.

There you go. And so you started listening to the podcast and, uh, eventually you decided to reach out. Um, so tell me a little bit about that first phone call. How did that first phone call with thrive Gail? What, how did, how would you describe that?

Ah, the first phone call we reached out in

In April. It was a,


It was more, okay. Yeah, we, uh, uh, the first call reached out in March and, uh, we set up a time to a ten one of the conferences in, I think it was April 4th when we attended the conference. And, um, that, that, uh, and that’s all it took and sat there. I was all laying, oh, what did that

first phone call with thrive? Describe that phone call for us.

Yeah, I, the

first phone call with clay. Um, he called me right on time, right when he said he was gonna go on the call. Um, I started talking to them. Um, we talked for a good hour and, uh, he was telling me how, how the, uh, uh, coaching experience would benefit me. And, and uh, that was a week after we attended the, uh, conference on April 4th and I was already all in after leaving the conference. Um, I had signed up with Abbey over, um, at the conference, so I already knew I wanted to start getting coaxed by the thrive time team and it was a good experience and it’s been good ever since.

There it is.

So did you have to read any reviews or watch any video testimonials before you decided to attend a business conference or decided to sign up for the coaching program? Yes, I read reviews. I watched a, some of the testimonials and I listened to a lot of podcasts that you guys had and a, from those podcasts I ended up changing a lot of things. The way I, the way I do business. Um, it, I started seeing things work better just from listening to you guys and I started implementing a lot of the, uh, strategies that you guys talk about. And I think probably the biggest one was, uh, getting reviews. Uh, before I started listening to the podcast, I probably had maybe 20 reviews and, and then, and then, and then, uh, when clay went to the church, um, he mentioned one of the biggest things you can do for your business is get reviews.

And from that time on, um, I started getting reviews. I started seeing people calling and talking about, Hey, I saw your views on Google and, and, uh, you look like you guys are good company and I want that Guy Dan to come out and work on my air conditioner. And I started, uh, getting the guys involved, the other technicians in, um, in getting reviews. And, and that’s been the biggest part about, um, about getting coached by, by you guys and, and starting to implement, implementing the review process. And that, that has grown mine, my business over 15% just from the reviews. It’s, it’s been crazy. I didn’t know views work like that. And now, nowadays everybody, um, everybody looks at reviews and, and, and that’s how I found you guys. That’s how I, I knew you guys were for real because I looked at your views, I looked at your testimonials, listen to the podcast. Um, and of course pastor Brian Bouts for you guys and that’s all it took. And I was already all in when, when, uh, I went to the conference, I was pretty excited. Perfect. Um, so how, how is thrive helps you become a, a more proactive person?

Well, thrive as a helped me become a more proactive person. Um, one of the, one of the strategies we’ve implemented would be the, um, uh, the group interviews. The group interviews have been huge. Uh, before that I was being held hostage behind by employees. I had some really good technicians, but their attitudes were horrible. And, uh, I felt like, okay, you have all this work and, and I cannot let them go because if I let him go, I won’t be able to do the work. And so implementing those, uh, group interviews, every Wednesday, they sign those people coming in and they see the people coming in and, and they’re like, they start thinking, okay, this person gonna take my job. Is this person gonna take my job because they hear me talking to Lisa and Karen and office about, um, about the people we interviewed and they’re a little worried, hey, is this person gonna take my job?

So they step up their game even more and, and they’re going above and beyond. When, uh, the previous employees, they didn’t care. They knew I couldn’t fire him because, um, we had so much work to do and they would show up late all the time or they were just calling in out of nowhere. And then I would end up going out there and do the work myself. So that doesn’t happen anymore. Um, if there is somebody, uh, that is, uh, that’s not holding up their Ian will, I’d give him a warning to two and then then I bring in the next person or I’ll try the person out that I’ve just hired for a week. I’ll try him out for a week. If he’s not, if he’s not up to par, we’ll go ahead and let him go. Or really quick. I mean, hire fast, fire fast.

That’s right.

A lot of wins you got there. Um, so, uh, Daniel, how would you describe your weekly coaching calls? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. My weekly coaching calls with Andrew are phenomenal, are absolutely best. Oh Wow. Every single Thursday morning I’m pretty pumped up. Get the guys going out of the door and then I’m sitting there preparing for Mr Andrew to call and he taught the absolute best. He’s helped me out on a, on a number of, Dang. It helps me track my calls, helping me track my leads. Um, now I know where my leads are coming from, optimizing the, uh, the Google page, um, uh, showing me how to do podcasts so we could add content too though website. Um, but it’s, it’s been absolutely the best, uh, experience I could have ever done. I mean, it was, it was a great, great deal getting signed up with you guys.

Awesome. And what has been your favorite part of the drive? The whole thrive coaching experience? Out of all the, all the, all the benefits you’ve described. What’s been your favorite part, Jason, before we get back into the interview with Daniel, we’ve got some epic music here, so let’s, let’s, let’s ride this wave and very few people on the planet are as diligent as Daniel will actually execute the proven plan. Talk to me about people that you’ve coached with real clients that you’ve helped who execute the plan. People that actually do their homework. Who are these people, Jason? Well, we have, uh, Mr. Blake with trusted estate planning, tax trust and estate planning attorneys. His getting it done. Who else is getting it done? Jason? We have Christina with angels touch Christina with angels. Touch face face there in the Boston area. Massachusetts. Yes sir. Getting it done. Oh yeah. Who else is getting it done? And then we have Lindsey and Krista have a revitalized medical spa. Lindsey and who? Krista Lindsey and Chris aren’t getting it done. Slay dragons every day. If you’re out there, you’ve got to decide to make your life epic. You can’t just sit there on the sidelines and wait for things to happen. You’ve got to take that shit.

My head exploded back to the interview.

Um, my favorite part about, uh, the thrive experience, um, I think getting, uh, getting all my questions answered in the availability of you. Yaz, I need something you guys call right back. You’ll find out the information I need, uh, in, in just a pointing me in the direction that this business needs, needs to go. We’re looking to franchise and, and that’s the main goal and I’m pretty excited, pretty pumped about doing that. Um, yeah, that’s been a, it’s been a great deal. It is. Perfect. And uh, Daniel, what has been the most difficult, um, think to execute a, about the whole thrive coaching program? What’s been the hardest thing that you’ve had to do but it’s, you know, helps your business grow?

Think about that one. Let’s see if we can stump

Daniel bog.

I can’t think of anything. The hardest thing for me to do, it’s all been common. I mean, once you, once you understand where you guys are going or you want to take the business, it really all just come through. It makes sense. None of us are doing it, I guess is probably the hardest part.

Jason. That

right there is white down that Daniel is successful a dick. Daniel’s diligent. He actually does the action items. Right. So let’s go back to your Trifecta, the clients you were bragging on him. Let’s go back to pick any one of your clients, one of the three that you mentioned. They were really, really it done. Yeah, I’ll start with a Blake. Okay, so Blake, so what is Blake doing every week? What’s talk to us about the strategy that he’s implementing because he’s actually doing the strategy that we created for him. Every single client who reaches out to us, I personally will take between three and four hours. You’ve seen him? Yes. Make a business plan for each and every client. We’ll do a 13 point assessment with you and that’s why we only work with 160 clients cause I personally have to make the business plan every time.

Right. Which requires me actually doing it. Correct. Which takes me three to four hours after I make the business plan. I give the business plan to you as the implementer, you as their coach, you as their guide down the proven path, they actually have to do it right. And as a coach, your job is to explain to them what to do and answer any questions they have along the way. But talk to me about some of the things that Blake does to actually implement the system. Well listen, right off the bat we started focusing on his dream 100 yeah, we had talked about that for maybe two meetings just until we had a really good understanding of it. But then after that he found the list of the people that he needed to work for work with that could just help his brand. And he hits his, he do for a living.

So he is in a state planning attorney. And could you explain to the listeners out there who are not familiar with what the dream 100 is? Can you explain to the listeners out there just very basic, assuming that we know nothing, maybe there’s a listener who’s just listened to the show for the first time and they don’t know what the dream 100 system is. Explain what the dream 100 system is and how he’s gone about implementing. Right. So just in a nutshell, the dream 100 is 100 it’s a list of 100 people that could change your life by working with them. Got It. And so what he did was he decided that the people directly in his network that he would benefit the most from working with were going to be a life insurance agents. They were going to be CPAs. Basically anybody who handled financials as far as death would go, that’s a little more, but, but, and so somebody dies, the financial planner or the person who would help the family who just lost a loved one, maybe that accountant or that a person in their life that would be dealing with how to sort out the financial aspects of somebody’s dying.

That’s who he put on his dream 100 right? Because they, he realized that they service one thing, but they do not do what he does. And so by working with them, they would immediately just give him recurring business. So by working with accountants, so he put on his list of on his dream 100 list of list of accountants. And how many did he put on his list? Um, I think right now he is right around 50. We started, we started off small. Yeah. Then he started growing and then as he’s getting these, um, repeat meetings, cause like what, what he’ll deal with his, he doesn’t stop. So he called enough to be able to get in front of them. And then not only did he make the call, set an appointment, he meets with them every quarter, takes them out. So he like wows them and keeps that relationship going.

And then that way that has actually, um, or I guess by result that has caused people to also refer Blake to other people. So he’s building his dream 100 through his dream. 100 people. And where’s he based? He is in Las Vegas, Nevada. So he’s in Las Vegas, Nevada and he’s an attorney, right? And here in Amarillo we have a thriver who’s an air conditioning guy. It doesn’t matter what the industry is. If you have a business that is stuck and it can’t grow currently and maybe you’re stuck and you feel like you’re just been stuck for years, maybe you’re stuck at 1.2 million for years. We had one thriver I talked to who was literally stuck at one point $2 million or around that number for years. I talked to a guy the other day who’s a medical professional who was stuck and like two point whatever million dollars and in three weeks I’ve helped the guy grow dramatically.

Jason, how can somebody possibly grow a business at 50 grow their business by 15% and just 90 days like Daniel’s doing by getting a path that shows them the clear route for growth and then diligently hitting each and every one of those items. That right there, my friends is the, is the step one is reach out to us. Step two, we will do a 13 point assessment with you and a, I say we, me, I personally hop on the phone call with you and I will invest an hour with you if I think it’s worth your time or my time and I’m going to give you a customized plan. Now, at that point you have to decide, are you going to be a diligent Daniel, are you going to be a boss? Blake, are you going to get that stuff done or are you going to just want to know, watch up that calendar.

I know I just almost locked in way. Whenever you have, whenever you’re in the thrive studio, you never know if there’s going to be a cowbell or a coffee cup. It’s like a, it’s like a minefield out there in the studio, but you never know. You have to decide today, are you going to be the kind of person who is a diligent doer or just a happy hoper and I never know how you’re going to be. I don’t know. When you fill out the form, I don’t know if you’re a diligent Duer or a happy hopper. Right? If you’re out there and you get offended by this next commit by this next top idea, you probably should unsubscribe to the podcast. The point, not good for you, but, uh, we had a thriver a non thriver. We had a happy hoper right. I do what you do or I do dilligent doers, somebody who actually acts upon their dreams and visions and takes the action needed happy hope or is somebody that hopes someday in the future they’ll have success.

This guy wanted to liberate, he said, liberate the people of Israel from the, uh, Western influence. He wanted to make it where Israel didn’t need America to help them and he was going to do this by helping them to desalinate water to pull the salt out of the water, basically creating an unlimited supply of fresh water for Israel to liberate them from Western influence. That was his goal interest. And he wanted to do this by taking demilitarized nuclear submarines and converting them into desalination plants of some kind. Gotcha. Um, I asked him, well, what’s your, what’s your, what’s your job? What are you doing? He says, I work at Jimmy John’s. No, I’m not saying if you work at Jimmy John’s, you’re not qualified to desalinate water and to liberate the Israelis from the Western tyranny as this gentleman put it, put that second, I went to someone we do know you’ve got to a product or a service that people actually want for me to be able to help you.

I’m not a big fan of working with startups. No. I’ve worked with a lot of startups and have helped him. But if you are a startup, I’m a, I’m a fan of you if you have an actual product that people actually want. But Jason, have you seen this before where somebody has attended business conferences or a workshop and they have a product or a service and they’re, they’re great people. Yeah. But they’ve created a product or a service that people don’t want. Yeah. Like they could inherently be amazing people, like some of the best people that we’ll ever meet. But unfortunately the product or the idea that they have doesn’t solve a problem or it’s already out there and somebody who’s doing it way better. Why, uh, does chance the rapper’s music work? I think chance rappers music works because it hits people on multiple levels, but he’s also filling a need.

Like what does a need? So that need is for a difference in the rap game essentially. So like he’ll work in Choir, gospel music and there are a lot of people who enjoy that, but don’t get it within like the modern rep spectrum. He has features on there that are people that other people want to hear in relation to what he’s doing. Also, I’m going to cue up a little sample from chance the rapper when the blessings go up. The, this is when the praises go up. The blessings come down, right? What’s that song called? You know, that’s called [inaudible]. I’m not trying to paint you into a corner. Right. You know, I’ll cue it up just to me. I’m going to cue it up. I noticed from coloring book and I want you to explain to me why people like this. Okay. Okay, let’s see.

Falling in my lap. It seems like the last scenes keep falling in my lap. The question is why do people like this music? I don’t make songs for free. I make them for free. I don’t believe in kings. Believe in the king of chance. The rat chisel me into stone prayer. Whistle me into song air. Diane laughing with Kremlin saying something about Roy.

All right, so Jason, why does that song, it’s called blessings by the way. I just looked it up. Blessings by chance the rapper, which everyone, by the way, everybody should go right now to Spotify or youtube and check out the song. Blessings by chance the rapper. True. Why does chance the rapper work? Cause he’s not particularly a great singer. No, but that’s one of the things that I think does make it work is he’s unapologetically him. So his voice is unique. It’s got like a nice raspiness to it. Like you said, like the notes might not be there, but it’s catchy to listen to because he’s not auto tuning himself. He’s just being him. But then on top of that, that amazing backbeat you got Donnie trumpet just providing an amazing trumpet in the background like it works because there’s so many different elements. So you’re saying that people actually like his music?

Absolutely. 100% see dad’s dad is the issue. Do do people like your music? If you’re a restaurant, do people like your food? If you’re a haircut business, do people actually appreciate the haircuts that you provide? If you are a past term, do people actually like to listen to your sermons? If you’re a podcast Durer, do people actually listen and liked to listen to you teach and preach? Do people actually want your product? Now, Jason, if you are trying to sell a product that people don’t want, no matter how much branding you have and search engine optimization you have and marketing you have in accounting, you have HR, you have what’s the problem? Well, the problem is you’re digging yourself into a money hole because you’re spending all of this money trying to generate hype, but people don’t want it. So you’re not going to get a return on your investment whatsoever.

What I have found is people love our in person business conferences right. Therefore they’ll sign up for a year to have unlimited access to the thrive time show a video. You can go up there to thrive time show.com and it’s like a $19 a month and you have unlimited access to a videos taught by millionaires, mentors, billionaires. I mean huge success stories are teaching those videos and you get that and you get the conferences when I found is that the vast majority of people love to watch some videos but then they really want to go to a business conference. Yeah. And the combination of both of those, that’s what people want. And so if you’re out there today and you have a real product or real service that people want, we can help you. It turns out people in Amarillo are hot. That’s true. Cause the summers are hot in Amarillo.

That’s very true. And so if you want your house to be less hot and Amarillo by morning, you want to call an air conditioning provider. Turns out most people use Google or in the internet to search for the products and services they want. And it turns out that if your company comes up top in youtube and Google, Google the number one search engine in the world, youtube is the number two if you your products or services, if your solutions to their problems come up in the search engine conversation when they’re looking for the solutions, what’s going to happen? Js. Oh, people are going to be lighting up your phone. That’s it. That’s how it works. So if you’re out there today and you have a real product that people really like, I would encourage you to reach out to us. If you have a product that you think people might like and you’re not sure, you can call us and I can help people. I’m going to, I’m going to tell you this once we market it and get it in front of people. If the market rejects your idea, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Just means that your idea isn’t economically viable and health any further due. Back to our interview with Daniel, the diligent, diligent Daniel based in Amarillo, Texas

have an issue with doing stuff. I love getting stuff done.


Dale, do you have any other big wins that, you know, you talked about reviews, you talked about, uh, being more proactive, the growth of your company. Uh, you’re getting deals from Google. People are calling you because of your Google reviews. Uh, do you have any other big wins you want to share?

All right. I think the biggest win that I want to share would be my Google views. I have 361 Google reviews. That’s huge. The most in a Amarillo, Texas and I beat a local competitor two weeks ago. He’s in my rear view mirror now. Looking back, I’m sure I’m still in a lot of business. That’s right. That’s a big one. All right, Daniel, thank you so much for being on the thrive time show. Thank you. Andrew,

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