2,500 Students | Are You Tired of Chasing Your Rainbow Dreams and Being One of the 90% of American Businesses That Fail Every Single Year

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Are you tired of chasing your rainbow dreams and being one of the 90% of American businesses that fail every SINGLE year?

Are tired of feeling stuck and being one of the 70% of Americans that hate their jobs?

Are you looking to build a REAL business that will realistically create both time and financial freedom for you and your REAL family while you are still alive on Earth to enjoy it?

Are you done with the pyramid schemes, the get rich quick hype programs, the no-money down real estate scams and the quasi religious  feelings focused motivational seminars?

Are you looking for the practical and actionable business systems, processes and strategies that both Doctor Z and I have used to build 13 multi-million dollar brands, they’re real, look them up.

These systems have allowed Doctor Zoellner and I to grow a multi-million dollar optometry clinic, a multi-million dollar wedding photography service, a multi-million dollar durable medical equipment company, a multi-million dollar men’s grooming franchise, a multi-million dollar marketing company, a multi-million dollar auto auction, a bank, and a top 10 itunes podcast in the category of business and an Amazon best-selling book.

Are we lucky or do we just know the proven path?

Why do 90% of businesses fail, yet all of our businesses don’t?

What if you knew the proven systems too? Would you too earn time and financial freedom?

But will the system actually work for you?

Well call Rachel and Tyler Hastings with Delricht Clinical Research in New Orleans and ask them what if feels like to go from a startup to making over $100,000 of profit in just one month after just 22 months of implementing our proven business systems.

Call Thomas Crossen with Full Package Media in Dallas, Texas and ask him what it feels like to go from a startup to grossing over $100,000 per month with his real estate photography business within 26 months of implementing our proven business coaching strategies.

Call Rachel and Ryan with Tip Top K9 Dog training and ask them what it’s like to grow their dog training business from just 1 location to 8 locations within 24 months of following our proven system.

Call Aaron Antis with Shaw Homes and ask him what it feels like to be Oklahoma’s largest home builder and what it feels like to increase the amount of leads that he receives by over 300% within 18 months of implementing our proven system.

So what does it cost and what’s included?

My friend, The Thrivetime Show Business School program is now enrolling just 2,500 people like you in the Ultimate Business School program.

This program includes:

  1. 1 ticket to the 2-day 15 hour and the world’s highest and most reviewed business workshop at the Thrivetime Show World Headquarters.
  2. The Exclusive ability to have the questions that you email to [email protected] answered on the podcast and live radio broadcasts.
  3. 24/7 Access to over 2,500 business training videos taught by world-class mentors including the man who once managed Walt Disney World at 40,000 employees as the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts, Lee Cockerell,
  4. Learn leadership training by the iconic investor and the 2-time NBA Champion, 2-time gold medalist and NBA MVP, David Robinson, public relations training by the PR consultant of choice for Nike, President Bush, President Clinton, Prince, Michael Jackson, Nancy Kerrigan and Charlton Heston, and countless other world-class mentors.
  5. VIP Access to the get a behind the scenes look at our business including Elephant In The Room, Doctor Robert Zoellner and Associates and the Z66 Auto Auction.

So what does the world’s most effective and practical business school cost?

Well if you went to the University of Tulsa and studied business at a private school, you won’t learn anything that will help you start or grow a real business and it will cost you $40,221 per year

If you went to Oral Roberts University, where I went to school and studied business at a private school, you won’t learn anything practical there either and it will cost you $41,024 per year.

Let’s do the math, that means that the Thrivetime Show Business School without the BS experience is $39,993 per year less than the University of Tulsa.

So that’s why we’ve made our program exclusively available for 2,500 people like you at a cost of just $19 per month, which comes out to just $228 per year.

So why wouldn’t you do it?

Well according to the studies conducted by Nielsen it’s because your too busy watching TV 5.2 hours per day, or consuming 2.3 hours per day of social media, or because you don’t believe in yourself enough to invest $19 per month in a program that will change your life.

Did you know that according to Forbes 88% of rich people spend 30 minutes per day reading to learn and to improve their business skills.

I’m a father of 5 kids, and I know that my kids get to enjoy the fruits of financial freedom not because I’m a genius, but because I know the proven systems.

My friend, you have nothing to lose, because you will lose default, if you do nothing.

So are you going to act and take advantage of this exclusive offer before all 2,500 spots are taken or are you going be yet another sad example of the 90% of American businesses that fail and the 70% of Americans that hate their jobs?

Reserve your spot and enroll in the world’s best business school today at ThrivetimeShow.com, it’s just $19 per month.

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