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In this podcast edition of the Thrivetime Show Business coach Clay Clark is laying out what he would have told his younger self before starting his business and he goes over the skills needed to be successful.

If you had the opportunity to speak to your younger self, what would you tell your younger self when you were first starting your company?

Step 1 – Write down your goals
FUN FACT – Ellis Melvin Roberts = EMR Dormitories
Step 2 – Study only successful people that are achieving the success that you want to achieve
NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Most fears of rejection rest on the desire for approval from other people. Don’t base your self-esteem on their opinions.” – Harvey Mackay (Bestselling author)
FUN FACT – “Taking place within a single educational institution.”
Step 3 – Study best-practice systems and proven systems
Recommend Reading: The Service Profit Chain – Harvard Case Study, The Innovator’s Dilemma – Clayton Christensen
Step 4 – Block out the noise

From your perspective, what are the 3 skills / characteristics every business owner needs to be successful?

Step 1 – Be Focused (Be a horse with blinders)
Step 2 – Be Diligence (Steady application of effort)
Step 3 – Be Stoic (Minimize the negativity and maximize the positivity)

Today is going to be a bit of a solo show for me and for you, typically dr. Robert, zoellner, is, with us, each and every day on the thrivetime show radio broadcast, as well as the podcast, but today I will be here. Solo answering questions that you have email to us at [email protected] answer the question that we had emailed to us all start off with. First a question: email to a thrive email to us from a driver at info at drivetime, show. Com was, if you had the opportunity to speak to your younger self. What would you tell your younger self when you were starting your company? So if you have the opportunity to speak to your younger self? What would you tell yourself when you were starting your company? Well, you are in luck because I have for specific things. I would have told myself my younger self, my twenty-year-old, so I am I 18 year old self. What younger self younger dearest to the future tell you in the past here I want to see your an 18 year old guy step on you to write down your goals, man, you got to write down your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship in your foot, your face, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship in your phone and because you have goals now I mean once you do that you’re going to now have to do the opposite of what what what most people want to do to your dorm, your dorm room in a college mates at oral, roberts, university they’re, going to want to go on top of a water tower and do some kind of pledging a thing you know where we all the freshmen on my door. What you did is they took all the freshmen up to the top of a water tower and we took our shirts off and then some they like painted crap on us, and we took some sort of ridiculous oath and we pledged ourselves to be somehow part of the west wing. This this 4th floor on the north. Ask the north part of the 4th floor of emr. Emr was a dormitory at or rob mercy. What does emr stand for almost I almost can’t take anymore. I need to figure out what emr i. Do it, let’s figure out right now. What did emr stand for the dormitory I stayed at oral roberts university, without with on behalf of the incredible google machine. I apologize for the delay, I’m pulling up and emr stands for, does emr and claudius, but emr housing rates, I’m. Looking it up here, i, don’t i, don’t see it out. Alvin ellis, melvin, robert, ellis, melvin, roberts win an incredible prize. Fun fact word for you so that the dorms at I lived in was the ellis melvin roberts dorm.

Now who is ellis melvin roberts? That would be a whole another show and I’m sure, but I went and when I went there I had I was on the freshman dorm. On the fourth floor of the melvin roberts dorm on the campus and I wish, I could see if you had the opportunity to speak to your younger self. What would you tell your younger self when you were first starting? Your company would is write down your goals, which would have meant that I needed to quit participating an intramural sports for me personally, cuz know where I might go list. Would it be to do well and intramural sports to I would not have gone on most of the ridiculous functions that we went on because I some people say amen. College does. That was the best years of my life, I love college. How to beat college was the worst moments of my life I hated. It I hated, sharing a washing machine with a bunch of dudes in the door made of the community showers I hated group gatherings I had the hall meetings I had when we got together the hall and had a meeting I didn’t like the prayer group, so I didn’t like when walter our prayer, chaplin guy, would get us all together. We pray i, didn’t like it at all. I didn’t like a single aspect of going to college i, can’t think of anything I enjoyed it. I didn’t like the chapel’s I didn’t like the bike. Did the japanese word twice a week? Didn’t really like the the the you know he didn’t like that either I mean I’ve always been somebody. We three regiment I didn’t like having to go through this rigmarole of waiting in line to eat lunch I’d rather just go to walmart and buy a couple yogurts and move on so step. One write down your goals, but I would have told myself step to study. Only successful people I wish I could have told myself that I don’t know why, but I think all of us want to care about the opinions of other people. I think that’s like a thing that we all want to do. I think I need to beat down. Maybe all of us want to give a crap about what everybody has to say, but at the end of the day, like I’m, not a medical doctor, so you know if you’re calling me and going a man have a head cold. What should I do? I, probably you know shouldn’t be the guy giving you feedback. You know, but I think a lot of times.

People get into a pinions I need a lot of those people. You know i. Think people worried about opinions of other people, I think that people worry a lot about the opinions of other people. Think that my younger college self I really cared about what the opinions of other people, where I ran around trying to get the opinions of other people and I just know. I just would tell myself don’t worry about it. You know I mean harvey mackay. One of the best selling authors that I’ve read over the of the years. He wants road I love this little boy will he says most fears of rejection rest on the desire from approved for other people, don’t base your self-esteem on their opinion. He said most beers of rejection rest on the desire for approval from other people. Don’t base your self-esteem on their opinions and it’s a powerful idea. I mean think it’s a great idea to not give a crap about anybody else. Thinks i, don’t think you need to I’m in figure if you’re a pastor-and you listen to this-and we have a lot of pastors that listen to our our podcast in our broadcast. If you are whatever I say if it, if it disagrees with the word of god, then absolutely toss it out. I mean because you’re the pass to ride him, because you you’re running it through the filter of the bible I’m. Just saying that I think that it’s really ridiculous, that everybody runs around worrying about the opinions of other people and i. Think that my younger self I definitely should not have listened to the other opinions of other people. I, don’t i, don’t know why I ever did, there’s no benefit to it. I found myself doing things that I didn’t want to do all the time. I mean I i, don’t know why I was doing those things i, don’t know why that I to the top of the water tower and take my shirt off and let them paint crap on me. I, don’t know why I went on these, get your roommate a date. Events i, don’t know why I went to cici’s pizza to try to eat as much food as possible with other man. I, don’t know, I didn’t enjoy it i, don’t know why I ever played intramural sports I hate it in a real sports i. Don’t like intramural sports I got to get this out in the open folks tonight didn’t like and don’t like will never like. Intramural sports I rather make the money I like I like growing businesses, but maybe you do want to do intramural sports, maybe what you like to do. Is you like to play sports that you know don’t result in a paycheck maybe intramural sports is your thing. Intramural stands for it’s taking place within a single educational institution. To me the idea of doing intramural sports, so fun pack good for you.

If it’s not going to be, you know for competition to beat. You know. Other people like other colleges, I i, don’t know I would do it i, just very competitive person. I, don’t know why I wanted you to things. I, don’t i, don’t know if I had the question is younger self is one-eyed right now. My goal is to study successful people. Only successful people free study only best practice systems have been reading books like the service profit chain. You know I mean this, isn’t because it was a chance to read this book at the recommended. Reading, I highly recommend you read is written by harvard. It’s called the service, the service prophet chain. I know someone should write that down the service profit chain. It’s a harvard case study books like that I would read books like the innovator’s again I’m, giving you a chance to write this down the innovator’s dilemma the innovator’s dilemma by client by clayton christensen, and these are books that aren’t best selling books but their books, life changing if you’re, not you’re, pretty or if you know what I mean entrepreneur doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t read the service profit chain or the innovator’s dilemma. If you’re not wanting to be an entrepreneur, so baby listen to the show. Today, maybe you wrote down your goals in you decided to stay successful people and in may be the only one who studies successful people study only successful people that are achieving the success that you want to achieve. You know it if you don’t want to achieve that success and screw it right right and then set 3 study, best practice system, study people who had success in area that you want to have success. Fourth block out the noise, like it out, block out the noise block out the noise i. Don’t know why you wouldn’t block out the noise, but you want to block it out. I mean you want to block it out you one of you, don’t need to listen to everybody else. You don’t you just listen to anybody. Anybody who’s, not helping you get to where you want to go. It doesn’t share the same world. B was, as you block him out. You don’t need to listen to the opinions of every single person. So again the question. If you have the opportunity to speak to your to your younger self, what would you tell your younger self when you were starting a company write down your goals, clay clark, running down to study the only successful people that are cheap in the success that you want to achieve? 3 study, best practice systems, study, best practices, but i, don’t know why you wouldn’t want to study the proven system of best practices. Basically, schools like harvard will study a successful company and you’ll get a chance to have a rare sit down interviews with the founders of the company and I’ll ask them and make sure to go to our business conferences.

How did you have success and the founders will tell them specifically here’s what I did to have success here in my system, cuz they’re honored to be interviewed by harvard and I’ll be happy to share their system, and so you only need to study best practice systems or, you could say, breast practice systems and proven system. So you don’t need to study everything I only just to study people that already done it I member one to grow my company, dj connection and i, didn’t know you know what to do. I didn’t know what to do, and so I kept getting everyone’s opinion, but over time I figured out. You know what I probably only need to get feedback from people who actually grown a successful mobile, disc, jockey entertainment company before and at that point it was so liberating knowing that most people’s opinion doesn’t matter the only opinions that matter are the opinions of people that have dominated that particular industry, and it’s amazing how, when you only get feedback from people that have actually done it before, how everything begins to change and, finally, batting cleanup september 4th block out the noise I’m, not sure who is speaking over your life, saying you can’t do it, you shouldn’t do it. You know the capacity to do it. This isn’t how you should do it, which we go over during our business conferences but if they haven’t had success in that area, who gives a crap in the only excuse would be maybe you’re married to that person and they and you can’t say that or maybe you are wanting to do something. It violates your religious beliefs if it’s, if it’s against god’s law or the laws of the land, maybe you don’t be probably shouldn’t. Do that but block out the noise block out the distractions and focus on actually come back more answer the questions that you, the tribe, needs to be mailed us to info at thrive. Time, show me out, but try to consume for the future that I can pursue it from the mountaintop. Now I can get ready to drive. Time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba of the year clay, clark walking back to the car first time show on your radio. My name is clay clark I have a form of us has to be a entrepreneur of the year and a father of five incredible human kids, and my entire focus is helping every single listener get to where you want to go financially so that you can have not copious amounts of money. That’s not the goal. That’s the goal is to help you achieve time. Freedom and financial freedom I mean i, don’t know! Why would you want to fill your car up with gas? Took it somewhere? I, don’t know anybody, I mean i, don’t know if it maybe I’m missing it.

Maybe everybody else is doing this and I’m not, but I don’t know that every time I fill up. My car with gas I sit there in like get down on me and i. Give thanks and I cry and I just saw rejoiced with the m2 enamored with the fossil fuels that I’m burning I can’t say:oh my god, that’s all thankful for the fossil fuels. I mean I’m not against fossil fuels, but I’m, not i. Don’t walk up to the guy at the gas station. To you saying to him what states speeds that I get to pay you and exchange my fiat currency, my money for vehicle with fuel so exciting for me. So now I don’t do that because of my life is not gasoline. The goal is to get somewhere. The goal of your life should not be your business. The goal is to get somewhere. Where are you going i, don’t know where you’re going, but I want to help you get where you want to go. Maybe you just want to go on the lake. All the time you love going out to the lake-and you just want to get on that pontoon-you know make out with your wife, maybe get arrested for public nudity on this. Unless you know I just do you throw it on the anchor there on grand lake, you know she’s going to late thirties, your late thirties, you had a few kids, the kids are being watched by grandma and you just throw that anchor over overboard and you guys just start getting it on and you just want to get arrested for public. You know fornication with your own spouse on the lake. Maybe that’s what you’re into I don’t know i, don’t know, i, don’t know what you’re into. Maybe maybe you don’t like my wife and i, and we just we make out it it’s in the parking lot there of of you know:home, depot or lowe’s we make out I mean. Maybe you guys want to you know you don’t have the time for them to to go to the airport and you don’t get it on in the in the in the shared bathroom. You know the one where it’s like the men and the women and then the disabled pokes. You know you use that restroom to get it i, don’t know. Maybe you want to go whack golf balls at flyingtee. Maybe your goal is to record a rap album, maybe want to read books or maybe you want to go to all of our business conferences. If you don’t work out all the time. Maybe you want to oh good every bbq business in texas. Maybe that’s your goal. Maybe you want to wear a kilt everyday and you know that currently it’s not acceptable at your current job, but you believe that if you aren’t enough money eventually you can come to your own office and wear a kilt and you can sing over and over.

If you want my body and you think I’m sexy come on sugar. Let me know if you want my body and you think I’m sexy come on sugar. Let me know, maybe that’s what you want to do. I, don’t know what you want to do, but from your perspective, where do you want to go? I can help you get there if I don’t know where you want to go, but we have some people listen to the show who know where they want to go with us to email their questions on a very routine basis. I get to know a lot of you guys, but if you email info at thrive time, show.Com I promise when I say promise, i, promise and I’ll answer your question. The question was emailed in 2 in drive. Time show just recently was from your perspective. What are the three skills? / characteristics? Every business owner needs to be successful, and so here we go. I was just emailed, and here we go step one you got to be focused man, focus, that’s like a horse with blinders. You know it’s, it’s a focused or be a horse with blinders. Every entrepreneur that I know who’s been successful is very focused, they’re kind of like a horse with blinders. All right, that’s what you got to be got to be focused. You have to be focused if you’re not focused and everything is a distraction for you you’re going to lose. You are, the kind of person is like what you guys want to get for lunch, but you haven’t done your to-do list. You won’t make it as an entrepreneur. You just do you have to be focused if you can’t be focused when you’re going to lose the second is you got to be diligent? Now, diligence means the study, application of effort. You’ve got to be doing the same stuff over and over that you’re going to laugh. You would think about this back of the day. If you were a farmer, let’s just say hypothetically back in the day, you were a farmer. What does that mean? You were somebody who planted the seeds. You were somebody who will first, you got till the soil right right been stepped or going back to the day, I like plymouth rock okc, like in early farmer, and if you believe the whole story. You know squanto of oceanside and says that you’re, so you do what you know so you’re, not there you’re at plymouth rock, you decide you’re going to tell the soil depth one they’re going to sell the seat. How long does that take right? I mean how long does it take to a till the soil weeks months? It’s like an instant thing. It’s like a get-rich-quick thing. It’s not like it’s a taco, bueno, quick drive-thru thing you got to like do it. You have to do the tilling, which takes a while.

Then the next thing you have to do is you have to what somebody help me out. You have to sow the seeds when you sell the seeds. Do you get super emotional on my gosh there’s a growl know you play like thousands of seats right, thousands and thousands of seed in a row tennessee to don’t grow. Who cares you move on? Why cuz you’re a freaking farmer, you till the soil? Do you cry about every seed that doesn’t grow, know you’re a cold color. Do you cry every time you get rejected? No you’re, not you’re preneur. Do you did cry every time you get told? No! No! No cares right. Then you, water, deer, cry every time that I dropped, one of h2o doesn’t produce photosynthesis, creating outcome. Everybody cry every time that water doesn’t produce more greenery. No, you just keep watering. Then you want to be about 5 high by july. I want the corn to be about thigh high by july, so you go ahead and embrace the fact that certain seeds aren’t going to grow in certain seeds are going to grow aka you want to minimize I repeat:you want minimize minimize somebody’s read that done. You want to minimize the negativity right and maximize the positive maximize deposit if the positivity minimize the negativity and maximize the positivity you got to embrace stoicism. If you don’t know about it, that’s a separate show, but you need to just have that mindset and if you do that, you’re going to get corn, it’s going to happen you’re going to reap the harvest as a business owner, so I can so I can go back and tell myself the question:does aspirin with driver was from your perspective? What are the three skills characteristics? Every successful business owner needs to be successful and she need to be focused, diligent and stoic, and we come back i, don’t answer more questions to from great drivers like you, it’s about time show on your radio book your tickets for next business conferences workshop at Thrivetime, show.Com


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