The 5 Steps to Success | The 5 Mindsets That Every Successful Entrepreneur Has – Part 2

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With the right mindset you can, as an entrepreneur, achieve success. Learn 5 specific steps that every entrepreneur does to become successful taught by business coach Clay Clark.

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This is hour 2 of our business coach podcast titled “The 5 Steps to Success | The 5 Mindsets That Every Successful Entrepreneur Has”

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This is the Thrive time show on your business coach radio and they were talking about the five steps to success. The five steps you have to take the five mindsets you must Embrace to become successful and specifically, right now we’re focused on loyalty. You can’t be loyal to your vision and you got a hold people accountable, plus you’ll discover who the loyal people are. So I want to start with you, but I want it. I want it cuz you’ve seen that she worked in offices. You did you give me if you even seen in our office where people want to be disloyal, but I want to come out and say this is 95 % of their way to come out and say I disagree with the direction you’re taking the company so what They do, is they just do passive aggressive moves, it’s like they say, I’m going to be aggressive, but possibly and I’m not going to come out and just say I disagree with. You know how you want to save files, or I disagree with your touch. It once philosophy – or I disagree with the vision you’re taking the company, so therefore I’m just going to through my actions, not do what I’m supposed to do. You know it ain’t Andrew Carnegie, the world’s wealthiest man during his lifetime. He said the older I get the more I watch what people do and I do not listen to what they say: wow. Okay, how do you know if someone’s loyal, how do you hold them accountable? Because it’s a huge issue for a lot of people? Will one thing is: you’ve got to be diligent when it comes to managing people. You can’t let people drift from week to week to week without checking in on them, without following up on them. Otherwise, they’re not going to be loyal to the system. They won’t save. Those files the right way they won’t record their calls, how you’re supposed to and what you’ve got to explain to employees at and in through your culture is that by working here you don’t have just a privilege to just do whatever you want, if you’re not going To be loyal to the system or the team, then this isn’t the place for you because we are going to hold you accountable today.

I don’t want to micromanage you hear that all the time I don’t want to micromanage. My People come on. Look at QuikTrip QuikTrip work their checklist for everything to checklist, to make sure that you’re making your employees do. The checklist Stevie worked at QuikTrip talk to me about the. How long did you work at QuikTrip on the way I work there from forgot two and a half years since I was 16 until I was almost 19 okay, so walk us through the did the checklist when you worked at QuikTrip in you in there for your Shift what time did you work during your shifts? What time are you working? I usually work the early shift, so we started at it was like 6 in the morning, maybe 5:30, I do you get there and what was your ship look like when you work at QuikTrip? Quiktrip is awesome, walk us through the level of systems in what walks through the checklist, and what does it look? What is it, what is the date of a QuikTrip employee? Look like what you had to mop, basically about once an hour or anytime, it needed it. I had to stock the they called at the vault and the Deep, the Deep Freeze, which was the Vault vault in the big Vault. So I have two different freezers at the time. One of them had all the beer. One of them had the you know the the the soft drinks in the waters and all that stuff in the India. You know your Gatorades and I can get free and it’s also have to say hi if you want to come in, have fun with it, because back in the day you had the little Mike and you had to like pronounce people at the gas pump to. So I bought over, you got to say thanks to everyone and tell him to come back. You know they had to take thanks, come back and see if she had to have. You know that mystery shoppers that were coming in at that point that you had to like score 100, but I check list every day of the all the stuff that had to get done during my shift. Some of the things on that checklist. What was like multiple times, it was, if we had a truck coming in we’d, have to unload the truck and put the things up, and then we had to bag ice because Stevie bag ice machine in the back, and it’s got to a certain level. You said about guys and then generally it was just a fast-paced environment cuz. You constantly had two customers come in and then you had to be back up for the register so that if you were back bagging, I say two more than I can say: Steve needs its register and you run up there check people out because you know the Flow people would get heavy.

I got a question making coffee was a big thing that make coffee constantly. That’S what about old Coffee Port put new coffee in. I got a question for you. So how old are you when you were 16 as a being a employee of QuikTrip in following the system? Do you feel like being in that culture that help you grow as an employee and as a person just by being held accountable by knowing that somebody’s going to be checking on you that you had to get these things done? Yeah, that’s what they want. They want Village of people, but at the same time they don’t just wait and expect people to just do their job. They’Ve got a checklist in systems in place. We ate evaluations, it happened. We had you know our supervisor. That would show up randomly to come inspect the store to make sure things were done. So you you knew that it was a great place to work, and I still believe that I tell people all the time. If you know if the bottom fell out, the mortgage business I’d be figured out how to go work at QuikTrip. I lose weight really quick because you’re literally hustling, but you know you had to do things like like make sure that the the food was fresh. You had to go in the winter when it came in yet at Agate with the date make sure you went through each one of them, and you didn’t have anything on the shelf that was expired, usually within a day of exporation hit with the yanket toss. It and so there’s just a lot of checklist loss system. So absolutely just if you weren’t there for any amount of time you can actually just going to get better, but here’s. The thing is: there’s somebody I’m sure who wanted to come work for Quiktrip that didn’t do their job. Maybe you saw it happen. Maybe you were the guy who didn’t do your job? I don’t know who didn’t do their job, but walk me through cuz. Every small business owner deals with this, where they have a checklist that got a system and people won’t do the system they just won’t. Do it mean to have a checklist? They have that the system, but people just won’t, do the system, one that never happens, play Steve. What would you do what happened at QuikTrip when somebody didn’t do their job? Well, I was young at the time and all I can tell you is you ever feel like you’re, when your dog or your cat, like isn’t around anymore, your parents say yeah, I went to live on a farm where I can run and play, and that was Like code, for you know who shot the dog, you know the dog is dead or whatever it was heavy. So this is what would happen if people would just won’t be there in one, they would be gone, and you be like that. Where is Chuck, I will check, Chuck Chuck, Chuck Chuck, she wouldn’t be there anymore because they would get fired because they didn’t do their job, and I think when you have a culture like that clay, the other team members will weed that person out what happened because They’Re, like you know, there comes a point when people are like they’re not pulling their weight. You know it’s like if you were fewer all rowing the boat and one guy is sitting there with his arms crossed, not rowing, eventually, the other nine people rowing you’re, going to grab him by the back of his neck and throw him out the boat. I mean they’re, just not a human, so they’re going to put up with that laziness of people in input. You’Re certainly didn’t put up with it and it wasn’t a. I think it was a big thing. She didn’t work there, it’s not a suggestion. I

t’S like. I would love to get to know you can’t work here. If you don’t do that, but I mean, did you get write-ups for the right, up. You’re right now I never got written up but yeah, I’m sure, I’m very basic level. Did you ever see somebody at QT get written up? I don’t remember because this was probably 20 years ago, but I’m sure that they did. I will tell you this. There was a certain like Aura Aura, a I guess, a culture that you just you had to get stuff done. I mean you just had to because there was caught on and it was 24 hours. So if people were constantly in – and you know it quick trip did years ago telling his genius a genius, they would they call extra relief extra late for that man is as if you were working a shift and the next person didn’t come in then they would. They would call extra Leaf like these people. They just float around and went and filled in for fuel. It was just of gasoline Excellence, but if they didn’t get anybody there, you just had to work a double. This is how it because the store had to be open and it wasn’t like you – could just shut it down and like not have the store open. So you would have to work a double, and so obviously it like a culture where people put up with that. If you’re a second assistant manager in the next shift, guy doesn’t show up a few times, it won’t take long before someone gets her head chopped off because nobody wants to work. You know it 90 people, I be all up in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge. 9990. I am somebody who I don’t know exactly what happened. I just a kid I studied quite a bit. I do know that got made fun of quite a bit, and so I do know that I got to a place mentally where I resolved that I don’t ever need. Interaction from other humans are other people, and I don’t need encouragement from people. Like I just don’t need it. So I don’t need anybody ever to say good job. I don’t need somebody that I don’t need it. I prefer hanging out with kind of people, but if I’m going to I could I work construction. I work construction one year in my boss. Peter was a good guy and then that was it. So I just didn’t talk to you about it. I didn’t care. I was there to win to make money. I didn’t care if I take an elephant in the room. Are managers that it’s amazing how we we have a good team now, but it’s amazing how the previous managers I was barbaric and horrible for someone to call and say I can’t make it in for my shift.

I can’t make it in okay, so you can Uber! You can get here, but you have to be here to get to run. We have people who are getting haircuts today. I don’t want to call and reschedule these people have committed to being here, so we need to be there. The second time. So it’s played that game I’ll, just fire you and I don’t care how much you need the job. I don’t care, how much income you need. I don’t care if it’s Christmas or give her the day before Thanksgiving. If you are an inconvenience to my customers, I’m going to fire you before the customer fires me and I don’t care right now at all. You know, speaking of being loyal to whoever Nathan video guy Nathan yeah remember when his car broke down. He walk to walk to work. You left like 40 minutes early, so he can stick Play Shut up all sweaty, some ridiculous thing like from Sapulpa. She walked from Sapulpa to the cuz she’s good people, the towers, whatever they call it the hours and they bought her a car like some of they found out about it and they bought her. What makes her she had that was broken down there to water, the newest model. I just want to make sure you’re getting this, though it’s a small business owner and you have people that are not willing to do what it takes to get the job done. You’Ve got a fire these people and you can’t run around talking about how people feel, because I can tell you, if you ask me I’d, say: let’s go back 2 months ago, you said clay. How do you feel I would say my foot hurts a lot and you’d say well? Why does your foot hurt a lot because I’m working out what’s going on, but I’m sure I’m working through something, but my foot hurts you know. Okay will do you feel like standing today? Don’T ask me the question and answer is no. I don’t want to stand today and answers. My foot hurts if you can’t run around asking people. How do you feel you just have to say your job as a business coach requires you to stand and go back from A2 B4. B2 C2 get things done, and so you have to get it done.. You can’t ask people: how do you feel most Patriots plug but are are linebacker there a Hightower. He started off the season. It just came out that he started off the season with the 55 % tear in his pectoral muscle, preseason physical and I go bro. You have a 55 % tear and he says I know I want to go for it, though so you played it because he knew they needed them and they they signed a linebacker from the Jets, who has been very, very good, but he wasn’t familiar with the Patriots system, yet they said we need you to play five or six games, his last game that he played. He had a complete tear and he went ahead and kept playing that’s right and then, at the end of the game it was announced that he has a full tear and he’s played the entire season with a partial tear. Nothing was he knew that David Harris wasn’t ready yet to take his position and he’s loyal and he’s loyal to the vision to the point he knew they needed a strong player on that position. On the defense, Hightower big shout-out to Hightower. I will do that with a hangnail, so if you’re, if you’re listening to the show today – and you have people on your team that are just refusing to do their job on a very fundamental basis – they just cannot check the voicemails every day they can’t return. The calls everyday, they can’t say, pump number twos on every day. They can’t greet customers everyday, they refused to mop everyday.

They won’t work, a double when they have to don’t miss that part. They want me to work a double and they have to. They won’t do what they need to do to make the business successful you’re going to lose. It doesn’t matter how great your systems are. You’Ve got to create a culture of loyalty to become successful. We come back we’re going to talk about the next step on the way up to success.. Step 2 is coachability, step 3 is loyalty and the next step going to break it down for a week come back. I’M sure on your radio subscribe to the podcast today. At DriveTime get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170. I’Ve got insecurities call Healing Hands on Manchester. Alright. What does it mean to have demons in your head? I think a lot of people. I believe this sincerely and you might listen to the show day and say you are the craziest person ever. I sincerely believe this idea and if you don’t it’s okay, we could we can still work together. Maybe just listen to the show every day, so you say she have someone, you can disagree with, maybe just to Nichols. You say you know what you are a crazy guy. This is what I believe. I believe that God, God, as in the guy who played it for the planet, is excellent. I believe that our God is an awesome God, and I believe that he’s excellent. I believe that the Earth was created by an excellent God, and I believe that I don’t understand it, but I believe that sin and or Satan is the negative part of life. Sade is the good part right and then Satan is the bad part there. Anything good comes from God, anything bad comes from Satan. This is just a belief. I have it it’s a black and white think so, as example, I believe that the beautiful mountains are from God. I believe that horrible hurricanes that kill people are from Satan. You might say you are please you with the weather patterns are from Satan. Is it just my belief? I believe that making love is from God, and rape is from Satan. I believe that fire used to cook food is, from God before God, with burning people to torture. Them is from Satan. This is this. Is my mindset to I believe that doing your job or do what you’re supposed to do being diligent, being diligent, diligent study? Application of effort is, from God, but negligence in a not doing what you’re supposed to do negating what you’re supposed to do not doing it intentionally not doing what you’re supposed to do is from Satan. So I believe that you are still coming to the demons in your head if you’re late, I sincerely believe that I believe in lateness is evil and being on time. Honoring. Your commitment is right. That’S why, when you feel, if you were on time all the time or people that adhere to a certain code of ethics, they feel good, they don’t have any cognitive dissonance, they don’t feel bad, don’t feel guilty because they’re doing what they’re supposed to actually feel good. As a reward for keeping your promises, but people that don’t do what they’re supposed to do, who are doing bad things, they feel bad there for the have guilt, I believe in the feeling of guilt guilt in this comes from Satan. I believe the feeling of Joy comes from God until you talk about demons in your head. I absolutely believe the demons in your head want you to be late. I do believe that I do believe if you are late consistently. This isn’t something I told you. I told you Steve, I don’t think I’ve told you this Eric, but the clients that are on time consistently always win the ones who are on time. Cuz. That’S the way they do everything right on time, or else the one to optimize website to hit their deadline to the ones. Who are the contractors who do things on times they promised they would and it can’t handle the feeling of guilt.

They don’t succumb to the demons in their head and they freak out when they see a dirty office. They want to make it clean a rebuke they want to show up on time. They would they care, but the people who succumb to the demons in our casual and who let things just drift – those are the ones who lives in the clouds are perpetually late or the ones that perpetually Lutz. So you don’t have to be religious with it, but I choose to make it that way, because that’s how I view the world. But if you are listening to the show today and I’m very fundamental level, if you are struggling to fight the demons in your head in to be on time, I recommend that you would go to church and if you don’t go to church, I recommend that you Go get a business coach if you don’t get a business coach. I’D recommend that you taste yourself in the crotch every time, you’re late, but you’ve got to find a way to beat those demons back in your head that once you start to be diligent and coachable and boil. This is where a lot of people make a wrong turn, because now you got extra money. When you do those things you have extra money you have and money is a magnifier. I got cash money allows you to be a bigger you than you thought you could be. It does allows you to buy more of what you wanted to buy before it allows you to spend more money on the things you already spend more money on it., Giving person too generous person. You can be more generous if your person who’s greedy, you can be more. Greedy greed is where you’re willing to sacrifice a long-term relationship for a short-term financial gain. Greed is where you under pay a key employee to make a quick Buck. Greed is where you don’t invest the time and coaching your employees, because would be easier to not to just complain about it. Talk to me about greed and why green can be such a damaging thing for a business like you said it leads to short-term thinking because you’re thinking about right now, if you’re greedy person, you want to know how can I maximize everything that I’m doing right now? Right now I don’t want to plan for the future. I don’t want to delay. Gratification is doctors, owner will talk about that’s one of his biggest principles that you know every time we talked about what a successful business owner it looks like the first thing he talks about is delaying your gratification and, if you’re interested fundamentally greedy person, it’s almost impossible For you to do that, so if you look at me, look up Proverbs 13:11 Proverbs 13:10 with me now to Proverbs 13:11, and now I will turn with you to the voice of God microphone. So I can make it sound more important in Proverbs 13:11 sawdust money counters funny, one more time, because I like this voice. What does the word for the number of dollars would a little party so probably next tattoo Proverbs 13:11 dishonest money does dwindle away, just want to get rich quick and it’s not a thing. Stop trying to go from get rich scam to get rich scam.

Stop trying to screw people over just stop trying to take advantage of people stop being greedy. Greedy is just such a bad shape. It’S a bad thing, it’s a bad thing, and it it lends itself to like to that culture of where, like everybody’s ready to screw each other over cuz, I want it all. I don’t want to share the pie, don’t want to be diligent. I don’t want to do the right thing that they did not evil things, the right thing, the righteous thing and then you’ll bet you would create a culture, everybody screwing each other over and that’s a terrible place to be when you’re trying to grow in and run A business and if you think, you’re, greedy and people don’t know people know they’re going to have anybody knows everybody knows the person this is this is so so this is a check for you right now. I would encourage every listen to ask yourself right now. In what way are we Being Greedy? We all could get better at this, but in what way in our life are we, you know maybe trying to take advantage of something? Is it worth your time with your family? Is it with your money? You know, there’s all areas you can be greedy in life, so ask yourself that what it, what is it that you are doing right now? That’S that’s crazy, because, no matter where you are that’s, where you’re going to be you can’t, you can’t fly away to another place where you’re not present. You were always there. I admit, like I’m a little greedy when I go to the gas pump, I raise the hose up like at the end after I flipped it off, come back we’re going to talk more about the stair step to success, the stair step to success. When I talked about the importance of tenacity when we come back to DriveTime, business coach show on your radio stay tuned, make sure you never miss a broadcast by signing up for the Thrive time show podcast. I wish I could fly Snapdragon flower and back to the business coach radio show that’s so powerful. It would make OSU and OU get along All rights right. They should walk back to the conversation today. We’Re talking about how you can become successful were teaching specifically the five steps of the staircase of success. P. 5 mindsets. Did you really have to have if you’re going to be successful? The first step is diligence. You just got to apply to steady application of effort. You have to you have to buy in Daly diligence at Daily Duty that daily concept of you’re going to do what you need to do on a daily basis, regardless of whether you feel like it. Then, once you master that you looked at coachability coach, will you got to be approachable? You got to ask yourself: how can I get better? You got ta find mentors who’ve already done it. You have to learn from mentors to avoid mistakes. That third level is loyalty. Loyalty or vision and loyal to your company – and you can’t worry about all my gosh – I don’t want to throw somebody under the bus because you have to throw people in the bus all the time if they’re in your way, cuz you are the boss move number For no greed, you can’t be greedy. Okay, you can’t sacrifice long-term gain for short-term wins. You can’t you can’t rip people off. You can’t cut people’s pay as a way to make more money right now. You just can’t do it as final. This final step is final. Move his final mind that you have to embrace is this concept of tenacity. What’S that in today’s city is something that I, I just think that a lot of people struggle with the concept of tenacity, because tenacity means it’s, it’s it’s being determined, it’s being a consistent. It supposed to persistence, it is it’s the ability to push through something – and this is what I, when you say, push through and through will Matthew 5:10.

This is a Bible verse that I encourage everybody to look up because Matthew 5:10, when I read Matthew 5:10 it it finally clicked for me before reading this verse that I didn’t get it I didn’t collect. I couldn’t figure out what I thought. I worked super hard to become successful. I thought when you’re successful, then you don’t have any adversity. I thought once you get to success that then you won’t have any adversity, but I found is that you want you at Financial Freedom and time Freedom. You have to fight for it every day and Lil Wayne and in the Bible it says, Matthew 5:10. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of their righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven, as example, righteous righteous man. You got me all over the Internet working on Wednesday due to righteousness. What does it mean to be righteous? Righteous is the quality of being morally right. So if you told your teammates a teammate, I need you to be on time and they’re not on time, and you won’t have a company that successful he’s a teammate. We need to make these calls and they don’t make the calls teammates. We got to get that house built on time and on budget you said team. We have to process those loans on time and on budget and they don’t do it and you hold him accountable. What’S going to happen well, you’re going to be persecuted. What does it mean to be persecuted religious sense, but what does it mean to be persecute? Persecute is where you get ill treatment from people as a razor is a consequence of you holding them accountable as a result of you holding up. Is you standing up for the the higher moral and you say, hey we got to be on time. You’Re going to be hated is a result of old people. Can’T I promise you will for sure be hated by people and most people, if you hold them accountable in today’s world, they’re going to take to social media. Oh yeah, and I just going to go after you, cuz he’s just such a bully. So here’s an example of experiment. I would recommend you do it. If your office has never been in office of accountability, do it do it all at one time, but this is. I actually did this in a business years ago, and I love this move. Stephen Stevie. I see if you can tell me how this move. What was Steve pretend that you are a chronically late person you’re, not just for the sake of his exercises. Would your business partner of mine and you showed up for the meeting was supposed to start at 3 and you should have at 3:15 3:07 322 every time it’s like Steve. Here’S the deal. I know you struggle to be on time, and so moving for trying to do is if the meeting starts and you’re not there on time, I’m just going to shut the door and you can’t come in that way. You know it’s just a thing: cuz, it’s really distracting when I have to reset and redo the whole meeting every time it undermines the whole culture. It’S I hold everybody else to being on time, but because you’re, one of the minority owners and you’re not on time. It sets the wrong the wrong president. So moving forward. If you’re not on time, I’m going to shut the door, do we really need to have the meeting I mean? Why are we meet in the first place? That’S exactly what happened. So what I did is the person showed up late to the meeting and I shut the door. I locked the door and Steve. What do you think? What do you think happened when I lock the door? They grab the door jiggle the handle knocked on the door, called you banged on the door again, yep called you text. You asked everyone around. What are the door locked? That’S right in this office. In there I called the guy – that’s at 8. So he’s a good guy called you like 10 times the whole time like you, you can’t come in me, so the next week is running behind and he basically is like really late. This time you don’t even show up. I can’t make the meeting. Why are we really having the meeting since I was a partner, though he actually own a part of the business, so I have it is. Is that this person, I said hey, you know you’ll still get your ownership checks, but you just can’t come to the meetings anymore because you obviously can’t be there on time in the company took off like it did very, very well like we succeeded and the whole Culture like people being on time, all that jackassery stopped and he hated me for it and is a result today, still hates me and still constantly references. How much she hates me when talking to people that guy is such a jerk he’s on time, seriously you’re being persecuted for your righteousness, that’s the fake! S

o Matthew! 5:10. It just point that that’s going to happen. So if you own a team, imagine your NFL team and it said that you were owner of NFL team and you serve in the United States military okay. So let’s say that you bought the Redskins okay or you bought. Let’S see you about the DD DD texts, you bought the team and you are a former Beatle. You are a veteran. You were former military member. You served in the Army, you bought the team you’re in about team for a few billion dollars. You teamed up with me best part: is you on the team and you are passionate about standing up for the people fought for the country, you’re you’re you’re, passionate about everyone standing for the national anthem good, because you serve the military. You know what the sacrifices you know that our country would not be free without the sacrifices. So you make a rule that says henceforth, if you’re on the team – and you don’t stand up, you can’t play how’s it going to go over. Well, it’s not going to go over very well and maybe you’re going to have a limited team, and maybe you’re not going to be here to Forfeit because you don’t have enough players have enough of them feel like they want to sit and maybe you’ll be persecuted. For sure you’re going to be perfect, so you’re an idiot, you forfeited that team, and why didn’t you just say it was okay to sit for the national anthem of the Neil and half the fans are going to be upset at you. I think you did the right thing, but the only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing. So we come back. I want to talk. I want to dive into that concept of deciding that you’re not going to be enough thing and decided that you are going to be a something and therefore embracing the trade-offs that come with it. We come back we’re talking with the five steps to success in specific red talk about the moment that you decide. You want to become a something and you don’t want to be a nothing and what the trade-offs are. They have to make a business coach he’s also been a business owner, and I want to talk with the trade-offs of being self-employed. What that really really looks like it, or are you really ready trade-offs needed to be a successful business owner on your radio, get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170? So don’t be asking me why call? Yes, everybody wants to be rich, but everybody now everybody wants to be rich. We are successful. Put are we willing to do the trade-offs needed to make disproportionately more money than most people as an example? If you find the richest man in your town and then you go to the next town, find the richest man in that town and you find the richest man in another town, and you keep doing that eventually, you could actually write a book called the richest man In town is actually a book called the richest man in town of the book. That’S called the richest man in town. We find the author will cover this book back in the day very good book, and it’s called him into the richest man in town at the pulling up right now it’s by Randall Jones, Randall and is a book is where he goes in interviews the richest man In town is that a book called The Millionaire Next Door should concept what happens when you are around enormously successful people you’re going to discover they work with an intensity that is disproportionately higher than that of the average person to cook Napoleon Hill. He says one must realize that all who have accumulated great fortunes first at a certain amount of dream, hoping wishing Desiring and planning before they choir the money. You may as well know right here that you can never that you can never.

You can never have riches in great quantities unless you can work yourself into a white, hot white or white heat of desire for money and actually believe you will possess it. You can never have riches and great qualities unless you can work yourself into a white heat of desire for money and actually believe that you will possess that you’ve got to have that intensity. That’S a nasty that Focus that grind you got to have whatever that. When is the most people? Don’T have that intensity that Focus that drive that that that that that the engine that’s pushing you to have success, you’re not going to do what you can just want to have success. If you want to get rich, you better put in a disproportionate amount of work. You got to sow the seeds. If you want to harvest for Proverbs 10:4, says God blesses the hand of the diligent and punishes the hand of the slackard. You have got to work harder than that of the average slacker. You can’t be somebody who gets to work at 9 and leaves at 5. If you become successful, you can’t be somebody who doesn’t heal the land and sow the seeds. If you want to reap a harvest, you’ve got a ride. Eric Trump, you been a self-employed person, talk to me about the trade-offs that people have to make if they want to become enormously successful. With the first thing, if you want to start or grow a business you’re going to be trading off time, Freedom, it’s part of it you’re going to have a lot of work to do. You got to work on the business while you’re working in the misses at the same time, so you’re not going to see your family as much as you want. You’Re not going to see your friends as much as you want you’re not going to have to time to take a vacation. That’S just the way it goes right. I can speak from example here you know I want to come. Who sells think that it’s going to give them more time, Freedom right and it will eventually that they know this – is the vehicle to create that, but it doesn’t just happen. Is example, if you’re a farmer, you do get a harvest, but the Harvest doesn’t happen until the spring Harvest until the season in Minnesota. Until the weather warms up, it would be foolish to take a business coach vacation before you finished on the seats, so you do get to have a harvest, but it’s all about understand the season of things. There is a time so there’s a time to reap the idea that you want to reap, though, before you’ve sown the seat shut, break it down two trade-offs, my man so those trade-offs and, if you’re going to get through this. Just like, I said that that that first part of growing, your business is going to be sacrificing that time, Freedom, it’s going to be gone, and I like to call this mindset like a mindset of this. Like the Kool-Aid man, you guys remember the Kool-Aid Man he’s excited but like whatever’s in front of him he’s coming through it and he’s going to get it done, and so you going to have that Kool-Aid mindset that you know you’re going to have these trade-offs and Then, oh yeah, you just break down those walls to keep going big, overwhelming optimistic momentum, I’m always talking about boom. What does it mean? Who means that big, overwhelming optimistic, optimistic momentum? If you listen to the show right now think about your goals today and just give it up boom, you going to bring the boat say boom for us, oh yeah yeah. This is not. I just want to feel like this is a LG. Furthermore, this is mrs. a false god. Yes, I will kill the voice of false gods, similar ticket in the teeth and text. Him occasionally uses foul language like a fadeaway, false language and you’re, lucky you’re, lucky because I know you’re lucky that I had my finger on that bleep but yeah.

I am luckier than people work the hardest Thomas Jefferson. Once I found a harder, I work the lucky or unlucky right, because this is a huge thing. I hope this business. I hope this business works. I have a shirt that says nothing to do with luck and it’s in green on a black shirt and I love wearing it. When I get out of my Lamborghini, because people say to me more than anything you’re so lucky that you’re my lucky he so I just nothing to do with what I wish I could be. But you know what happened. I was in Dallas and I know I drove by the way in and look and the guy was like. Oh my God, you’re on customer, you get a free, Lamborghini Orlando’s. It has nothing to do with you had to have it actually have to have money. Disclaimer that didn’t actually have. Can I read the lyrics to the song? I want to be rich, so I can just checking so I can share with you something that there’s also a long while you read them. I want to share with you lyrics that I’ve never ever been words. I disagreed with more than the lyrics this all right. Let’S hear a bill collector, they ring my phone, they bother me when I’m not at home. Cuz, you didn’t pay your freaking bills. I ain’t got no time to be fooling. Fooling around fuel Hit the Floor. Then I get on down and you see I want money, lots and lots of money. I want the pie in the sky, I want lots and lots of money, so don’t be asking me why I want to be rich. I want to be rich. I want to be rich. I want to be rich for a little love, peace and happiness. I want my cake and I want to eat it too. I want the stars and the supermoon. I spend my business coach money on lottery. My favorite number is 1. 2. 3. That’S cuz, you see, I want money, lots of lots of money, so don’t be asking me why I want to be rich. I know I want to be with you. I want to be rich for a little love, peace and happiness everywhere, Rich love, peace and happiness. I want all the things that lovers: do a pocket of dreams come true, even things you cannot find. Won’T you find the time to keep you. Won’T you find the time to be satisfied. I’M rich rich. You see, I want money, lots and lots of money. I want the pie in the sky, I want lots and lots of money use, so don’t be asking me why I want to be rich rich. I know I want to be rich for a little love, peace and happiness. Just like the dr. Seuss of happy helpers. Sam Idaho business plan, this business plan, you think you can make millions what it said you can make millions as a real estate agent. We have coached, so many agents who made me leave and you can make millions of dollars – is a mortgage broker. You can make millions of dollars as a salesperson. You can make millions of dollars doing anything. You get passionate about doing as long as that, you’re solving a problem, exactly what people really have and they’re willing to pay for the solution. You can do it like to have a real product or a real service. You can make your Millions, but you cannot be running around looking for luck and saying. I hope this. How many times have you heard that phrase from a potential client we didn’t take to go with? This idea really works a lot of times, and you know that, like they they’re not all in there not burning the ships right, they are, they are like.

Oh man, I just want to come to the burning ship port in the boat. Where does that mean the concept of that is, like you show up on a new land? You know you sail across the ocean with you through when you get there and actually happened. Napoleon Hill shares a story in his book, Think and Grow Rich and and basically what happened is hey guys. There is no turning back, we’re outnumbered, we’re outnumbered and there’s no turning back on burning these shifts because we have one goal and that is to win right. Now there is no retreat if you go into business and you still have your ship and yours there’s an exit strategy, then you’re not fully committed, and you won’t have that too nasty. You won’t be able to attend to succeed in a new business if you’re committed to ship burning an ongoing learning. You’Ve got to go to thrive time, show. Com today for four reasons why we have the world’s best business coach podcast to we have the world’s best business school for a dollar for the first month and there a purple hair, free business coaching and for we have our In-Person workshops and our next Workshop is coming up in December, and you want to make this December 8th December to remember the temperature. Common book. Your tickets today guys are always want to end. The show with a 321 in a boom in the boom states are big, overwhelming optimistic momentum. So here we go any further. Adue 3-2 Broadway Drive, hey hey Friday,


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