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Are you a leader? Are your team members following you? If you need help in this area of business then tune into this podcast of the business coach Thrivetime Show as Clay and Z break down the details.

  • What are the five characteristics every business owner needs to be successful?


    1. Jack Welch’s 4 E’s
      1. Energy – If you can’t motivate yourself, you can’t motivate anyone else.
      2. Energize – You must know the best way to manage each and every member of your team.
      3. Execute – The pen is for remembering and the mind is for thinking.
      4. Edge – Ability to make the tough call once you have gathered all the facts.
      5. Diligence – The steady application of effort
        1. 5 Skills to Be Successful
          1. Know how to read and process what you are learning
          2. Have communication skills
          3. Have to learn basic math
          4. Learn to have a great work ethic
          5. Learn how to sell (influence people)
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Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group, that you did it and your contact information to android drive time show.Com. What do you think about that street performer intro by from the energy to me? What would happen? Well, I got a little emotional. Kind of carried away in the moment. I noticed that and does that voice is that guy on our team? Would you find out about that guy listening, move to tulsa once we get z, we got we we have with optimus prime doing our radio show interest. You realize, what’s going to happen, it’s just going to take it to the next level. You little raps. You write new kind of floaties for a while. Did you know about probably 30 seconds of the show to tell people about the conference you know to me I feel, like you know, maybe for a while in the radio guy talk about that. So we can talk, talk about business coach z, the stuff that people want to know about people, people of the workshop, but oh my god. We have a blast. We had was incredible. It was. It was a lot of fun lot of energy there, but does he hears it were talking about? This could be a 7-part series, so get used to it. Buddy get used to it, strap on a helmet with our business in the elephant in the room, men’s, grooming, lounge and people always ask. What is the elephant in the room? Is where it’s something that everyone notices, but no one comments on kurt’s, where it’s obvious, but no one says anything and we jokingly believe the off in the room for most people is a having a bad haircut. You just have awful hundred people are like. Oh, my gosh is that a bowl cut and he will want to ask you like just a polica tour:hey?

Did you get that cut with a socket because it certainly sucks any people that want to write? So you just silently go through life without without with a mullet and people just leave the room when you do all your mystery shopping and you got all the other places around town and then you just by the way, if you miss reach out to her lately, cuz yeah, you got your hat on, so I can type you have a bad haircut or not right. Now, it’s okay! When you come in your hair is just all chopped up. Dude you have a men’s grooming lounge as a business coach. If you want around like that. Sound very good advertising, like oh no i, was mystery shopping that really matter. He would never do that. That’s that doesn’t make sense. There’s a lot of people in india in life that are very successful and when they’re successful tour of the elephant the room they carry themselves differently than everybody else, and so I did is I made a list of a 57 observations where I go. These are things that people are doing more successful than most people. Just don’t do and I thought it was a fun exercise and I’m going to go through them here, one by one. Simon t update the point:go to federal court of these, take on and paul hood steak on it and chips near ago. So what in order for others to take you seriously? You first must take yourself seriously. So you can let you know, be the kind of person who commands respect of other people. If you don’t respect yourself and seal on the bus once wrote, brand is just a perception and perception will match reality. Overtime sometimes will be ahead. Other times will be behind, but brand is simply a collective impression. Some have about a product, elon musk and see that’s the guy who started spacex and paypal and solarcity and tesla. He was at one point the richest man in los, angeles and I just want to get your take on this, though you see it all the time we will see somebody wants to pitch you and you’ll say hey, you know what you run to the filters and then I say I’ll meet you at lunch because already go get lunch. You know your schedule a lot to meet some aspiring entrepreneur, but that you have a meeting said like noon.

Okay, you can do you ask him, he just bring your your pitch deck for your business plan and be there at noon and at 12:21 they come in and they don’t have a business plan they get out of yellow pad and it got like a what appears to be a the national star registry they’re, drawing a constellations and connections between things and it’s abundantly clear. They don’t take themselves seriously enough to actually have done the preparation. How are people out there who are may be struggling with taking themselves seriously enough to be purposeful with your day? Getting things done just talked about that I think it’s a very, very valid concept. You know we we talked about putting yourself first in your business. We talk about. You, don’t take yourself seriously, because if you don’t nobody else, will you know if you don’t love your company with it and dying passion? If you don’t care about yourself, then who else is going to and that’s not even it’s not pride and it’s not going to talk about running around. The best around you know it’s I’m a big deal to use sex to sell, but it would be easy by default, because you want to look at this. Talk about the ron burgundy. You know kind of approach to get everything cuz. You know you know how I am. I’m kind of a big deal, not bad that that’s that’s! You want to talk to I’m so glad you know.

Those are the guys that having self-confidence and and not coming across vain or cocky is the term that you get thrown out there but having to self confidence in knowing that what you’re doing is good stuff. We are the problem you solved with your business coach and what you’re charging for it is fair and good and that it’s invalid, it’s val i, feel like you call that being a powerful person. Is that what you say exactly being a powerful person and you have to look in the mirror every morning and say boy you’re going to do it today:you’re you’re, alright, so here’s a good guy. So here’s an example and paul I know that you have a pro conservative world. You and I share that world view about. This is not a political question, is not a libertarian movements or far right this just a overall. You look at the people who become president. They all believe they can do it. They tell people that they say when I’m president we’re going to do xyz123 in the conviction in their voice the tenor and their voice, their attitude. The way they approach obstacles I mean who would have thought president obama could have been president. With his background, I mean he was a community organizer and basically he’s only been serving in the end in government for I mean entry level position, I mean a lot of people going to government for years before they try to pull off the presidency for ronald reagan was an actor turn governor or donald. J trump have really not held political office at all and all of a sudden, but there’s kind of that thing where they believe you’re the best date they they know the way and they go the way, and so people tend to it to get behind that. Talk to me about that. How you do that it would cps. When someone says, are you guys are good, firm, you’re, very confident in your answer that you believe you offer the best product in tulsa that how do you do that without coming across as conceited iThink of anybody can do that if you know, there’s a difference between being conceited and being confident. Princess I was just on the phone on the way up here, with a business coach tax attorney and three different clients, and they were talking about us a certain scenario and the tax attorney did not know what he was talking about if it was kind of funny actually and I try not to laugh, but you know, I didn’t go at him aggressively I just said well, this is what I know what I think.

Why don’t you go back, and so once you go back and check and you’ll cover both? So you know you, can you can get your point across and you can show confidence without beating people down? Then you know what the hood cph.Com we have. People come in and try and and I coached write each them. Pitch meet pitch me before we go to the bank. Show me your numbers show me how serious you are tell me show me how I wouldn’t buy in if I was a banker or would you buy any if somebody else was showing you these things? So that’s that’s what we do it had. Cph.Com I just found this out. If you support every claim with facts, then you deserve to be confident that is supported by a fact. Then you deserve to be confident. That is a fact. Just cuz I say it. Cuz I know what I’m doing and everything and they said with my industry. I. Don’t think people read reviews a lot and I said okay, and then they listen to them. They could tell they were coming at me with a pay, what they believed to be a fact, and then I said where you getting that information, and they said it’s just i, just believe in my particular industry. You know being landscaping, people, don’t actually read business coach reviews and so I said I know you’re wrong, but you’re a good guy, and that’s because forbes and ink and any other publication you read, will show that to her between 88 and 91% of consumers, read reviews and i. Don’t make any money from forbes for telling you that that’s just how it is and another example I think it was confidence, is when you prepare more than anybody else. Is it. You deserve to be confident. I absolutely am with that,, but it does not only helps you start and grow your business. But it’s leadership to for your for your employees. Look up and say: hey! This guy seems like he’s, got his act together. He he knows his stuff, he does his stuff he’s consistent by doing it, and so this is a good dude to follow a good lady to follow a lot of times. It’s inspiring the people around you with your confidence, though it causes you to not be open it when you say you’re going to do something, you don’t do it at that guy who makes a ton of clans because it back it up and what it does that causes that person you can sense. A disiz around the person who makes a lot of clay doesn’t back it up. It’s almost it’s almost like they think they look guilty at all. To ask her. The question mark iii invented the internet. Is that and also those guys that you know every time you talk to him? I got some new, fresh idea to do it. So now it’s just hot sauce of the new thing they going to do a new pedigo’s. Why do the vertical integration going to do with the business they currently own? And everything is always just this kind of chasing your tail kind of mentality? And so finally, look at me:go i, really, don’t believe any of your mouth cuz it for the last 6 months.

Everything you’ve told me nothing come to fruition. You know one other thing that on this topic of taking yourself seriously, another thing that I picked up from your doctor see all the time is that you can’t play business right. You’ve got to be a serious business person like your business. Is your building playground equipment, but you know what I’m saying come on guys:you’re right, you can’t. You can’t play this. It’s a serious thing. It’s a serious thing! There’s a lot on the line. There could be your dreams all of your money. Everything could be tied up into this and, if you’re not taking it seriously every day, which means maybe not go taking off early on a thursday or friday, maybe maybe it’s taking off the weekend every single likes you a lot of people not being serious about collecting payment tonight. I just have somebody like well I’m kind of pay and i, just I don’t mess around with that I mean if you said your going to pay it. It’s the 19th and he’s sitting up in the first, it’s 18 days in a row. You’ve missed that business coach promise and so I’m having some and I just i. Don’t know again, if you want to play business, what you do is you keep invoicing people, you keep moving back deadlines and you keep being cool with it until you have a problem, and so that’s why I just wouldn’t hurt anybody listening to should i. Ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 of 10 is like you know what you do take yourself seriously and not that you’re not able to have some fun at your own expense. But if you, if your 10 is like i, am very, very confident I am a person who is i, know that I’m not screwing around I am actually doing this business for real, that’s great, but if you’re in a one and you’re going I’m going to try it out for a few months and see if it gains traction, z I’m going to see if it works. If they’re violating your rules, if you have to be the pig at breakfast, you have to be to pick up breakfast and what does that mean? What is the? What is that? What is that mean?

We haven’t had any in awhile, but you see it breakfast at the farm we haven’t. We have bacon, that’s a good farmers breakfast every morning and the chicken laid an egg. Is it okay, I’m kind of be a little involved with breakfast I’m a late one tomorrow and may not I’m, not a percent sure, but I’ll get back with you on that and the pig says you know what I’m fully committed and gives his life. In other words, you have to the scream, sound mean, actually kill the pig to get bacon and that’s crazy. That’s a commitment level in order to be successful. Has them sign up for and to do that, you have to take yourself seriously. You know that’s a whole nother behind a biscuit and he called out to the grocery store and bisquick. Is that, and that is being aware of what you’re not good at you’re, being self aware of what you’re not good at i, think it’s an absolutely powerful powerful concept so stay tuned as we break down again, the attributes needed to become the super successful person in any room at the thrive time show on radio. Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business coach question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com and clay and doctors. He will answer your business. Questions live on the air all right side mission. Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio in this is part 1 of the 7-part series about the 57 words of wisdom and mindsets to becoming a successful person to do these attributes that I think a lot of times are behind the scenes. Look around successful people enough you’re going to notice. These are very consistent normals. These are things that are normal for successful people that are not normal for others. That is next. One’s yelled at harbor, I’ve just got to say something.

I know where intros are now we’re all about business, and you know we. We all have the fancy little radio voice, introduction now about how to get free tickets to the in person workshops, which is life-changing new rap. Did you come up with something? A little did the rap intros have not gone away. What has happened is that we had the last word shop. We are completely sold out, we had every is every single seat was sold out, so we were trying to claim the free tickets and they were going to i, didn’t know about it or I didn’t hear about to the end, and so I’ve decided to do and we have a show with 8 segments. We’re going to have. Four of them are going to be about how to get those tickets. That way, it’s a way to make sure we don’t miss it. There we go to reverse show he’s making business coach tickets affordable paul. Could you describe the energy the last business coachworkshop, my friend, where the energy is? You know it’s a room full of people that actually took a friday and saturday that that you talk about being serious about the future and they were there. They were excited, they were entertained. Clay I saw people, take a note, multiple pages of notes, asking questions. It was great. You know it was a it’s it’s good to be in as fun to be around people that that want to go places that are hungry for knowledge that humble themselves that they admit they don’t know what they don’t know. The people in that room, most of them I feel like we’re very aware of this of this next attribute, and there was a couple people wear.

It was abundantly clear, that they weren’t aware of this character, business coach trait and because they’re not aware of it. It’s not polite to point it out. So here is the character trait. You know more about yourself than others do if you’re successful and you use it towards your advantage, because you don’t speak openly about your doubts in your shortcomings and your insecurities in team meetings, express your fears, your anxieties and nothing’s worse than when somebody is not aware of what they’re not good at, and they do you watch this person be aggressive and ignorant of that subject doesn’t work so hard and aggressive. An ignorant person try to club their way to success in an area where they totally don’t know what they’re doing it just comes across very disingenuous. You know, and sometimes it’s it’s a shame and to really know thyself as socrates says at the beginning of wisdom. Yes, and you know what kind of deals were it’s kind of like when someone is, is disingenuous because they don’t understand their shortcomings and yep they act like they. Don’t have that problem with that short coming it just don’t want to be around them no play. You know you and i, both so i. Don’t know if dr. Aziz read that book the book the subtle art of not giving a blank. Oh yeah, it’s one in that book, though he talks about self-confidence, is actually knowing your shortcomings and and working through them, people that just think they’re great-and this is me-and they don’t they don’t they don’t acknowledge their shortcomings, at least for themselves and and their need to know and that they don’t know. If they don’t know those people aren’t, aren’t, aren’t the confident one, just a confident person who knows they’re short coming and wants to seek help to try to get better. I would say that for me, as I’ve looked at my career early on building the dj business, that was probably my biggest skill, I think was always doing what I didn’t know, but no being very aware of that, like i, don’t know how to make the effective advertisements so I need to find that person right now. I, don’t know how to write this legal agreement till I got to find someone who does know that right now, I eat i, really don’t know how to do the accounting for this particular business.

So I need to do that right now and then business coach client charles I mean you have built colaw fitness into a pretty massive company company of three locations in topeka bartlesville in joplin and just get people kind of by the size and scope of it. How big is your new topeka location square footage? It’s over okay, so state-of-the-art facility brand new facility. So if you had to think about your career going back, you know years in the pastor or maybe even today, what was your earliest biggest limiting factor like where? Were you saying josh? This is an area that I really wasn’t good at a decade ago, will actually didn’t know what I was doing and I kind of grew the business to where I didn’t have to be there and I was like well I’m, getting like letters from the irs i, don’t know. What’s going on, I’m confused on this I actually went back to college, which 28 when I kind of work myself outside of a job and I decided like okay. What do I need to do to learn systems for duplication and and so on? So what you got to get the right people in the right spots? It’s you trying to figure out how can I duplicate this and scale this, and so that’s kind of where I’ve been at. So you went back to college to fill in the gaps. So now you know you’re on that, your your business is taking off and if it’s okay I’d like to get this kind of question here, because you’re addicted your business is scaling, you have three locations in a lot of customers and people that are always trying to get ahold of you. You know and zzz probably the best time manager that I’ve ever seen. Do you have any questions from z as a relates to just the time management aspect, because you’ve got to have thousand for that matter. Yeah well, I mean well for me. I work at probably about five thousand people for one-on-one training, and everybody has my personal cell phone number and everybody has my email and so the course of that you everyday get dozens and dozens of people contacting you for something in the past and when you’re known for being a really big go-giver and dropping everything all the time to go and serve them, which I love doing act like god created my heart to be a very soft, loving person, you kind of feel bad when you have to cut stuff off cuz. You know you have that next phase in your life that you have to say, I can’t do this at the say. No to that so I can say healthy. Yes to this, so I can do much bigger greater things over here to serve god and serve others cuz. You act like my team. My job is to use my time and talents and treasure to serve god and others. So if I feel like that’s, what got directed me, I have something to say no to this guy that just wants to hang out for lunch. Cuz I have to build a system in a program that I know that I can serve another six or eight thousand people in this new community, and so that’s kind of weird stuff for me, sometimes in between you and them need to get that cell phone to somebody else need to get that email ask.

Somebody else have access to that email and they they start now becoming your gate keeper and you give them the okay. Here’s here’s the five things that they could say, your dude, that I need to talk to them or get back with them on, okay, but other than that you’re going to start going to start coaching you up on how to deal with how to be my gatekeeper, because if you like too many people have access to you have your day, just worn out just just just even answering an email. Just answering the text message answering the phone I mean that can just steal your time and your joy, so that you’re not really getting calling in your calling is to grow this and scale this and to do to touch many more lives, and so, unfortunately, that that’s a transition that a lot of guys have difficulty doing, because her heart is to answer the call their hardest to answer email. Your case, you wanted to touch every eyeball. You had a thing where you went to a person’s got to so, but you know what you have to do exactly what you just said charles and that is understand, you’re doing it for the bigger good you’re doing it for the benefit of your family, you’re doing it for the benefit of your own mental health and at some point you have to surround yourself with good gatekeepers that they people have to kind of maneuver through to get to you and I know that may sound mean, but you have to do it otherwise, you’re business coach crazy. We come back when I get more into that topic. I want to dive down deep in the time management and it will get into the rest of the day. Programs


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