6 Knowledge Bombs from the Amazon Best-Selling Book “Start Here”

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Clay teaches how to grow a custom cabinet business before he drops 6 knowledge bombs from his Amazon best-selling book, Start Here.


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    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn to start from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.” – Brian Tracy (New York Times best-selling author and legendary motivational speaker)
    2. DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Case Study – a particular instance of something used or analyzed in order to illustrate a thesis or principle.
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  • Name – Shelbyville Custom Cabinets | Joel Steel’s Custom Cabinets
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    1. FUN FACT – Population of 14,000 people as of 2010
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    1. FUN FACT – Population of Louisville is 1,269,702 people of 2014
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A five-star review on Amazon.com leads to approximately twenty more books sold than a one-star review.” – Jonah Berger (Wharton Business Professor and the best-selling author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On)
  • Create a Detail Pro-Forma
    1. Fixed costs per month
    2. Materials per job
    3. Labor per job
    4. Hidden costs per job (loss, theft, errors, etc.)
    5. Add 30% profit margin per job
    6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.” – Warren Buffett
  • Create Compelling No-Brainer
    1. OFFER: We’ll Beat Any Competitor’s Price by 10%
    2. Custom Cabinets from the highest and most reviewed roofing company in Louisville, Kentucky.
    4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” – Seth Godin (Legendary marketing expert, best-selling author of The Purple Cow, and the founder of Yoyodyne which was sold to Yahoo for $30 million)

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  • Create About Us Video
    1. What is your name and where are you from?
    2. How did you first get started with Joel Steel’s Custom Cabinets, explain the history of the business?
    3. What is the no-brainer offer that you are offering?
    4. Why are you passionate about your customers?
    5. How can tutoring help your customers?
    6. What services do you offer?
    7. What is the no-brainer offer that you are offering?
    8. If I’m watching this video right now what do you want for me to do?
    9. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Advertising also plays a role. Consumers need to know about something before they can buy it. So.” – Jonah Berger (Wharton Business Professor and the best-selling author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On)
      1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – https://www.klortho.com/
      2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – https://tiptopk9.com/
  • 3-Legged Marketing Stool
    1. Leg #1 – Adwords with No-Brainer (Don’t do this until 100 reviews)
    2. Leg #2 – Gather the Most Reviews (1 Per Day)
    3. Leg #3 – Retargeting Ads
    4. Leg #4 – Youtube.com Advertisement
    5. Leg #5 – On-Going Search Engine Optimization

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  • Create Inbound Call Scripts


    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.” – Stephen Covey (The best-selling of The Seven 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
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DEFINITION – Epiphany (Knowledge Bomb) – An illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you’re willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.” – T. Harv Eker (Bestselling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Most people are sitting on their own diamond mines. The surest ways to lose your diamond mine are to get bored, become overambitious, or start thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Find your core focus, stick to it, and devote your time and resources to excelling at it.” – Gino Wickman (The bestselling author of the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is living fully and just existing.” – Michael Gerber (Bestselling author of the E-Myth book series)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Drifting, without aim or purpose, is the first cause of failure.” – Napoleon Hill (Bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “An organization’s capabilities reside in two places. The first is in its processes—the methods by which people have learned to transform inputs of labor, energy, materials, information, cash, and technology into outputs of higher value. The second is in the organization’s values, which are the criteria that managers and employees in the organization use when making prioritization decisions.” – Clayton Christensen (Harvard Business Professor)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.” – Jim Rohn (Bestselling author and world-renowned motivational speaker)

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s best business coaching program school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot, as hell ppp, the cnib, the sea that was teaching piston seal trucks like to know more welcome back to the conversation is that’s right. Time show on your radio and on today show. We have a lot of information to cover really quick. We had a thriver out there that reached out to us. It was wanting to know specifically what is the way to grow their business and their business is a custom cabinet company I worked at many companies in this particular niche in this particular industry and a joel. This one is for you I believe that joe is also based in kentucky chuck. What’s going on, western kentucky, shout-out kentucky, so joel this is. The best business coaching program scenario is I understand it. You’re companies in shelbyville kentucky, which now has a population of 14000 people as of 2010, but you guys are within a very close distance to louisville kentucky.

It’s a family business, it’s been around for over 40 years and what you’re doing is you’re trying to figure out. How can you grow your custom, cabinet business to the next level in your goal, is to grow from $100,000 a year of revenue to $200,000 a year of revenue. You need to customers a best business coaching program week just to break even and let’s make it happen for you so step number one. You want to go to thrive time, showing download the boom book for free marshall. Why does joel and every single one of our listeners want to download the boom book for free at 3? What time should I come? You want to download the blue book for free because it contains the 13 steps to the proven path to success so between the 13 different multimillion-dollar business is dead. Dr. Robert, zoellner and clay clark our esteemed host have owned and operated. These are the 13 different systems that every business that they operate has been to still down to so whether it’s men’s grooming at the at the barbershop the men’s grooming salon, whether it’s operating the auto auction, whether it’s clinic, whatever the different businesses.

These are the 13 different systems that you need to operate your business in order to be successful. Are there whenever you guys going to a court case typically court cases, you can cut up decide. You can almost guess how they’re going to turn out by what did the turkey is inside the studio tonight? So if you hear the turkey in the best business coaching program background, that’s a pet turkey tom, but we were do you think about whether you’re going to represent a client or not or what feedback to give them typical you. You will look at historical precedents and you will look at how corset court cases that were similar and the past were decided. If you’re a business owner, you would look at best practices, which is what’s been proven to work in the past. Talk to me about woody the importance of presidents as it relates to law. What ended the strictly speaking presidents in the laws very important when there a judge, is making the decision, because they will follow prior court cases that address the same issue, because if we don’t have consistency, no one wants to be it to be guess:we’re trying to conduct business out there in the world.

You want to know with some certainty if this happens, here’s what will be the result of the consequence, I’m so and then, when you’re done with the client, you know that’s a good attorney. You want to be able to give the client at least that’s the best. You can a floor in a best business coaching program ceiling. No, here’s, your here’s! How you make your  benefit analysis. If you want to go forward or not, this is the best I could happen. This is the worst here’s. What I think in my experience, what will be the world of business? You would use a case study, study, a case studies going to be an example of proven example. That over time has proven to be true. Okay, so you that you can look at all the data and say they implemented this. This is what happened. We can follow this guide and figure out what work, rather than have to go, make all the mistakes ourselves. That I worked with years ago, whose a physical fitness trainer and his entire career was based on best practices. So he would do. Is he pay other trainers and say hey what workout routine? Have you used to train an nfl running back and they would say this one?

He was okay, I’ll use that what training routine has been proven to help an olympic athlete and they tell okay. We just to look at what works, not reinvent the wheel. Now in the world of business. Are there are lot of business mines out there, but probably none has been more respected in more. We down to the world of sales training in the last probably know. 20 years, then I would say by jim, rohn r, o h, n and brian tracy tracy chap has a notable quotable about the importance of not insisting on reinventing the wheel. What does he say about learning from best business coaching program mentors the brian tracy’s notable quotable is no one lives long enough, learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch to be successful. We absolutely positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals. This is so important if you’re listening right now and you are-are trying to ask the people in your office. What works, if you’re stuck in you’re, not growing you’re, trying to ask for feedback from the people in your own office and you’re stuck in that, doesn’t make any sense for proven systems and processes have been shown to work, and that’s why the boom book is a powerful tool moved over to it.

Ties into that book, your ticket at our next in person best business coaching program workshop I mean you’re, a client, which means you can attend the best business coaching program workshops for free, it’s included in the actual in the actual package. Why would you not it’s free attended some of our workshop you spoken at them. Is it amazing how many people attend these things in the caliber of folks? That are there to be honest. I was impressed with the attentiveness and the type of this owner. These aren’t rinky-dink people. These are people with good business is just wanting to be better and you open a business for over 40 years. It looks like with your company or your list. Your father has so you’re different than a startup, but you want to be around people that really know what you’re doing, because your network will become your net worth of you. You really will be shaped by the five people you spend the most time with you and meet some great people at the workshop book number 3. Your coach is going to help you do with certain help. You optimize your google map i, really do believe that you should rip to. You, should sign up for and create a map in shelbyville shelbyville kentucky as well as you should also create a local map in louisville kentucky trip. Why would he want to create to maps in two different cities? And how can you do that? Because people are going to be searching in the google algorithm?

It’s going to pull up results based on your location and, if you’re, really close to louisville, like clay, was saying earlier, you’re going to be pulling up for both best business coaching program locations, both communities whenever people are searching for custom, cabinets, okay, it’s all you have to do is search for the word. Literal word google my business, okay and then right. There you’re going to be able to log in with your gmail account and create this map listing the google. My business account the map listing that you’re creating is what’s going to show up right, above all, the best business coach program search results on google. Whenever people search for your keywords, i, don’t do it right now, I’m going to google shelbyville, custom cabinets, so shelby, ville, custom, cabinets and I’m, going to put in there kentucky after just so i, can make sure if I was local, I wouldn’t have to type in kentucky after. But you can see right there in your market right, you’re already coming up either one or in the top three, so I’m going to get rid of the kentucky for part of it. You can see you’re coming up number 3 in the google search engine. The problem is your town, the town, the population of your town, i. Want you to look at this up here. Mr. Joe. Look this up here! This is this. Is this is a powerful best business coaching program teaching moment here for you in kentucky, you only have fifteen thousand people in your town right, 15500, so I don’t care how much optimization you do for that particular town. My manager already doing pretty good so get a map set up for your town, but then we probably need to move on to louisville has a population of 1.3 million people?

Why do we have to get both maps again because they just said 15000 compared to 1.3 million wood pool? Do you want to go fishing and all the time you want to put all your eggs in that one basket of 15,000 people know you got to expand, so you need to have that map location in both cities so that you come up whenever people search for your core service or something we do two notable quotable in a row as relates to online reputation. If you want to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it, you think about that you’ll. Do things differently talk to me about the importance of getting best business coaching program google reviews? You got to get google reviews, because this is your online reputation where your resume has now been replaced with your feudal, your digital i, don’t know what prince or digital footprint is now has taken the place of the residents. It’s replaced that and so what your google my business page is going to be as it’s like your prk, it’s what other people are saying ahead of you that creates your reputation, west carter according to amazon.Com here. This is research that jonah berger did at wharton business professor about amazon.Com.

They found it a5 star review will create 20 more books sold than a one-star review. Does it shock you with an attorney how many people read google reviews and make their decisions based upon them? People in my kinds of industries that are professional, industries have an ego the says:will they wouldn’t look at google reviews, the best air attorney or the father? You be shocked that all kinds of services across the entire spectrum-that’s one of the first things they see a draws them to you and they put a lot of weight in those you cash right now in tulsa business attorney, you guys are coming number 1 on the google map and number for overall in the search engine results and at west. I. Think that is in large part. Obviously do the best business coaching program content that you were putting on the site, but also does reviews and I just wish. You didn’t custom, cabinets or legal work. You’ve got to get the google reviews as soon as possible. If the coach will get into the details with mr joel but creating a detailed performa, why is it so important for anybody? The custom, cabinet business? You have a deep best business coaching program intimate, one-on-one knowledge with this multiple times so share with us, a story about custom cabinets in the importance of knowing a performer from the very beginning. You got to know the performer from the very beginning, because this is what’s going to allow you to scale so a lot of contractors in whatever industry cabinets, home bill, remodeling bathrooms.

Whatever it is, what they’ll do is often times they’ll put money on the books and then I’ll invoice them. Okay, they’ll invoice their client it, which means that you don’t actually have money coming in and you actually lose all of your leverage as a business owner so that you’re paying out all these expenses you’re paying labor you’re, paying materials you’re paying you no other vendors, but you don’t actually have any money coming in. So you got to know how much money do I need to bring in on a weekly basis in order to meet payroll. How much money do I need to bring in in order to meet rent, determine the fixed costs, the material cost for job in the labor per job, the hidden cost for job and I can help you make sure you’re, adding a 30% profit margin on to each and every job. Cuz. You got to be making a lot of 30% profit margin per job. If you want to be successful and you want to thrive in the world of construction on your case, custom cabinets then check if you got a credit, no brainer. What is a no-brainer, a no-brainer is an offer that you’re putting out there in the ether to your ideal, unlikely best business coaching program buyers to try and get them to come and visit you or use a product or service for the first time. So an example would be, for you would be, will beat any competitor’s price by 10%, so you’re trying to get their attention and get the golden globes. What doctors on her calls that first interaction, the golden look that way you have that. Time to wow those customers out there. That’s offering an incredible no-brainer right now.

That’s the good book to the classic janitorial there they’re, proud, show sponsor their also. The people do all the janitorial service for the thrivetime, show offices for google for a dupont for new star for dr. Robert, zoellner associates for total lending concept. Yet, and she wants to know if you’re offering for all of our listeners today. So most companies charging up charge to clean your high traffic areas are carpeted thousand dollars a month before any new customers at classic, janitorial they’re, going to give you that best business coaching program service monthly for free, get ahold of him at v, classic clean.Com, v, classic clean.Com, or call him at 918-671-2046. 918-671-2046 check him out the classic clean.Com classic clean.. Welcome to the thrive time show on talk, radio 1170. Yes, it is all about you that we bring the movie back to the conversation on your radio in a city, far beyond, tulsa, oklahoma a place a place, far away to a distant galaxy, a place known as shelbyville kentucky, the population of over 15,000 people, and he wanted to know how to grow his company. Its were walking him through the proven path to grow a custom cabinet companies are going a custom, cabinet business or a law firm. A lot of these systems and processes. You’re learning are very a parallel they’re, very common denominators. They work in multiple industries and it’s next. This next aspect of the business is, you must absolutely great in about video a video on your website that features you explaining who you are and why you are who you are. Why I think a lot of people on marshall push back on that cuz, they’re kind of afraid of having to look on video, they’re afraid of her going to sound on video, and maybe you can hire a spokesperson in years past, a kindle who used to be the fox

. You could hire her I know. People have hired chera, kimiko i, know the for mariah julie julie chen, before mariah channel 2 personality people fired her for their car dealerships, but you have to i. Have a video presents online marshall? Why does joel and every lister have to have a video presents on their best business coaching program website? There’s a couple reasons:number one people are going to connect with videos so much more readily, so much more emotionally than just text on a website. So when people see a video they they emotionally that you have a video on I just knew right away that you and I have felt that you say nothing at all. Can I call you later on that video? It’s going to help your search engine optimization coming up top in google people are going to spend more time on your website, you’re, going to learn more on your website and overall have a better experience on your website seriously. There’s somebody out there I don’t need a video come on man. Give me give me some proof. Give me some reason why I need to have a video on my website. I, don’t believe you I’m busy! You need a video on the website. In fact, I’m one of the companies that we work with this is been one of the largest marketing efforts that we’ve done the people over at tip-top k9.Com a phenomenal job, oh and they just get all kinds of leads all the time yeah. They just do a really really good job with your video, because it shows that there are authentic in there real there. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, x-pro blisters out there trouble to put this on the best business coaching program show notes. Everybody needs to go to kl ortho.Com, that’s kirkpatrick & lai, orthodontics, kl ortho.Com. You can check out their video on their website. Where is marshall mentioned tip-top k9.Com is are two best craft best practice examples of about us videos, business, professor, the best selling. All the book called contagious, chuck tell us another recordable to jenna. Berger has your voice. He says. Advertising also played the role consumers need to know about something before they can buy it. Okay, think about this. He’s advertising plays a role, but consumers need to know about something before they buy it it.

When winners in king or a law firm. What kind of questions do you get wet when someone first reaches out to you for legal representation? When someone calls you cuz, they say:hey I found you online I heard about your my friend i, listen to on the drive time show when they reach out to you. What kind of questions do you get from the average business owner before they decide to work with you? Have you done this before? How much is it going to cost? Are you know, basically there they’re wanting to know cost price point, and are you any good at what you do other than most a question center around that? So they want to know. Do you have experience? Is it something you’re confident to do, and then how much is it going to cost me? Maybe a 3.75 minute, video maximum? You can grab a video on your website that conveys a lot of information and that video runs 24 hours a day, while you’re still sleeping that video can play and answer a lot of the best business coaching program questions that people have and then they will then reach out to you via your way site. Give you a call fill out the form excetera three-legged marketing still in your coach, is going to help. You do that, but I want eric chapa to break down why we have to have a minimum of a three-legged marketing stool and what the recommended legs would be for a custom cabinet business.

So that means you’ve got three avenues with which people can become a client or a customer of yours. Without your direct involvement in oobi turn key system, so you don’t want to have just a one legged marking still because of something happens and that leg gets kicked out from under you. You don’t want to be stuck there, falling all the way to the ground lead source for your entire company to be dependent upon. What are you going to do? Are you going to keep going? Do you want to have those other two legs? Those other two lead sources to keep your stable, your stable or still stable. While you rebuild that third one now, how did the legs we recommend for mr. Joel are custom? Cabinet friend would be what my for so add words with a no-brainer okay, so google adwords of the ad that come up at the top of the search results and they said a little word. Addict level add emblem on them, and so you got to attach a no-brainer to that, but will caveat you don’t want to do this until you have 100 reviews why I got to have credibility when you’re running at people are not going to believe you, because they know that you’re paying to get up to the top, so you got to have credibility. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of your resources marshall. Why do want to review per day 1 review per day? What is joel want to do this because of all of the best business coaching program clients in all of the businesses that I’ve seen? If you gather one review per day, my masters made this 365 reviews a year and if you did, that would put you in the top one or 2% of all the businesses on google.

It is just insane, so it’s just committing to doing one review per day. One review per day. That’s it 1 review per day, how many reviews per day I talk to your clients today, jeff and these people are foreigners to their name or what they do, but can explain the analogy. I gave them about getting google reviews. Yes, basically explain to them that with getting google, reeves reviews the mind that has to be the same as with when they left their original countries that they were born in, they burn the boats they left, they had no back-up plan. This was they were all or nothing on this not the same mind that you have to take into getting google reviews for your business is a kiosk in the middle of the mall, where they sell different products, and he was super high pressure. Very intense and I said I want to know where you’re from he said is real and I said. Can I ask you? How did you get the true story of? How did you get? This grind mean you’re, just you’re on fire. He said:i have a temporary I’m allowed to be the country for a short-term and it’s time monster by a company. If I don’t hit their quota, they’re not going to renew it, which means I have to go back home, so I literally have to sell something at the best business coaching program. I have to get out of here and that’s the mentality. You have to have you got to do like your life depends on. It depends upon it.

You have to get a review every single day, I think about a great client out. There called onyx imaging. These guys have a ton of google reviews for real objective sincere customers and tell us what they do and how they can help all of our listeners to onyx imaging is your one-stop business shop. They do printer service and repair. They do printer supplier. Ink cartridges are manufactured right here in tulsa, with a lifetime warranty their 60 to 70% cheaper than the original manufacturer cartridges, and they also do price matching and delivery same and next day on office supplies. Literally everything you need to run a business onyx imaging can supply it for you, oh nyx, imaging.Com call him at 918-627-6611, 918-627-6611 wilson, nothing else to do before the break. That’s not what +86-276-611-9186 to 76611 attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one best business coaching program for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to gain.

Point drive time show.Com on your radio, and they were talking about specifically how to grow your business. If you are in the niche of custom cabinetry, however, we have a lot of people that aren’t in the niche of custom cabinetry. Do you might be saying to yourself that all makes sense. I will tell you this that the systems were teaching. You can be applied and most industries in most businesses, it’s right and were talking about creating a three-legged marketing, stool marshall. Why would he want to have at least three legs to our marketing store just down tuning in why we want to have at least three legs to our marketing? Still, not just one like you want to have three legs on your marketing school, because if you only have one leg or your leg is word-of-mouth, then if somebody comes along and changes up the market or changes up, you know how the market trends are going. Somebody comes along and kicked out that one leg, that’s only have one thing:i want to have one that you cannot have one leg. I want to have one night but I think before I had a client that his only source of clients was google business. They were not going to add words for any firearms anymore yep. It was in a month his company was bankrupt because he said that he didn’t have a way to bring in lead running other way. If that’s cause, it there’s nothing. So somebody comes along like the google okay, the google I’m, quoting justin timberlake, the google okay, and so they come along. They kick that out then you’re on the best business coaching program ground, so you got to have three different legs providing leads at all times. This is the three legged marketing. How does it work people around after they visited your website so good and the cool thing is we work with a company called admiral and they partner with some major major website, espn foxy and history journal journal and then the next day they’re going around looking on cnn or fox news or whatever that is and boom? There’s your ads. It’s it’s awesome because it looks like you’re huge. Let’s go on a fantastic voyage coolio yeah! That’s what I do just to survive there and you are like 40.

You know that coolio is an oldie. Let’s be honest, let’s be honest! If you’re 40, all these were coolio in tupac I mean that’s. An oldie I mean busta rhymes busta rhymes busta rhymes. Are you shut your mouth when you’re talking to wes, so harrys.Com you got to harrys.Com? Did you go to cnn.Com list of all of us learn to do the same harrys.Com you can buy their razors and target there a premium razor company. When you go to cnn.Com click in her now to go to foxnews.Com. They wanted to cnn.Com to get that liberal news. Get a fox need to get that super ultra right, then what you want to get that metal in his head that that tulsa world news, where it’s like, has an inherent bias. They don’t talk about to go to that like what’s a real middle of the rosary little red website out there and do we have any websites that are kind of middle, maybe wall street, journal cnn do they have their showing at liberty mutual ad right now it’s freaking south liberty mutual recommend everybody out. There are two major savings and you do have a mutual fund, whether it’s with liberty, mutual or somebody else. You’ve got to do that. My wife and I just maxed out our 401k again. Every time we do it you’re a roth ira every year. We do it a roth ira just max that thing out. If you’re self-employed max it out every single year, if you do that, I promise you’ll be thankful, you did it okay. So then we look here we’re going to fox, okay great, when it’s also for tulsa world has a harrys.Com add now. Fox, though, didn’t do it refresh on fox and fox now has a harry’s at. Do they have a hairy zad come on fox cnn, fox loading, loading, loading, loading, know old, never trump, story of some kind of strong political opinions about the trump news. Here you want to get yourself in some hot water.

No, but I will throw out this little piece of advice. The first time we did this I put my face on the ads. You know come calls. You know you may not want to do that, because I started getting calls from my friends at. Why are you following me around anyways, it’s kind of creepy? So unless you want your best business coaching program face all over everything that I thought was, my favorite was the one where you Said:i’ll be watching. You lose your face on everything. I ever did that he did suggest it, but I wanted him to do it, and he said now. That is true. What number for? Why do you do youtube ads if your custom cabinetry company truck, because people are going to be searching youtube, for you know how to remodel their kitchen or how to build every single month on youtube, unique search is so.. This is becoming quickly one of the highest search engines out there and, like i, said these diy videos that they’re so popular. So many people searching for these things until by your geographical location, by their search terms, you can pop up showing people hate, get ahold of me. Instead of ruin, your kitchen yourself, going to help you with ongoing search engine, optimization step number 649 you’re, going to help you with a crate, inbound scripts step number 10. Your coach is going to help you with setting up call recording marshall. Why do you have to have call recording in place once you’ve written those inbound scripts? You got a record everybody’s calls, because what they are saying on the phone actually affects whether or not you book a deal, and so you have to understand that your employees are not going to be as passion house at the lights.

If you could trust your employees, if you could trust your freaking employees, if they all care. You, don’t, but they don’t gotta have faith the faith to faith. You don’t want to faith the faith to faith know you got to be big brother and you got to just bear down and watch and listen to what your employees are doing, because the recorded calls is the accountability to get them to execute the system that you put pork. We should use to record our calls on our iphones or androids. Are our phones in the office which will you be in your office phone? You want to use clarity voice clarity, voicing check my clarity, voice.Com on your mobile phone. You want it. If you have an iphone, you tape, it call tape a call as an application called tape, a call if you need to call you on your cell phone. If you have an android use, call recorder, it’s an app called call recorder post for craigslist, and indeed every week number 13. You got to install that group interview process. Your coach will help you with that and step number 14. You uninstall. A actual shadowing processing you do that you want to thrive time, show. Comm, tower of power marshall. What can I find at thrivetimeshow.com, slash tower of power you’re, going to find your entire path, broken down with individual podcast for each of the different steps, you’re going to find downloadables you’re going to find stats and quotes and proven best business coaching program practices for what you need to do in order to get your business on track to operating all of these efficient systems, it’s absolutely essential that you follow a proven path.

Otherwise, you’re moving just by guess work out. One way to know that your accounting is is not operating by guess work. Is that hire an accountant to proactive account in the price of accounts? Can look at your numbers and make sure you’re following the proven path to pay in the right amount of taxes, or not owing money to the irs you’re? On top of your financials and the accounting from the weed recommended, all the listeners would check out and at least do a one-on-one consultation with his hood cpas. Com cpa.Com used accounted of choice for thousands and thousands of clay. Green, country and beyond again check it out today as website. That’s a good cpas. Com get ready to drive time, show bridgepoint business on the move systems and I’ll be the sea radio work. Today we are covering. We are uncovering the specific path that joel needs to implement. If he’s going to grow his custom cabinet business and take it to the next level and now we’re breaking down six knowledge bombs that every single driver out there can apply. So he is going to break down west carter, the attorney of choice for myself and craig rochelle, with life church in in the td jakes, and end of the joel osteen ministries in joyce meyers in a lot of top-level people. With the exception of me, I’m kind of a bottom feeder top a personalities in the world of of charismatic ministry and in west carters, hear that toot toot can impart his wisdom on these notable quotable did marshall morris td best-selling author, the co-author of the sea book start here. The amazon best-selling book start here and eric church business coach. We’re going to break down these notable quotables from the start here book book book, but you can download it to start here book.

You can download today from a thrive time, show.Com and I read from page 34 * here book. Here we go if you are willing to do only what’s easy. Life will be hard, but if you’re willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy. This is from t harv eker, the best the best selling author of the secrets of the millionaire mind. If you are willing to do only what’s easy. Life will be hard, but if you’re willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy, wiz carter. What say you? Why can’t I think it’s absolutely true that that you can take the easy way now and in the long run it’s not going to turn out well, you know if you make the hard choices now you put in the hard work now, then you can earn that time. Freedom that success later on down the road and that’s when you start to feel that life is easy. I feel like that. You are a guy that went through a lot of tough things when you first started at winters and king and out today your best of the managing partner. You manage the day-to-day operations if I’m correct we need today, do you do man to the operations at winters and king, but I’m the one by fingers in the the dirt so to speak? Where did you start out when you started because everybody out there has it idea or a dream of if anybody wants to be an attorney wants to work for a top legal firm? How old are you right now 37? When did you start working for best business coaching program winners in 11 years ago? So how old were you at that point? I? Think! That’s 26, * 26 samantha is awesome at math, but I won’t try to give you that that that that that that feeling you would get if you’re being on a quart, stand, you’re being interviewed and tell me what you’re 26 years old you started it winter skin. Nobody I mean nobody knew who I was doing when you started. I have been out of school for about 6 months, I practice on my own for about 6 months, I realized I was lonely and I wanted some other people to work with and I was lucky I was blessed to find this law firm and had my values and still in the law.

Firm, there’s area I could practice in that I would enjoy, but I had to put in many many many years of work, people that started with the firm and moved on since you started about 10:10 now so I’m. Why are you still here? Why put in the hard work? I mean I’m, usually the last one at the office and i. You know I do whatever I have to do to get it done. A lot of people who weren’t in management position, we had two founding partners the lot of attorneys who started your tom, winters and mike king got it and the attorneys for the last decade, I’ve been there. Many of them do their work, do good work, but don’t get involved in anything. They don’t have to do anything. That’s outside of that I had an interest in making the firm better go home go home, but your pattern was go to work and put the business go home, go to work in from the business go home and you did that everyday for how long I’ve been probably the last eight or nine years ago, I would get invited as soon as I got there. That I saw things that needed to be improved, and so, even as a nobody I said, hey I can do this. You know this is antiquated. We can do this better. If we put this in this is how many months, how many years have you been there before you feel like they recognized that you were doing this on a consistent basis, recognized it because a lot of people understood my best business coaching program passion. What I was trying to bring up the extra work? I was putting it to me in my mind, that seems about fair, because I see so many people that job at a job they work hard for about 2 to 3 years.

They start getting entitled, but you, six years before they really recognize your efforts right and you’re right I think they were very explicit with me. There up front guys and they said look just cursing me out constantly breaks it’s nice, it’s nice! We were doing sexual stuff, but you know, let’s see where you are in 2 more years and 3 more years, because they know they had seen. People do that exact same thing. Come work, hard, get fired up only for the fade away and then dup going to wax a marshall you got fired up while back. You got fired up to help me with this start here book because you recognize its entrepreneurs needed a aaa operations manual. If you they needed a manual and what to do to grow it and add to start and grow successful company and so I put together the rough menu script I sent to you via email. How many hours did you spend on refining the now amazon best-selling book start here? 2 or 3, 2 or 3 hundred went back and forth, probably be no 26 to 30 times during the week and then I would take it over the weekend and I would do an all-nighter on friday night and sunday night in order to get it to you on monday and we batted around over and over and over I was weak to version 2 version 3 version, for when were you going cash I freaking hate this book, because now we love the book and I’ll people of the book. But when did you get to a best business coaching program place where you like I swear? If he sent me another round of revisions, I’m going to lose my well after that first week? That’s when it warms up every time.

Every time you sent me revision, I thought to myself. I hate him. It was a love-hate relationship and every time you would send it back to you going cuz I’m going to hate those repeat those revisions. He sent me that I would change it and I’m like i, am so glad I’m sitting hemnes update a revision back to you right and you thought to yourself. I hate this guy. We are almost like improving the book out of spite for each other. It was. He would definitely got that guy sings life gets easier. If you are willing to do only what’s easy. Life will be hard, but if you’re willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy jump in your route to becoming a business coach. What are some of the hard things that you have done to get where you are today, cuz I’m going to go on my gosh. It must be awesome working with business owners, coaching people being on a top 10 itunes podcasts must be awesome. Things will see when I first started working at thrive. In with you guys, clay, i, literally just told marshall, a member at my group member, like i, don’t even know what you guys do here, but I’m in so whatever so, I see. I can learn how to shoot. Video I was the gear manager for epic photography. I did sales calls eyeshadow. Do you for months, I learn how to produce the radio show just basically every job that we couldn’t keep the solid person and I just did it so that it was being done on my route to buhl building my reputation, showing people what I’m capable of, and one thing that I like to share when I talk about this, you know doing hard. Things in life gets easier as i, really at this to like your personal high water mark right. So whenever you get hired on at thrive, we encourage people to bring a piece of swag up to put it on your desk, something that tells your story little bit so on. My desk I have a hammer that my dad used to use for everywhere. He wore his hand print into it and I used to use it pouring concrete.

When I work with him until that is sitting on my desk and anytime i, get stressed out or worn out or whatever it is I look at it and I go hey. This is easier than doing that out in 110 degree heat and so that’s kind. I did hard things. Life is easier. A hundred percent agree with what you just said. I would say that this, if you’re listening out there-and you say you know what I’ve been doing hard things all week and i-don’t want to come home and spend my weekend you’re my weeknight removing pests from my house of mouse in my house, I’m going to snow in my mojito sick, but I want to get rid of all these past and i. Don’t know, I’ve been working hard all week, dance in those pants I want to pay somebody else to get to get it done there at platinum pest & lawn, okay, 918-376-0857 is their number right now. They’ve got a special where they’re actually going to do $200 off of a termite treatment and with free inspections, and so what they’re tell is that if you got a house or a building or whatever it is that’s 10 to 20 years old in oklahoma, there’s a 70% chance that it has been infested or attacked by termites. So you got to take advantage of them out there they’re going to do $200 off. If you have termite damage, platinum, dash, pest, control.Com, platinum, dash, pest control.Com or call me at 918-376-0857 one more time. 918-376-0857 I’ve met these people. They are great people. I just took a quality couple and I’ll tell you what they really do want to help you by doing the best possible service. They can do so. Give me a call today at 918-376-0857 tell him that clay clark sent you I’ll, give you a free copy of my book, thriving in call. Today, 918-376-0857 state attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one best business coaching prorgram for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving a review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com all right.

What time show on your radio and podcast download wear today we are breaking down. We are breaking down to specific knowledge bombs that I believe it all. Her listeners need to know from the amazon best-selling book start here what you can download for free at thrive time, show.Com reading for page 35 of the start here book and reading a notable quotable from gino wickman again we’re eating a notable quotable from gino wickman, the best-selling author of the book traction get a grip on your business and, as I read the notable quotable all three of our contestants. If you will are thinking about how I can respond history to break it down for west carter, the legal representation of choice for a such organizations is td. Jakes, joyce, meyer, craig rochelle, with life church. Did you get these guys have worked on a project for joel osteen have marshall morris the amazon best-selling cooperative start here book and eric chapter in down to business coach. So here we got. Most people are sitting on there phone diamond mines. The surest ways to lose your diamond to mind is to get bored to become over ambitious or to start thinking that the grass is greener. On the other best business coaching program side, find your core focus, stick to it and devote your time and resources to excelling at here. Most people are sitting on their own diamond to mine.

The surest ways to lose your diamond to mind is to get bored to become over ambitious or to get thinking about the that the grass is greener. On the other side, find your core focus, stick to it and devote your time and resources to a west carter. What say you I think that the way I take that is, you know not just your core focus, but people today jump from job to job from field to field job job job. If you find something you love doing, but don’t jump jobs every 6 months. Just for an extra $1,000 a year, or just because it’s the same problem that you have at your current job changes, are you going to either take those problems with you or account of those at the next company as well and a small business owner? You know, if you can keep this business going long enough to make it successful. Then you can bump into me and my life. So far with everybody has ever left our business. Everybody I mean literally everybody have one guy who left working with us and he went to work for corporate america, making a little over a hundred and twenty $130,000 a year for a big software company, mrs. Dude like if the atmosphere is so soul-sucking like there’s. No. He worked me about 10 years ago, I’m telling it as if I could give anything to come back i. Would it’s like to just it’s just another guy’s a video ographer force did a great job. He moves to florida to move in with a friend of his and taking things going to be greener, going to cash, we can go out there. We can move in florida. Consider own company, they realize the video ographer and elmo and company I’ve got to do my own marketing in my own sales marketing step two step:three of the service:that’s what he used to do is speak into the marketing sales, then the account it yet to follow up and actually collect money. And then you got to do the best business coaching program account and you got to pay those taxes going to hire people and this guy, all you’ve ever done was just the service, because gosh I didn’t realize how much more there was to it.

I’d like to come back I hear that all the time and I think that’s one of the dangers for entrepreneurs out there, but you’re, not you’re, pretty. Where you see opportunities, you see that the world to be better. You see things that you could do better. You see how you can improve the efficiency of things that you think. Okay, if I go to a distant office, to a new industry, to a new idea to a new venture and if you’re human on the planet, earth new car, a new house, a new wife. Then, you start a new baby. We can just a couples that are absolutely in the hell hole of their marriage. It’s a disaster and I’ve lived it out. A couple tell me:we just want to have a baby, cuz I think it would change the dynamic. Have you heard from floyd’s burgers if there’s a problem that you’re trying to get away from the chances are you’re part of the problem, and you can take it with you married then I’ll be happy if your married, what marriage looks like hey when you’re married your number one job, your number one job is to try to serve your spouse. So you now, if you want someone to serve you, you picked the wrong job, because your job is to try to serve your spouse, and let me tell you what nobody, not even your spouse can make you happy. So, hey you got to motivate yourself everyday and be you got to try to be the best servant. You can’t let spouse. Can you supposed to love your best business coaching program wife, the way that christ loved the church and I’m telling you I see a lot of guys getting married, going to guess. I would have my wife to like bring me peace and joy and happiness if you’re not happy your wife can’t make you happy for them. When you get married, your job is to serve her for all the men out there I’m just telling you that that that right there is a flawed mentality at the disco’s for marriages goes for business.

This goes for anything if you think the grass is greener. Let me know if you find green grass, you have to water that grass to keep the great chain that grass tomorrow so I want to ask you I mean you, don’t you obviously been through a lot as we grow in this business coaching program and we’re continuing to develop it talk to me about the importance for the client you’ve seen her successful the importance of the client staying the course staying focused and not thinking the grass at the grass is greener and a different industry. The grass is greener wherever you water it. You were talking about that. It’s so if you’re spending time on your business, that’s where it’s going to improve, but if you are caught up in spending time in you have an ounce of success in one best business coaching program business and then you’re immediately like yes, I can go start businesses in all different kinds of industries, and you immediately stop doing the things that allowed you to have success in the first place prize. What I see all the time is you stop the habit that got you to the level of success that you are now? You immediately will crumble and fall in. It will be in an epic way. It’s okay! If you don’t want to deal with that, so do what the mentors and what the best practices have done is stay the course stay. Focused and focus mean saying. No, it doesn’t mean saying yes to one thing can say no. It literally everything else. That is not your core focus robert zoellner. That guy has been in the optometry business for 26 years in tulsa, and you might know dr. Zoellner my partner in the host of the show.

You might know him as a guy who is in a lot of different industries. Some people call me a serial entrepreneur, but he’s been doing the same thing for 26 years at dr. Robert, zoellner and associates I jump. You see a lot of entrepreneurship coached, a lot of clients to success. Talk to you! Maybe some speak to some of the situations that some of your coaching clients have run into where they may be. Having a little success at marshall said they want to hop into a different industry before they’ve got the one company actually open sustainable yet, and how have you been able to kind of help them stay the course marshall saying that happens with a lot of people, it’s natural to feel some success in one area and want to skip to the next thing or do something new, we’re intrigued by the new thing. The new relationship, like you, said, the new car. It’s fun it’s nice, but the point is you know we talked about it. Clay focus means focus on court. Ask until success all right till the mind that you have to have it to be fruitful and then multiply that dr. Zoellner did right. He built up the optometry clinic and then he went in the other industries once he was already fruitful, so notable quotable on this best business coaching program tablet. For you from steve jobs, he says that people think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on, but that’s not what it means that all it means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are so to reiterate. You’ve got to get better at saying, no be fruitful and then multiply. King.Com breakdown from page 36 of the amazon best-selling book start hear what your listeners can download for free at drive. Time should I come on michael gerber, the best selling author of the e-book, the e-myth book book series. This is michael gerber, the best-selling author of the e-myth book series.

He writes the difference between great people, and everyone else is that great people create their lives actor. What everyone else is created by their lives, possibly waiting to see where life takes them. The difference between the two is living fully and just existing wes he’s talking about great people live their lives actively. They create the lives. They want to talk to me about how you seen that in your life as you work, a different business owners, even in your own career talk about the importance of creating and designing the life, you want I think it’s important in life. Your personal life is very similar to business planning for a small start-up. If you don’t take the reins and make a plan, here’s where I’m going to be here so I’m going to get there your personal life. Here’s I need time for my wife for my kids, so I can devote to my business. Then you become a servant to everyone else’s needs and your calendar. Your schedule is dictated by everyone except you and your priorities are totally irrelevant. This is something I ran into just today. I had somebody who was driving home today and headed home here for the show and what happens when you’re driving at your phone hooked up to bluetooth. You know the guys. Look it up for me. So it’s on bluetooth and so I’m over the age of 35 have someone else. Look up. Bluetooth. I’m in my car and I turn on my phone is:if you need anything, is messages come in and we have somebody who does the old text message? Can we talk and it’s somebody who doesn’t work for us anymore, somebody who, in my opinion, has really been opposition to myself into a bar brands, and the answer is no, because I have to record today show I’m, going to take my kids to track practice and then, if things go well, I’m going to slim chickens, which happens to be jonathan kelly.

Might my partner is one of the favorite place where no  jonathan kelly aka slim chickens? It’s called jonathan kelly’s, aka, slim, chickens slim jonathan kelly lately, so you go there and I’ve got the grilled chicken there, yet that slim chicken sauce, so that it’s boss and I’m going to do that and I’m not going to talk to somebody doesn’t work for me who is not really a friend anymore to me, a friendship is where you share time together and you sure values. Would you describe that a friend is when you share time with and values, I think that’s a very good definition. What if you don’t share time with somebody for like 3-4 years in a row in acquaintance, when does it switch from a best business coaching program friend, june acquainted your mind, west I’d, say 18 months, 18 months of just zero time together, zero time, no communication, there’s always those people. You can pick up and kind of pick up that soft 18 months later have to do things that are antagonistic to what you’re doing before they’re on the no longer acquaintances face twice twice once I blew the second chances, twice monthly or weekly you’re done so I’m just saying is I live intentionally, so I just didn’t respond, defriended them blocked them would have. It looks like a move on marshall going to ask you this talk to me about this client. You’ve seen him at big success. Why is it so important for the you seen this with the clients that are most successful, you’ve seen the bay live intentionally? How is that different from everybody else to clients that are proactive with their time are always more successful than those who drift towards their goals, because it never happened that you never get to your goals. If you’re looking to reset a drift towards in the world you have to do, is you have to be proactive with your time?

You have to schedule time to work on your business on your life. In order to achieve it, talk to me about the clients were successful in the importance that they place on making sure they live intentionally versus just drifting around. So it goes back to what we were just talking about a second ago and saying no, like you were saying it got to say no to more things, so that your time quote by jack welch, the famous former ceo of ge, that grew the company by 4000 control your destiny or someone else will so with that mindset. You need to go into every day time block and have it to do list and say no to everything that doesn’t further you towards your goals. You’re back needs a crack. You find yourself jump me know what you want to do. What you want to reach out to her good friend doctor said:we’d, be intentional about your life. We reach out to dr. John, so we. Com, tr, john sibley.,. If he’s good enough for the great one, wayne gretzky drive time show get a free, chiropractic adjustment and x-ray. You can call him at 918-749-5741 918-749-5741, true, that want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our best business coaching program riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. Why can’t you won’t get back to the conversation? Is the drive time show on your radio now I want to say thank you to all the listeners out there, because we were just checking on this about an hour ago and I wanna make sure we’re correct on this. But, according to the last time you checked on the itunes chart, I mean there’s ever 530,000.

West, are you aware of this? Is over 500,000 podcasts according to the wall street journal podcast, apparently chop we are what rank are we in the whole world? All podcast. Just like business category cuz business, is one of the categories this to be like the big book store of the internet. You know if you go to barnes & noble, there’s many different sections. Do you want to hear the number one book for self-help and another one book for home living home garden number one book for christian everyone book for this area, all categories, all sections:where do we fit nndda charts right now on itunes out of over half-a-million podcast on itunes, wear number 56 movement movement number 6 a couple hours ago, where number 5 on the world and how I built this good shows and then to really famous guys, dave ramsey. Everybody knows about hollywood a lot of times. People will say:break a leg as a way of encouragement. Really a man break a leg in the broadway. They say:break a leg and your podcast all time, i, don’t want you to break a leg, but I want you to disappear with two nice lakes to good luck. Call jennifer couple months are good plants. Now purpose in life is give the number for spots your main man to leave his easy nobody’s. Listen to your podcast. More than me, right I mean number one download it right. Here, man in the world that he gave away his is crown of the number for spa in the business section 2 to clark, gable I mean who’s above the temperature, dave ramsey, say:i love you to your flock to your congregation, introduce them to me too. I mean you’ve been working hard he’s been saving money, obviously that enough money in there. What you been saying for years, you said if you live like nobody else, so you can live like nobody else. Just go to another best business coaching program planet out there.

The martians need to just take off fake who’s who’s ahead of who’s. Ahead of how I built this with. I realize what you produce, the quote:the content break the prison to have to qualify lucky number number, 7, pole, amazon, microsoft, planet, money, I’d, say there’s people that are obsessed with money and my in my opinion, as we talked about this business, your pillow talk about money too much they. You know they got us some things to sort through. Yet I work for the ethics of that that’s going to recommend you might go to one of those silent camps, there’s a site or silent. He might put the retreat retreat where you get in tune with yourself and what was doing that podcast npr, you guys got to go over there. We had we booked, we booked one for you to be silent, pay for it and what I always said. This is what I always say:i should put on a t-shirt if you’re in the top 10 podcasts in your head of the thrive time show you want to take at least 3 years at a silent, retreat format, process of what you’re going through that emotional. These are things I’m, trying to help. I tried to help now we move on to our next knowledge bomb or next now that the bomb I want wisconsin to write this down without a name or purpose is the first cause of failure. Napoleon hill, the best-selling author, vicky grow rich, and the book outwitting the devil. He says drifting without a more purpose, is the first cause of best business coaching program failure.

Why is dripping without a more purpose? The first cause of failure? If you don’t have any idea of where you’re trying to get to I’m, not sure it’s not proper english, but where you want to be when you’re just going to float from here today or you’re, never going to accomplish anything, you’re, never going to be happy unless you’re, just a free soul who wants to accomplish nothing and drift everywhere, so you have to have goals and have to have steps to achieve those goals. Otherwise it’s certain failure. You must have to get to west. Is that good, okay marshall marshall, now that you’re moving on since then pour un impersonation I’ll get better as we go on through today. Show I’ll talk to you for you for your clients, for anybody out there dangerous thing about drifting. Is that if you don’t have a more purpose, even working really really really really hard could put you in the opposite direction of where you’re trying to end up to or joe not. There is no try. That’s, very nice., the first define. Where is it that you’re going? What direction am I headed in then apply the diligent work ethic, because, if not you’re, going to end up further away from your goal, the force is strong with you can I want to hear your point, but I think the only one here I enjoyed playing golf, a lot. This reminds me of is one of the things you should not do is go to driving right and just beat balls to take your aggression out, because you’re not focused, and you end up it raining over and over you and that I didn’t raining that bad swing. If you don’t go with a plan, you’re just going to keep doing bad things over to marshall throat used to force, never be balls. Okay, don’t be balls chips from yoda talk to me about drifting, okay, you got to keep an eye on your chief focus to stay on track in life, your friends, your family. All these things in life are going to try and blow you off of tracks. You got to use your gold. Your chief and mike were talking about as your best business coaching program rudder to your life’s ship to make sure that you stay on track and again I’m going to keep saying it.

That means saying no to everything that does not involve you getting to your goals. You have to say no train yourself to the rudder to your life. Ship you’re, welcome, i, like that. Let’s get specific about your goals. Let’s write down your goals every single day, put them somewhere, where you can see him. If you’re listening right now and you’ve made the goal to expand your physical location, you want to maybe expand your church. Expand your business, expand your shopping center. Maybe when add a wing on to your attorney or jail in okmulgee like the okmulgee jail did what you want to do. Is you want to be good friends at williams contracting.Com, williams contract williams contracting? Their goal is to exceed the owners expectations from start to finish. Okay, you can reach out to these guys and they’re going to give you a realistic budget within 3 days, and if you mention the drive time to a copy of clay’s book thrive to get ahold of him at 918-682-5511. Again, that’s 918-682-5511 or will dash khan.Com wi call dash co, n.Com 918-682-5511? Why are you so? What was it again? One more time. Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your best business coaching program tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, orange nation.

Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio and podcast download, and we had so many people reach out to us and say hey. How do I listen to the podcast yesterday? That’s it! How do I do it right time, show.Com and you just click on the podcast button if you’re on a mobile device. So go to thrive. Time should I come and in the top right you’ll see a three horizontal bars representing our menu bar just click that goes to the drop down there for the other menu. You click on that click on podcast and you can listen to your car-are so right there on the thrive time show.Com-and we were talking about today-he’s 6 knowledge bombs that every entrepreneur needs to marinate about marshall. How would you describe, would you say it’s a marshall marination moment send a marinade on someone. What do you mean by marinate until, if you’re going to marinate on it, you got a mullet over you just got to you got to you got to get meta, one euphemism for another right, gotta, marinate and mall early in the morning. That’s different design to get you to think about yourself in your current position in point a and what you need to do in order to get to point b, marshall, marination monuments, they’re designed to make you mullet over in the meadow time during your morning, oh wow, a literation.

There were 38 of the amazon best-selling book start at time. Show.Com we read an organization’s ability capability to reside in two places. This from clayton christensen, the harvard business, professor and organizations capabilities, reside in two places. The first is, it is in its processes, the method, the methods by which the people have learned to transform inputs of labor energy materials, information, cash, a technology and outputs of higher-value ii is in the organization’s values which of the criteria that the best business coaching program managers, employees in the organization use when making pie or prioritization decision you take the first half of this year. He’s talking about the first capability of an organization. Is the proper process biski? How how you have a company? Does things? Do you talk to me about the importance of having your processes defined if you want to scale your company? This is the mechanism from where you take investment and turn it into a sellable product or service in. So, if you are an investor and you’re coming into a business, and you want to either by the business or invest into the business, what are you buying? Are you buying a job in which then you have to go, learn all the all the college in order to fulfill the product or service or d, you are you investing money into a machine? Are you putting money into a money machine in which it is going to return you more money in return?

This is what you have to consider come on in. This is what you have to define for your business. So you have to ask yourself:is my business depended on me and my abilities, or is it depended on systems and processes, and is what clayton christensen talking about you got to spend time to create the processes in checked in this is not a failure if it does require you I would just use the thrive time. Show coaching program example trouble when you get your take on this, but one the process is a lot of processes document. We have a system that works for search engine, optimization with a system for cold call script. You in the system for call recording of a system for everything, marketing, accounting customer service I mean we have a process for that. Put the issue you see me probably harp on 2/3. The time are the values, which is why we do things and i. Think that part is something people don’t see. They don’t value. So talk to listeners, it’s okay to be a little bit rude on my behalf for somebody out there who would go I would eat you know because you’re around me enough. You know this is your buddy. If you screwed up and you actually scheduled a 13-point consultation with dr, you would hate the program based upon our values and describe who would love the program based on values, so people that would hate the program are people that are it’s just endless idea:festivals.

They have no attraction there. When we call happy helpers, want your printer. Is people that love the idea of having that business and being their own boss, but are not committed to time blocking to scheduling to put in the grind that actually takes people? That really would love our program and would love to go through a 13-point assessment with you are diligent doers people who set goals that tractor key performance indicators. They are actively going in a direction that achieve those goals and they’re wanting to grow and scale a business. Not just have something:that’s not people that are stuck. It will only get people out of the doom loop where their business is doing good, but their life is doing really bad. So there are people that would hate our program and there are people love our program. What kind of person would just absolutely love our program, people that just get stuff done, people that are looking to grow, people that are looking to build upon systems that are proven and not question everything:hey I’m, hiring experts for a reason to hire a plumber in your house, and they tell you you need to do xyz, then just do it because they know what they’re talking about you don’t want to interject all of your things, intuitive people that are coachable and that are diligent, are going to find success with a program. What kind of clients would love working with winters king I mean you are a very successful attorney you’re, my attorney of choice. You represented craig rochelle group, life church at td, jake’s, ministries, joyce, meyer, joel, osteen’s organization, what kind of best business coaching program organizations with love working with winters king.Com, and it would not like working with you because of the a text that you guys have a twin disc it will do enjoy working with us are usually ones that want an honest service. You know why do they want to pay us to do a job for them, whether that’s represent them?

Transactional contract set up a business for a fair price, I’m, a big believer in flat fees, not hourly buildings. On the tell you what’s going to cost up front, if it’s all possible, the people are going like this are the people who are trying to get something that they don’t deserve that we used to have when we do. We do a lot of personal injury as well, and we have a motto:will get you every penny you deserve and not a penny. More are ambulance chasers their whole move. Their entire game plan is to go out there and to fake an injury or exaggerated injury in to sue the. Living daylights out of a company and there’s pander to that crowd. Yes, we’re not going to lie we’re not going to manipulate the truth too aggressively, but we’re going and we can win with integrity and I thought we believe we can do a good stop for you with integrity and if that’s not how you want to do it, then you probably shouldn’t use a step off sponsors that I think that brings a lot of integrity to the table. These guys have been doing anything about this I mean in tulsa tulsa. Has it been around that long? Okay and one,? It’s been around in tulsa for 80 years? Is rc auto, specialists 80 years of combined years of service, so i? Guess it wouldn’t be. A tears have been a busy being around lighting for 2 years, but it’s combined years of best business coaching program experience that sets rc auto specialists I want of the first big brands to to spread across the country for automotive, and these guys rc auto specialists. They decided to ditch themselves in an area where they can focus on becoming tulsa’s number one ford automotive specialists into these guys. They handle suspension alignment, heat and air transit systems, transmission lighting and wiper blades fleet service battery issues. These guys are here at rc, auto specialists.

They are absolutely trusted resource for many toxins and if you have a ford automobile that needs repair, I would highly recommend that you reach out to these guys, tell him that clay, clark and the drive time show sent you and will give you will give you a free copy of my one of my most recent books called thrive. You can get my looks arrived simply by scheduling a one-on-one meeting, aaa, basically diagnostic with your vehicle, with the good folks at rc, auto, specialists. Com. You call today at 918-872-8115. If you need to call him again today at 918-872-8115, it’s rc auto, specialists. Com. This is rob. I’m, showing her bring the old catch. The broadcast motivate yourself presenting the world’s only business school without the bs, with optometrist can’t entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, and he ussba entrepreneur of the year clay, clark colour-pop reply with the sea college bombs that are readily available in the start here book. Would you can tell me what you can download for free the amazon best-selling book? You can download for free right now to help start here. You can download it at drivetime show.Com. We we hear from page 39 of this book where jim rohn, the best-selling author and world-renowned motivational speaker rights. You don’t get paid for the hour you get paid for the hour for future. You don’t get paid for the hour you get paid for the best business coaching program value you bring to the hour. You don’t get paid for the hour you get paid for the value you bring to the hour. Think about that for a second. What industry are you in? What business are you in? What what career do you have? How much is the basic level? Let’s, let’s say that you play basketball. Very good friend of mine, plays professional basketball and his job is to help his team when he happens to be a point guard and his name is phil.

Pressey feel played three seasons with the boston celtics, and now he plays in barcelona. Barcelona is the highest rated league outside of the nba. It’s actually higher the traded in the nba development league. It’s worth a lot of players go if you’re, very, very good, but you’re one step away from the nba. Now phil. He brings the ball up corey. The point guard in his job is to look for the open man. Get him the ball to run the offense, to speed up the pace of the game, to play defense, but there’s a thing called the intangibles and that’s where his job is to bring more value to the hour. His job is to involve the players to create the tempo for the game, to inspire people in the huddle, a huge, huge, obsessive, the nfl films were they mike. The players and people talk so much about the command of the huddle that peyton manning brought to the colts. For years he had a command of the huddle, a ben roethlisberger on the the the steelers, the pittsburgh steelers ben roethlisberger, been known for statistically, maybe not being the best, but he leads esteem to an abnormally high amount of victories on an annual basis. You think about some people out there. They have this ability. Derek. Jeter is a guy who’s lifetime batting average for the yankees wasn’t that high, but he had an ability to bring the it factor. They started calling him mr. October, because the major league baseball playoffs are largely taking place during october, and this guy just got it done every october. It’s like he stepped up to a new level. He performed at the next level. So I want to ask you:i mean if you’re cutting hair for a living, just one member of our team and elephant the room, this person cuts hair, but she brings a swag to the meetings to the haircuts to the best business coaching program consultation. She leaves the customer feeling better about their experience and she cuts hair for the exact amount of minutes as everybody else. She literally cuts hair on an average in 27 minutes.

What would you what we require? Your average haircut is 27 minutes 27 minutes. She makes the same hourly pay that everybody else is elephant in the room does, but her tips are massive, and if you go into our program that we use, you can see what people are being tipton or tips or so much higher than the average grooming professional. So it’s not about the hours that she works. It’s about the value she brings to the hour and that’s the same for a business coach. That’s the same for an attorney. That’s the same for a point. Guard I want to get your take on this west I’ve worked at the lot of attorneys over the years were, frankly, I didn’t want to be around them sure, and even though they had a lot of knowledge, a lot of education around them and sold, it seems like no matter what I paid them per hour is too much and there’s guys like you, which I’m at work with you and larry taylor, the only two best business coaching program attorneys I’ve enjoyed working with you and lawrence taylor. You guys bring a lot of value to the hours for talk to the listener out there, because gosh I would have fixed industry like hair or driving a cab, or maybe an attorney. How do I bring more value to the hour if I’m, already just getting paid, hourly or two things, I would say one we talked about not straying from your legs. Does an attorney, but you know one of mine inches is nonprofits.

You come sit down before an hour. I can convey more knowledge to you about how to start a church, then you’re going to have much of a chance of retaining I know so much, and you know it so well that I got there may be another attorney who the great that you sit down with an hour and I feel about starting a non-profit. You can get very much value in knowing your area well, being the master information with one thing:how to bring value to another thing:i see what that even with really good attorneys. Is there a pessimist’s and nobody wants to be a pessimist to help you do a job. So if you come to me, I will tell you all the great things all the reasons why I’m going to give you an honest opinion, but if you want to do this, we will make it happen. Where is someone else just by their personality? They approached it it all. The negatives first come on with you, no matter what industry in feeling better about themselves in the future, I get paid 12 an hour. How can i, possibly add more value to the haircut, only have 27 minutes I’m allowed to even be with a customer. How can I possibly have more value chart I’m going to switch it up for a second and talk about it from a manager or owner standpoint? How do you get more value out of that that person cutting hair and you have to install what we called merit-based incentivize the outcome of that person’s labor in to make it the same goal as the business so hate whenever this person does xyz and they do it right in the amount of time the business makes money. That person then makes more than incentivize that the time that the person is put that the action that they’re doing rather than incentivizing the time what they put in you guys know the aaron neville song i, know so much i, don’t even know. Do you know that his voice is just sounds so weird, my wife and I are first dance to ariana i, don’t know how much it is like his best business coaching program invoices.

I was but I know. I love you it’s a weird voice. How does he do it is that is that a westwood without add value to the hour? If you started singing your legal meetings in your breathing like aaron, neville value, value, value and more value to the hours and just showing up hey here’s, the crap, you need to do here’s the here’s. Why you need to do the crap I’ll, see you later? Let you mix with him when it comes down to this i. Think it’s very important is expectations. You have to define up front. What are the expectations that you are expecting out of the relationship either with your client or your employees? You got to identify hate what am I trying to create value for it. Then how can I go beyond that? That’s come on out and when you’re consistently exceeding expectations in your over-delivering, then you’re going to always build a ongoing relationship, you’re always going to have more business from that cuz it above and beyond, right, above and beyond speaking directly to the barber. Yes, you know if you use this little project here, let me try little some hero. That looks really good. You got a good head of hair, oh wow, if you would just do this to do that, I mean you’re. Making them feel good about themselves, giving them a little idea what they can do, different something they can do better. You actually got a haircut elephant room today.

How was it today i? Give you a name on a subjective. You know, I am a big fan of elephant pleasant lady that cuts my hair, so we go in she’s, not sydney. Yes, talk too much distant, that perfect balance of professionalism and being pleasant, and she does a very good job cutting my hair. She communicates concisely. To me right hand by the end of it, I’ve had a pleasant experience. I feel good, walking out the door me feel good as well. Empire limousines these guys when they pick you up. If you want to rent a limo for a big event coming up some kind of event coming up, we want to ride in style, prom a concert if somebody picking you up, for you know in a limousine limousine you ever professional driver, you want to have a professional driver to drive that vehicle chauffeur and you want to be nice and polite, but you don’t want somebody is going to be. So. What are you guys doing? What you guys do you want to have somebody who’s not like I got someone else, driving I’m going to party in the back with you guys, I’m, going to drive the vehicle and was in class and in bring a little too little to the experience, and that’s why I’m telling you you, if you haven’t, tried real empire, you got to give those guys I tried and I checked their website. These guys are very regal. The website is royal empire, tulsa.Com, royal, empire, tulsa.Com and they’re, going to beat any of the best business coaching program competition’s prices by 15%. So get all these guys to beat the competition by 15%, 9 313 12:20 to 918-313-1222 royal empire tulsa.Com for your chauffeur for the podcast, the one-on-one coaching conferences, the video archive of thousands of training, videos and now my friends without any further two guys, one in the show with a boom. There we go to


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