A Box Truck, Silkie Chickens and No Vacations | How to Design the Life You Love

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Clay explains why if you are not intentional about designing a business to serve you and a life you love by default you will create a life you hate and one that is filled with obligations and constant interruptions. 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “My happiness is not the means to an end. It is the end. It is its own goal. It is its own purpose.” – Ayn Rand

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I am done with the monster of “We,” the word of serfdom, of plunder, of misery, falsehood, and shame.” – Ayn Rand

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Normal people live distracted, rarely fully present. Weird people silence the distractions and remain fully in the moment.” ― Craig Groeschel, Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working

A Box Truck 

Silkie Chickens

No Vacations

Buy New Socks Everyday

Red, White and Blue

Kanye West and Donald Trump

Atwoods / Guitar Center / Hobby Lobby


BBC Live Lounge

One Wife

5 Kids 

Swimming Pool

FUN FACT: 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you have the opportunity to play this game of life you need to appreciate every moment. a lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until it’s passed.” – Kanye West

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dr Breck and Jason on today’s show, we’re asking the question, what if you could live a life the way that Michael Jordan played basketball? If you could live a life the way that Marvin Gaye sang a song, if you could live life the way that you feel when you laugh at a joke, but to do it all the time, what if you could have a life that’s perfect? What if you can design the life you want to live? What if you could have a a life where you could have a box truck? Well, I don’t want a box drum monkey themed AutoRap Oh, silky chickens and no vacations. We’re talking about designing the life that you want to live, not the life that I want to live or the life that somebody else wants to live. We’re talking about how to design the life that you want to live, and I also do passive aggressive pitches for the best American sitcom of all time silver spoons, and we play sound clips from our last business conference. Some shows don’t need a celebrity in a writer to introduce this show. But this show done to may eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 Moke time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive time show

we have all the money we need and we need is a better relationship with our wife. I wish I would have told myself or someone would’ve told me that before my wife pointed that out.

Cause then I’m like, you’re right John,

because you can’t just eat the world with money. So write down your goal and write down a financial number that makes sense. And I’m not a communist. I haven’t switched over to team Bernie today. The point is just write down that number because I’ve met people that keep building a business who hears, has seen somebody who built a huge company and they hate their life. Who’s seen that? I’ve been in their room with billionaires and multi-millionaires who are high as the kite smoking pot because they get complaints all the time and employees quitting and they hate their life. So you want to figure out whatever that number is. And then write that number down. Alright? Now the next thing is you want to up the number of hours per week. You’re willing to work. All right? You want to write that down? So for me, I’m just telling you, I’m not saying that you should do this just for me.

I don’t travel will not work on the weekend. Don’t travel this, this, these business conferences 2020. So the only thing you’re going to see out of me, I don’t, I don’t go anywhere anymore. I used to speak a lot. Not gonna do it, you know, but that’s a controversial move if you speak for a living or something. But you just had to write, write down your boundaries, okay? So write down your hours. You’re willing to work 40 50, 60. Some of you are already there and you could have the dr Z rule. Dr Z has so many crazy rules. I love it. One, I never checked voicemail. I love that rule. He says, I never check voicemail. A good rule too, he won’t answer the phone unless your name is in his phone. So if you call him and he’s like, Oh Louis, you actually get in touch, which we just did yesterday.

I put your name on my phone. That’s a doctor Z move. Now when you call, I’ll know it’s you and I’ll answer. But previously I’m not putting in my phone cause I put it in my phone. I’m not gonna answer it and I have no curiosity about who called. That’s the doctor. [inaudible] never checks Facebook ever checks LinkedIn doesn’t do Twitter and just re stays in touch verbally and physically with his managers. It’s a crazy idea. He actually talks to real people, sees him. But that’s a, that’s a move. I mean that’s a move. You don’t have to live like that. But that’s how he lives. And he’s taught me a lot of things. I love the idea that I never check email. It’s what you know. If you send me an email, I’ve never looked at it. I did not look at email. Who does? Look at your email? John does. John is my email. I have, I don’t do email. No matter who it is, you won’t do it. It’s a beautiful thing. Now the next thing is determine the unique value proposition. Do we all feel like we have it? We know we do differently. Does anybody stuck there with the purple County? May stuck. What about the no brainer. You’re, you’re kind of stuck Kevin. Okay. And you do solar and you do residential and commercial. Do you prefer to do commercial or residential?

Hello? [inaudible]

I agree. I know. And not just say, he said he loved the new commercial residential, but the market’s more residential, right? Is it tend to be people that are a little bit wealthier who want to put solar panels on their house or is it middleclass or middle? And how much money can someone save per year if they put solar panels on their house, assuming it’s the right part of town, the part region they have good, you know, it’s


you can save $2,000 per, per year if they pay cash. And where does it cost to put solar panels on the house for $20,000. So take them 10 years to make their investment back. And then how, um, do you hook them up with the government grants and the government like reimbursement stuff? Do you help him with that? You already do that but it takes them 10 years to get their money back. Okay. And then, um, how long does the solar panel last? 25 years. Okay. And what kind of people typically are buying it? Well, I’m going to give you an example that would be offensive to me and then I’ll give you an some maybe offensive to you cause I’m just trying to help figure it out. We own a men’s grooming lounge. Do you may go to elephant in the room yesterday or have you checked it out? It’s a men’s grooming lounge at Tai. Okay. So you went there, mr Denver, you went there. Which one did you go to? The one over here. It’s kind of closest to us. Did you have a good time? Was it, would you like it? Okay, well I would say I would never go there.


I wear a hat. Jason, I’d like to get your, your take on this. Um, you, you see a lot of of business owners that you’re coaching personally, we’re having a lot of success. Yeah. However, there are business owners that build a business model that does not serve them and one where they as the owner now always have to respond

to emails 24 hours a day. Oh yeah. A lot of people end up getting trapped. They get trapped. Um, I believe a business should, you should build a business to serve you, but if not, you’ll be a slave to your business. True. Could you explain how or what it looks like to be trapped? If you build a business that does not serve you? Could you explain from your perspective what it looks like to build a business that does that you don’t own but a business that owns you? Yes. So what happens is a lot of people that go in with that entrepreneurial mindset, they want to make the business to better their own life. But what happens is instead of becoming the CEO or owner that is invested all of the time in building systems to get time freedom, they become a full time manager.

And so they are showing up to the shop early every single day and then their phone is just lit up nonstop. They’re answering crisis emails, they’re taking gotta minute meetings. They are responding to a never ending email queue. So it’s like they’re the owner of the men’s grooming lounge, but they personally have to be in the store every day. Or they’re the owner of the bakery, but they personally have to make the cupcakes every day. Right? They’re the owner of the retail shop, but they personally have to be in the retail shop. They own the pizza business and they have to personally be there. And why do you feel like the owner feels like they have to always be there? For some people it’s as simple as they just don’t want to give up the control. Like I’ve worked with a lot of people who have since changed.

They’ve realized the error in that, you know, way of thinking. But they think that nobody can do it the way that they can. And so they get stuck in that mentality. But another reason is a lot of people don’t go in and make the systems in order to help get them out of there. And I want to, I’m going to give the listeners an example. When I built the DJ business, uh, I personally felt like I needed to DJ every party myself, right? And then I got to a place where I didn’t need to financially, but I still wanted to because I liked what I was doing. Yeah. Um, and if, if that’s what you want, that’s fine, but just understand if that is what you want to do. You really don’t own a business at that point. You are like an artist and you own a job and it’s a cool job cause you own your job and you made, you set your hours and you own your own business, but you just want to be intentional and making sure that that’s what you want to do, that you personally do want to own a job and not on a business.

Now if you own a business, once I, once I had been in the DJ business for about five years, it occurred to me, you know what, I don’t want to personally have to DJ every event. Therefore I am going to build systems and processes and teach other people how to DJ. Now those people were never as good as I was. Uh, they never got the same quality of reviews and feedback from clients. But, um, I created time freedom, right? But it was always hard for me whenever we would get a complaint because people would say, Hey, your guy DJ, but he wasn’t as good as you. Or, Hey, could you do my sister’s wedding? I, you did my wedding. Could you do my sister’s wedding? And I’d have to explain to them, no, I can’t. And they’d say, why? What do you, what are you doing?

Are you already booked? And I’d say, no, I’m actually not booked up. I just no longer DJ. But everybody wanted me to DJ because that’s what I did. And so how did it get to that place where I had to make that decision very intentionally? Am I going to be the one who personally has to DJ every wedding the rest of my life and will I make every customer happy by doing that and as a tradeoff, make my life unhappy again. Cause I could’ve said, you know what I’m going to do is I will DJ every wedding for the rest of my life. Any time someone asks, I’ll personally do it and I’m going to have an a plus product and a C minus life. I’m going to have a life where I never am really happy, but my clients are happy. Right? Or you could do the other way around where you say, ma, I’m happy and some cost in most of our customers are happy too, but some people are still upset that I’m not the one deejaying their wedding. So whatever that is, however that relates to you out there listening today, I would encourage you to ask this. Ask yourself the question, do you want to build a business that serves you or do you want to serve your business? And now back to the business conferences audio.

So I don’t care about my hair at all. And I never dress up ever for anything, so we’ll just do, I don’t get invited to weddings anymore. So the move is though is it like, but it’s a nice place. So the guys who go there are usually doctors, lawyers, professionals who do care about their hair, which is a lot of people, but not much. Not everyone. So for me, I went to great clips and I think it’s great. The irony of the name is awesome. It’s like mediocre cuts, but it’s cheap. So I go in there and I’m like, can I sit down on a all like a blue here, those blue plastic chairs. Do you have any blue plastic chairs from like a third grade center now? Yeah, we do. Great. Do you have an old magazine shirt? Do you have somebody who chain smokes that can cut my hair?

Yep. Okay, great. Tell me about 10 bucks. I’m out. I’ve never complained and I don’t care if you look at it. People were like, dude, you’re missing a spot. And I’m like, all right, but we’re hat, I don’t care. But so elephant in the room would not bat it. They would never get me as a client if I was marketing to myself cause I just don’t care. Another example, if I wasn’t married to my wife, I would never go on vacation ever. So people who are like, you want to go on a cruise? No. Do you want to see the ocean? No. Client recently said we’ll pay for you to come to Florida and see our business. No. Why? Because it requires seeing the ocean. I don’t care. Okay. But if you said I’m selling Moscow mule, like the copper, the copper cups. I man, why? I dunno. Silky chickens. I’m in. I don’t know. So by show of hands, who here would buy a silky chicken show hands?

Jason, do you like silky chickens? I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what they were until I met you, but now my fiance soon to be wife wants something so bad. Are you serious? Yeah. She wants silky chickens. Yeah, she uh, she spent last week in Durango and the family she was staying with had like one or two when she was like, they’re like poodles, but chickens. Right. She’s all in though. Now. I would encourage you, if you’re out there listening today though, write down the things that you like and the things that you want out of this life. Maybe you want a house with aspire a house with a big tower. It looks at like, and I kind of like an observation tower. It’s an underused word. Spire. Maybe you want to live in a castle themed house. Maybe you want to live in a tree house.

Maybe you want to live in a van down by the river. Maybe you want to live in a condo that’s been renovated. Kind of an urban renewal thing. Maybe you want to live Airbnb style for a year. Maybe you want to own a minivan. Maybe you want to own a box truck. Now for me on my next vehicle, I’m going to buy more than like it looks like and I’m gonna. I’m going to be buying a box truck. Oh, do you want a box truck is, is it like that sprinter thing or is it like more of like a you haul here. Let me show you over here when I’m making it. This is a box van and this is what I’m doing. This is the box van. That’s what I’m looking at. Get in something like this right here, the box truck. And I’m wanting to get a box truck and I’ll show you that the, that the AutoRap I’m working on is I want to buy a box truck because I think it would be a fun vehicle to drive.

And I think that having a box truck and a, um, a, a, a kind of a, almost like a moving billboard would be infinitely funny if it promoted the, the actual, uh, podcast the way I want to. And so I’m working on this a, um, box van purchases acquisition or you know, the box. So I want you to do is get a big box van and have a monkey on it, a monkey on it like that. And the monkey is going to be wearing headphones and it’s going to say stop monkeying monkeying around, listen to the world’s best podcast. And then you’re going to, it’s going to save featuring such guests as, but the monkey, do you see that monkey? That’s a chimpanzee. But yes, a chimpanzee. See, there you go. There you go. But it’s going to say stop monkeying around. That’s awesome. And the reason why I want to do that is because if you’re at the zoo, everybody, when you, when you go to the zoo, what animals do does everybody want to see?

You would think the lion. But every time you go over there, it’s like laying down. It just looks so sad, funky and depressed. But now most people are like, let’s go see what the, what’s going on in the the primate house. They always want to see the monkeys, right? Why? They’re always into something and they kinda smile and they’re kind of gross and they’re funny and they’re just, they’re as close to human as possible and still true. The point is, I want to have a box van that says, stop monkeying around and listen to the world’s best business podcast. All that. Are you gonna record out of it? Going to have like a secret studio on the inside? I never thought about that, but maybe I should get too. But what I’m saying is, I think that is awesome. I also think having a silky chicken is awesome, right?

I don’t know what you think is awesome if you’re listening out there day, but I do know that you need to think about it. You need to think about what you want to do with your life. You’ve got to think about that. You have to, you have to think about what you want out of this life because if you don’t think about what you want out of this life, Jason, what’s going to happen by default, what’s going to happen by default is like we talked about earlier, you’re going to get stuck in doing the same thing over and over and then somebody’s going to ask you, well, Hey, why are you in business in the first place? And I run into this a lot. Like the whole point is to get all of our clients through the path and get them the time and financial freedom that they want and crave to be able to do whatever they want later on in life.

But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked people, Hey, what’s your why? Why are you doing this? What do you want him to do longterm after this? And they’re like, I don’t know. I am going to go to work and then I’m going to do accounting on the weekend and I haven’t really thought about what I want to do with the copious amounts of money that I have from the system that I built. Box trucks, silky chickens and no vacations. There you go. That’s what I want out of this life. I think it’s so important though that you take the time out there today to figure out what it is that you want out of your life. And again, if you don’t do that, Jason, if somebody out there is saying, well, I’m not even going to think about that right now. I’m just gonna build the business.

Let me explain to you what’s going to happen. Elephant in the room, approximately how many members do we have? About 4,000 we have just over 4,000 what if I was the owner? There are a lot of owners that do this who put their phone number on the sign and they say, if you have a problem, I see a lot of owners do this. Yeah. If you have a problem, call me directly. What would happen to my life if I, if I put that on the door, it would ceased it. It will not cease to amaze you on how busy you are. You would get texts from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. Middle of the night. It would be one nonstop, just mess. What about it was the kind of owner that personally responded to every email as so many marketing gurus say to do so many, so many leadership gurus, so many marketing experts that have never run a multimillion dollar company.

They all say, if you’re the owner, you should personally respond to every single email. What would happen to my life if I did that? You would have no life. Your life would be spent dealing with the burning fires and nonsensical emails like everything would be either. This immediately had to get done. Somebody wants your attention on this. Somebody has some dumb idea that you don’t need to be wasting your time on. You would literally not even be able to focus on the business at that point. You’d be stuck in your inbox. I see a lot of business owners who feel like it’s their mission to motivate their employees and to become everyone’s best friend. Yeah. What if I were to do that with my life? What would happen? You would, your employees would like you but your family wouldn’t like you. You lose all the other connections in your life.

You’d literally be surrounded by work 24 seven have you ever thought about why I asked you to do this podcast with me on on occasion as opposed to some other people? If your thought about that you ever had that thought? I just thought it was for my in depth knowledge of the Grindr app, but ah, no. Why do you think, why do you think I have asked you if there was a time where I asked mr Eric Chubb to join me? There was a time where I asked Mr. Morris to join me. There has been other people. Why do I, why do I do that? Uh, one, it’s nice to have somebody you know in the box with you at 4:00 AM it’s nice and look at crazy person. Um, but honestly, I don’t know. I did it because I knew that you’re the kind of person that you were very, very, very close to being a very, very, uh, being ready to coach.

Woo. And I needed to give you the, that the opportunity for more and more shadow time. Yeah. More opportunity too. So you could observe through osmosis some of the processes and systems. And also you’re a guy who does, who earned that, right. Or that access to Jonathan and myself because you’d where, how long have you worked with us at elephant in the room? I want to say it was what, three years this July? Yeah. And you started off in the call center and you moved your way up to what? I was like the area assistant, I kind of bounced around between the shops I like the managers were out and that eventually managed one shop and then all three. So you got to a place where you managed all three shops, all 4,000 customers, but you earned that, right? So again, I’m very intentional in my life about who I allow into my life.

I am not going to have someone I just met yesterday who says the right things, but hasn’t done them yet. Yeah. I’m not going to let somebody who hasn’t proven themselves to be diligent and consistent be on the show with me consistently. I, it’s something that people have to earn. But again, I’ve designed the life that I want, right? My life is like this. This is what I want out of my life. I want box trucks or a box truck, silky chickens and no vacations. That’s what I want. And you might say you’re sick. Why would you want a box? I mean, seriously, how many people, if you, if you’re out there today, I want, I want everyone to take a moment to write this down. I want you to write down what, what do you want at your life as it relates to a vehicle?

Well, that’s not a goal at all. That’s a materialistic. Get out of here. You’re going to your list. You’re going to be Ubering around the rest of your life. Write down what kind of vehicle you want. I don’t think there’s very many listeners out there that would have written down a box truck. No. Now, what kind of things do you want to do with your, with your money? Well, yesterday, Jason, you know what I bought myself. What’d you buy for chickens? Ooh, nuts. Not silky chickens, but verified female chickens. There you go. There’s the roosters are crazy. I bought four verifiable female chickens yesterday, yesterday with my daughter and Atwood’s and I bought some hay and I bought some chicken food and a heat lamp and various things. You need to have chickens. There you go. And I went to pet smart and got a cage for $100 for the little new baby chickens.

The baby ticks. And why? Why Jason? Do you think I spent my Saturday looking at box trucks online, silky chickens and not on vacations. I could’ve gone on vacation. Why? Well, you’re doing all of those activities because that’s what you wanted to, there it is. You’ve designed your life around being able to hit points a to Z Monday through Friday that way, Saturday and Sunday. That’s your time phone goes off. You focus on your goals, your aspirations. Why have we built the office schedule to be one where we are open Monday through Thursday and closed on Friday and Saturday? Unless you’re in the call center, why is our office only open Monday through Thursday? Well, it not only is attractive to the people who want to work here and the people who do work here, it’s great for the culture, but at the same time it fits your wants and needs. There it is.

If you’re listening out there today, I just encourage you to write this down. What kind of vehicle do want to have? Okay. Second, what do you want to do with your time? Assuming that you have all the money in the world, what do you want to do with your time that is so incredibly important for you to do that. It is and it’s, it’s often overlooked. People think, Oh that’s the last thing I need to focus on and that’s not true cause you’re gonna end up working for nothing. There it is. And then right there where you want to go. Like physically, where do you want to go? If you have all the money you need, do you want to go on vacation? Do you want to go to Atwoods? It is so incredibly important that you take the time needed to have these questions right for ask yourself, who do you want to spend time with?

Because even if you have the great vacation, a great bucks truck, silky chickens, but you’re around some idiots. You’re not gonna like it. Nope. And the final thing I’d encourage you to ask yourself, what hours do you want to work? It is so important. Jason, why do we record this show sometimes at four in the morning? Well, those the hours that we want to work there it is there. I prefer to start my day at four in the morning. No, it’s a great way to start your day. I blew through two red lights today because it could, Whoa. I love to wake up at three in the morning and I love to record at four in the morning. I prefer that. Yeah. Why? One, it gets it out of the way and there’s no body who’s going to be awake like you always use the joke.

You know you’re awake before God, but seriously, there’s, you’re talking about managing your inbox and responding to everybody. Even if you were doing that. Yep. I can guarantee you there’s not a single soul who’d be bothering you between three and five. That’s why I do it. There’s no interruptions. It’s amazing. I encourage you, if you’re out there today, write down what kind of vehicle do you want to own? Where would you go? Where do you want to go with all that and now that you have all those, imagine you have all that money. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to spend your time with? Right? Write these things down because you have to design a life that you love or by default you’re going to live a life filled with obligations that you, you’ll end up building a business that you don’t like. True

Google search, silky chicken. You don’t know what it is you’re approved. Come on. How many people have no idea what a silky chicken is? Alright, so now show hands and I want, I want Kevin to look around real quick. How many people here would buy a solar panel? That’s a silky chicken. It’s like a Fraggle for a pet. They act like a cat, but they’re a chicken. It’s so cool. They are cool. They act like they act like a cat, but they’re right in Havana. They ass. That’s my daughter. She’s 14 she raises these things. They act like a, like a, like a cat. They’re very friendly, but they’re a chicken. It’s a chicken cat. Look at they’re the best and they’re like, how much are they being like eight bucks.

$2 a piece. That’s awesome. You know how many of these second buy if I went, it’s this fun. I love them anyway. They’re great. But the problem is the badgers and different animals that eat them. I hate that part. It makes us all cry when we lose one. It’s a constant struggle. Yeah, you’re sick. Now by show of hands, who here would put a solar panel on your house? Hands up really high though. So Kevin, look around. Hands up high. Hands up high. Keep going. [inaudible] okay, so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to bring Kevin up here. We’re gonna meet Kevin. Kevin, come on. Come on up here. Let’s bring Kevin, let’s hear for Kevin.

Yeah, Kevin. All right, let me give you that Mike, we’re gonna help

Kevin here. Okay. So those of you put your hand up, keep your hands up again. So those of you who would buy a solar panel, I would like to pick on you guys first. Your team. Jason will go to both of you guys. Um, what questions would you have for Kevin if you were thinking about buying a solar panel from Kevin and his great team?

So I live in the forest. I don’t know that I would have enough sunlight on my house. It’s not gonna work.

Okay. So how many of you,

right? You’re going to have to treat the trees.

So what I would do is like a no brainer is see if your home qualifies. Um, you probably already have that on your site. I’d also say learn how you can save 2000. My, my no brainer at the top, I’d say learning, you can save $2,000 a year off of utilities and the call to action be, see if you qualify. That’s how it is. So learn how you can save 2000 a year. CA you qualify. Now for me, I’m just trying to tell you for me, unless Obama makes me put a solar panel on my house, I’m not doing it. And then I’d probably break it on purpose so I can use coal. I drive a Hummer though. You know what I’m saying? So it’s a different world views. That’s fine. But you guys would do a solar panel. Um, so let’s talk about that. What questions would you have for Kevin about putting one on your house?

How long does it take? [inaudible]

how long does it take? So you’re thinking return on investment. That’s where I’m thinking. And you said what? Seven to 10 years?

Depends on your electric rates. [inaudible] it goes up average about $20,000 on your house.

So you’re saying it takes seven to 10 years to make your money back knowing that would you do it or not? So how many of you would first care about the price? Those of you who are interested in buying a solar panel, how much the return on investment in the price be? The first question right out the gate. Okay. So that would be, and again, it always keeps, so I would say if I was, if I was doing your commercial, I’d say, ah, my name’s Kevin soak, right? My name is Kevin soak and I started the name of my, what’s it called? Okay. I’m the, I’m the founder of cosmos seller. And a lot of people ask me questions about return on investment in price. So we’ll start with that. First off, if you’re looking at, you can make your money back within seven to 10 years and boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Second thing is we want to see if you qualify cause if you live in the forest, Brian not going to work if you live in a cave won’t work. Um, and so we want to see if you qualify. And now I can tell you it was with the third party lenders we have and the financing, we can make it available for everybody as little as blank per month. How much is it per month?

Uh, it can be $100 to $150.

So let’s say for as little as a hundred dollars a month, you could start saving $200 a month on your utility bills. And how down C so a big, the big no brainer on the homepage, I put zero money down. Learn how you can save $200 a month on your, on your, on your, on your utilities for as little as a hundred dollars a month.

So the problem is all this solar company, we have about 40 solar company dealt with Dallas Fort worth. They’re saying the same thing. I want to be the purple cow like yep.

But they’re not you. So we want to have a video with you sharing your story and a, if I can really give you good marketing tips. Um, where are you from originally? South Korea. That’s a cool story. I love South Korea by the way. North Korea, not so much South Korea. Um, but anyway, but South Korea, I’m serious. So if you guys ever get a chance to go to South Korea, we had family that goes there. It’s kind of, they’re, they’re really, I mean they’re leading, they’re leading the free world. Really cool people. Um, it’s like going into a Utah who’s been to a salt Lake city that’s kind of like going into South Korea. It’s awesome, awesome people, great culture. But I would share your story. Um, the word history means his story. I know it’s offensive, but his, his meaning God, his story, his story. That’s what it comes from. History. So I would share your history, your story. So Hey, my name is Kevin soak. I actually came over here, immigrated. How old were you?


okay. Immigrated here at the age of 31st generation entrepreneur. It’s the but I’m going to buy from you cause I liked your story which doesn’t make sense for logical people. How many people here would buy if everything’s the same, same features. Everyone’s in the same thing would buy from the guy who the first generation immigrant provide for his family who has the most reviews. Honestly. There you go.

All right Jason. I want to take a moment to make sure that we dive into this particular problem that that many people have. I would say most business owners that have come through our coaching program at first struggle with figuring out their purple cow. They struggle with how do I, how are they going to stand out? He said there’s 40 to 50 solar panel companies in the Dallas Fort worth area and he’s saying, how do I stand out? I would say that when I built my DJ company DJ connection, there were 40 or 50 DJ companies. How do I stand out? I would say when we started elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge, there’s 40 to 50 places that cut hair no matter what industry you’re in right now, there are, there are going to be competitors in that industry already and there is sort of, Hey, this just in this, just in there are going to be competitors in your industry, but I think a lot of entrepreneurs think that they’re going to start a business with a revolutionary idea. Yeah, that’s going to be so good. It’s going to sell itself like HVC, but you have to stand out in the clutter of commerce. Do you not? You have to. What happens Jason? Hypothetically, if you have a very nice retail location but people don’t know what’s there, what happens? Well, you don’t get a lot of sales and people don’t know who you are.

What happens if you have a plumbing company and people don’t know that your van even exists when it drives by Jason, will they probably book with somebody else? They’re like, Hey, look at the cool sprinter. What happens if you have a podcast but nobody can find it on the internet? What happens, Jason, when we were doing this for nothing, nobody’s listening, but I think a lot of people say, but there’s, you know, there’s 40 or 50 other companies out there doing exactly what I do and I was pointing out to this particular business conferences 2020 attendee, the fact that he is a first generation immigrant from South Korea, South Korea. He moved here when he was 30 yeah. He emigrated into America at the age of 30 and he started a business. Why is that going to be a cool story if he decides to go, go forward with it and move forward and put the act, make a video on his website where he shares his story in addition to answering the most frequently asked questions.

Why? Why will that resonate with ideal and likely buyers? Well, in that marketplace of what, 40 plus solar people, there’s not a single one that’s telling that story, right? And you’re gonna remember them. Why are you not gonna remember that one? Oh hell yeah. If you were looking for a solar panel for your house and you’re looking at all these, all these different companies and they’re out, they’ll say about the same thing and they’re all about the same price. Yeah. And then one guy comes on there and says, look, um, set up a free quote today so we can see if you, if you qualify a no money down, uh, you know, we have a a hundred percent financing and here’s my story. And he shares his story about why he’s passionate about solar energy and maybe helping to improve the environment as well as sharing his story.

Why is that gonna stick in your head? Why? Well, it’s emotionally triggering. A lot of people love an underdog story or they just like something that’s different. Are you trying to tell me that people buy for emotional reasons? 100% I get outta here. That’s one of the things people like, Oh, that’s not true. Oh, it’s so true. So you’re trying to tell me that people buy ice cream for emotional reasons. Yeah. For breakups. Think about the thing of the time. Think about this. Why do we ever have ice cream? I mean don’t, don’t you and I know that ice cream is not good for us. It’s very not good for us, but why do we have it? It’s one of those things, it’s just, it feels great, but there’s always something attached to it like you did. Do you remember the old light blue bell boxes and how they were like all these different cultural people?

My favorite was the construction worker. They look so happy with it. Yeah, but I’m just saying is a lot of people, I see people, if you go to a gas station on a Friday after work, why do a lot of people go buy six packs of beer? Why is it, is it a logical reason? Are they doing it because it makes sense or is it emotional? It’s emotional. They’re getting ready for the weekend. They just had a hard day or week and they need something to deal with it. They’re there. It is. Why do, why do people eat ice cream? Why do people buy six packs? Why do people smoke? Is it emotional? 100% why do people gamble? Is that emotional? Yeah. Interesting. Very few people, very few of us out there though. Make all of our decisions based on strictly logic. True. So if you want to appeal to your ideal and likely buyers and to stand out in the clutter of commerce, you need this thing called a purple cow. And so Jason and bill Reed, the Seth Goden quote, uh, Seth Godin is the marketing expert who sold his company Yoyodyne to Yahoo back in the and has now gone on to become a

best selling author on Seth Goden. Well, what does Seth Goden say about standing out in the clutter of commerce? So Seth Godin says, in a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. Not standing out is the same as being invisible. Boring is invisible. Remarkable people in products get talked about. So I ask you this question, what can you do today with your business, with your marketing, to stand out in the cluttered world of comedy?

So it’s the story. And the story is tough because you might say, I’m not wanting to be on a video. I’m not right. Yeah. Don’t you like this guy? Kinda, I love immigrants. I hate people who are from here. I’m just kidding. No, but I really do love immigrants. Do you know why I like to hire immigrants though? Cause anyway, can do, I’m going to take a guess as to why I liked how hire immigrants. Seriously. Their work ethic. They work like an immigrant. If I get, I can’t stand white people. So hard to work with white people. I’m not kidding. I have never had, I mean this is interesting cause you’re here. You hear me rant about this. You Mormons and Asians. My favorite clients. True. A Mormon. It’s just a beautiful thing. An Asian. It’s cause like they’ll just knock out the action items. A lot of white people that are like, I’ve got anxiety. Oh dr Breck I know your thing. Thinking

what did I walk into today? It’s a great, it’s, I’m sure that’s probably not how you thought today’s show would go, but you never know. We’ll come into the box, my friend. Thank you. Thanks for having me. How have you, how have you been doing the last couple of weeks? So this is great. Two weeks. I think maybe no, I’ve missed you. Yeah. Well, any highlights this weekend so far? Well, uh, since I last saw you, we did go on a vacation, so that was great. Went down to sunny, Destin, Florida really? And, uh, the wife and family, we had a great time, played in the beach, got sand in all the wrong places. Oh. Um, but uh, yeah. And then we’ve also been looking to hire a new office manager who had been going through the group interviews. We were fortunate to have about 250 applicants. Wow. And, uh, we’re down to a, a slim five that are getting winded to shadow.

When did you launch the group interview process? Uh, two weeks ago. So in two weeks you’ve already found five good candidates. We have eight. You’re doing what, what process are you doing? The group interviews that you recommended us do that, that you’ve, uh, talked about many times, hear on the radio. Um, and so we put out a, uh, a post on Facebook and indeed and a the same post we’re in both places. And, um, I don’t know if it was how it was written or if there was just, I feel like the job market is really strong, but we had a lot of, a lot of candidates love this. This right here is perhaps my favorite story of the week. I’m serious. You know why? You know why I’m so excited about this? Um, because you, you, how many kids do you have? I have three. Oh, how many wives do you have? One. Okay. Yeah. It’s just so fun. It’s so fun. I am Mormon. Hey. Hey, listen here. Listen here. But more than before you throw out that there, there are different

factions. There are other Orman say on a polygamous Mormon. But I also know I’m woman of any type. Not yet. You’re not. Not yet. We’ll get there. Wait, no, I want to, I’m excited about this because I know how passionate you are about your wife and I know how passionate you are about your kids and it is exciting to me to hear that you are able to go on a vacation. Yeah. Which as we talked about earlier, Jason on the show, and I know dr Brex just walking into this laser show here, but to do, but my goals, I was telling Jason my goals for the year is I’m, I’m getting a a box van. Let me show it to you real quick. This is, this is what I’m buying here. So this is a box van. Let me make, let me pull it up here.

The look of it and doing a search for it. Let me look for it. Does a box van, is this the one I’m in the process of buying my next vehicle right here. This is want me to get, so I’m like this right here. I’ve got one for $4,500 it’s got like 160,000 miles on it and he’s going mobile or, well you get this, we usually get this, this box van and the, and if you can picture this, there’s a monkey here, right? It’s going to say stop monkeying around. Yes. Listen to the world’s best business podcast. And then he’s got the monkey’s going to have headphones on. Cause what kind of monkey wears headphones. Right. To me that’s my goal. The forever eat from my vehicle. That’s my goal. The box van. But the monkey might, my goal for Mike going to be like your daily driver.

But yeah, kinda take the place of the humble. I mean the Hummer I think is a beautiful vehicle. It is. It’s never going to die. I mean yeah cause I don’t drive it fast. I don’t drive it far and I changed the oil. That thing. I mean that thing has hundreds of thousands of miles probably. I think it’s like 200,000 plus miles on it right now. Wow. And the humble would have a name. Do you name your vehicles? That’s a Kim Jong. But that, that vehicle, what’s, what’s great about it is it’s a fun vehicle to drive it and stuff, but it doesn’t, the wrap is starting to wear off and I need to put another rap on it, but I fucking need more canvas so I, so I’ve got, again, you can do the top for those people that are in high rise buildings, they can just look down on you.

If you’re, that’s a great idea. So I’m going to get this, I’m going to get this vehicle wrapped up. Like that’s my plan. So the, as far as the vehicle, that’s my plan. Yeah. Silky chickens are what I like to do with my time. Freedom. I love. Yes. Yesterday I bought four more chickens, not silkies by about female chickens. Fabulous. There’s a lot of fun. I love, I love silky chickens and I don’t like vacations at all. Yeah. But that’s what I like. Right. And then you were explaining what you like, but the business exists to serve you. And you could, years ago you could not have gone on this trip because you would be personally reading the resumes. There were, there were several years that we did not go on any kind of vacation at all. You would have back in the day though, you would have interviewed every candidate one-on-one.

You hold long. That takes 250 resumes. 250 hours. Well, we probably would’ve. Yeah, I would’ve gone through every resume. So 250 resumes and I would have interviewed, you know, probably 50 of them. And according to inc magazine, this just in 85% of candidates lie on their resumes, so it’s a complete waste of time. Reading fiction books know, Hey, I’m looking for an office manager, therefore I’m going to spend my day reading fiction books. But again, you’ve implemented the group interview and that is so powerful. That is so powerful. Now I was talking at the conference and we, and we, when we last exited the conference audio, I was talking about why I love to hire people with a good work ethic, right? Specifically I was ranting and it is true. Did I love having Mormon employees and I love Asian employees, right? I’ve never had an Asian employee with a poor work ethic yet, or a Mormon with a poor work ethic yet.

Right? And I was joking, but I was actually being truthful. I have a hard time with white people and I am a white person. I have myself, no, but this is an issue because there’s a lot of people who are entitled. So if you’ve grown up middle-class, I’m sure you’ve seen this. Yeah. If you’ve grown up middle class, it can be very easy to mail it in at work. What a comfort. Yeah. The people don’t have any higher expectation of themselves. I think that’s the difference with the immigrants is they know that they’re coming with a dream and a hope and they want something more. Um, but actually had a conversation just earlier this week, a patient who employs people. Um, and oftentimes those people are Hispanic. Yes. And uh, she was saying that the younger Hispanic people are second generation, second generation now Americanized. Oh. Um, and are not as willing to work.

I’ve just thrown it out there for you. Entitlement kills motivation. And so what I do when I interview candidates, whether you’re Mormon or you’re Asian or you’re African-American or you’re white, I’m looking for people that have the grind, that have the hustle, have that mentality needed to get stuff done. If you don’t, I don’t want you on my team. And I think that’s where a lot of people get it wrong is they hire people based on their skill, but not based on their character. Right. You want to hire for character. And then train for skill. You know, without any further ado, we go back into the conference. Audio dojo of mojo is we talk about why I don’t like to hire white people. Wow. So we just fixed your problem, have a video that answers all those questions and then tell your story and you’re going to get sales. If you had the most reviews that helpful. Super Kevin soak.

Yeah. All the way from South Korea and Kevin, I’m going to give you a gift.

One of my life goals was to have enough money so I could buy new socks every day. And I literally buy new socks every day. And these are my new socks. I bought some extras. Here you go.

This is so important that you listen today to today’s show. And it doesn’t just, uh, you don’t allow to show just to pass you by worry and then an an an an an an shoot. Oh, that was a nice idea. No, this needs to be a show where you pee, you hit the brakes, you pull it over, you pull it over, you get to the shoulder of the road, boom, boom, boom. And you write down your goals because if you’re not careful, life will you by shoo. And then you get hit by a bus and then you’re dead. So it’s so important that you do not let this show pass. You buy box trucks, silky chickens, no vacations. Listen, if you were married, to me, that’s what your life would be a box truck. So two chickens and no vacations, which is why I’m convinced there’s only one person in this whole world who could tolerate me.

But I encourage you to figure out what you want to do with your life. So I’m going to share with you by default what’s gonna happen. And then Jason, I would like for you to, to, to, to pontificate as to why this happens. And then dr Breck, when he starts to get way in left field, feel free to interrupt him. Okay? By default, this is what’s going to happen. You are going to go to college and get an alarming amount of debt, then you’re going to have probably two kids, one to two kids. A lot of people say you should probably have just two, but maybe one, one or two. And, and you’re not going to get married now by default, this is the cultural norm. Now you go to college, you don’t get married till after college cause you shouldn’t do it until after.

So you’re gonna have a live in boyfriend or girlfriend or somebody and then you’re gonna get married after college, about 27 or 28, you’re going to have one or two kids. You’re going to drive a Honda, a, a, maybe a Prius. You’re gonna have, uh, an environmentally eco-friendly, hybrid [inaudible] vehicle. You are going to have a McMansion somewhere. A house that is a very nice, not, not two nights now, now that now he’s centric. You can’t have a, you got it. You can not, not too small. You don’t want to live in a, a container house or you don’t want to live in a mansion. You, you want to be in the middle. You want to do the McMansion, you want to go to college, you get some debt, not get married until after college, after you’ve had your, you don’t have kids until after you’re 27 28 and then you’re going to be in debt your whole life. And then when you’re 65 and your body starts to kind of fall apart, then you start to think about retiring. But you got go ahead and work those extra couple of years cause you wanna retire and now you’re 67 68 the prime years of your life. Many of them have passed you by. And then you find yourself listening to this podcast and you say to yourself, Frick, I’m 70 years old.

That’s what’s going to happen if

you’re, if you’re not intentional, right? I mean, Jason, talk to me about how most people cause you, how old are you? 26 so am I, am I correct it? Tell me if I’m right on step on. Do most people now feel like you have to go to college? Absolutely. Do most people your age, like you shouldn’t get married until after college? Yup. Do most people your age have some type of student debt they’ve earned a majority. Most do. Most people your age like that you shouldn’t have more than maybe one or two kids. Yeah. Why? Because it’s some weird programming that everybody’s just subscribed to. And so like you said, you know, you go through these motions, you spend four to 10 years in college depending on what you want to do. Yep. You racking up that debt by the time you get out, not only have you wasted those years, you’ve got no plan and now your credit sucks.

So everything else that you put on the back burner, like house car, that’s going to be affected because you decided to wait because you want it to go with whatever the new social norm was as opposed to just putting down what you want your goals to be and then freaking working towards them at business conferences 2020. I just kind of put it out there because I’d want people to know the idiosyncrasies and I just wanna be real about it. I do buy new socks every day and I’ll tell you why I like it. It’s true. They feel great and I’m not really a fan of. The second time I wear a sock, it’s not as good. And so I do buy, I do. I don’t know why. I just, I like it. And you might say, well Vanessa doesn’t know what she was signing up for. I don’t know your songs.

Yeah, I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t want, we’d been, I don’t think we ever had that conversation. I just keep buying them and then every once in a while I put them in like a big container and then we’ll wash them and Vanessa’s like we now have 400 pairs [inaudible] or what’s going on? Like what are the last year and a half I’ve been buying new socks are, but I’m saying the kids like sock puppets, let’s, let’s make some sock puppets. It’s not that expensive of a weird idiosyncrasy. And I like it. Some people get Starbucks everyday. I buy a new pair of socks. I probably no cost difference. That’s why I say it might be cheaper to get new socks and I’m just saying that is, that is what I’m into, right. Box trucks, silky chickens, no vacations and new socks every day. Yup. But Jason, when you put that out there, when you, when you put it out there, when you start to explain to your friends that you have an idiosyncrasy, what tends to happen?

They look at you weird. Like what’s funny is the past couple of years that I’ve been working here, especially in this last year that I’ve been doing the podcast and coaching more, we’ll have like friends who are still in college at this point still in college, 26 mind you and I see them for like their winter break and you know, go to a social gathering and I’m telling them, yeah I have to leave by nine 30 so I can go to bed. And I’m like, Whoa, what, when did you become such an old man? It’s Friday. I’m like, yeah but Saturday I get up at four so I can record at five in the look on their face is always priceless. Like why do you do that? Cause it’s my dream to have a podcast and I’m learning a crap ton so you guys can stay out doing what you’re doing.

I’m going to go and work towards my goals and dreams. Now this is what you mean. This is what’s interesting. I was I yesterday, uh, Jason, do you know I spent most of my day yesterday? Um, I observed you with a lot of onboarding and coaching, but I’m not sure what you did after the season. This is, this is why I, if you’re out there listening, I’m just helping you design the life you’re going to love. I’m just trying to give you examples. Yesterday, our first meeting, Jason, when you and I met our first meeting was at what time? It was at 5:00 AM right and we had a client meeting at five [inaudible]. What kind of man meets his clients? I do 5:00 AM give me at a client meeting at six six client meeting at seven. So at five o’clock we’re talking to a guy about his outdoor living company.

This was on a Saturday on a Saturday, six, eight apps to him because he was wide awake. He didn’t give you that whole life. Cause he’s my people. He’s an entrepreneur. If you’re a yarn and at six in the morning, you’re not my kind of guy. So 5:00 AM though. We’re doing the outdoor living business. Six o’clock we’re talking to the ophthalmologist, dr Tim Timothy Johnson, who by the way, this is him laughing [inaudible] so good. Anyways, so we did a call with him and then it’s seven who’d we talked to at seven? We talked to seven. We talked to it wasn’t onboarding clients onboarding Louis. No, not Lewis with Mario. Mario did he talked to Mario? Is it Mario? Did we talked to Mario? Did we say Jason? Here’s [inaudible] Bruno Bruno. We talked to Bruno. Yes. Bruno’s the man. That is what we did. But I don’t think that’s what we did.

I think, I think get seven Oh seven we talked to morning glory, the breakfast place based in satellite beach, Florida. Who is, it’s Papa Gallo’s, their second business. They’ve been a client of ours for years. They opened their second company then at then, then, Oh yes. Then we talked to Bruno about his business. True. So again, then the rest of the day I went home and my kids are swimming, having fun at friends over. And so I decided to do the craziest thing yesterday. Oh man. I looked up everything there is to know about Craig Rochelle. Yes. Everything. And I wrote it into a document that I’ll show, uh, dr Breck here for accountability. So, right. I actually did it. So here it is. This is everything there is to know about Craig Rochelle. It’s how many pages long? How’d you see that number? I see 50. You know what research?

Oh yeah. Talking about that you’re like yeah, you after this. Cause you were explaining how important it is to one of the, one of the, no, it was two a morning glory. You’re explaining how important it is to set time aside to do things. And you said verbatim. Yes. So this weekend I’m going to go home and I’m going to write 20 pages on Craig. Rochelle. Yeah. [inaudible] what am I saying? Get over achiever award number one because I think he’s a very, very interesting man. I agree. But I was reading all the quotes from the book he wrote called weird. This book is so good. If you’re out there in Europe, a Christian, you’re going to love this book. If you’re not a Christian, I think you’ll still, I still love this book, but this is what he says. Craig Rochelle, pastor Craig Rochelle, the pastor of the largest, the largest evangelical church in America with over a hundred thousand members. He says, normal people live, distracted, rarely fully present. Weird people. Silence the distractions. Remain fully in the moment.

That is hot. Craig. Craig, that’s hot. Craig, I’ll give you a mega point. So let’s talk about that for a second though. Doesn’t break. Why is it important that you as the husband, you as the business owner or you as the dad, that you are intentional about where you want to go and grow with your family? Oh, well I love present time, consciousness hearing. Um, and uh, yeah, I think it’s absolutely critical cause you’re the leader. Um, you know where I’m, where I’m trajectory. Um, that’s where the family’s going. So if I don’t have a plan for where we’re headed, we’re just gonna flounder. We’re gonna wander in the wilderness. And so, uh, I think it’s a highly important but not only a, to kind of have that vision and dream, but then you’d have to put the action steps to it. So think about this for a second though.

What would happen by default if you did not set the standard for what you wanted your life to be like? Well, I think it’d be that, that idea of the 40, 40, 40, and that’s, you know, he worked 40 hours a week for 40 years and then try to live on 40% of what you really couldn’t live on in the first place. Um, and that’s just not enough. Um, I expect more of myself, I hope, uh, more for my family and, um, no, I’ve got big goals, big dreams, and so doing the same thing as everybody else isn’t gonna get me there. And now back into the conference, audio dojo of mojo.

We’re going to take a brief brief break where we answer all the questions on the board in just a minute. We’ll come back at 10 but I want to show you a quick video because we talked about, remember we, we, I don’t want to get lost if you leave here without answers, I’m a bad teacher and I can’t handle that. Okay, so one is the goals. We got that right. Two hours we’re willing to work, right? Three, we got the value proposition for branding. We all get branding. We’re all good. If you find yourself in a room with the marketing guy saying the color blue represents hope and green represents dictatorship. And so what we want to do is do you want to do dictatorship or hope you ever been in with a marketing guy who’s talked to you like logos or like who’s ever met with a marketing guy who’s talked to you for hours about logos? We should have a rendering by next.

What are you doing here? Yeah. [inaudible] that at a cuneiform on some Papyrus there. Big shooter. Okay. Dr Breck, you’ve been in business for how long now? Dr Breck dot. Com 16 years. 16 years. Yeah. 16 years you’ve been in business. Have you ever hired a marketing guy that talked to you way too long about logos and what they made a little too familiar, too comfortable? Yes. Marketing. Jacqueline is exactly what you’re talking about when they’re like, blue represents green. I’m like, yeah, let me hurt. I’ve heard that whole spiel. I gotta tell you this. This is really funny. There was a marketing guy years ago who I used to advise churches and so this pastor comes in and he’s convinced that his logo is the logo that God wants him to have. Absolutely. Because it’s blue. Right? And some marketing guys can say that the color blue is more tranquil.

It represents optimism, hope, peace, peace, all that stuff. You name it. Yeah. Well then then his wife comes in and says that she believes that needs to be yellow because that represents urgency and awareness and alertness in like a school bus. It gets your attention when you’re driving by. You can’t not see it. Right. And he’s pitching blue. Oh man, that was quite a battle cause it’s the marketing guy and the pastor going against the pastor’s wife and the voice of God in a circular argument and then somebody throws in, God told me. Right. Oh wow. And I’m just telling you, if you’re out there building your business today, you don’t have time to sit there and pontificate about logos for hours and hours and hours. Now you’ve got to define what you want your life to look like and freak. If you, if you want your logo to be red because you like red than do it, do it, do it.

The business exists to serve you. You’ve got to get intentional man. Intentional about designing the life you want a box, truck, silky chickens, no vacations, buying new socks every day and red, white and blue. That’s what I’m all about. I uh, I once waited for a logo for about a month and he came back looking like, um, kind of like butterflies, innocence. And I was like, I think you missed it here. I dunno. They were the temp tentacle type things going in different directions. And I was like, okay, if you could scrap all the rest of that and it just still has my name, that’d be great. So we’re gonna, we’re gonna play the game. We’re gonna play the game. You’re dr Breck and you get a chance to win mega points. All right? So if I say, now again, this is going to be, I say this, you say that.

So it’s like I say this and you said, so Jason were to play the game as well. Okay. Right. So this is what happens is I’m going to say box truck, right? And then you’re going to say, you’re like, you know what vehicle’s perfect for you or I’m going to say silky chickens. You’re going to say what kind of pet you want to know pet at all? No, I’m going to say no vacations. You’re going to say where you’d like to go on vacation. We’re no vacations as well. I’m going to say buy new socks. Oh, buy new socks. Everyday you’re going to say what you would want to buy every day. I’m going to say red, white, and blue. When it comes to logos and colors, you’re gonna say whatever you wanna say. I’m going to say favorite people. I’m going to say Kanye West, Donald Trump.

And you’re going to say whoever you want to say, and we’re going to play this game into our heads explode. All right. All right, so I’m going to say Atwoods. That’s my favorite store at woods and guitar center and hobby lobby at guitar center. Hobby lobby. And then you’re going to say whatever you, whatever you want to say. I’m going to say far right, libertarian and you’re going to say whatever you want to eat. We’re gonna play this game at two. Our heads explode, but I won’t make you do politics. I’ll, I’ll do politics, but you don’t have to comment. W we should ramp up because I got invited to the, uh, the Beto meet and greet today, so I gotta get as political as possible. What is the better meet and greet? Beto O’Rourke, the new, like democratic, like hot shot guy out of Houston.

He’s going to be in Tulsa. I got a text yesterday that like, Hey, you coming up to the meet. I’m like, I don’t know who you are. So sure. I think I’m next. Like I think I might be handling the marketing now for a, a mayor candidate. Oh, uh, he’s locally. Yeah, he’s currently the mayor. Okay. And he, they’ve reached out and they want me to represent him and do all the marketing for them. There you go. And I think it’s going to get political up in here. People want to get paid. But here’s the thing, I’ll, because the vast majority of our clients understand what capitalism works, right. I don’t tend to represent, uh, I would never more help someone market as a socialist. But anyway, so we’re going to get into it. I’m going to mention now what’s the, I’ll take off of politics.

I’m gonna add in the Patriots. Okay. I’m the Patriots. Like my favorite sports team. You put in whatever team you want. All right, I’m going to, I’m going to go with a, I’m gonna write down BBC live lounge cause that’s my favorite music to listen to. BBC live lounge. I’m gonna write that down. Um, I’m gonna, I’m gonna write right down. Yeah. BBC live lounge. So I’m gonna, you know, I’m, I’m going to say box truck. You say whatever you want to say. Vehicle wise. I’m going to say silky chicken. You say whatever you want to say. Cause we’re just, we’re designing the life that we want to live. Okay. Right. I’m going to say no vacations. You’re going say whatever. I’m just gonna buy new socks every day. I’m going to say red, white and blue. I’m gonna say Connie and Trump. I’m going to say Atwood’s guitar center. Hobby lobby. I’m going to say pay Patriots. I’m going to say BBC. Live lounge. I’m going to say one wife. You might say seven. Wow. Wow. That might be something you’re in.

I’m gonna say five kids. I’m gonna say five kids.

I’m going to say swimming pools. My idiosyncrasy, I enjoy swimming in all the time. Swimming pool. It’s kind of a fun, uh, you know, materialistic purchase, swimming pool. And then, so I believe we have enough now to have that. Have a fun game here. So here we go. If you get, if you get it right, you gotta make a point. If you get it wrong. Again, we’re talking about designing the life that you want. If you get it wrong, wrong, if you get it wrong, then you lose 4,000 mega points. So here we go, Jason. I say, no. You know what I need. I need the right music. Let me, let me get the right music. Go and let me get some, need, some kind of a, let me get it here. This is [inaudible] get some news. Music. Okay. Oh, I think I got it. Here we go. Now guys, I gotta get the right, the right of guys at the mood right here. So noon license fee I need, it’s a M D news. Music. Yes. News music. License free. Okay, here we go. Hurry up.

It’s Justin. Jason’s perfectly okay. Here we go. Love designing the perfect life with clay Clark for a chance to win 5,000 mega points. Jason. I say box truck. I say Chevelle. Super sport. Would you say Chevelle? SuperSport I’m sorry about wrong answer. Let’s try again. Jason. I say silky chickens. And you say cane Corso.

What’d you say? Cane Corso. What does that mean? Oh, have you never seen the canned core? So it’s like the world’s most perfect dog.


wrong again. Okay. On this episode of design your life, you are, you’re wrong. Okay? I say no vacations and you say also no vacations. Oh bro, you went, do you want to make a point? Okay. I say buy new socks every day. And you say buy new drum equipment.


You’re not good at this game at all. You’re supposed to design your life the way I want it to be. Oh, I see that you’re not, you’re not doing it cause I’m asking you about how you want your life to be. Right, but you’re not doing it the way I want it to be. Therefore, it has to be wrong. I misunderstood. Which is why you shouldn’t bring up to your staff what color they think your logo should be. Nobody know. It’s going to have no to pitch to people who will agree on everything. Let us continue on this edition of design your life with clay Clark for 5,000 mega points. Jason, I say red, white and blue. And you say black and yellow.


you’re getting all these answers. You’re for Rocky though. I mean in whiskey. LIFO. I say people that I, that I admire, people who are getting things done, people that I look up to and say, wow, I say Kanye West, Donald Trump, you say I’d agree with Kanye West, but I see you’re Donald Trump and I raise you Kendrick Lamar. Alright. Atwoods guitar center, hobby lobby. And you say, Oh, I’ll agree with guitar center, but I’m going to go with sprouts and target. I’ll give you sprouts. Give me sprouts. Now target. They got, they got that one weird bathroom and so, Oh, I’ve [inaudible] bathroom. No, they’re there. You’re, you’re, you’re upset in the far right audience here with that target choice. I’ve been boycotting target now for several years now. I’m just kidding. Alright, so now let’s talk about the Patriot. That’s my favorite sport team. Uh, what, what say you UFC, go ahead and hit it.

Shout out to Justin Wren. Hey Justin. I love you. I just think there’s baby, um, a healthier sport we could be playing, but, but anyway, so, uh, but don’t, don’t, don’t fight me. I want to going gonna pounding people’s heads. Yeah. Justin rent. If you come to Tulsa, I promise you when we start debating about whether MMA is a good thing or not, I’ll immediately switch my opinion. But don’t you get, but then when you leave the room, I’m going back to my hand tie in and that is at least two. Three of me. Okay. I say one wife Jason, and you say one wife. I say five kids. And you say to Terry about this? I say the best music to listen to if you’re having folks over background music is to me it is the BBC live live lounge. No, I just say gloved BBC live lounge. I would 100% agree with that. I say a swimming pool. And you say also Kendrick Lamar. It’s a great song. As an inside joke, I suggested a swimming pool as a materialistic purchase that I like. And you’ve responded with Kendrick Lamar, you can try to purchase him? No, it’s one of his biggest songs. What? Swimming pools. What? He has a song called swimming pools. It’s like one of his biggest singles.

Kendrick Lamar. I don’t know who you are. I know he is, but I did not know that was, it was one of the biggest, biggest songs cause I don’t listen to Kendrick Lamar so maybe I should educate myself and listen to more Kendrick Lamar. Okay. Now dr [inaudible] we’ll play the game with you and sure. It’s designing very optimistic. Yeah. Yeah. We want to design the life that you want to live cause certainly nobody’s going to do it for you. And by the way, no two people agree on everything. So you have to be intentional about designing the life that you want to live. So let’s go with a, I say box truck and you say classic Ford Bronco. Well you know what I I take that back cause it Bronco, a Fort Broncos, kind of like a box truck. It’s kind of boxy. They’re both vehicles and he doesn’t have near as much canvas though.

Look, we found common ground cause they’re both kind of the same. Their vehicles. This is what people do though. This is the kind of crap people do. They go, well let’s find common ground. I disagree with that. Let’s find ground. That’s yours and ground. That’s mine. Let’s not sit there and have you ever seen people that have designed their office while compromising the entire way? Yes, it does. It does. Anyone like it? No. Everyone’s pissed. But if two people are debating, one person can be right and one can be wrong and you move on. You don’t have to find, get off. This socialistic idea includes inclusive or everybody has to agree on everything all the time. Get out of here. Okay. Silky chickens. And you say what? Dr Rick German shepherd. That’s right. Poor, poor like that. I say no vacations ever. And you say what? Fiji?

No I can’t. I want to. I want to get you to make a point. I’m not gonna give you bang. I want a part of you wanting to South Pacific. Yeah, you can tilt so bad this, this show is dividing us so much. I wanted to get you make a point, but then I pulled back. Okay, here we go. Let me give you time to get my wife places where she’s a less Clint. Whoa, Whoa. Okay. Here we go. On this edition of design your life with clay Clark. I asked the tough questions. I say buy new socks every day and you say, Oh, goodness sounds tough. Um, protein shakes. Okay, I’ll, I’ll give you that one. Although it’s a, it is a poor life choice. You made think okay. No. I say red, white and blue. Best colors ever. America. And you say, ah, business-wise, a blue, gray and orange. B a Broncos. But I use my logo. Kanye West, Donald Trump. You say, Oh, I’m Oprah Winfrey. Um, Oh, that’s all you need. You know what? I hate to hit the button. I’ll, I’ll go. I’ll go. I’ll give it to you, but a, I’m worried about your life choices. Okay. We continue. So I say Atwood’s guitar center, hobby lobby, the best stores in the world. And on this edition of design your life with clay Clark, you say what? Academy? Um,

David Robinson owns it. I’ll give you a mega point. Yeah, a whole foods. I’m trying. I don’t, did you say whole chick? Yeah. Okay. I’m going to have to deduct all your makeup on. She had some yet. You could make up points, but you’ve lost several there. Hopefully your morale improves here. Your, your focus. It’s, it’s a tough negative at this point. Yeah. You know what you are, you’re like a a third grade rightfielder where you’re the kid picking dandelions. Wait a minute, his mom not even mentally participating in this game. You can be winning so easily playing basketball. Now Jason, I’m gonna let, let’s play the game. Let’s teach Dr. Brock how to win this game. All right? Because remember this game is called design your life with clay Clark. Yep. Okay, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna say my favorite thing. Okay. And then you just repeat back to me that it is also your favorite thing.

Like, like a mindless drone and then you win. Okay. Cause this is what society wants you to do, right? Right. So here we go. Jason Ang, the perfect vehicle, the perfect vehicle at the perfect time for the perfect person is a box man. What’s say you, Oh, the perfect vehicle is a box fan. Yes, he’s good game. He fucks people. That’s what society is wanting you to do. Seriously. If you’re not careful, you’re going to say I should go to college because everyone says you should. I should have two kids cause everyone says you should. I should drive a Prius because everyone says you should. I should go participate in the local Tulsa fun run and stand up there all day and watch people ride bicycles through the city because I should be a part of my local community. I’m asking should you, maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t.

I can tell you this. Those bicycle races I see around town, I take issue with the seats. Yes and I take issue with the men that the pants, the men the men are wearing. It’s like a Thomas crossing. One of our clients, he started a, a real estate company, a for real estate photography company called full package media and I think that’s, that’s what they should call those fighting. You’re going full package media because those things are just, I mean those things are, those are dirty. If you seen those things, he’s a purple cow. The next Tulsa tough. He should just print those and just right there on the crush full package. Thomas, that’s a free idea, man. Okay, so let’s continue folks. Let’s continue. So we’re talking now about Patriots. Let’s say you went back to Jason or me. Back to you. Dr. Beck. Oh, I’m college football guy, so I got to go with Oklahoma state Cowboys.



well folks, some people don’t win the game. Some people do. BBC live lounge, the best music to play when you’re hanging out with friends, you’re just kind of background music. The right vibe. What? Say you, which I actually like BBC lounge. Oh yes, yes. Finally going to guard. This game is on fire. I say one wife and you say one wife. Okay. Five kids. You say three kids.


if you would at least try or I know given we’re talking about designing your life, the life that you want to live. I say swimming pool, great materialistic purchase. You say what? I would agree with that, but I, I’d add a a theater room as well.


You see folks,

the reason why I’m trying to make this show polarizing and hopefully emotionally stimulating and engaging and I’m trying to throw out extreme examples is because you are in danger of Lu losing something. It’s called your one life. And this is what I believe in it and I, I call it self actualization. It’s a uh, Maslow, uh, concept. Very important. Do you remember in college dr Breck talking about Maslow and an [inaudible]? Okay, so let’s talk about this. What Maslow talked about is this thing called positive psychology. Abraham Maslow, he’s one of the few people that talked about positive psychology. There’s a lot of Freud where he’s talking about negative psychology, like why you hate your dad or why you’re mad at your mom or why you’re upset or why you can’t be confident or why you look down when you talk or why you don’t set big goals or whatever dysfunction you have.

There’s a lot of research into that. But Maslow decided to go a different route. I love this Maslow guy. He decided to study the theory of human motivation, positive psychology of what you could do to have the best life now the best life possible. He was like a, a well-researched, uh, he’d almost be like modern day Jolo steam. So he researched though the science of it and he found when you put positive things into your mind, then positive things come out. If you put negative things, negative things come out positive and positive out, negative and negative. Out he did. He, he studied that. But he also discovered that if you spend your life doing what you were meant to do, you’re really, really going to be happy, right? Yes. But if you spend your life doing what you were meant not to do, you will not be happy.

Right? That is so important. If you’re out there today, I mean, Jason Euro, you’re a, uh, get a very, um, skilled communicator. You’re a very good active listener. Um, you, you come across as like you’re sincerely listening and you make connections with people and you’ve done that at elephant in the room and the call center. When you started, you did that as an assistant manager, as a manager, and now as a coach. I mean, don’t you feel like you’re finally singing a song that you were born to sing? I do like when people ask me, why do you like coaching? It is tell them it’s because I like to actively listen to what people have to say so I can help them see. But that’s something I knew about you pretty quickly. There are some people on our team who I would never ask to be in that role because they are clearly passionate about video, all gruffy and they love making video.

They love making the art, right? So you put them in that position. There are certain people that love rejection. They eat that rejection for breakfast. They love cold calls, that kind of person. You want to get them on the phone if you can. Yeah. But if you’re not careful and you die a slow death of a thousand compromises doctor Brecker, what’s going to happen? What would maybe did happen for a while? Cause it happened to me when I first built DJ connection.com before I got good at saying no. Yeah, I found my schedule filled with go to this chamber event. You turn this guy’s call, respond to this person’s email, go to this chamber event, respond to this guy’s email return. This guy’s call, my entire day was spent reactively. Right. Can you explain what, what, what the dangers of not being intentional about your life are?

Well, I tried to do several things that other people had just told me to do. You kind of lose myself in the process and uh, that didn’t work at all for me. I just found myself banging my head on the wall and getting nowhere if, but now. Now that you’re intentional, how’s your life different now that you are intentional doing? Oh, the group interview series different. We’ve been doing the group interview, having a schedule that you’re making for yourself, um, being intentional about getting reviews. You’re being intentional, you’re no longer reactive. It’ll how’s your life different? It’s completely different. It’s night and day. Um, I don’t even know where to begin. Um, I mean we actually, we have money in the bank. There it is a amount of time freedom and

we’re working towards more, um, you know, I, uh, I live in a home that I enjoy. There it is. Uh, I’ve got a staff around me that I like and, and enjoy it. You know, coming to work and seeing each person that’s a part of the team. Um, yeah, it’s, it’s significantly different. That is why we do what we do. And now we’ve got that. With any further ado, let’s go back into the conference audio

three legged marketing stool. We got that. But then I don’t know if we have this part, why are we doing it? But why, why, why are we doing, this is why I’m going to show you mine. This is why I do what I do. I got two, two, two reasons why. One. I believe that God gave me

certain series of giftings that’s made it easy for me to grow businesses. I don’t know why that is. I don’t know why I’m singularly interested in that thing. It is so important that you do not move on with your day until you sit down and define why you’re doing what you’re doing in the business just exists to serve you. You don’t want to be a slave to your business. The business needs to be a slave to you. You want to build a business that serves you. You wanted to find your goals, to find your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. You want to define your goals for your faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship, and fun. And dr Breck. Yes sir. You are a guy who is now proactive, intentional. Kim, can we improve? Yeah, we can all improve.

There’s things, there’s things that you want to do better. I want to do better. We all want to improve for sure. How healthy is it now that you truly know what you’re doing? Well, I’m very visual, so I actually keep the images of the life that I most desire right in front of me. And so, uh, it’s maybe a concept people have heard of before, but it’s called a mind movie. And so, uh, I just got on Google, searched for certain images that resonated with me for how I want my day, my life to look like. And now I keep those images in front of me and it’s truly amazing. How many of those images have come to life. Can you share maybe a couple things on that, those images that have come to life? Yeah, absolutely. Um, so, uh, there were some vehicles that I picked out.

Um, and uh, yeah, one of the craziest stories was, um, one of the vehicles was a Mercedes C class really, and this was years ago, but a friend of mine, um, as oddly as it may sound, had a lease where he had two few miles, um, spent on his lease where he was going to just lose money really by turning it in with too few miles, really. And so he asked me to drive his Mercedes. Uh, you know, for a couple of different, uh, opportunities, a couple of different weekends and, um, so it didn’t cost me anything, but yet I found myself driving that exact vehicle that I had picked out a picture. Um, when I got together with dr Kini, um, I had picked out a couple of pictures of, uh, ladies that were in scrubs that looked like they were happy to be at work.

Who are the, who’s dr Keeney? He’s the, the partner that I bought out. Got it. Okay. And, uh, years ago now. Um, but um, his CA’s very much like eerily similar in appearance to the ladies that I picked out on our CAS, uh, chiropractic assistants. Yeah. Um, so there was one that was blonde. There was one that was a kinda looked Hispanic. There was one, um, that, uh, was, um, kind of a thin, darker haired woman like Burnett. And, um, his CA’s at the time looked just like those ladies that I just picked out pictures of women in scrubs that, you know, look like they were happy at work.

Hmm. If you’re out there, you need to, you need to, you need to act on this. Everybody I know who successful writes down their goals and puts them where they can see them. Everybody I know who is successful does this. Yeah. Very few people do this because people are worried about, that’s weird. That’s weird. I don’t want to be weird. I’m weird. I think people worry so much about being weird. Yeah. Hey, I sent my daughter to a private school. I wish you wanted to switch schools, one of those weirdo schools, and I won’t tell you what school it is, but she’s switching back to the other school. She was in there for a couple of days and it just wasn’t her because she is a kid who likes to have, uh, you know, silky chickens and likes to have kind of a smaller school and, uh, wants to have more of a intimate tour or more of a personalized relationship with her professors and with her teachers.

And, and uh, and then we’ve chosen to homeschool the other kids. Right. And again, you might say, that’s weird. You guys are weird, man. Crazy. You’re crazy. You’re crazy. Parson. Put that right there when you’re East centric. That’s what, so that is what success looks like. It’s East centric because Cedric is not successful. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Somebody should write that down. According to Gallup, Gallup, take a guest. Dr Brett guests. What percentage of people hate their jobs according to college? Oh man. Um, hate their jobs. According to Gallup. What percentage of American people out there today hate their jobs?

I don’t know if I want to say 80 or 85% I’m going to say 80. I’m going to have you come over here. Got a look. You can, you can just, and then you can, what’s that number? What do you see here? You see, Oh, right there. What’s the number? 70% 70% of people according to Forbes, hate their jobs. 70 77 70 think about this. Think about this for a second. Oh no, no, no. I don’t want to think about it. Think about it. This is what’s crazy. This is crazy. This is real stuff. I’m trying to help you in people. Seven of them are really hating their child. According to the U S chamber. Jason, what percentage of employees steal from the workplace? 75 Whoa. 75% of people steal from the workplace. In 70% of people hate their jobs. It’s the same. Seven, right? Jason gonna make this job work.

85% of people. What? Lie on their resumes. Yes. What this means is most people are going the wrong direction, so don’t ask them. Don’t ask them for directions. Don’t pull over and say, Hey, Hey Mandy, do you know where you’re going? Hey man. Hey Mandy, do you know which way to get to Tish access? Hey man, do you know, Hey man, what? What? What’s, what direction should I go to find six hours? Well, they’re going to go, I’m going there. I’m going there. Just follow me. And they’re not winning. Cause before we go to Mt. Success before we get to the top, the apex of success. Before we get there, let’s stop by the casino. You see, because this is why most people are not successful. People are so worried about they want to be centric. People want to be centric. Oh yes. People want to be centric.

They want to be liked. That’s what they want. People crave being liked more than designing a life they love. That’s what they want. Everybody wants to be liked. And I’m telling you, I’m telling, I’m telling you, this is how it is. I drive a Homer and you know why? Because it’s distinctive. It’s big and it’s America. But I tell you, I pull that. I pull up my hammer, I drive my Hummer, and he just said, this is before I auto wrapped it. I pull up my Homer to pump gas. People have to open their mouth with an opinion. People have to say something, right? They, they, I don’t bring it up, but you know the people next to you don’t have to. How many miles a gallon is that kid, bro? Bro. So you’re irresponsible, bruh. Okay. As he vapes. So should I say, Hey, you vaping.

That’s irresponsible. You know, it’s amazing how I’ve met people who are smoking or just smoking. If you smoke out there, I don’t hate you. If you smoke just smoking a cigarette. Why? Why? Why? Why while he is pumping gas right now, do you, do you know the problem with that dr Greg, he might blow up, blow up, he could blow you up, but he’s going to look so cool right before then. So I all I’m saying I defined success as this success. Is it a, Napoleon Hill says this, Napoleon Hill says it, an educated man can get what he wants without violating the rights of others. That’s what an educated man is. It somebody who can get what he wants out of life without violating the rights of others. So if my goal is to buy a house and you currently own the house and then I force you through shady shenanigans to sell your house, right?

In my opinion, that is a dishonest, not good thing to do on educating me. Right? But if I can achieve success without violating your rights, that success, right? But the world, I think the world defines success passively aggressively as being liked. Yup. And you know how you get to vote if you want. You know you get the vote if you want to. If you’re out there thinking about running for office, you want to get that vote. Rock the boat. This is how you get the vote. You say, if you’re, if you’re a Democrat, this is what you do. My fellow Americans. How many of you, how many of you’ve come from disadvantage? A place where you have not been able to achieve this?

How many of you feel as though you deserve a livable wage working at minimum wage jobs? You’re in a wage cage and you have found yourself struggling and working and you can’t get ahead. How many of you feel as though Americans deserve a living wage? $15 an hour? Yes. How many of you, how many of you believe that everyone deserves the rights to free college access to education? How many of you believe we should tear down the wall and remove the doors from our houses? Remove the windows from our houses and let everybody come across the border and let every homeless man living your living Rome?


How many of you want free crap?


How many of you want to sleep in and get paid like a boss?


How many of you want free stuff and Santa Claus? Woo. Here comes the applause. This guy’s given us Santa Claus. Now

you wanna win the Republican vote. First off, we’re red tie, white shirt blue. Yes it is power tack. And you say, now you don’t have to come a country vibe to it and want to say, now my fellow Americans, we uh, here gathered here at this a Memorial. You always want to be near a Memorial or veterans were somehow involved cause that’s going to get, and we’re here and the reason they’re there needs to be like a big, like a big jet behind you. Like a, like a, like a military vehicle has to be behind you as you’re talking, right? Muscle Americans, we are all gathered here at it. Uh, the such and such air force base. And I’ll tell you, um, how many of y’all, um, how many y’all today we’re reading your Bible. While I was reading my Bible this morning, and uh, I was, oddly enough, I had some two guns on my desk and I had some gold there and I was reading my Bible and I was eating meat and the crowds, well now know now, okay, now here’s the deal. What we’re going to do, if you don’t work, you ain’t going to eat, right, right,

right, right.

Well, I’m going to do is I’m going to get rid of all welfare and I’m going to say, if you don’t work, you don’t eat. And what I’m going to do is I’m gonna lower your taxes. Now

I’m going to spend like a wild man. We’re going to balance that budget. No, we ain’t. But the Chinese need us and we need that.

It’s a circle of trust. But when I’m going to do is I’m gonna, I’m gonna lower your taxes down to about zero, no state income tax and no federal tax. And we are gonna grow that economy and we’re going to [inaudible]

Ben like were intoxicated.


We’re going to huge deficit and the economy’s going to be roaring and we ain’t going to pay that thing off cause we owe it to the Chinese and eventually we’re gonna fight them.

All right? Now how many of you own a gun? How many of you own some gold? How many of you homeschool private school? Public school? Sorry.

Sorry about that. Oh, how many of y’all think merit based pay for let’s fire teachers

that are terrible. Let’s hold teachers accountable. Guns build a wall.

Huge. Well, what’s what’s make the biggest wall that’s build a big wall? The biggest wall that lets brothers with a a hundred story wall all around are all around our country. And I got a new plan called for America, from America by from America. And we’re going to back our own Island called America and we’re going to ever build a wall and won’t even talk about the rest of the world.

Well I mean, so again, you and we need a bigger military. I’m talking about huge people in the military, big, bigger military, bigger guns and everyone gets a free AR. If you vote for me, I’ll ride yard much, right? That’s what happens. And so if you want to win, you’ve got to play to that crowd right

now. How do you get both parties to vote for you? Right? You can’t? Nope. So let’s think about it. How many of you out there, uh, voted for Obama? Think about that. Alright. Do you like Trump? Okay. How many of you voted for Trump? Do you like Obama? See what? If you talk to people in a social setting, don’t they always say, well, I’m kind of moderate. Yeah, don’t they? Yeah. Take someone out to dinner and you’ll be talking about Obama or Trump, or maybe you’re sitting down to have dinner and the TV screen shows Obama on the screen or Trump. So you’re not talking politics, but it’s on the screen. And if you ask them, well, Hey, what do you know? What do you think about that? They’re always going to go to that moderate, safe, middle, and they’re going to go, well, you know, I mean, I think Trump does some good things.

I’m there like you do. I hate Trump? No, no, no. I mean not, not a lot of good things. I could see his point. Right, and then people want to find common ground. Right? I’m all about divisiveness. I like the idea that you can go to your rap concert and know that I’m not coming. [inaudible] I love the fact that you could go to your country concert and know that I’m not going to be there. I love the fact that you can choose to go to Starbucks and I won’t be there. I love that. I will go to Atwoods and you don’t want to go there. I love. That’s how life should be. You should be ecentric. You should choose what you want to do. Have you ever gone to dr [inaudible] a birthday party for a kid that you don’t know or your kids barely know and you’re somehow fighting yourself?

Eating cheese cubes on a Saturday, thinking what life choices have I made to get here? Have you ever had that thought? Yeah, I’ve been there on more than one occasion. Isn’t that crazy? It is like, I don’t even know this kid. I’m one of the few people though that says not coming. I’m not going, it’s not going to like the kid. I just don’t want to go. Right. But if you’re not careful, your entire schedule be filled with obligations, conversations, emails, interruptions, chamber events, mindless networking. Jason, I mean, have you not noticed it? Like Charles Cola, super successful guy. Very, isn’t he? He centric very. He’s, he’s super eccentric. Which by the stands out in a crowd right after this, I’m going to a sprouts to get a stake bigger than that filet he sent you. And I’m gonna, I’m gonna one of them this weekend that is a dirty, what he ate is the crazy. I cannot believe he ate that. But he is he centric? Is he not? He’s very, he’s huge.

He’s muscular. He’s obsessed with his business. He’s obsessed with his wife. He’s obsessed with growing the business and his kids. He has a [inaudible] myopic focus in a good way on the things that matter to him. Right, right. But most people don’t do that. No. Why dr. Breck? Why they don’t know what they want. They don’t know how to get there. You see a lot of patients, a lot of great pain patients [inaudible] have you, have you started to discover that some patients just maybe want to be liked more than they want to be happy? Absolutely. Have you noticed that some of the patients that come in who are very happy, who know what they want to do with their life? Yes. Oh yeah. There’s definitely a difference in people who know what they want and know where they’re going and others who are just kind of mindlessly going through drone.

Like what would you say to somebody out there if they called you and said, dr Breck, you’ve had some success. Could we meet for lunch? So you’re meeting for lunch. You’re sitting down and talking to somebody and they find themselves not having success because they’re, they’re afraid of, you know, they want to launch the business, but their wife or their wife will say they want to watch the business and their wife is in support, but their dad thinks they maybe shouldn’t launch the business. They want to launch a business, but their dad doesn’t think they should or they want to get married, but their breadth, best friends says they probably shouldn’t or they want to have five kids. But people are saying that’s maybe too many. What would you say to somebody out there who’s not doing what they want to do with their life because they’re listening to everybody else?

What would you say? Quit listening to everybody else, right? I mean, you could take their opinion into account, but there it’s there your life, you know, so, um, yeah, you want advisers, you want a wise counsel in your world, but it doesn’t mean that they make the decision. Ultimately it’s your life to live. And, um, you know, even doing the group interviews, one of the things I told them is I am a benevolent dictator. Your words, here it is. I said, this is my kingdom and if it’s wrong, I’ll burn it down. And they all laughed. They all chuckled. Um, but you know, it, it’s my life. And so, uh, I’m going to create it the way that I desire it to be. And I think that if I were advising somebody else, I would say the same thing. Your parents probably have your best interest at heart, but they may still not know what’s best for you.

I mean, you can get a lot of well intentioned bad advice, right? Which I’ve gotten. And so, um, you know, even even though you take it into account does not mean it makes the, the final decision for you. Um, you know, listen, uh, maybe they have a point, maybe they don’t. Um, so I think it’s worth listening, but do what you need to do for you and now and then you’ve got to live with the results. You know, you’ve gotta to make results, right? You make your own decisions. Don’t ask mom or dad who said, don’t do it to then, you know, rescue. You’ve got to put on your big boy, big girl pants and, and own the decision and own the consequences with it. And you’ll love it. And I want to bring this up. If you’re out there, it is incumbent upon you to now go ahead and write it down. What you’re going to do with your life. You need to design it right now. If you don’t design your life as a result of today’s show, I am a horrible teacher and you’re probably a great listener, but my success as a podcast host is based upon how many of you implement what you’re learning,

not me just talking for entertainment’s sake. Are you implementing what you’re learning? When we go to the Jason, when we have these conferences and you meet people from all over the world, from Los Angeles, from Canada who are implementing what they’re learning. Yeah. How cool is that? It’s super cool. Like it’s one, it’s a Testament to the fact that it actually works, but you get to see somebody who’s not stuck in that doom loop anymore and they’re like, wow, you know, I was doing this before five, six, 10 years, just going through the motions and I hated my business. I hated my life. Now that I’m implementing this, I know what I want. I get to do the things that I want. I get to buy the things that I want and it, it’s almost like I just took like a massive B12 shot. Like I get energized based off of their success and the fact that they’re now happy in their life and career.

It’s awesome. If you’re out there listening today, you’re not able to wrap up today’s show without figuring out what you want to do with your life and write it down. Be very specific. Write down your goals for your faith, your family, your finance, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. And now with any further ado, back to the audio from the conference. We’re gonna take a break here. It is now 10 Oh two we’re to come back at 10 15 we come back at 10 15 we’re talking about sales, sales, sales, and answering all the questions on the board. Andrew, I guess back to DJ Aubrey, go for it. Other deep thoughts before we wrap up today’s show, our our conference. Why is the conference so politically incorrect? Dr. Brick in your mind, why? Because it’s your conference and you like to polarize people. You don’t worry about being politically correct.

And in, because this is the thing, comedy is the only place where truth is now accepted. Right. May, I mean it’s the last place where you can say how it is. Right. Without someone saying, I’m offended and I’m gonna Sue you. Comedy’s the last place. It’s the last place you can hide truth. Jason, you’re a comedian. You get it. Oh, absolutely. I, I’ve seen many, many great comedians. Jamie Fox has talked about this. Jerry Seinfeld has talked about this. It’s the last place where you can hide truth. Yeah. It’s one of the few places where you can be completely 100% honest as well because as you know, people, I say, you know, if you’re gonna be honest, you better be funny. But with that it’s, it’s almost kind of sad to think that that’s how it has to be. It’s like you can’t just be blatantly honest, like you have to like wrap it up into a jacket and it makes, it makes sense.

And in ways, like you said, it’s almost kind of sad. And I have, Oh, you, you are on the verge of the iceberg. That’s why most comedians are the most sad. Oh, absolutely. So this is what I have found, and I don’t want you listeners to think I’m going to go do anything to injure myself today as a result of today’s show. I want you to let, I just want you to listen up. You’re listening here. I don’t want you to think that this is that I’m gonna lose my mind. But this is true, man. I wanted to earn money for a long time. I wanted to earn money for a long time. I grew up, didn’t have money. I wanted to earn money. I thought, man, I’m going to earn that money. Now here’s what happened. And I’m opening up a bank drink to celebrate this a, this story that’s probably the motivational and this time.

But I wanted to earn money. And so Jason, I hired my friends from college. And what do you think happened? Uh, it was probably really fun for a while. And then because they’re your friends, things didn’t go the way you wanted them to. One of my friends actually skipped someone’s wedding. He was there. He’s supposed to DJ someone’s wedding. He did not show up at the wedding. This is back in like 2001 who got sued? You. Did you? Hmm? What do you think he was doing instead of DJ? Let’s try this. Probably in the, let’s say, let’s try this. Who do you think that he was doing? He literally told me that he had a girl he had been getting his eye on and they went out to a movie in the afternoon and then they just ended up having sex and not go into the wedding.

He skipped the wedding. [inaudible] true story. Yup. I guess their family was out of town and they had the opportunity, so that’s what he did. Didn’t feel bad about it, so I had to fire all of my buddies so then I get a new group of buddies. New new hires. This is like round two. Let’s remember we’re doing 4,000 events a year right round to, I won’t mention their names, but if you look up to the top right, you see our team photo there? Every single person in that photo. Yes. Except for one screwed me over [inaudible] and the one guy at the far right and said, picture, that particular person ended up, uh, we had a wedding that we were going to DJ back in the day and the bride was his ex-girlfriend. Oh, fun. And so he got there and those two hooked up before the wedding and the groom went to check and caught it happening to spring tarp chapel broken out.

How did that go over? Who got in trouble? Me or him, you think, right? Yep. The wedding ended [inaudible] the guy next to him got fired and came back. It took him five years to apologize for what he did right. And now he’s fine. The other guy with the yellow shirt literally stole enough cash from me to buy a vehicle. The guy next to him started a DJ company. By every weekend he would steal something [inaudible] feed. Still a Mike stand. No doubt. My boys too. It took him about 45 weeks to do it. This is a Ramo graduate here. He literally stole a Mike stand one week. You financed his startup. And so one day he needed a ride home and I drove him home and he said, come on in dude. And he forgot to check and all of my gear was there and I knew it was my gear because how I label my gear, I saw my labels on it.

Yeah, true story. The guy next to him was a youth pastor, the youth pastor. And one day he went to night trips, a local a strip club for lunch. And his wife tried to find him, called my office. I said, I don’t know where he is. And then she saw a receipt from him at night trips and he told her that I took him there for lunch routinely. And it was me who took him to the right and he said he wanted to keep his job cause you’re his boss. And then his wife shows up at my house, you know, long story short, my wife vouched that I was there the entire time. I’d never go out for lunch. That’s how that ended. The guy next to him was a former mill. He’s a military guy and a nice guy. Did a great job for us for a while.

Then he started his own company to directly compete with us. So we’d answer the phone like this, but I don’t think we’re going DJ connection. Oh, June 5th I’m sorry we’re, we’re all booked down on that date, but I know of another company that does a great job. Let me give you their phone number and I’ll have him call you. So he will refer himself. The guy next to him left on good terms is now doing very well. The guy next to him is me. I’m still here. The guy next to him started stealing clients and drinking heavily at the wedding receptions. And then one day on the way home he got a DUI. So I had to let him go. Then he started his own DJ company and it didn’t go well, but he used my name to get bookings. Right. So he would say, he’s like, I was personally trained by clay and this is an offshoot of his business.

The guy next to him, I went on vacation. He was supposed to manage our team. Yup. And he told the employees they didn’t have to come to work that day because he wanted to let them have time off. Yeah. I remember you telling that story and the guy next to him, everything’s bad happens so badly. I cannot even mention what it is because it’s so litigious and yet he’s so happy in that picture. There it is. And so then I thought, okay, okay. Okay. So my first goal was to earn a bunch of money. [inaudible] wave two I’m like, I’m going to try to have a happy team. It’ll stick with me forever. That was my goal. Sure. At some point, I think when I turned 30 I realized I can make a bunch of money. All I can, but I can’t make time and I can’t make people be loyal.

Right. But I can be loyal to my wife and my kids and so now I am not in the pursuit of making people be loyal to me. If they work with me for a season, I call it a tour of duty. Right. They decided to move on after three years or four years to start their own thing. Most of the time, by the way, to directly compete with me. Usually that’s how I get thanked. Thank you so much for teaching me the skills. Now I will take some clients with me. It happens virtually every time. But this time I saw it happen, didn’t bother me. So recently it doesn’t bug me at all. Uh, no F’s given no feelings given. Um, I, I no longer care when people leave and screw me. But man, there was a part of me for a long time that just wanted to build a team of people that would stick with me forever.

And I tried paying them so much. There was DJs, dr Breck, true story disc jockeys. I paid more than 80,000 a year in my attempt to keep them around, right? Still didn’t work. I let them design their own schedules, get them standing desks and you just can’t compromise enough to make everybody happy. Right. But I’ve now discovered at the rifled age of 38, almost 39 that I can do is I can control where I spend my time and I can decide to be loyal to my wife. Right. But man, that was a painful lesson, dude. I don’t believe it. Yeah, it’s painful when you’re chasing money thinking we am, once I have a bunch of money, everyone, it’s going to be awesome. And then that’s when you get screwed. People just fall into place because the people who are with you at the bottom hate when you’re at the top because they want hold you down.

Cause that’s what they had in common with you. Right. But now that you’re moving ahead, they don’t like that. That’s what we would call haters. That’s why I, I [inaudible] I told you guys that we were talking about famous people that I can relate to. That’s why I really have looked at a lot of things in common with, uh, Kanye West or Donald Trump because Kanye West love him or hate him. He’s one of the first African Americans to say openly, I am not going to vote straight Democrat just because of the color of my skin. I’ll vote who? A fora, who I want to vote for. I mean, how controversial is it that he hangs out with Donald Trump, right? I mean, nobody in Hollywood likes that idea, right? No, nobody. The music industry likes that idea, but he’s open saying, Hey, I want to hang out with Trump.

I mean that Jason did that not freak out people when he’s hanging out with Trump. It did, but it also reminded me of something I heard you say in one of your client meetings was, you know you are, you’re trying to coach somebody through how to do something. And they were like, well, I’m afraid that people aren’t gonna like me. And you’re like, you don’t want people to like you. You want people to love you or you want people to hate you because life is disingenuous. And Kanye operates on that same thing. He does not give a crap if you like him, you are all in or you’re all out and if you’re all out, he doesn’t care. Honestly, he doesn’t really care if you love him, but that’s just a bonus if you do. So him not subscribing to that is the reason why he’s able to do the things that he’s able to do is because he does not.

He’s not stuck in that weird middle of, well, I want to please everybody. He’s not compromising. He’s, this is Connie’s mission. This is what Kanye wants to do. Connie is going to do it. Love it or hate it. Kanye says this, he says, if you have the opportunity to play this game of life, you need to appreciate every moment. A lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until it’s passed, and that’s what I’d like to encourage you to do today. I’d encourage you to, again, I’m quoting Kanye West. He says, if you have the opportunity to play this game of life, you need to appreciate every moment. A lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until it’s passed. Yep. Kanye West and then they want it back. I encourage you, if you’re out there today, sit down, get out a sheet of paper, write down your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, and your fitness.

Write them out. Write down those goals. Put the goals down. Put them down. Write those goals down. And then after you write those goals down, put it in the calendar schedule. Schedule your goals into your counter. Schedule the time to work out in your calendar. Schedule the time to take your wife on a date. Schedule your time to go do that. What’s the kind of the Pinos palette where you at? Where you paint while you’re drinking wine? Yeah. Put that in the schedule, man. Put all those things in the schedule and go out there and live that life knowing that you’re going to have to tell people know to grow, you’re going to have to tell people know to grow. And a dr Breck, do you have any final word of encouragement for anybody out there who’s just trapped and enslaved in a life they don’t like because they’re trying to appease their father, their neighbor, their cousin, everybody all around them. There’s somebody out there who’s just trapped. Well at one point I heard somebody quote or say that, um, you know, being ecentric was a, a luxury of the wealthy. And what I love what you’re saying is actually being centric is how you become one of the wealthy, um, by not just following the, and not being liked.

Uh, as Jason was just saying with Kanye West, um, yes, he’s a wealthy person and so now financially he doesn’t depend on, you know, having to, to pander to the audience, uh, or the masses. Um, but yeah, I mean life is ultimately going to be short. Uh, even if it’s a a hundred years. Um, and you don’t want to look back and have regrets. If you want an extraordinary life, you have to do something that is extra ordinary. You can’t be ordinary and live extraordinarily.

Um, I, I personally love life church. I love that. That’s your take. What Craig Rochelle does is great, but we know people that don’t love it, right? I’m sure there are, there are a few out there that don’t love it and he’s okay with that. Or at least he’s had to learn to be okay with that. You just got it. Don’t get stuck. I know people that are irate that he puts his services on video. Yeah. I know other people who are irate that he’s not actually, they’re live when they play the video sometimes that he’s, that he the only records that you know once a week as opposed to doing every single show live streaming, right. Every single sermon. Live stream. I know people that are irate about people who are irate that hobby lobby’s closed on Sunday. Right. People who are mad, Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday. People who are so mad that Starbucks doesn’t say Christmas anymore, you’re not gonna make everybody happy. Mr. hobby lobby is not making certain people happy, happy. Mr. David Green is not making everyone happy. Mr Starbucks, Mr. Schultz. Howard Schultz is not making everybody happy, right? By forbidding Christmas from being said by as employees. But mr Starbucks knows what he wants. Mr hobby lobby knows what he wants and I ask you, do you know what you want? And everybody further ado, we’d like to get it

each and every show with a booth. Three, two, one, boom.

Now my other goal for my life is to make everybody out there. Remember what a great show silver spoons was and I want that song to get stuck into your head. It’s not any further ado. Here it is.

Here we are. Face to face, a couple of super spoons. Everybody now open to find where to have a car and make it go. Megan. Here we go. Hurry up

was more cowbell. I’ll give to you BJ. Listen to this part. Drivers. Here we go. Oh, look bout the host. He’s gonna take it. Hi. Listen to this beauty. Listen to this. He’s gonna take it hot. Oozed. Get ready. Oh wow.

Now Thrivers this is a little fun, little fun factoid for you. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Macaulay Culkin from home alone. Yeah. Loves the show. Is silver spoons with Ricky Schroder, phenomenal actor, perhaps one of America’s strongest actors of all of our time. I mean, you think about Daniel Day Lewis, you think about method actors. You think of like, I got comedian guy, like maybe a a feral, you know, you think of will Farrell and you maybe think of a Meryl Streep. You think about Baldwin, you think about these great actors, right? You think about, uh, Angelina Jolie? No, no, no. You think about Ricky Schroder now. He, uh, recently, um, Joe Rogan interviewed Macaulay Culkin and at the one minute and 25 second Mark of the interview, they profess their love for the show for silver silver spoons. So I’m, I’m just, I’m going to keep the audio. I want the Thrivers to recognize the world’s number one podcast is the Joe Rogan podcast, the most downloaded podcast.

And he has the worlds everyone podcast host agrees that Ricky Schroder and silver spoons were perhaps the best thing to happen to America. Well, let me queue it up here. I was describing what it was like. I have a friend who, uh, Ricky Schroder who, uh, is, yeah, obviously he was very famous when he was young as well. And one of my favorite theme songs, TV theme songs. I’m telling ya, the world is starting to come around to the idea that silver spoons is perhaps one of the best. Uh, do you remember watching the silver spoons there? Yeah, yeah. In your mind, was it, was it a B minus show was an a plus? I mean, was it better than, how would you cause silver spoons? I mean, to me it’s, it’s, it’s right up there with, uh, I, it was an innocent time. It reminds me of a time long ago, you know?

Um, so looking back I probably have a very different view on it than I did at the time. Um, but yeah, I, I enjoyed watching it. I don’t recall a single episode episode a little bit younger than me and Jason probably has no idea what talking about face a couple of the civil berths. Boons I just look here, we, uh, I just, I, I just, I’m, I’m wondering like in the studio, how he looked when he was singing that song he to is, he just seemed so happy. Super happy about being here face to face. Let’s look at the years that this show came out. This show silver spoons a, it was a date on a daytime schedule and NBC September 20th 19 in 1985 so when it started, it looks like it. Yeah, I would have thought it was earlier than that. Let me see. Let me see if the years that came out.

Let’s look it up here. Silver spoons. I know the listeners out there want to know this, this, this synopsis. Okay. The show was aired from 1982 September 25th, 1982 I didn’t, shall ever live on in infamy. September 25th, 1982 to May 11th of 1986 so it was on up four years, so I would have been at age two when it came out. Right. Somebody at my house was watching that because it is baked into my cranium. Here we are face to face, so I give that gift to you. Thrive nation. I encourage you to ask yourself, what’s your favorite show? What’s your favorite day? What’s your favorite schedule? What are your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. And if you know Ricky Schroder have him call me, I want to have him on the show.


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