A Day in the Life of an OXI Fresh Franchise Owner w/ Matt Kline

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The franchise brand developer for OXI Fresh shares what it’s like to own and run an OXI Fresh on a daily basis of the brand with 159,000 + Google reviews.

  1. Matt, What is it that you do?
    1. I am a franchise developer For Oxi Fresh and a franchisee
    2. I take people who are interested in franchising and get them all of the info
    3. My main duty is to find out if it is a good fit for us and them
    4. I own two franchises in Colorado
    5. It is up to me to hire and train my own franchise team
    6. I have 4 employees as of now
  2. How did you get all of your Google reviews?
    1. We train our franchises to get reviews daily
  3. What time do you wake up?
    1. 5:30 – I wake up
    2. 8:30 – Check in with my manager over the phone
    3. I call the individual technicians if I need to talk to them
    4. I check in with my franchises throughout the day
    5. I follow up with the team every day but not every day is eventful
    6. I bonus the team based on the referrals they get
    7. If you don’t follow up with your team, they will drift
  4. How do you stay on top of the phone calls?
    1. The corporate office provides the call center and we don’t have to schedule our own jobs.
    2. The call center schedules jobs around my schedule and my teams schedule.
    3. We booked 26% from online only booking
    4. We booked around 70% through the call center
  5. Are you making money while other people are working for you?
    1. I am a Semi-Absentee owner. I am involved in the business but I am not required to be present in order for the business to run.
    2. The goal is to have multiple streams of income. We are open to our franchisees finding multiple streams of income.
  6. What do you tell people who don’t want to get reviews?
    1. If you want someone to buy your product or use your service, they have to know about it.
  7. Why should people nail down systems?
    1. Anything that you can automate correctly, you should so that you can focus on your own skillset and highest and best use of your time.
    2. You have to be able to let go to grow and you can’t grow if you are everything to your business.
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On today’s show, we’re having a little bit of a problem with some audio stuff, so I apologize for the audio quality. It’s going to be a beautiful slash further you back to the intro with thrive time show. Andrew, is it, is it not a fact that on today’s show we do talk about the word Stoma, the word for the adored for an orifice. We talked about chain-smoking. Do we not talk about stomas and chain-smoking? We do. Do we not talk about a share in the video? If I could turn back time? Yes we do. Do we not get into the heavy heavy, heavy, deep business principles related to uh, the move to the hit TV show silver’s fit? Yup, we do. Do we not discuss the state of Rhode Island? Yeah, we do. We hit on that. We do not. Do we not discuss mats alleged, uh, Matt Klein, his alleged ability to score 29 points a game during high school. Do we not discuss that? Allege it? Yes, we knew. Do we not discuss the importance of constantly getting reviews, staying in touch with your team, ongoing training? Do we not talk about all this? We talk about that too. Took all this and more because today we’re discussing a typical life in the world of an oxi fresh franchise owner, of which Matt Klein owns two oxi fresh franchises and one whoa pop quiz. How many stomas does the human body have? How many stomas is the human

body? Half Oh many. Stomas does these,

hey Griswold, bend over and I’ll show you [inaudible]

some shows. Don’t need a celebrity in a writer to introduce the show. This show down to May eight kids, Koch created by two different women, 13 multimillion dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

to the thrive time show.

[inaudible] started when the [inaudible] yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. On today’s show, we have a great conversation plan with the man,

the myth, the dude with the success attitude. The guy who was the, were you the top scorer your senior year in high school and at Matt? What would you the top score in your state? I was for the regular season. Oh, that can actually play out. I’m pretty cool. How many points per game, dude? How many points per game like, oh, how tall are you man? How tall? How tall? And you got 29 points a game. Hey, what high school was this? I wasn’t a made up high schools at a real school with what school was. This is a real school. It’s called random high school. Random high school. Yeah, that’s what it down. How do you spell it? Alright. M. U. N. W. Where’s, where’s, where’s a is made up. Ran In high school. What state is it in? Is it

you’re in the hub? Westminster. Colorado.

Oh, so you actually were playing against real players. I at for a minute there. I heard you were 29 points a game. I thought you must have been the best player in like Rhode Island where I’m, I’m convinced Rhode Island doesn’t even exist. I’ve never even met somebody from Rhode Island. Have you met someone from Rhode Island?

I have. I’ve known several people that

mythbusters. Okay. Well today’s show we’re going to talk about the rise and grind. We’re going to talk about the day in the life of an oxi fresh franchise owner. Now, can you explain to listeners out there what you do, because you are a franchise brand developer, but you also own franchises yourself. So can you please explain what that means to the listeners out there?

Yeah, so it is a little bit confusing because a lot of people think it’s one in the same. So my first, my, my job, what I do more than anything else is uh, basically head up the franchise development department at Aki fresh. So in terms of bringing individuals through the process of document sharing


Shanda, are you there? I can’t if for some reason you cut out there for a minute. I thought Shunda stole the mic. Pull it through the paint, wiggling it. Say you are back. Okay, I got worries sometimes shunned gets on that mic and I’m like trying to get over there mission wiggle it. Start with just touching the canvas right back to you. Yes. I love this show. Love this show you love you. That’s why I love it. Believe that way. Kirk, I beat me up. He’s just a corner of the brush. Just the corner. Let me go first. Oh yeah. It’s like I’m the state champion basketball player for Rhode Island. Okay. Back to you. You in the booth and begin pushing, making the bristles been slightly down. Pat Shot at take Mike away from you. Okay. You go for it. You’re Uri, you’re going look at that nice little tree.

So yeah, in terms of what I do, it’s pretty confusing for most people because um, a lot of individualize people believe that it’s one in the same in terms of being a franchise developer and being a franchise B. But my main job, my, uh, what I spend most of my time on it at least right now, development to where my job is to take people that are interested in franchising three oxfords process, get them the knowledge, the document sharing, review it through them, what their goals are, how that mean line up with [inaudible] the fresh and eventually gets them to a point and becoming a franchisee or at least having enough knowledge to say that this may be not line up with their goals. That’s my main, um, that’s my main kind of duty at Aki fresh. Got It. Uh, in addition to that at though I do own Oxi fresh personally in northern Colorado, I run those. Um, I work with the oxi fresh team and Omakase in terms of marketing and support. The call center takes the calls for me, books, jobs. Um, but it’s up to me to hire and train and make sure I have the right people out doing jobs daily. So there’s multiple things going on per day. But luckily the occupiers, I have a lot of, you know, automation tools allow both of those things to happen in tandem.

So a do you own two locations right now? Two or three or eight.


too. Okay. Don’t you want to, how many employees are we talking about? How many guys or how many guys are on your squad

flagged for? Um, for now, um, the next one is being onboarded. So we are growing. We’re pretty steady. Um, at this point, you know, being a semi Apsey owner, I’m maybe a little bit behind the bombs in terms of keeping up with my growth. That’s probably my biggest issue. Uh, just keeping up with the growth as we continue year over year to grow and grow and grow. Um, you know, I could probably be a little bit better at adding more people. Um, but that’s one of the things that we’ll talk about today as well in terms of the duties of the Franchisee.

So, so Oxi Fresh right now, like Google carpet cleaning quotes anywhere in the world. Do you guys come up top and Google with 150, 9,000 a Google reviews? Did you get all those yourself or do you have to have a team or,

uh, I got a small chunk of those in northern Colorado for sure. Um, yeah, so anywhere in America it’s called search engine optimization where worked very hard. Uh, we drive a lot of traffic. Last 10 years we’d been at the top in terms of search, um, in terms of web traffic to our website website. Um, in terms of people looking for this service, that’s very important. As a Franchisee, you want as much traffic as you can get on to your business and that helps very, very much. Uh, but one of the things we train on is getting reviews actively daily for your franchise. I’m on now because customers weren’t, can give reviews, but you got to get a very good platform to do it. That makes it easy. It created that environment for our franchisees.

So if you, so let’s go back to the last day. Maybe today or yesterday. The last I want to go, I want to start, go back to your last day running an Oxi fresh. What time do you typically wake up?

So for me, I wake up about five 36 can do some personal things in the morning, get myself ready. Um, once about eight o’clock rolls around, I have a conversation with my, uh, employees. So I have a main employee and then I have employees underneath them. So I spent a lot of my time in the morning just having conversations, going through the day, questions, the answers they have, making sure that they’re set up for success in that day. And then I essentially will get into my office. My main goals are to, you know, make sure that my business itself in terms of running it is good to go for that day. Um, and then I will go and I will have conversations with individuals about franchisees and franchisors and how we’re going to be able to continually run that business. Um, and then I’ll go right into oxi fresh in terms of development.

So I spend several hours speaking to people about franchising, speaking to people about themselves. And then I’ll check in with my franchise correctly throughout the day because we have the platform at any time. I can check out, even if I’m on the phone with you guys right now, uh, I can go through and I can look at my business, I can look to see how my marketing’s working. I can see where I may be a little bit efficient. Uh, Thursday I had a new guy, sir. Um, so most of my day was almost hourly checking in. How’s it going? Are you running into anything? So a combination of me checking in and my manager, we just want to make sure that new employee is, is feeling comfortable. They’re running through things, mainly making them know that we are there for them around every corner. So most employees I hire, it takes him a little bit of time to really feel comfortable calling me. We didn’t want to bug me, they don’t want it. So you’ve got to really kind of let them know that it’s a team. So I spend a lot of my time just kind of going back and forth if you knocks because corporately and often fresh with my franchise.

So. So you’re getting up to a little bit different. You’re getting up spend about an hour and a half of personal time organizing. You’re a, I know you on, I don’t know if you’re still into this routine, but usually I think you would do what, 4,000 sit ups, 800 pushups or something like that and start off the day there. You still doing that routine?

I just kind of heard the and are through the gym for about an hour

is just asking people how much they can bench call it a day. Okay. So, but then you, you meet your guys for a huddle at eight in the morning, did you say eight?

So I don’t need, because I’m about an hour and a half away from my territory, so I meet them about twice a month. But that’s typically in the afternoon. Um, my, my manager and the team meet every Wednesday morning. I do phone calls every single morning with those guys, uh, or most mornings, certainly if they’re new every single morning and just talk through the day. And more importantly, I talked through that that day. Previous, what did you run into? What we’re maybe

every day,

um, you know, individual customers, you know, and, and how they actually, you know, if they went to four jobs, they got one review. I say, that’s awesome, but you know, what, maybe could we have done on those other three jobs? You get interviewed? Well, they didn’t have a Gmail. Okay, well did they have a Facebook? Did they have a Yelp account? Right. Did they basically, you know, so there’s all sorts of ways to do things to make it better. So we’re just trying to train on the fly and use those things as learning experiences so that next time if they had four jobs, they might’ve got two Google reviews and a Facebook review and debut a website. Right now I think you know the Franco, well, they didn’t really stay on that that day. Okay. That’s a learning experience. So tomorrow is really focused on getting the reviews and getting the referrals, bonus them on referral jobs that they get with the code that’s associated to their name. And I have them on a car set and give that to the customer. It says like she owe 2019 for calling and if they get a job full time for that code, they get a bonus on there. So you can really kind of leverage the skills that occupy and the resource that we have to make their day better in their pocket. That’s bigger.

So you are starting your day, you work out, you get on the phone, you call the guys every morning at eight roughly, right? Eight o’clock you call the guys, who are you calling the manager or everybody? Eight 30, you call the manager and everybody,

I called the manager first and then depending on who it is and what they’re doing, I’ll call the individual, you know, the employees underneath and the technician. Yeah. Um, sometimes that conversation is five seconds. Sometimes I’ll conversations 20 minutes, right. Sometimes that conversation will lead into, you know, I know you got a timeframe at noon to 1230 where you have a time off, call me. We need to kind of discuss, you know, yesterday, cause it’s going to take a little bit more time.

Got It. So you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re, uh, you’re, you’re telling me that you’re actually pulling the weeds every day. I mean, you’re not just, you’re not just setting it, forget it. You’re not just planting a garden, buying a business and then just letting it sit and try to grow through entropy and atrophy. You actually are intentional about pulling the weeds and dealing with the little issues on a daily basis and coaching your guys, praising your guys. You do this every day

pretty much every day. Not every day is eventful though. I mean, there’s some things that don’t, you know, there’s some days that are just very fluid and it works fine. But the reason that I try to do it every day is from learned behavior. I, I, in the past I hadn’t done that. And then what I realized was, you know, a guy vehicle is getting a little bit out of whack or Oh, you know, he was, he was doing things that weren’t really in line, but it was because I wasn’t really checking in daily. I wasn’t able to really see some of those things that if you weren’t there or you weren’t communicating, we’re starting to develop. Right. Well, I had it. And what it sprouts on is bad experiences. So I, you know, I’ve had an employee, well, you know, I, I, um, I tried to get a review in the, it really rubbed the person the wrong way. Right. So for like two weeks, they didn’t even try to come off. I would have been on that consistent thing. I would’ve said, okay, well why was that? Well, they were kind of difficult just to begin with. And you know, they really didn’t, you know, the expectations weren’t set. So there’s a lot of different learning points on that one. I remember it very vividly, right? The guy showed up and, and customer was late and you know,

are you, are you talking about that story? Where the, are you talking about, are you talking about that, that, that story where you sent your team to go clean a carpet and you arrived at the person’s home and the guy was a chain smoker and he talked through his stoma as, is that the guy you’re talking about? Oh, I’m sorry. That’s, that was, must have been the Stanley steamer guy we had on the show. My bad. I wasn’t sure if that was still your niche. I was working directly only with uptight Chainsmokers with a stoma. I’m for that. Let’s do that though. They don’t know what a stoma is. It’s where you smoked so much. They have to cut a hole in your neck and you now talk through that. And if you keep smoking, there’s something wrong with you that might cause you to be just a little upset. Don’t Google Andrew, why would you do that? No, you can’t go. Oh, terrible. Okay. So you’re running your oxi fresh daily. Um, it’s a couple of hours away, an hour away or so. How do you possibly answer all the phone calls, man? I mean, he has her top and Google in the world. I mean mad. It’s like you have a call center. Do you have your own call center? How do you stay on top of the phone calls, man?

Yeah. You know, a little bit about Oxford? Yes, we do. Oh, um, that scheduling center, I think, you know, for me and how I run the business, because I do spend so much time on the phone just for my actual job, I’m just like this, um, you know, you have to have some resources there. And most of our competitors, at least in the carpet cleaning space, the owners of both businesses literally have to be everything to them. They have to be their accountant, they have to be their marketing manager. They’ll be their tech person. So if we can allow some freedom of just, you know, giving you time back because you don’t have to hire someone to answer phones. More importantly, you have to train them on the language of carpet cleaning. You have to train them on.

Are you saying that the corporate office provides your call center and you don’t have to open your own call center when you buy an oxi fresh franchise, you don’t have to answer your own phones?

We do not. So we have about 2030 people now scheduling center and they’re doing everything. Answering the phones, going through the Cloonan system, explaining Oxi fresh, giving accurate quotes for my specific pricing structure and booking jobs into my schedule. How I set that up, that’s important because me as a Franchisee, I can customize my schedule either individually per technician or on a default basis. They follow my lead and I can shift on the fly anytime I need to, which is very important. The technology is excellent, but that piece, like right now I can talk to you guys and I’m not worried that my business is going to suffer because the customer engagement is happening either way. Okay. And to give you a breakdown, we booked about 26% of our jobs online with no human to human interaction last year in 2018 big number. And we booked about 70% of our jobs through the scheduling center, which the human to human interaction and then the rest of the percentage, small percentage book by just the owners themselves, right? Friends and family and referral type business too. So large, large majority. It’s handled automatically via those two, you know, communication structures, scheduling center and online scheduling platform.

Now you know, and I know that in the world of franchising, you can’t disclose how much profit you make because of the way the regulations are with the Federal Trade Commission. But, um, are you making, are you, I’m not asking for a number. I’m not fishing for a number, I’m just saying, but are you, are you, are you making some passive income or more passive or you make an income that’s, you know, our, our other people cleaning carpets who aren’t you and you’re making every hour of the day while you’re doing your other job, which is selling franchises. Is that, is that how it’s working for you?


It is. Yeah. So you know, in that, in that scenario of being what’s called the semi absentee, right. Cause I’m not spending all of my time on my business. Yeah. I really have to really prioritize my day. Some days are a lot more difficult than others because I don’t have as much time. Right. Time is, everybody wants more of that. You can’t really recreate. So, but if you can get kind of use the things at your disposal and grow up, you can, you can use your time. Right? A, some people can do a lot with an hour, some people are going to do absolutely nothing with an hour. Right. It depends on who you are. So being able to leverage that leverage of scheduling center, understand that the marketing techniques that are out there right now can be very automated as long as you do your part and getting those reviews, the more views you have, the better everything works for your business.

Right? The goal is to have that passive income. So the goal is to be able to have multiple sources of income. Yup. That’s something that we talk about a lot now with franchising is that you know, the individual franchise that owns the single territory that is great is a great thing to do. You should grow it. You know? And then you can also talk about as you get that evolved and now you sell to grow it, what would it be like to essentially have multiple sources of income? We’re open to that idea and I, you know, that’s a serial entreprenuer type of scenario that we absolutely want our franchisees to investigate and at some point get into because that’s what we’re all doing it for freedom. Right? Flexibility and ownership, being able to hang out with your family while also making money,

freedom and flexibility. It sounds like you’re talking about the u s gymnastics team for a minute there has impressive


you’re always trying to weave in that dental pro sports. Like, you know, you’re always giving your very sporty guy and very athletic guy or I shouldn’t weave in those sports references. And I, I, I get it. I understand what you’re talking about, but I’m gonna, I’m gonna take control of this conversation. I’m gonna talk about what I want to talk about now and I’ve got some tough questions for you. So question number one, the, the, the hit TV show, perhaps the best TV show in the history of our country. Um, some would say, uh, would be no silver spoons. Everyone says silver spoons. Ricky Schroder, her, just the American icon. Just a great, he gave Christian Bale a run for his money when he played Ricky Schroder for those four or five years. And He, uh, you know, it just did incredible. I got a, would you agree that, would you go out on a limb and say that you even know what silver spoons is and how would you rank it seriously? On a scale of one to 10 let’s say 10 is the best Sit-com of all time ratings wise, like let’s say that Seinfeld and one is like the worst ever. It’s like a, you know, a series already launched like two episodes and had to canceled. It’s so bad. How would you rank silver spoons on a scale of one to 10 10 being the highest. Be Honest.

Who had that? I want to do a hard zero since I’ve never heard it.

No Dad. See that. That’s the sort of negative. That’s a good idea, but I know, listen, you know the question I did this video, this is what I’ve been doing for two weeks now on this show and some, some of the listeners are starting to figure it out. We have some listeners out there. We have some listeners out there that say, clay claves clay trauman Mendez. Listen here buddy. I want to get to the top of Google, but I don’t want to build a wordpress, Google compliance site and I don’t want to get those reviews. And I don’t want to write content and I don’t want high quality backlinks and I don’t want it to be mobile compliant. I mean, I want to meet at the top of Google. I want to be, I just don’t want to get reviews. I don’t want to write content.

I don’t want a wordpress compliant website. I don’t want to hire a franchise to do it for me either. So I’m upset about it and I just want to get to the top of Google. So what’s another way? And I’m telling you that as soon as silver spoons comes back as the number one show in America, which it never was, but once it comes back and hits the top, that’s when you can stop getting those Google reviews. And I, I’m saying you that me being passionate about a vague show that I shouldn’t even know about silver spoons, the fact that I am so passionate about that, this the show, it doesn’t mean that anyone cares. So I’m going to try every week to encourage people like Matt here to watch silver spoons on youtube. And you might say insincere things to me. Like I’ll try, but I know you won’t watch it because that’s how life works. And the reviews, they just work whether we like it or not, Matt, there’s somebody out there fighting in their mind. They’re saying, I want silver spoons to be the best show ever and I want, I don’t want to have to get reviews. I don’t want to, I don’t wanna get reviews and I want silver spoon to be silver spoons to be the number one show in America. Help them out. Give them that tough love, man. What kind of encouragement do you have?

Yeah, so silver spoons wants to be number one. They got to make it so people can see it. Oh, that’s true. They got to make Rick, he’s got to go up the couch there. You gotta be in front fly doc fresh. Just like anything else in the world. If you want somebody to buy your product, you want somebody to use your service, you want, you want somebody to watch your videos and watch your movie. They have to know about it, right? That’s the essence of marketing. If somebody doesn’t know about it, how the heck are they going to use it? That may be the best product in the world or Toby. He knows about it. Um, you know, then it’s going to be very, very difficult. You’re, you know, that handball game that people are playing now,

handball or do been received

from the ball. It’s a goofy little game we make conferring and they didn’t throw the ball down. Okay. That wasn’t donated by somebody else brought back by somebody that knows a little bit about marketing and now it’s a huge game that’s nationwide, right? The game didn’t change, but the person behind it now, they marketed changed in a lot. It’s the same thing. If somebody from silver spoon realize that it’s such a good show and they’re getting responses, reach out to the people that actually have used it or watched it. Make sure wherever they are, maybe similar people like them because you can do analytics now, makes sure have that video, that movie, that series is out likeminded people and then from there you get a bigger demographic of individuals that are watching it. From there you can do more analytics and you can put it out to more people that are like minded. I mean the fact that you’re, you are doing it on a podcast is probably, you know, day one or the starting point of

yeah I’m getting that. I’m getting momentum going.

Nobody honest with me cause I’m, I’m tired, I’m tired when I hear I’m tired of you telling me you got 29 points a game in high school. Tired of that. It’s, I’m tired of that. I just feel like somebody’s going to have to verify that because John told me that other people have told me that apparently there’s statistics that can prove that it happened. But I still, I still feel comfortable with them. With this mythological idea of you getting 29 points a game and I’m tired of you pretending like you are. I want you to be honest with listeners. I mean, you’re hooked just silver spoons. You’re watching it every day, right? I mean, are you on Youtube all the time? I mean, seriously, just love the US. Certainly. I’m now, because I know if you’re hooked on it, you’re going to ask me least 10 more questions in the next month about it. So I gotta get, I got to get educated.

Well, let me tell you about this. It’s, it had a huge, uh, cast of characters, some of the best actors in our time when had Joel Higgins, Aaron Gray littered Lightfoot. I mean, littered Lightfoot. I mean, he’s been in such movies as, uh, yeah, I mean he just, so if you’re out there today and you haven’t seen the smash hit silver spoons, you gotta just go watch it. There’s several shows on youtube, Josh, with living water. You’re here as a guest today. We have time for one more question you want to ask, uh, Matt, a question here about, um, Google reviews about managing a team, about holding them accountable, the daily meetings. What, what questions do you have? Oh, did we meet? Yeah, we, we, oh, we know we’re having audio problems.

Okay. And Clayton muted me. Sorry about that. Hey Matt, how are you? I’m doing good. How are you? Oh, pretty well. Hey, uh, two things I wanted to touch on real quick. First of all, to work for you, do you have to have 30 points a game in high school? Oh yeah. Like you have to have the statistics. No. Hey, real quick. Oxi fresh knowledge. Fantastic.

John Played, John played tripped me if I’m wrong, but John played in oral Roberts University. Then he went and transferred a very good point. Guard. Um, black. Rob. He actually would to trade up for an NBA development team. Didn’t he? Rob Rob, didn’t he get to MBA trials? Yeah,

Rob Rod played overseas. He played down for some expansion NBA teams. He’s uh, he’s by far our most accredited basketball player at the office for sure.

And I believe it you’re, you’re currently the best player on the New York Knicks back to you judge.

So the, the one point I wanted to seriously touch on, Matt was you mentioned earlier, so some of the systems and things that Oxi fresh has in place. I know that a lot of us other small business owners can kind of uh, steal from that or kind of utilize those things. You had mentioned earlier that a lot of the other carpet cleaning guys out there, the owners are taking all the phone calls that they are all of the business, all of the sales, all of the cleanings, all of them, everything. So I know for us that living water, we a couple of years ago decided, hey, we might need to employ somebody else. So what could you do to encourage some of the small business owners out there that are saying, oh, there’s no way I could pay somebody else 500 a week or I can’t do this, or I can’t do that on if they start to build a team around them, how it gives them an opportunity to go out and grow their business.

Oh, of course. Sure. That’s a, that’s a good question and I think it does, you know, anything that you, anything that’s automated that you can automate, right? That you could put somebody else or have technology do for you is going to allow you to focus more on your skillset. And I, I don’t believe that answering the phones where there’s very few variables in those phone conversations cannot be automated or put somebody that’s trained in that position. Right. I think people really get afraid of what if somebody quits? Well, what if somebody quit? You got to find somebody else. Right. The real, the real piece of it is doing value, your own skill set and your time. Because if you do and you value your own skill set as an as a, as an owner, that could be an, you could be a very good salesperson, you can be a very good manager, you can be very good at marketing, right?

Not everybody is the same, but if you can realize what your skill sets are and implement automation and the skill sets that you’re not great at, then you can spend more time on what you are good at. That will make your business grow. So if you are great at sales, but you spent all of your time answering the phones for the customers that would call in anyways, you’re basically limiting every piece of what you’re good at. But if somebody else answered the phone and you can sell and you need to go out and sell your business and you, and that’s what you’re good at, your business will thrive from that. And then you’ll be able to add employees. But being able to let go to grow is super hard for a lot of people because they just don’t feel like other people can do it as good as they can.

How many locations

case at the end of the day, what you want to do is grow your business and you’re never going to do it. If you’re everything you have to be everything to your business.

How many locations do the Kaisers now own?

They own six locations in St Louis.

Six and St Louis. All right. And by the way, man, I appreciate you being on the, on the show and I just had one more in a sneaky question. Do you still believe strongly as you have repeatedly for decades that uh, if I could turn back time by sheer is the best song in the history of the American culture and the planetary system that we operate in? I mean, you’ve said it could be open, other planets might have better songs, but our plan is stuck with, if I could turn back time, do you still the whole naval theme of the music video or are you still into the navy or are you still in to share? What are your thoughts as, is it still your favorite song?

I think you misquoted me. I said it was the best in the universe

regardless. Okay. I just want to make sure because I don’t recall having that conversation with you, but a lot of times I think it’s the law, the law of attraction. So I think it’s a thing where I, I throw it out there and then I just feel it coming back to me. And rather than getting reviews, I’ve been reading the secret for the 47th time and reading various motivational Wu books and I’m just throwing it out there. I’m throwing a Ricky Schroder, I’m throwing out share. I’m throwing out. Oh, this customer, you have the irate who chain smokes with the stoma. I’ve got all that. I’m just throwing that out there and I’m just believing it’s going to come back.

It will. And I appreciate this show forever. For now. This point I’ll always notice stone.

Oh, don’t look it up. Don’t, don’t Google it here other. It was cool. I got it. You don’t want to see it. It shouldn’t be a word. It’s so dangerous. So dangerous. It’s so dirty. Ah, okay. Well we’ll build on on next time we have you on the show for the [inaudible] update. We’ll talk about alf and more important things. Uh, but if you’re out there listening today and you want to buy an oxi fresh franchise, go to thrive time show.com forward slash oxi fresh. That’s thriving time show.com, forward slash oxi fresh. Fill out the form, escape from the norm. You’ll get a call from a wonderful guy by the name of Matt, 29 points a game. Beautiful Man. He will call you or Michael Call you or somebody awesome will call you. They will call you and up for under 60. Geez, under 60 gs, just like we’re death row records under 60. Jeez. You could get in the game. Am I correct for under 60? Geez,

you are. Yes you are correct.

Matt, you’re beautiful. You and today, today you really sound like you’re looking great and I just appreciate you.

That’s one of my main goals. Sound like

great. It’s going to be a disappointment when you know, if you’re out there, Andrew put a picture of him on the, on the other one, the show notes today cause he’s just, he’s looking good. I, I love the, I love this man. I’m going to optimize for your name this week. So when people Google your name, they’re going to hear about your love affair with Sharon. All right, man, you take care. All right. Thrive nation. We like to end each and every show with a three, two, one, and a boom. So let me further write two, three, two, one. Boom.


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