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Celebrity author, podcaster and entrepreneur Pete Williams has interviewed Tim Ferriss the New York Times best-selling author of The Four Hour Work Week, Tools of Titans, the angel investor an an advisor to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and Uber, Robert Greene, the best-selling author of Mastery and The 48 Laws of Power, and Michael Gerber, the best-selling author of The E-Myth book series when not running his own successful companies. Listen in as Clay Clark asks Australian celebrity entrepreneur, author and podcaster Pete Williams to share a look into his personal life.

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Now, on today’s show, we have sort of a, a unicorn. We have a, an Australian celebrity on today’s show. Our next guest is huge in Australia. He is one of the top entrepreneurs in Australia. His name is Pete Williams. He’s also one of the most well known I most highly regarded podcasters in Australia as well. Um, his, his previous guests seasoned clean. He’s interviewed Ryan holiday on his podcast. He’s interviewed Michael Gerber, the bestselling author, what the best selling author of the myth revisited series if you have not, if you’ve not checked out the e myth book series, you are absolutely missing out. This justin. He’s also interviewed Tim Ferriss, the best selling author of the four hour work week, the four hour body, and Robert Greene, one of my favorite authors, Robert Greene, the bestselling author of mastery, the bestselling author of 48 laws of power. This guy is the real deal.

He’s started multiple successful entrepreneurial endeavors throughout his life. He just released a new book called cadence, and in this new book cadence, Pete Williams teaches you how you can double any business by making small 10 percent improvements. Uh, he’s been the founder or cofounder of numerous, numerous businesses ranging from telecom to ecommerce. He’s just, his life is fascinating, but what I wanted to ask him during this edition of the thrive time show podcast, so want to ask him a specific, give us a look into your life. I mean, let us, let us kind of look into your world. I think a lot of people would look at them at their, at their hour of triumph for their moment of success and when they crossed the finish line and they become known as the best selling author or the world renowned podcaster. But I want to take a look into the life of Pete Williams. So what is, what does life look like for you? Kind of a look behind the curtain. So now that he further ado a look behind the curtain into the life of the entrepreneurial success story and the renowned podcaster from Australia, our main man from Melbourne, Mr Pete Williams.

Can you. Can you talk to me a can you give us kind of a look into your personal life and so that maybe most people do not know about

you? Yeah, sure. Yeah. I think business has always been my thing. My mom loves to tell this story and she tells it way too much. Is it? When I was about three years old, apparently I got crayons and drew arrows all the way down the hallway and my mom being the wonderful in that she was before she scolded me and made me go walk about and kicked me out of the half. She asked me, why did you draw arrows down the whole way? And apparently at three years old, my answer was so you know how to get to my office. Perfect. Now, I don’t know where that came from. My mom was a math teacher. My Dad was in logistics. It’s not really in the bloodline, but somehow mom tells the story that I’ve always kind of been that way. Um, and that had that little weird, crazy Ben,

you know, uh, you’ve also interviewed a lot of people that have kind of that weird, crazy bent. I’m Robert Greene as an example. For the listeners out there who aren’t aware, his book mastery is, I would say right now, my second favorite book I said think and grow rich is my number one. And Robert Greene mastery is my second, uh, his book, 48 laws of power. I would say it was the most colon cleansing book I’ve ever read. It was like, it was like a deep Cohen Glands. I mean that book was like refreshing, but also like really just like, I don’t know if I want to do this book made me feel bad and good with how many specific candid, just how life is. So can you talk to me about interviewing Robert Greene? What was, what was that like? I mean, was that a, a fascinating experience for you or just talk to me about their relationship with Robert Greene in his books?

Yeah, he’s fantastic. He’s a into a bit of a friend now, which is nice. It was intimidating because he is a master in so many ways and he’s Saturday. Well, research and that for me, the amount of research I did for that interview, um, oh yeah. Obviously read all these books and I think I listened to probably five or six other interviews that he had done to kind of figure out what questions he hadn’t been asked. So there was a lot of time spent trying to figure out, okay, how do I make an impact for him? So it’s worth his time and it’s not just cliche, you know, click, click burt responses, uh, how do we actually, you know, really offer value to the listeners that is different. You know, everyone, not everyone, but a lot of people know Robert and have probably heard him interviewed before and went, okay, well I want to give something different.

So there was a lot of time spent trying to do the research because, you know, he’s the King of research. I had lunch with him last time. I was in la a while she’d be 18 months ago and he was, I think three days into a new book, which isn’t even really released yet. Like he spends years, like years deep into his content. It’s, it blew my mind. I’m like, man, like this is 18 months ago at least. I think at the time he said he was about 80 percent the way the book and that was 18 months ago and still not finished. Like it’s just intense. Um, which means obviously as a raider and consumer who’s content you are getting the best cliff notes, like you’re getting well research and it comes through and it is just awesome. He’s a really, really great guy.

Um, but uh, as he is research I do is, I’m going to, when we put today’s show up there, I’m gonna have eric take photos and he’ll put it on today’s show notes. But I have all of Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power written on my wall in the man cave and said, we’ll make sure we hashtag you guys okay. And so you can just tell Robert there’s a crazy guy in the universe in Tulsa, Oklahoma who’s obsessed with the book 48 laws of power. And I want to get back into your book here. I’ll sort of say it’s better than having the out of seduction on your wall. That would have been a bit more awkward. Yeah, I know the art of seduction. I had to scrub the bowls and take that down. We’ve already moved on. Awkward, awkward, awkward. My colon cleanse. So this is the, the next question I have here for you.

You know, you seem to be motivated from a place that most people can’t relate to. A Kanye West refers to it as dragon energy apparently likes the dragon energy of Donald Trump. But it’s this like motivation to to it. You just, you. You seem to be excited about the way life is. What motivates you to, to do what you do. What keeps you. I mean, you’re having so much success. What’s motivating you to write a book like Kayden’s? Yeah, appreciate it. I think it’s probably, I guess a combination of a few things I’ve mentioned before. My Mom’s a math teacher, so I’m guessing the teacher vibe is in my blood. The entrepreneur now ship stuff isn’t but the teacher stuffy, so I just really like kind of sharing the frame to. We learnt that sort of turned out businesses around and be able to say here’s what we’ve done.

Let’s share it. Like I don’t want to be that guru at the top of the mountain. You know, everybody’s crazy sales letters and courses and all that sort of jazz. It happens online screaming at people. I just want to say here’s a book that really influenced Ad Business and I’ve shared the frame but with friends and people in my close circles and it’s really helped them as a way to kind of get clarity on what to do because I think a lot of business owners don’t know what to do everyday when they opened the doors and hopefully this framework you’ve given them that roadmap is that. It’s almost like, you know, as I said, like I can’t make stuff with my hands. I’m not an artist, I’m not a, I can’t sit there and build stuck in the backyard. Like, you know, I’ve got a five year old and there’s no chance in hell I’m going to build him a cubby house because it will fall down and kill him.

So this entrepreneurship business thing is about, as close to creativity is I can actually get like a love. He’s an ID, let’s see if we can make this happen and I guess it’s my creative outlet in a business sense and that’s how I kind of look at it and treat it. And it’s, um, it’s been a fun journey. So what’s the project you’re working on right now or where do you want our listeners to learn more about you? What’s the one action step you want all of our listeners to take today that, uh, you know, we’ll send them your way but will also help them in a, in a mutually beneficial way. Where do, what, what, what, what action step you have for our listeners?

They adventurous looseness. I like, I like a challenge. That’s our, that’s our listeners. Alright, cool. Well, one thing that we’re doing, so the book launch is obviously the big thing for us this year and one thing I’m doing, I was able to convince the publisher to let me test something with a few different audiences. So if you guys are up for, I’d love to test it with your audience. One of the problems I have with business books is waiting for the med postman to come those darn pose. When I tell you what, you know, you order the book and then you got to wait for it to actually arrive. So what? They’ll go, yeah, exactly. We’ve done it. A bit of a deal with a publisher where if people had over to cadence book dot Com forward slash thrive, so in honor of you guys, cadence book dot Com, forward slash thrive.

If they go and order a book, there will actually give them the audio book version instantly so they’ll get the book in the mail and the postman gets around to it. Yet they’ll actually get the audio version as an audio download straight away. So I don’t have to wait three days, three weeks Max for the book to get sent to them. And I’m guessing also too is this the thing that I said to the publishers is that, you know, guys listened to your show and girls listened to your show and animals who listened to your show. They’re going to be audio people. They’re probably going to prefer to listen to something. They actually read it anyway. So let’s, let’s give him the audiobook. So if they hit over the cadence book dot Com forward slash thrive, there’ll be an a by the book and then we will instantly give them the audio books. I can start listening around these 10 percent when framework straight away. And the website again that they’re going to is [inaudible] dot com, forward slash thrive cadence. Spell that, spell the forums. So c a, d e e n C, a book dot Com.

Nice. Last thrive. Sure that it’s probably worth having that because they won’t see the offer. And if they go there

detail boys. I like it. We have so many listeners and listen while drunk driving and they’ll tell us, gosh, I didn’t get a chance to write that down, or hey, I was told we will make sure that all the listeners are abundantly a clear about where they need to go to their, uh, Pete, I appreciate you taking time away from your epic career. You could be interviewing Tim Ferriss. You could be interviewing Ryan holiday. You could be interviewing Robert Greener, Michael Gerber, and you could be writing another book. So thank you again for taking your time out of your schedule. And again, John a cuff bestselling author has described Pete as the author of a book, the author of a book. He’s written a book that every business book should be, some people have called this new book, the followup to the lean startups. If you’re out there and you’re saying, gosh, I’m looking for one book this year to read it, I encourage you to check it out. Zhi have the final word.

I take what I love the first part of our interview with Pete. When you talked about that, you saw where someone made a parade. I eat, they sold an old stadium, a bridge piece by piece. You took the stadium so that piece by piece, in other words you, you, you paid attention and you said, you know, that was a cool thing. They did. That was a minute. There was a winter that was a, you know, that was a home run. That was the move, right? There wasn’t a bad thing to do and then you look your head on a swivel. Can I do the same thing? And you saw the opportunity at the stadium that they were tearing down or during parts of it down and you stepped in and you did that and I think that is some low hanging fruit for people to see and that’s what we preach.

That’s what we talk about is finding that parade. In other words, you don’t have to maybe reinvent the wheel. You could just see what someone else has done. Head on a swivel head on a swivel head on a swivel chair. Left, right, left, right, left behind me. Oh, it’s behind me to my right. Oh, it’s over there. And you can say to yourself, you know, I can duplicate that with this and I think that is a powerful, powerful thing. And if, if somebody’s out there listening to this in the world of podcasts, radio thrive nation, I’m hopeful that we will get in the months to come and email to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to show. I got mail. You’ve got, you’ve got mail where someone says, hey listen, I appreciate the show and encouraged me. I, I saw a parade, I got in front of it and I was successful and I did this and it was awesome.

And that’s, to me, that is, those are practical things that you started off with that you did that someone out there listening can say, you know what, I’m going to keep my head on a swivel. I’m looking left and right and I’m going to see a success story. I’m going to try to duplicate it. And that to me is awesome. So well done. Thanks for being on the show. We really appreciate it. And um, we always end the show with the boom there. We got into a boat. But, but as, as you would say, yes, put another shrimp on the Barbie, on the bobby for us, but a lot of toys here to join us. We do it. We always do a three, two, one. Boom. So together from, down, under, from up here. Oh Wow. Let’s do it all together. Can we. Can we do it? Here we go. Ready? Here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.


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