Accepting Responsibility for Your Own Success (With PR Guru Michael Levine)

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Clay Clark will talk about accepting responsibility for your own success with PR mastermind Michael Levin. (The PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, President Bush, President Clinton, Pizza Hut, Nike)

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” – Bob Dylan
  2. You Must Accept Responsibility for Your Success
  3. Ask yourself – Do you have a self reliance?
  4. All Successful People Have a Willingness To Do The Unreasonable.

This is a special exclusive business coaching podcast edition, the thrive time show where we had an opportunity to sit down with michael levine to pr consultant for countless grammy, award winners. I, suppose you could count them countless oscar award winners, i, suppose you could count them. Academy award winners, specifically talking about michael jackson, the king of pop prince, the man and purple pizza hut nike he’s worked with the best of the best, and yet he said yes to exclusive interview, and we are super honor to have him on there and he’s eating he’s explaining to us. Specifically. The mindset of super successful people getting into he he’s been around michael jackson he’s been in the same room with michael jackson on an ongoing basis. Seasontalk to you, I had a conversation with three presidents. Bill clinton was president bush in the room with the most successful people. He spent time with nancy kerrigan with cameron diaz. The list goes on. So what do what is there? Mine said? How is it different from the mindset of the average person to buy? I? Am super excited to play this this audio with the thrive nations I think it could be a lot like a match they could set. Somebody on timeclay I am I think you know that I am contractually legally, not to mention morally and ethically bound against talking about my relationships with my clients, my conversations with three presidents, the united states, not talk to it. I’ve given non-paid media council. That’s free u.S. Presidents, both political parties, but when I can tell you, is about this burning maniacal rage.

Let’s talk about itsuper, successful people. Maybe your audience didn’t hear what I just said all not most, not many, not some! Maybe you didn’t hear me all all super successful people have a burning, maniacal rage as if their life depended on it, which I referred to, as is a willingness to do the unreason. So we look in our pockets today a mind we looking mine. Oh my god I have an iphone you’re, not going to believe it homemade that iphone mr. Jobs, reasonable or unreasonable. You didn’t know mr. Jobs, I didn’t know mr. Jobs, i, wonder i, wonder i, wonder if you work 40 hours a week, I think that was like half of this week. Maybe that was the first half of this week, maybe before thursday, maybe maybe I’ve traveled around the world and in interview a lot of successful people and you’ve done this today, I kind of magnified by 20 I mean you’ve met some of the top most successful people. You work with them and one of the people that you seem to be most impressed with her. That you really admire is a legendary music artist, bob dylan-and he has this quote. He says which just blows my business coaching mind. He says hero is someone who understands responsibility that comes with freedom, do most of the or do all of the ultra successfully super successful people that you’ve worked with accept responsibility for their own success, or they can wait for others to come and help work as a team in a hope that other people help them or what it’s kind of their mentality about accepting responsibility for their own success. That your wording is perhaps a bit narrow, but is it general theme michael? You worked long, the 58 account you represent 58 academy award winners, 34 grammy, award winners, 43 new, york, times, best, sellers, giving advice to three us presidents, you written 19 books by best sellers did they have a self reliance? Indeed the super successful. So you might say, michael did the super successful paper away. That was unreasonable, jess jess


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