Achieving Your Goals and Overcoming Setbacks

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Drifting on your goals? Having a hard time with setbacks? If this is you then listen in to the Thrivetime Show podcast download as Dr Z and Clay Clark talk about achieving goals and overcoming setbacks.

  1. To achieve your goal, your must have to have the mindset that you have already received it.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Genius is 1 percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration.” – Thomas Edison (The legendary inventor whose team created the first practical light bulb, the first recorded audio, and the motion picture technology while creating General Electric)

  1. What most people call setbacks you need to call setups. You need to view what most people would see as struggles as growth opportunities.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Every setback is a setup for a comeback. God wants to bring you out better than you were before.” – Joel Osteen (New York Times best-selling author and the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Christian Church in Houston, Texas)

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Audio Transcription

Get ready to enter the best business coach thrive time, show 3 2, 1 Thrive nation, we are fired up and so excited to be here with you today, because I know that this is the day that the lord has made and that you should rejoice and be glad in it, because it is always profound z. When you are up above ground pump. Absolutely you got to celebrate the victory you have in life and being alive victory. One characteristics of super successful people over the next 7 shows. These are common denominators. That I’ve noticed amongst super successful people and because I pretty much only interact with successful people. I thought you never do I’m going to go and start writing down things on my notepad as i, observe them and I’m going to write it down and then I’m going to do a 7-part series about them to some of the things are obvious. Some of them are not obvious. Some of the things are obvious to me, but not obvious to everybody else. It’s a heroes character attribute, never v. I c of super successful people to achieve your goal. You must have the mindset that you’ve already achieved it I’ve seen this so thomas edison, the famous inventor, who invented the first practical light, bulb recorded audio in the motion picture a while also creating general electric. He says your genius is 1% inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration, but I think he already saw himself as the inventor of the light bulb before he was i. Think you already saw himself as the creator of a huge company before he was, and so he just put forth to work effort. The work ethic needed to deliver on that mental vision. He had from seldom start with. You see how it do you ever do that to her like visualize yourself, like you’ve, already done it when you start a project, mindy, riverview, uber, say I’ll, get the auto auction I’m starting it, but I already know my mind’s eye how it’s going to be once it gets big, and then you just work for you, I’m, going to come back to that you’re, absolutely correct!

You have to and I do that when the thing is it every one of these best business coach superpowers that you’re talking about that successful people have there’s also the negative part of it too, and so you know it’s a personality, trait there’s the positive that goes with it and then there’s also potentially the negative that can go with it. To you know:i can a personality, they cannot have that can kind of run over people and they can be a little rude that can be hard charging. They can be kind of not not feeling of other people’s feelers are going through their lie to know right, but then again. Also, that the good thing is getting stuff done right. So I think on this one. What happened is unfortunately, I have been around people that have visualized. It think that it’s happened and then live accordingly, as if it did happen we did, it hasn’t happened. Yet they go out and I buy a new car. Oh yeah. They go out and buy a bigger house, because you know what hey it’s going to take on a bigger turkey, I mean when I can get spam. Turkey, not just you i, was referring to live turkeys, five more turkeys there you go in I’m surprised, then walked into the man cave yet today, cuz, he normally does come in and gives me a little too. You know how you get that you have to do that. You have to have a confidence that you’re going to do it and you picture yourself doing it. It’s going to get done, but you can’t be just silly in the sense that you live like it’s already happened. I want to get amber’s take on this amber colaw, one of the best business coach clients we have. Her and her husband started colaw fitness together many moons ago. Yet each year she gets younger. Looking at at the weird deals hard to figure out how that works. It seems really won’t get into that, but it’s it’s how’s it possible to question with brad pitt. It’s the thing with the benjamin button melee button I was going to say:clay’s got his eyes done with dr. Zoellner the way a guy like that could gather a girl like that. So sure I can make  vision poor but I guess if it’s any good or am I at the wrong scrap near a hairdresser or hair stylist when you guys started in in charles was a personal trainers as that correct started out of the house and we revamp the laundry room into a salon and he revamped our formal living room into a private training studio. And so we, both you, know, we’re working out of the house and his clientele got so big. That I was helping him more and more and had less time to schedule appointment for myself. So then, at that point we moved out of the house and open the gym for a hundred and $15,000 home that you started the business out of, and you guys have to because I’ve been doing this for over a decade and you just moved out of that home about it about a year ago. But you visualize that your mind, you have a great successful company and you do you have three really cool locations? You have a joplin, you have topeka, you have your bartlesville, so you got those locations. Did you visualize yourself self staying in a small house the whole time, or did you where you think about delaying gratification? What was going through your mind as it relates to cuz, you are doing exactly the opposite of what he was referring to, or somebody spends before they have. You guys were delayed gratification for over me.

You live in $115,000, paid off house when you guys had a multimillion-dollar company, that’s correct, that’s right and-and those are the two key words delayed gratification, and we talked about that a lot. That was the best business coach focus. We knew that we were going to live life bigger and we knew that we could and we had that vision and it took us being a team together to remind each other cuz. They were both times that we wanted to spend on different things that wouldn’t get us to that goal and we’d have to remind each other. It’s the delayed gratification. Let’s wait! What, where my highlights of this last in person? Workshop was meeting charles and amber every time you could you tell me lil bit of her story and she said well, we had the house, and you knows if we could afford furniture, we didn’t have any furniture, we thought. Well. What can we use this empty living room for I Know:i’ll run my business out of it. Why not right here? The training starts right there in the living room, because I didn’t have any way. I can there’s a wine night and they have been the perfect example of how you you grind:grind:grind. You build your build, you build! You delay that gratification and then now you lied. You’re going to start off with the $20,000 20000 square foot gym cuz, that’s what they need to compete like right now, because there’s one down the street:well, i, don’t eat thousand square feet. You know I’m going to attack that idea. Real quick here because I hear this all the time I just talked about in our coaches meeting this morning at jason, you were present when I was having that conversation, but I was telling the team if you’re a start-up okay and you’re competing with walmart I’m sam walton’s book made in america talks about pieces of you and in his book towards the end of the book. He explain his if you want to compete with walmart. What you’ll need to do is open up a sporting good store right next to me and make sure that you offer a variety of bats and balls and gloves and in sporting goods that we don’t offer the big variety cuz. We focus on the on the stuff that everybody wants. We don’t go deep with variety and then offer good customer service cuz.

We don’t there’s pretty profound that sam walton was explaining that it walmart in order to get their cost solo they’re not going to offer that next level. Customer service and I can have a person sitting down with your kid and finding the right ball, the right baseball glove for a first baseman for the right glove for a catcher, where the right exact weight for the player for the for the bat they’re just going to stay here, the mats because they can’t afford to eat, but so it when you are out there, if you’re wanting to start a business to compete with a huge juggernaut of a business, you have to do what you have to win on the parking space that you can wave to find the the niche find a gap in the market place where you can win it so I’ve told the team this morning. Listen if you’re working with a small business owner and they’re trying to compete against the big company manager going to compete with hobby lobby as an example and I told you to compete with hobby lobby. But if that’s what your clients going to do, they better offer unbelievable variety. Cuz I certainly can’t compete on best business coach program price. They better offer unbelievable customer service. Cuz I certainly can’t compete on price play better offer. Convenient locations that can certainly not compete on price and they had better have because they can’t compete on price and so i. Just think. It’s awesome that you guys have made the transition where you first competed on like awesome, service awesome, results, awesome, training and now you transform into a big big company and you’ve kept that same service level, but you also compete on price. Now you become like a I mean. Can you give you this explain your business model, people out there that don’t know,, because it’s crazy what you it’s crazy, like what is the first month month cost somebody wants to join a co-op fitness in in joplin or topeka $1 down and then $5 your first build month.

That’s a lot of money! What’s the catch, I mean what’s the deal? What’s the teddy bears make any money there and we have a reward bass membership, which we try to use to encourage people. If you come 12 times in a build month, we drop the price and we only charge you $5, but the normal memberships only 18. So it’s still make sure you put west. If you show up more, that’s correct, how do you track that I mean? Do you do personal you and charles head count? Everybody! You said that there’s kimberly, how do you have a best business coach software that allows you to just track? Has been there that kind of thing I’m over the years. You know what that exact thing, just building the model and finding what works and tweaking it or if there’s a there’s, an entrepreneur out there listening okay and maybe it she’s the it’s the wife listening and she is the entrepreneur in the husband supports her or vice versa. Okay, what advice you have 40 female entrepreneurs out there or any female wives of entrepreneurs. What would advise would you have from your perspective? Man law is, is how I operate, but vice free the female entrepreneurs cuz. You are a unicorn that you are a a female entrepreneur. You’ve got a very successful company with your husband. What advice would you have to listen without their listen to the thrive time? Shall I think it’s for us.

It’s been working as a best business coach team. We both knew what the goal was and we both stayed focused on that goal. It wasn’t one or the other I’m, just working as a team. That’s been the goal, don’t want to get jason’s take on this, so you guys have built a dominant company as a team and jason part of our lives in the room. Tv and he’s one of the managers for the broken arrow store and I want to tell you to see the only problem with a broken, her story. The promise that stores its on the threshold of a part of a man tell where people don’t get their haircut, so I’ll come and hard to stop. I got a float with the other day or online from 1999 with his owner of cedric’s. He got them yourself, while you’re chilling about theirs and he was able to use a kind of a combination between an exacto knife and a flowbee talk to me. What score? What question do you have for dr. Zoellner, any question about becoming the successful person that I know you’re becoming I’m watching you? Do it the? What question would you have her see about getting to where you want to go with your own career. So? There is a ongoing joke that, because I’m so nice I would be an honorary canadian, and so when I got the broken arrow store, they were under previous management, and so, when I got there, I didn’t have in my head that I had learned that yet I thought that I would have to earn it and rise to the mantle that was already set. So when, when meeting a new best business coach team in order to I guess assert your dominance, become the authority figure, what would you do or what mindset would you would you recommend to somebody in that situation? What to prove that you’re, the alpha male I think you need to go around just urinate all over the office know I’m teasing threatened man.

That’s a very good question and back I remember back in the day. Back in the day when I was a young man, I would always you know you going to start school right and you’d always have two categories of teachers and what category of teachers be like:hey, I’m, really, nice I’m, a nice guy, cute kids are awesome. You guys are crazy, have a great year great year, and you know what team were just kind of figured out as we go. What makes the dream when you kids, are, you know i, know you’re, not paying attention back to you on the second row. Gummies and we’re just going to have a just a lovely lovely time when we get back from the break I’m going to describe the teacher that actually had my respect and that I learned a lot more from and was really overall a much better situation for students will be back britney’s face maple radio bridgepoint is not happy. The sea welcome back to the thrive time show on radio. My name is clay clark in the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and a former jackass and I’m so excited to be here with you, because nothing is worse than when you are suffering from the cosmic wealth, destroying poverty, creating mindset known as jackass free best business coach because you repel wealth, and it’s so awesome. When you have a curious mind that says how can I get past myself, I’m stuck but I know it’s my fault. How do I get better? We have jason is a manager on the elephant the room team, a great guy, he’s doing a really good job and he asked you the question before the break.

He’s moving me around all the time to do locations. How do I assert you know my best business coach leadership, my authority, when he’s known as the night sky, how does he start his authority when he is the nice guy and I started the answer on the last segment? So if you are, if you’re just now tuning-and you can always go to thrive time-show call me, but every radio show as a podcast, you can listen to it free of charge as many times as you deem necessary. Yes, but I started with it by saying that when school starts you would go and you’ve always listen, all have experiences and every now and then you have a teacher that you just go to class and they’re like just want to be the nice guy and a great time. Does this class going to be awesome and hear some gummy bears, and you know what you guys getting the back in or pay attention as a best business coach right now, but you can’t because I’m the nice guy right now and we’re just grab a lovely lovely time and then I have to try to do some correction and it just feels weird right versus the one that I think is going to answer your question, and that is the one that’s come in and they are like man that here’s the rules, here’s the way it’s going to be. Here’s, here’s, here’s! What I expect from you and and they’re almost like? Oh my this is wow wow I’ve heard about her the tough nut and what happened is throughout the year that lighten up a little bit and when you get that smile from them. When you get that that hey guys we’re going to go outside and sit underneath the flag and do our lesson today, cuz it’s such a beautiful day and then you just feel like you’ve won the lottery I for the sake of time, won’t go super in-depth into the story, but the story must be told. My kids love every time. I tell it, but there’s a teacher mr. Anderson in a minnesota, so I got the bright idea.

So we got the bright idea in minnesota that all boys should have to do choir or band all of them, and so we’re nate grade and I’ve always been kind of a best business coach leader of of mid. For good purposes. Just to leave. I talk to my buddies and I said:jacob own sock was his name and rauschendorfer rocky and all the Norwegians up there I scheduled to spend with your ass in. There was not a spin, but there is a lot of like a ship. Leske was a guy. You know, let’s all sign up for best business coach choir. Like all of us. You know like to move because they can’t make us take band. What does auld acquired go to do it? So we all did it tell me there’s like maybe 5 due to didn’t, do it. He lied said. The guys are class starts at like nine nine-o-five 905 dale mabry was a short guy, said dale and 9:05 once you start coughing, but like wheezing like the whooping cough 906 jeff, you start to 907 erin you get in the game. 908 now guys write down your times and I got it right. So then the class starts in either., everybody know what to do and what he thinks. It’s so sincere thanks anyway, when we finally got there ourselves after, like 30 minutes of the principal comes in as he calls you guys outbreak here, and it can’t be that man, if you guys dinner sincerely, so you guys could please knock it off like absolutely. But sorry we got confused or something stupid, the next class to class early. So let’s take his piano and hide it in the school I just take it in the hallway and leave it like another classroom and then not act like we don’t hurt us doing. This will be hilarious and sophie hilarious. So we we, we all, have we all said. No! Nobody here for waterboarded, not a single person can say you know about it. So he comes in the classic guys. Where’s the pin, number minnesota drinking water board me I will let you know Monday morning, let’s pick up his car and physically move it between two pine trees, guys this means a lot to me. If you guys would not say inappropriate words, cuz I changed all the words to be inappropriate and rhyme used for clark i, just I’m asking for respect.

So my dad comes to the concert my mom’s there and we just sing the song of passion and it is so dirty and so ethically wrong for a best business coach and it’s so clear and it’s the first time we’ve ever sing in unison and we’re just bringing the passion, and so mr. Johnson pulled me aside. After all, the dads are laugh and I can’t stop laughing and he says mr clark. If you do it again, you will be expelled. No, no, no I know what you’re doing it’s over no report with you and he just laid it down. I was fine, I’m, scared and I think sometimes the manager. You have to do that. So I want to ask I want to give time for amber to ask her to share her. Take on this because amber you manage a lot of people at colaw, fitness and you’re. A nice person dress with a nice person. Have people ever tried to take advantage of you guys early on when you were trying to be trying to be the nicest boss in the world. I think we love you charles is the nice guy and I told charles many many years ago. It bothers his heart more when people are upset-and it bothers me so I told him we’ll just say face, will let you be the good guy and always deliver the bad news, and that’s just the role we had talked about and we took many years ago and but we’ve had many people come in and we have guys that he went to highschool with and and they’d say you know, yeah charles is going to give me a free month and things going to go on in and work out inside, stick my hand out my seats so nice to meet you I’m charles’s wife of 8 years, and they just stand there at you know. So they were guys were always trying to pull one over on me at the gym, because I was the female or yes i. Am your type a and charles will buffer me as well. So even in our staff meetings I’m the one that gets a little escalated, I’ll kind of tell it like it is not sugarcoat. It enters the eye I exercise, i, lift weights at at colaw fitness in bartlesville know their client of mine and I have seen amber walking through the the workout room with a paddle in hand. She runs a tight ship. If you can step out of line somebody can get smacked by this is good to hear, because every business you have to have somebody who lays down the best business coach law that was next want to share that all successful people seem to have is a vuse setbacks as setups. They just do it that way. Whenever they get a rejection, they view it immediately. I joel osteen says every setback is a setup for a comeback. God wants to bring you out better than you were before, and I think. The idea is that you need to be what most people see a struggles as growth opportunities. We come back, I want to get z’s take on this because you could be sarcastic and say yeah, because your business is terrible. If you keep saying it’s a setup but boise where broadcasting hear from the man cave studios in the doors open-and you can kind of hear, the weather is he’s that kind of excited-i love, it I love it too, I’m sure i, just I’m surprised, tom the turkey isn’t walk in, though that’s kind of boundaries I know tell me:i have a healthy relationship, but I’m kind of surprised, I think when you lay down the law as being the manager of the show.


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